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RevolutionMP beta testing

Discussion in 'RoM Multiplayer' started by phungus420, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. phungus420

    phungus420 Deity

    Mar 1, 2003
    For those who don't know, Rise of Mankind uses a RevolutionDCM core which it is built around. This core is what breaks multiplayer. Apparently Afforess has fixed some of the more instantaneous issues with MP, but it's still fundamentally broken in AND, at least any Revolutions options are.

    Glider1, one of the RevolutionDCM developers is attempting to fix multiplayer, it's hard work, but it's coming along. Currently he has a beta test up and working, it can be found here:

    RevolutionMP Download

    The best way you can help make RoM eventually truly MP stable is to help develpment of this project, as any fixes that get developed for RevMP will eventually make it into RoM. Right now I am trying to host a RevolutionMP game on gamespy, and will have it up for a couple hours, I'll start if we can get 3 players joined. Please join if you are willing to help test Revolutions in multiplayer, and if you just want to try an MP game with revolutions that may actually be stable. When I have time to host games, I'll post in here to let people know, feel free to do the same. Right now our primary goal is to get Multiplayer working, but we can't do that by playtesting RoM, it's just too large, we need to start with the basics, and get the core working.

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