RevCast Episode 46: "More Powerful Than the Numbers Suggest"


Owner, Civilized Communication
Oct 24, 2000
Ontario, Canada
Quantifying beyond the quantifiable. Returning regular co-hosts Matt "elthrasher" Morgan, "ScottieX" and CB "japyaknees" are joined by one other in the forty-sixth episode of RevCast (RC) entitled "More Powerful Than the Numbers Suggest"; it is now netcasting with a runtime of 29m59s. The summary of topics is as follows:

- 00m49s | Topic #1
Revisiting and rethinking parts of the upper and near-upper tier Civilization: Revolution civilizations rankings relative to one another: Spain/China, Spain/Zulu, China/Zulu, Arabia/Aztec and Aztec/Spain (recorded for Episode 45).
- 10m15s | Topic #2
Taking a position on ranking the seventh most powerful civilization in the game (recorded for Episode 42).
- 11m39s | Topic #3
The viability of and approach to attacking England in CivRev before the Industrial Era (recorded for Episode 44).
- 14m53s | Topic #4
Utilizing the 'Retreat!' mechanic as a strategic option.
- 18m04s | Topic #5
Cheating through Culture and Diplomacy in Civilization: Revolution.
- 22m32s | Topic #6
Statistical breakdown of one's combat odds when fighting another unit yields some surprising results (recorded for Episode 45).

RevCast is the second spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast; fellow sibling ModCast focuses on Civ modding, SCivCast on Civ social gaming and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.
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