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May 29, 2006
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As of RevolutionDCM 2.0 onwards, we have basic WoC Lite compatibility. This forum is for discussing all aspects of WoC included in RevolutionDCM, including WoC modules and any problems or thoughts about RevolutionDCM with WoC.

The basic philosophy with RevolutionDCM 2.0 is hybridization. This means a standard modding design combined with a WoC design. The most fundamental mods that add functionality to BTS, are hard coded into the core but controllable through the interface, while extra "clothing" is added to RevolutionDCM via WoC and is controllable simply by adding and removing modules.

Therefore the proposed direction for RevolutionDCM WoC development is this:
1) That the core mod components that are in RevDCM now be continually improved within the hardcoded core as it is now so that very high standards of quality and familiarity remain, and always ensuring that the code can be controlled via the interface.

2) That any WoC additions in the future that require modification to the core itself should be very easy to merge and maintain and be of exceptional quality. The WoC core code that is inserted, we must ensure at all times does not execute when the WoC module is removed.

3) That the RevolutionDCM core AI with any future WoC in it, should not diminish the cohesive and coherent partnership with the Better BTS AI and the two should remain cleanly tracked with each other.

4) That RevolutionDCM always remains compatible with the heavy weight mods that currently use RevolutionDCM as their backbone. These mods are specifically maintained and improved by dedicated modders and this model of design is known to work well.

Thoughts and discussions about all aspects of WoC with RevolutionDCM are welcome.

The definition of "easy merge" means:
The WoC SDK code is excellently commented

The definition of "easy maintenance" means:
The WoC SDK code is compact and concise and preferably is not so complex as be deeply distributed throughout the entire SDK. This greatly puts more weight on smaller WoC modules that are relevant to RevolutionDCM with only a small footprint in the SDK.
RevolutionDCM Modules:
(Please report any dead links to this forum and I will repost the module if it is smaller than 50MB)

  • :trophy2: Means I know it as a quality source and it will work with RevolutionDCM
  • :trophy2::trophy2: Means I have personally tested it in RevolutionDCM
  • :trophy2::trophy2::trophy2: Means simply very cool no question (and will always be supported in RevolutionDCM)

  1. Due to a BTS limitation, WoC mod audio must be handmerged into RevolutionDCM, and so any mod that wants to include audio permanently inside RevolutionDCM, should be discussed with me or Jdog5000 for inclusion.
  2. The preference is for smaller mod components that are compatible with the standards laid out in post #1 of this forum.
This is evil and should be destroyed by fire.

And perhaps exorcism. And more fire.
Nice one, will give it a try. :D

I assume WoC Lite and RevDCM will be sharing the same WoC code (so any changes to it in one will feed back into the other) ?
Thanks for everything glider.


WoC Lite will support anything that has no SDK changes needed. That is it at this point.


I have my Rapture mod in work to make up for all of the evil transgressions.


I hope so.

Now saying all of that. I agree with everything glider said.

Some details of things that will need to be addressed are audio xml and a standard "MLF_CIV4ModularLoadingControls.xml".

The audio xml changes should always be included if there are any.

Now one thing that has confused many players I believe in with the WoC was where to find the files in modules. I think it might better to go more of a style based on clearly titled components.

Other than that as for future ideas. The WoC has hacked the interface themes. Themes are modular in the WoC. So I am purposing on the interface that the use of dds buttons should be faded out with actual HUD changes. And that some of the hotkeys in RevDCM should be made in HUD buttons as well. The idea being a player should be able to press a hotkey or a button on the screen. As well I was hoping for Unit Statistics to be added. All of the HUD changes will act just like before but look better on the effect when clicked.

The scoreboard needs to be addressed as well. Future changes beyond relating to the interface will be based on what BUG does.

Maybe in later stages I would like to see a merge of the components being used in RevDCM already that are found in the WoC. The inquisitions I would like to see to come to a common ground. WoC has extra Super Spy changes and extra DCM missions and those may never make it, but I think it should be mentioned.

Well I hope I am not asking too much. These are just possible future ideas. First we need everyone understanding how to use this. So if there is any questions please feel free to ask.
Yeah I see it as a good idea that Johny keeps up his own WoC lite core in parallel with the RevolutionDCM core. Eventually over time the two may become more and more similar. Johny's core is a lot more generalised and good however the RevolutionDCM core is hot property for the latest improvements to the core game AI thanks to Jdog. I just put a comment about this at post #2 of this forum.

Yesterday when I was testing RevDCM 2.0 I found a bug with WoC gamefonts. The game won't show any resource icons in game if they have FontIconIndex number higher than 70. This means that resource modules made for WoC which use those high icon numbers from gamefont, won't be shown in game (at least pedia doesn't show them). I spent several hours yesterday modifying gamefonts to see if the problem was in those files - those files seem to work correctly so I'm suspecting now that there's something missing in WoC Lite SDK that enables those resource icons.

The mentioned bug doesn't show up in RevDCM 2.0 as it doesn't use any resource icons that have so high index number. Easy to test it is to copy Civ4_BonusArtDefines.xml from BtS to RevDCM and change Aluminum's index number to 71 or higher.
It is the same code from the WoC Full as well. There is nothing different between the Lite and Full in that area. So I will have to look more at when I can.
I just confirmed this bug in the WoC Full 1.2 the breaking point was after the number 59 in it. After it the fonts would not show. A fix will be needed there as well. I am sorry, and I hope it can get fixed soon.
I know a solution for this now as well. I will make the changes and send it up when I can.

It has nothing to with the dll.

It is the EXE is finally maxed out at that point of fonts.

I am going to lower the amount of religions and corporations to 138 each. This frees up more space in the resources.

So I will put together new font files and include some templates. Sorry I again.
Hey there
What do you suggest I do with RevolutionDCM and audio? The non-modularity of audio xml is pretty ugly. Would you like me to just use all the WoC audio xml definitions included in WoC full which has been added by batch file and includes every known audio script ever recorded, or would you like me to merge the audio xml into RevolutionDCM on a case by case basis?

My guess is that since xml audio is a once off read during the game initialisation, it may slow the game initialisation down a bit but not the in-game experience. Perhaps it is ok to add in the entire WoC audio xml in one big slab. It depends too on what the dedicated modders like Zappara think as well.

I would wait on the audio at least and go on by each case. At least I would not add all of the WoC Full stuff. There is just a lot of things there that will not be used. Techs and civilization sounds for example.

But things that are released as modules for the RevDCM I would say go ahead and add.
Next War and the Zoro religion I am thinking.

Heavy mods will probably redo the audio anyway.
Heavy mods will probably redo the audio anyway.
Yeah, I've got to add my own custom audio anyway, so I'd prefer you not loading up the XML, really increases my workload.
Here is a better working fonts folder.

I decreased the religions to 138 in the fonts available, and decreased the corporations to 138.

I did this because the resources symbols were not loading simply because I think the game can take no more.

This should help a lot. I really do not believe anyway is going to need more than 138 religions or corporations.

Before I had my new default replacement symbols. I included the buttons with this for those. I had forgotten to add them in. Now if anyone does not like them I can take them out, and go back to default. But modders can do it theirself as well.

Anyway if there is something wrong that I missed with this please let me know.


I just sent the file again because left some extra things in the templates that were not needed. sorry.
It is really late here. I just made another without the changes to the resources in case.

Use whichever you prefer.

RoM would want the first with the changes to save them changing back so I am going to leave it there.
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