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Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall Modmods' started by Vishaing, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization Expanded
    for BOTH Vanilla AND Warlords Civ 4 Rhye's and Fall of Civilization!
    Currently at V.1.95-1.25 and W.1.46-0.10 and W.1.46-0.10-IDW


    Vanilla.1.97-1.20: SHAZAM!
    Warlords.1.47-0.10: HUZZAH!

    Warlords.1.46-0.10 (Just Influence Driven War): HOODY-HOO! (NOT Yet Updated)

    NOTE: when downloading, both the Vanilla and Warlords .zip files have the SAME NAME. Once unzipped they will STILL have the same name. Differentiate between the two with the standard power and chain rules. Or possibly by the RFC++ Readme file located inside the folder. Be aware however, that if you unzip both files into the same folder they WILL OVERWRITE EACH OTHER.

    The NEW Install Instructions:
    Spoiler :

    To Install this mod, all you need to do is extrect the file, and copy and paste the SECOND folder called RFC++ (NOT RFC, and NOT the RFC++ Folder immediately inside the RFC Folder, for some reason FileFront added a RFC Folder, I don't know why) into your Civilization 4\Mods Directory, (In your Mods Folder you should have a folder called RFC++, and imediately inside that folder you should have a folder marked Assets, another marked PrivateMaps, and a whole bunch of .ini files!. Then start Civ 4, go to advanced, Load a Mod, and Load RFC++! Its that Easy, plus, if you call now, you'll win, A BRAND NEW CAR!!

    Okay, I lied about the car.

    also alternatively to using the 'load a mod' menu in cIV, you can make a copy of your cIV shortcut (not the executable that launches the game, a shortcut that points to that executable), open the 'properties' of the shortcut, and put mod="Mods\RFC++ on the end of the field marked 'target' AFTER the quotes that are around the address. YOu can also do this for normal RFC, by putting mod="Mods\Rhye's and Fall of Civilization. Then, when ever you start cIV using that shortcut, it will start the game in RFC++ automatically.

    Spoiler Scrath that for now :

    Story at Eleven

    Spoiler Civics :

    These are the civic ideas I have right now:

    I decided to try going to 6 civics per category, since there will be 6 categories, this should preserve the square (6X6, instead of a 6X5 rectangle) also I had a little trouble condensing some of the categories into less than 6 options. Particularly labor.

    Links to other civics threads:
    Ideas for Civic changes
    An idea for expanding civics ... with matter!
    New civic system?

    *** Denotes civic Category being actively discussed


    Despotism: (starting civic, upkeep: None, Stability: Yeah Right)
    No Effects:

    Oligarchy: (tech Priesthood: upkeep: low, Stability: +10/-80 "Stable")
    +50% commerce, hammers and great person points in capital, +1 culture from Courthouse

    Hereditary Rule: (tech: monarchy upkeep: low, Stability: +15/-50 "Very Stable")
    +1 happiness per military unit in a city

    Absolute Monarchy: (tech: Divine Right, Upkeep: middle, Stability: +25/-50 "Extremely Stable")
    +25% culture in all cities, +2 culture from palace, and +25% millitary production in capitol

    Totalitarianism: (tech: nationalism upkeep: middle, Stability: +20/-10 "Extremely Stable")
    +20% mil. production, +1 happiness from Broadcast Tower(propaganda), +1 happiness with jail.

    Representation: (tech: Democracy upkeep : high, Stability: +5/-90 "Affords fragile stability)
    +50% War Weariness, +1 commerce per specialist (From Representation, beakers changed to gold however because ultimately whether or not the science gets done depends on whether or not the Government is willing to pay for it), Happiness Penalty for civs without, +1 health in all cities


    Tribalism: (starting civic, upkeep: None)
    No Effects:

    Bureaucracy (tech: Writing, upkeep: Medium)
    +1 happiness / culture with courthouse, +1 happiness with Granary, +1 happiness with Academy (that's a lot of happiness, will really help in the early game period, but I feel there should be another bonus and some penalty. I think the +5% commerce with grocer and market might be a good bonus, but I can't think of a good malus.

    Caste System: (tech: Code of Laws, Upkeep: Low)
    +2 free specialist, -50% great person births

    Vassalage: (tech: Feudalism, upkeep; High)
    New Units receive +2 Experience Points. +5 free units per city. – 20% building production in all non capitol cities (ie. The effects will say “-20% production in all cities, +20% production in capitol.”)

    Socialism: (tech: Communism, upkeep: Medium)
    +25% science, +1 happy, +1 health, +50% ww

    Liberalism: (tech: Liberalism, upkeep: Low)
    +50% culture in all cities, +1 unhappy (poor people), +10% commerce, +2 happy in 5 largest cities.


    Sustenance: (starting civic, upkeep: None)
    No Effects:

    Slavery: (tech bronze working, upkeep : middle)
    +1gold and +1 food on planations, +2 unhappy, pop. rush, +50% worker speed

    Serfdom: (tech feudalism, upkeep : low)
    +1 food from pastures, +1 happy from castle, +25% worker speed, I would add something to monastaries, as they were the centre of culture and science in those days, maybe +1 science/culture?

    Guilds: (tech guilds, upkeep : medium)
    engineer +1hammer, merchant +1gold, scientist +1science, artist +2culture
    specialists: +1commerce,culture
    Town, village +1gold, +1 happy from walls

    Industrialism: (tech : steam power, upkeep : low)
    +1 free engineer all cities, +10% production, +1 unhealthy, -1g towns/villages, +10% city maintenance

    Service Sector; (tech: Assembly Line, upkeep: Medium)
    -20% production, +2g towns/villages, +25% commerce


    Barter Economy: (starting civic, upkeep: None)
    No Effects:

    Closed Economy: (tech: Sailing, upkeep: Low)
    Not sure about this one, Ideas?

    Mercantilism: (tech: Banking, upkeep: Medium)
    -50% distance maintenance, no Foreign Trade.

    Free Market: (tech: Economics, upkeep Medium)
    +2 :traderoute: , +50% foreign Trade Profit, -50% domestic Trade Profit

    State Property: (tech Communism, upkeep High)
    +1 Production from each tile with Village/Town/Mine/Workshop/Lumber Mill

    Environmentalism: (tech: Ecology, Upkeep: High)
    +1 food per farm/fishing boat. +2 :) with forest, +2 :health: per city.


    Paganism: (starting civic, upkeep: None)
    No State Religion, +1 happiness in cities without a state religion, +1 culture per obelisk

    Organized Religion: (tech: Monotheism, upkeep: Low)
    Can Build State Religion's Missionary without a Monastery, +25% production in cities with state religion, unlimeted priests

    Theocracy: (tech: Theology, upkeep: High)
    No Non State Religion Spread, can construct inquisitors, + 2 happiness from State Religion. +1 from non state religion. +2 xp for soldiers.

    Pacifism: (tech: Philosophy, upkeep: Low)
    Vanilla: +1 upkeep per mil. unit, +50% great person points, + 50% culture
    Warlords: +1 upkeep per mil. unit, +75% great person points, + 75% culture, +50% more great general point needed for birth

    Atheism: (tech: Scientific Method, upkeep: High)
    No State Religion, no non state religion spread, +30% science in all cities, +1 from non state religion, can build Secret Police (an inquisitor like unit I’m going to create.) +1 happy from amphitheatre

    Free Religion: (tech: Liberalism, upkeep: Low)
    +1 happy from Non State Religion, no State Religion. +10% science in all cities. +1 happy from ampitheatre


    Disunity: (Starting Civic, Upkeep: None)
    No effects

    City States: (tech: writing, Upkeep: Low)
    -50% distance maintenance, -50% number of cities maintenance, -40% :hammers: in all cities save the capitol. +2 free units per city (This should let Greece conquer a massive Empire really quickly)

    Commonwealth: (tech: Compass, Upkeep:)
    +100% domestic trade profit, +1 trade routes per coastal cities.

    Imperialism: (tech: Iron Working, Upkeep: Medium)
    +50% military unit production, +1 culture / commerce per 10% foreign culture in a city.

    Colonialism: (tech: Astronomy, Upkeep: Medium)
    (desired effect): -50% distance maintenance for any city beneath size 4 that has a luxury resource within its city radius. +1 trade routes in these cities.

    Sovereign Nations: (tech: Mass Media, Upkeep: Low)
    Increases Diplomatic Relations. (If the enhanced conquest options are implemented) Can only Temporarily Occupy a city

    The normal starting post Is Back for Now!

    Inside this Spoiler is the original install instructions and Files
    Spoiler :

    Download: Two files, the Core files and the art files.
    CORE: Yahoo!
    ART: Huzzah!

    Install Instructions
    Spoiler :

    I would suggest you preserve a copy of the vanilla RFC so you can take
    advantage of Rhye's updates right after he gets them, and not have to wait for me to update this monstrosity, so here are your install instructions:
    If you do not want to preserve a copy of RFC, then ignore step 1.

    1) copy the entire Rhye's and Fall of Civilization folder into the same place, so you should end up with "Copy of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization" in your \Mods folder.

    2)Rename the copied folder to RFC++, go inside the folder and rename the file Rhye's and Fall of Civilization.ini, to RFC++.ini (I hope your starting to see a pattern, because it won't affect anything anymore.)

    3) Extract RFC++ CORE.zip somewhere, inside should be a folder conveniently named RFC++, copy that folder over the likewise named folder in the mods\ directory, overwriting all files.

    4) Extract RFC++ ART.zip somewhere else, inside should be a folder marked, Art. Copy that folder over the likewise named folder in the mods\RFC++\Assets\ directory, again replacing all files. (there shouldn't be any)

    5) Start up Civ 4 Vanilla, go to advanced, choose 'load a mod' and load RFC++

    6)Choose start a scenario, start up the scenario called Rhye's and Fall of Civilization, and you should be good to go!

    Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is a wonderful mod, likely the king of mods, not because it has a lot of flashy new units and buildings, or other unnecessary things, but because it is a well polished piece of coding genius, that hides a wonderful new experience in the same candy coating of the original civ. The features, some, if not most of which are available purely through Rhye’s Masterpiece, are innovative improvements on an already stupendous game.
    One thing RFC also wishes to do is improve the general balance of the game itself, while trying not to add too much stuff, after all, Like Montgomery Scott of Star Trek said, “The more you reroute the Plumbing, the Easier it is to stop up the Drain.” I, Vishaing, shall be your plumber for the day.
    My plan is simply to merge mod components that I feel help balance Vanilla civ, without detracting from the beauty of RFC. All changes to the game are of course unofficial unless Rhye decides he likes them enough to ‘endorse’ them, however that doesn’t mean we can’t try new stuff.

    So, I’ve begun work on Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization Expanded, or as I have affectionately dubbed it, RFC++.

    I figure that while Rhye is doing the important stuff like advancing new features, or balancing old ones, you know, doing the actual work involved in making the mod, it would be nice if someone would help the job by carrying out one of the far easier steps, merging mod components.

    Qualities required in all Mod Components, or at least intently desired:
    Spoiler :
    Any mod can be suggested, however I intend to select the mods I will try and merge based on how I think Rhye would choose them. Therefore there are three things I want from the component before I begin merging code;
    1: Completeness
    2: Balance:
    3: Relevance:
    4: Documentation
    5: Warlords
    In that order.

    1: Completeness remains RFC patron distinguishing aspect, it is a very complete game. Even the beta versions were extremely complete in their half constructed ness. Now that were in the official final release state, we need to hold this maxim to an even higher level.

    2: The new additions must be balanced; I will not unbalance the game. If a mod component is not balanced, but promises to be balanced later, I will include it, later. Of course, if two mod components balance each other, I will consider them to be one single mod component, if one can prove they balance each other.

    3: Relevance is also important. This also contains historical truth. RFC above all tries to be at least marginally historically accurate, in that history can happen, but the player can control the overall outcome. This is no more evident than in the Rise and Fall system, the founding aspect of this mod. Therefore mod components that go against history, such as the inclusion of units that were never used, like Civ 3’s Double your Pleasure’s Dinosaurs, will not be included. I will also not yet accept any ‘future’ mods. Also, the relevance pertains to relevance to balance and realism. No matter how cool a feature may be, if it is not relevant to the system or history, I likely will turn it down. A good example of historical relevance and niftiness is the MAD Nukes mod. This mod is extremely cool, and also finally represents what the world’s two superpowers did for roughly 50 years. I consider that important enough. This area will likely get the most discussion.

    4: I need Documentation of the mod component. I apologize, but I have no intentions of sifting through several thousand lines of code to try and find the single line that is changed. TheLopez is free from ever worrying about this, as he is a veritable God of Documentation. If you can get the creator to tell me what lines he changed, then I can work with it. Also, xml files are small enough and repetitive enough I can deal with not having documentation, but Python files are another matter, and I would have to be far more insane than I am to even think of combing through the SDK.

    5: Finally, Warlords is another key point. Xml mods need not worry about this, but if a python or SDK mod only exists in Vanilla form I will be loathe to include it, as I would hate for a person to grow so attached to the mod comp that it prevents them from switching to warlords. Some mods however, if they are small enough, I may be able to convert them myself.

    The following post(s) contain my mod component list(s).

    Further things to do:
    *Get a nifty graphic type thing to put at the top of the thread. (taking submissions, all you Photoshop wizards you.)

    "I came, I saw, I modded."
    -Julius Vishaing - 1987 till sometime later than that
  2. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Included Mods:

    MAD Nukes Mod:
    I lowered the intercept nuke chance of the SDI from 75% to 25% to make it more realistic with contemporary predictions of Missile Interception technologies and to make Nukes more powerful, as I feel they should be. Furthermore, I am contemplating remove the U.N. Nuclear Arms Ban Resolution.
    *Contemplation continues about the U.N. Resolution, the SDI has been changed again, instead of giving the SDI a flat intercept rate, I have lowered the intercept rate to 5%, but increased the max number of team instances to 10.

    Inquisition Mod

    Influence Driven War
    Influence Gained and lost has been tweaked so the looser loses more culture than the attacker gains. This means a long drawn out see saw war will eventually result in a 'no-man's land' that no one has control over.


    Unit Allegiance Mod
  3. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Intended Mods:

    Air Forces Mod

    Pirates Mod

    Plot List Enhancement
    I intend to furnish this as its own download, as I know there are a fair number of people who do not want this in the game

    Specialist Stacker

    Enhanced Tech Conquest:


    Cultural Influences:
    Changed the config file so borders do not spread over ocean. UPDATE: Now also Changed such that cities begin with the 3X3 culture square border, and then expand slowly to Legendary Culture.

    My Informant Mod!
    My Informant mod adds a single unit to the classical era and after (It does NOT become obsolete). This unit is invisible, can enter enemy territroy, has a movement of 1, starts with sentry, and can steal opponent's millitary plans. You can have a maximum of 3. (Currently you can have a max of 3 informants, and 6 spies. i think I may make it a max of 3 classical informants, add another type of informant which you can have another 3 of in the medieval era, and then lower the spies back to 3, so in total you can have 9 espionage type units, but 6 of them won't be as powerful as the other three, and you won't get those six right off the bat.) The Informant is only buildable at the palace, but only costs 40 production.
  4. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Speculated Mods:

    Dale’s Combat Mod:
    Dale’s Combat mod is High on my list of desired mods, however I have heard rumors of instability. Until these rumors are either substantiated or disproved, I shall not incorporate this mod into RFC++.

    Snaitf’s Show Attitude Mod:
    Lacks Documentation, so I know not what I am doing.

    Dead Civ Scoreboard Mod:
    I know this is a highly desired mod comp, and I really want to include it, but it modifies 2 lines of code that Rhye also modifies, and currently my understanding of the SDK and in particular Rhye’s code is not enough for me to reconcile the mod comp. Over the weekend I will take a further look at the code, but If I can’t get it to work, I’ll have to either ask Rhye for help, or we will just have to wait for him to implement it himself. The problem is fairly large too, as with the code in I keep getting the message ‘You have been defeated!’ immediately upon the game starting.

    Some form of Second UU mod:
    I know I could tackle this, if people want to propose unit graphics, be my guest, but I will only do this if ALL civs have a second UU, remember the first requirement. (UPDATE: I may use THIS second UU mod, Not sure, needs testing.
    *UPDATE Since it seems Rhye plans to include a Second UU in RFCW, most of the work will be done, and all I'll have to do is convert from Warlords to Vanilla, which I've done before.

    Rhye's and Fall of Civilization EPIC!
    Looking into converting the game to an 'Epic' or 'Marathon' speed, I now know where the starting dates are storred in the .dll, so I should be able to do this. Plus most of the work is already done, because i tried to do this a while ago before I learned there were hard coded dates in the .dll
  5. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Status of the Next Build:



    Mods Included in the Next Build:
    POSSIBLY, Dale's Combat Mod.

    This plan is VERY TENTATIVE.

    File Sharing servers that I will upload the mod to:


    ALSO! I just remembered I should not steal from people and should give credit to all of the modmakers who actually did work;

    Of course, the mod itself was made by the one and only Rhye, but the mod components came from such prestigious coders as;
    TheLopez! (Like there was any doubt in your mind he would be here)
    Optimizer! (Beautiful, really, both your name, and the concept behind it)
    Moctezuma! (Thats one small mod in code, one giant mod in function)
    Snaitf (Even if he is no longer here to be credited)
    ME! (I have a Mod in here!)
  6. kairob

    kairob Biohazard

    May 26, 2005
    The North
    Woot first post, I knew it was worth staying up past 2...
    ...also its been 30 minuits :p...
  7. Elhoim

    Elhoim Iron Tower Studio Dev

    Nov 3, 2004
    San Isidro, Argentina.
    Cool! :cool:

    Good job! :goodjob:
  8. Spartan117

    Spartan117 Immortal

    Apr 11, 2006
    How about adding ethnic units?

    There is some collection of units that can be included. Rabbit White's EDU
    and some ethnic units that arent compied into one pack like rabbit whites pack.

    Just remember, adding them as ethnic units. Ethnic units do not need their strength changed but just alters vanilla units graphically.:D
    No unbalancing!!

    Great Idea by the way.:goodjob:
  9. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    Perhaps play this non-official version of Rhye ;)

    Good luck !
  10. Rhye

    Rhye 's and Fall creator

    May 23, 2001
    Japan / South America
    Vishaing, were you OK with the DLL?
  11. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    @Rhye; yes, once I kick started up my brain again, it turned out I had entered a linker into the wrong spot, so it was looking for files where none existed. I removed the linker, and built it fine.

    @Spartan117; I intend on making a seperate 'ethnic units for RFC' modpack, mostly because with the problems I had getting this to upload because of size, I don't think I could get the full thing to upload with ehtnic units included, and the install is already complicated enough in my oppinion. However, keep suggesting mod packs, but also please provide a link, as I would prefer to not have to comb the forum personally for them.

    @Everyone else; Thank you very much, I try.
  12. Hitti-Litti

    Hitti-Litti Deity

    Sep 8, 2006
    :goodjob: Pretty cool, Vishaing.

    Idea: If Rhye anticipates work to RFCW, Vishaing could make those changes to RFC, if he can.
  13. Phallus

    Phallus Freudian Slip

    Aug 1, 2006
    The magical realm of Essex
    I haven't tried it much but I love the new cultural borders. Thanks Vishaing.
  14. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    @Hitti-Litti; Yes, I plan on trying to 'reverse engineer' all new features that Rhye puts into RFCW into RFC Expanded. Some features I won't be able to since they might require Warlords specific coding, but overall I should be able to for most. For instance, once Rhye releases the RFCW I plan to try and convert the revisited Revolution and plagues system into RFC Expanded, unless of course Rhye does that himself, which he might.

    If you read this Rhye, I have no problem trying to convert the code from Warlords to Vanilla so you can focus on Warlords.

    @Phallus; Thanks, I thought the slow cultural borders fit with the shorter city range, plus it helps civs in crowded spots not have to worry about cultural overlap as much.
  15. LBaeldeth

    LBaeldeth Warlord

    Sep 30, 2006
    Erm ... so this means what? I assume "Team Instances" is something that will make up for the pitiful 5% intercept chance (might as well spend the hammers on a bunch of nukes of my own ... or is that the goal? ;) ), but ... what is it, exactly?
  16. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    @LBaeldeth; The "Team Instances" means that you (or your teammates if RFC was multiplayer compatible) can build up to 10 of them, and I believe the effect should be cumulative. What this means is that if you build 1, each nuke has a 5% chance of being intercepted, if you build 3, that's 15%, if you build all ten, that's the new max percent of 50%. I think, if it turns out to NOT be cumulative, please send me a report and I'll change it back to a flat 1 per team with a 30% intercept chance. (In my oppinion nukes in Civ 4 were VASTLY underpowered, I'm trying to rectify that while giving players incentive to spend a LOT on SDI defense)

    Also, I'm looking into modifying an AI attitude modifier for nukes targeted at them.
    I think if you have 1 or two, they will dislike you, but if you have more than that, they will start to like/fear you. I hope this will help start 'cold wars' between AIs, where they dislike each other, but are too afraid to actually attack.
  17. captain beaver

    captain beaver Civ 3 addict

    May 10, 2005
    the great forest
    Just tried you mod and it is a vastly different experience from normal RFC. I really like it.
    My only problem with it is the dynamic ice mod. Ice sometimes grows out of control. In my last game, the passage between the southern tip of South America and Antartica was completely block by ice. And I mean lots of it. It had growed up to the Falkands islands in fact. At the same time, in the north, ice had gone down in the Atlantic in a long line up to about the lowest city on Ireland. Another annoying thing was the fact that some lakes up north got covered with ice too.
    I don't know if it is a random occurance or simply that the mod is not adjusted to RFC, but I just wanted to let you know.
  18. kairob

    kairob Biohazard

    May 26, 2005
    The North
    The titanic got hit by an ice burg further south than england, but your right it ended up like that on mine to and it is a bit over the top...
  19. Vishaing

    Vishaing The Son

    Mar 9, 2006
    Hmmm, I haven't encountered any problems with the Dynamic Icecaps mod, but I also haven't explored to the north yet (I'm Rome and the Euopean civs just spawned) I'll take a look at it, and perhaps put a minimum/maximum latitude value in, something like the Space Elevator except reversed.

    If it still is out of control, I'll look at lowering the spawn disappear rates.

    Actually, if you wouldn't mind, I'ld like to contract you into looking into it.

    If you delete your cashe, any changes will affect your current saved games so long as their not too extreme, so go into;

    open CIV4FeaturesInfos.xml
    and under the FEATURE_ICE, fool around with the


    values, see whether lower or higher changes it for better or worse. I suggest lower, but keep them the same or else you'll eventually wind up with either an ice world or one with no ice.
  20. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    I'm not a noob bu wuld be nice if you have a folder

    "Mod/prepacked thing

    Because would be more easy ...

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