RFCC - A modmod for RFC featuring Hellenism, Zoroastrianism, the Phoenicians and more


Optimist Prime
Nov 20, 2005
Hello everyone,

I've put together a modmod for RFC (BTS) with various changes and enhancements I've come up with while playing Rhye's excellent mod. I submit it to the community's attention and am curious to hear of players' feedback.:)

Download/install instructions:

Download v.1.1.4 here and extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\.

Fellow modders can download the DLL sources here; code changes are marked by the //Corossol comment. Feel free to reuse anything but please give credit.

Mod description:

This is not a "kitchen-sink" mod with a hundred new techs and units; while adding new elements I tried to simplify or take out some others, keeping elegance as the main design principle. Most of the changes aim for better historical accuracy without being too deterministic, and increased strategic depth without forcing the player to relearn Civ basics.

Here is a summary of the changes:
Spoiler :
- The tech tree has been rebuilt for greater realism; given a vertical column of techs you should be able to guess the approximate century or (later) decade it represents. Requirements for many units and buildings have been changed, but the techs themselves are mostly the same as before.

- Judaism is replaced by Zoroastrianism. This new religion is founded with Monotheism (which is now placed between Monarchy and Theology), usually by Persia which spawns with the tech. Judaism is represented in the game by the Temple of Solomon, which replaces the Moai Statues and is automatically built in Jerusalem around the time Judaism used to be founded.

- Confucianism is replaced by Hellenism. This new religion is founded with Philosophy (which is now placed between Writing and Aesthetics) and spreads quickly in the Mediterranean area. It is a requirement for building many of the Classical Wonders, however it gradually disappears as Christianity spreads and overwrites it. Confucianism is represented in the game by the Confucian Academy, the Chinese replacement for the University.

- Other religion changes: Buddhism requires a Hindu temple instead of a tech, and Christianity will be founded in Jerusalem even if not independent, providing an alternate strategy for the Ethiopians.

- The Carthaginians are replaced by the Phoenicians (the civilization that historically founded Carthage). They start at Tyre in 1200 BC, their UU is the Bireme galley (+25% against Galleys and Triremes, can cross rival territory, graphics credit: Ancient Mediterranean Mod), and their unique power is a bonus to foreign trade routes. Their UHV is the same as before, but the Mediterranean dyes have been moved around.

- Two new Route types are added: the Roman Road, buildable only by Romans with access to Stone, and the Highway, buildable with Oil. Railroads and Highways both allow "flat movement" of 8 and 10 tiles/turn respectively, but to do so requires access to a resource (Coal or Oil). Without such a resource, the Highway still allows standard Road movement, but the Railroad doesn't. So most modern Civs will probably end up building Rails on Mines and Mills, and Highways everywhere else, along with a emergency Rail link between cities should the Oil be lost.

- Cities/Forts with water on both sides no longer automatically act as canals. Rather, ships can only enter/leave the city from the side(s) that has the most water tiles on it (among the 8 surrounding tiles). Thus for example, ships in Athens cannot leave through the 1-tile Gulf of Corinth. Exceptions are made for special locations such as Constantinople and Syracuse. Canals are enabled everywhere once the Railroad tech is discovered. Another restriction is that ships entering a city, canal or not, must end their movement there and expose themselves to danger for one turn. One consequence of this is that even with canals enabled, fast modern ships will tend to go around minor peninsulae rather than through them.

- Some Wonder names and effects have changed; for example the Great Sphynx (graphics credit: Edungeon) replaces Stonehenge and grants a free tech. The Parthenon allows all Government civics (I'm sure I'm not the first modder to think of this one). I'll leave the other changes for the player to discover.

- Some Wonders have different requirements (specific religions or local resources) to encourage certain Civs to build them. This replaces most of the hard-coded preferences. Also their "obsolescence techs" have changed; given that obsolete buildings are now destroyed upon city acquisition, you will find Civs with Theology and Divine Right to be enthusiastic Wonder-smashers.

- The Amphitheatre is now the Roman UB, and replaces a new building, the Stadium (which requires Electricity). The Stadium is one of three "Hit" buildings along with the Theatre and Broadcast Tower, which get happiness bonuses from Hit Football Events, Movies and Singles respectively. Also, Hollywood, Rock'n'Roll and Football are now Projects instead of Wonders; in addition to the Hit bonuses, they provide the associated "Hit" building in each of your cities.

- The Great Wall is "WYSIWYG": it protects its own internal area from barbarians instead of the owner's borders. Also, units crossing the wall from outside suffer a -25% attack penalty. The Wall requires Calendar to build, increasing its chances to be built by Asian civs.

- Requirements for oceanic travel have changed. Caravels and Galleons require Guilds and Printing Press respectively, as well as Gunpowder to build and Compass to travel on Oceans. This emphasizes both their technological and social prerequisites. Optics and Astronomy come later and enhance, rather than allow, oceanic travel.

- Mercenaries are removed: I found this feature too time-consuming to use.

- The First Strike ability is removed: I think the raw combat odds are confusing enough to estimate as is. Instead, the Drill promotions provide all-terrain +15% defense bonuses instead, thus placing them halfway between the general +10% Combat and the specific +20% Defense promotions. Archers and Longbowmen start with Drill.

- Axemen are not buildable by major Civs, and Macemen are removed completely (good riddance). This makes Spearmen the main Bronze-Age infantry, and Crossbows/Pikes the main Medieval infantry. Replacement units for Axemen/Maceman now replace other unit types. Many other units were modified for increased realism and/or balance.

- Catapults and Trebuchets are now specialized for city attack, and useless in the field. Instead, archery units get to deal some collateral damage for such purposes. Starting with the Cannon, artillery weapons group bombardment and anti-personnel functions as before. Also, I *think* I fixed the problem of the AI using artillery-only stacks; please let me know if you still see any such oddities wandering around.

- Horse Archers are now Mongolian UU's, and cause collateral damage. The generic unit is the Horseman. Camel Archers are also Horseman replacements, causing collateral damage and getting bonuses against Melee and Mounted units. Both Arabs and Mongols now use Knights for heavy cavalry.

- Japanese Samurai are now mounted Knight replacements, that get a defensive bonus and the Drill/City Garrison promotions. To help with this, horses appear in Japan in the 4th century.

- Double movements in Deserts is now a Civ-specific, instead of Unit-specific, ability. It is clearly indicated by the automatic "Desert Nomad" promotion, which should help newcomers figure out what's going on.

- The Chinese capital is moved to Luoyang in the 3000 BC and Chang'an in the 600 AD start. Also, the Turks no longer move their capital automatically; instead, Wonders such as the Forbidden Palace and Hagia Sophia now make their city the capital upon building, and civilizations conquering foreign capitals have the option of moving their capital there.

- The Mongolian spawn zone spreads futher West but includes less of China's territory, following a SW/NE diagonal along the desert border. Also, units spawn along the Silk Road and at the gates of Samarkand, encouraging the Mongols to move West.

- AI Civs now have no qualms about settling close to Independents. I'm trying to make AI's more aggressive in capturing such cities, but no luck so far.

- The problem with units losing contact with other Civs is (hopefully) fixed.

- Some changes were made on the map: Cyprus as a Copper hill, oceans below South Africa, etc.

- ... and other changes too numerous to list.


v.1.1.4 (2010/09/18)
Spoiler :
-Updated to include fixes from RFC 1.187
-Last update before moving on to Civ5 (except for major bug fixes)

v.1.1.3 (2010/04/23, bugfix release)
Spoiler :
-Fixed ressurecting Civs making peace with Barbarians (I think)
-Fixed Python error on leader unit spawns

v.1.1.2 (2010/04/17, bugfix release)
Spoiler :
-Fixed missing Conquerors event
-Fixed Turkish starting date display

v.1.1.1 (2010/04/14, bugfix release)
Spoiler :
-Fixed combat odds calculation (wrong defender selection and double-counting of Combat X promotions)
-Fixed crash and "backwards" leader change on Civ resurrection
-Fixed overwriting of Hellenic holy city by Christianity when Hellenism is state religion
-Fixed missing Phoenician starting units and unwanted wars
-Fixed unwanted extra Indian workers in 3000 BC

v.1.1 (2010/04/06)
Spoiler :
-Added Leader Spawn feature: AI late leaders spawn with armies and flip cities like Civs do (see the included rfcatlas.htm for dates/zones)
-Replaced "war on spawn" with "war on sight" whereas each leader has a percentage change of declaring war on each other on first contact
-Removed option for switching capital to a rival's on capture; instead each leader has a city that becomes their capital whenever acquired
-Allowed switching to a newborn civ before it founds its capital
-Disabled Autosave during Autoplay
-Changed Gilgamesh to Hiram I, first leader of the Phoenicians
-Changed Suleiman to Alp Arslan, first leader of the Turks
-Changed Turkish start to 1037 AD at Nishapur
-Reduced number of cities required for Turkish UHV
-Restored Carthage occupation goal for Arabia
-Made American missionary always Christian
-Removed extra AI missionaries on Islam founding
-Made Islam overwrite Zoroastrianism, on active spread only
-Protected holy cities from overwriting of State religion
-Changed Taj Mahal requirement from Islam to Ivory
-Gave Horseback Riding to 600AD Japan
-Changed seaport movement cost to 2 instead of infinity
-Made Aomori (Northern Japan) a natural canal city
-Added 2 mountains near Central America to prevent early canals there
-Changed 2 mountains in Hawaii to hills
-Reduced Ocean tiles on the South African coast to one
-Moved Beijing one tile East in 600AD start, and changed Hangzhou to Nanjing
-Changed Great Wall configuration in 600AD start
-Tweaked land and resources near Chinese capital
-Changed the layout of the Aegean Sea and moved Constantinople one tile Southeast
-Removed continent boundaries between Europe, Asia and Africa
-Disabled unit gifting

v.1.02 (2010/01/25)
Spoiler :
- Fixed Roman and Arabian territorial UHVs
- Fixed Rail-to-Road and Highway-to-Road movement
- Fixed 600 AD Great Wall
- Fixed impassable terrain for Camels and Elephants
- Classical techs cost 25% more (instead of all techs costing 5% more from turn 0 to 74, and 50% more from turn 75 to 180)
- Ships cannot move from a land tile to another
- Cathedrals require Construction instead of Engineering
- Hanging Gardens require Pottery only, and a river
- Hagia Sophia does not move owner's capital
- Summer Palace and Spiral Minaret never obsolete
- Eiffel Tower requires Radio and Steel
- Cristo Redentor requires Assembly Line and Steel
- Madrassa allows 1 Priest and 1 Scientist
- Machine Guns can get Drill promotions
- Prophets don't bulb Animal Husbandry or Writing
- China doesn't get Drama in 600 AD
- Extended Mongolian settler maps

v.1.01 (2010/01/03)
Spoiler :
- Unit power calculations are changed to add attacker bonuses to attacker power instead of subtracting them from defender power. This is to fix a distortion where very high attack bonuses (such as Catapults') canceled all defender bonuses and divided their power excessively.
- Hagia Sophia and Forbbidden palace make their city the capital on construction, but not on conquest. Instead, conquering any foreign capital now gives the option of moving your capital there.
- Swordsmen upgrade to Musketmen as well as Crossbowmen.

v.1.00 (2009/12/28)
Spoiler :
Zoroastrianism replaces Judaism; founded with Monotheism, shrine is the Adur Farnbag
Hellenism replaces Confucianism; founded with Philosophy, shrine is the Oracle
Hinduism requires Polytheism instead of Meditation
Buddhism requires a Hindu Temple instead of a tech
Christianity can happen in Jerusalem even if not independent
Christianity overwrites Hellenism upon spread
Sushi Co. requires Refrigeration
Cereal Co. requires Biology
Jewels Co. requires Steam Power
Aluminium Co. requires Plastics
Ethanol Co. requires Ecology
No missionaries upon Christian founding

Routes & Movement
Added Highway route; requires Oil to build and Oil to move 10 tiles/turn; +1 commerce for Village/Town; requires clearing Forest/Jungle
Railroad requires Iron to build and Coal or Oil to move 8 tiles/turn
Roman UP is now the ability to build Roman Roads; require Stone to build and allows double movement
Double movements in deserts is now a Civ-specific automatic promotion
Ships can only leave a city/fort on the side(s) with the most water (except at Constantinople and Sicily, and until Railroad)
Ships moving in cities/forts end their movement there

Replaced South African coasts with Ocean
Changed Cyprus to a Plains/Hills with Copper
Opened up mountain to southern Silk Road in 3000 BC start
Changed Tibetan deserts to Tundra
Connected St.Lawrence River to the sea
Moved Mediterranean Dyes to Sicily and Morroco
Independent Syracuse appears after Phoenician spawn
Moved Chinese capital to Luoyang (3000 BC) and Xi'an (600 AD)
Added Tisfun (Baghdad) to 600 AD map
Added Zoroastrianism in Sirajis in 600 AD start
Added Hinduism in Pagan in 600 AD start
Shrank Western border of Great Wall in 600 AD start
Removed Amsterdam wheat in 300 BC start
Spread horses to Japan in 350 AD
Extended Mongolian spawn zone 3 tiles West and 2 tiles South, and shrank it 2 tiles North and 6 tiles East; rest of original spawn area goes Northeast along the Chinese desert border and rivers
Replaced Viking starting seaborne Axemen with Berserkers
Replaced Arabian starting Camel Archers with Knights and Swordsmen with Camel Archers
Replaced Russian starting Horse Archers with Horsemen
Replaced Mongolian starting Keshiks with Knights, and added 2 Knights near Samarkand and 2 Horse Archers on the Silk Road
Opened coastal access to Iceland
Removed Tyre from Arab and Turkish spawn zones
Reduced Axeman spawns North of Greece

Mercenaries removed
Carthaginians renamed Phoenicians, start at Sur in 1200 BC; UU is Bireme, UP is +50% coastal foreign trade route yield
Unique and obsolete buildings are destroyed on city acquisition
No Tribal Villages option works
Fixed line of sight for maintaining Civ contacts
Allowed AIs to settle closer to other Civs' borders
Human player gets no extra units upon city flip refusal by AI
Greece and Carthage both get early colonists and defenders at easternmost/westernomost ports (repectively) at 850 BC
Turkey does not automatically switch capitals
Justinian is a Greek leader
AI offensive siege units less likely to be used for defense

Slavery requires Masonry
Organized Religion requires Priesthood
Caste System renamed Apprenticeship, requires Guilds
Pacifism requires Medicine
Environmentalism requires Ecology

Horses are revealed from the start
Winery requires Pottery
Whales revealed with Optics
Forest Preserve requires Biology
Dye is obsolete with Assembly Line

Pottery given redundant OR requirement of The Wheel (helps Babylonian UHV)
Philosophy requires Writing and Meditation
Aesthetics requires Philosophy and Masonry
Drama requires Aesthetics and Polytheism
Priesthood requires Polytheism or Meditation
Monarchy requires Priesthood
Monotheism requires Monarchy
Feudalism requires Monarchy and Agriculture
Theology requires Monotheism and Philosophy
Divine Right requires Theology and Feudalism
Music renamed Arts Patronage; requires Divine Right, Literature and Drama
Code of Laws requires Monarchy and Writing
Currency requires Mining and Mathematics or Alphabet
Calendar requires Mathematics and Agriculture
Paper requires Calendar
Civil Service requires Paper and Code of Laws
Education requires Paper and Theology or Civil Service
Iron Working requires Metal Casting; gives chopping bonus instead of Mathematics
Machinery requires Iron Working and The Wheel
Compass requires Machinery and Sailing
Gunpowder requires Engineering
Chemistry requires Gunpowder and Guilds
Printing Press requires Guilds, Paper and Alphabet
Liberalism requires Printing Press and Philosophy; does not grant a free tech
Military Science requires Priniting Press and Gunpowder
Nationalism requires Literature and either Liberalism or Military Science
Military Tradition requires Military Science, Nationalism and Rifling
Optics require Compass and Engineering
Scientific Method requires Printing Press, Education and either Chemistry or Astronomy
Biology requires Scientific Method, Chemistry and Optics
Medicine requires Biology and Replaceable Parts (hehe)
Constitution requires Nationalism and Code of Laws
Assembly Line requires Steam Power, Corporation and Rifling
Democracy renamed Civil Rights, requires Assembly Line, Civil Service and Liberalism; allows Permanent alliances
Communism requires Assembly Line, Civil Service and Scientific Method
Fascism requires Assembly Line, Civil Service and Military Tradition
Industrialism requires Electricity, Combustion and either Civil Rights, Communism or Fascism
Plastics requires Industrialism
Superconductors requires Composites and Refrigeration
Mass media requires Radio and Corporation
Rocketry requires Artillery and Combustion
Satellites requires Rocketry, Industrialism and Radio
Advanced Flight requires Flight and Rocketry
Laser renamed Global Navigation Systems, requires Satellites and Computers, grants +1 naval moves instead of Refrigeration
Composites requires Plastics
Stealth requires Composites and Radio
Fiber Optics requires Computers and Optics
Fusion requires Superconductors and Fission
Genetics requies Computers, Medicine and Refrigeration
Future Tech requires Superconductors, Genetics or Robotics

Palace requires Masonry
Stonehenge renamed Great Sphinx (graphics credit: Edungeon), provides a free tech instead of Labor civics
Pyramids require Masonry and Mysticism, never obsoletes
Hanging Gardens require Pottery and Masonry
Academy requires Philosophy
Great Library requires Alphabet, obsolete with Divine Right
Great Lighthouse is obsolete with Optics
Colossus is obsolete with Theology
Temple of Solomon replaces Moai Statues, automatically built in Jerusalem at the same time Judaism would be founded
Mausoleum is an Indian Monument
Bazaar is a Persian Market, provides +2 Health
Temple of Artemis requires Aesthetics and Hellenism, obsolete with Theology
Mausoleum of Mausollos requires Aesthetics and Hellenism, obsolete with Theology
Parthenon requires Aesthetics and Hellenism, allows all Government Civics
Statue of Zeus requires Aesthetics and Hellenism but no Monuments, double speed with Ivory or Gold, obsolete with Theology
Schwedagon Paya requires Aesthetics and Buddhism
Colosseum requires Hellenism
Theatre provides 2 culture, 1 happiness, +1 happiness per 20% culture, and +1 happiness with Hit Movies
Odeon replaces Theatre, provides 3 culture and 2 happiness
Amphitheatre renamed Stadium, requires Electricity, costs 150, provides 2 culture, 1 happiness, +1 happiness per 20% culture, and +1 happiness with Hit Football Event
Amphitheatre is a Roman Stadium, requires Construction, provides +1 happiness per 10% culture
Hippodrome is a Byzantine Stadium
Aqueduct requires Construction
Great Wall requires Calendar and Masonry, protects its own area instead of Civilization's borders, and units entering it suffer a 25% attack penalty
Temple of Kukulkan requires Calendar, Masonry and Corn, grants +50% worker speed instead of defensive bonuses
Stable is obsolete with Industrialism
Apostolic Palace requires Christianity
Cathedrals require Engineering
Notre Dame requires Engineering, Aesthetics and Christianity
Forbidden Palace requires Civil Service and Taoism, grants a 25% defense bonus to all cities, makes its city the capital (even on capture)
Angkor Wat requires Civil Service and Hinduism
Hagia Sofia requires Theology, Engineering and Christianity, never obsoletes, grants +50% Great People points in all cities, makes its city the capital (even on capture)
Sistine Chapel requires Arts Patronage and Christianity
Madrassa replaces University, requires Islam
Confucian Academy is a Chinese university, grants +25% culture
University of Sankore requires Education and Islam
Channel tunnel reverted to Oxford University, requires Education
Summer Palace requires Divine Right, obsolete with Nationalism
Opera House requires Arts Patronage
Leaning Tower renamed Pantheon (graphics credit: Refar), requires Hellenism, Literature and Construction; present in Rome in 600 AD start
Added National Epic project; requires Literature, provides free Monument in every city
Taj Mahal requires Arts Patronage and Islam
Trading Post is a Viking Harbor
Customs House requires Banking
Trading Company requires Astronomy and a coastline
Royal Dockyard is an English Drydock, requires Chemistry
Eiffel Tower requires Steel
Statue of Liberty requires Constitution, Steel and a coastline
Broadcast tower provides +1 happiness per 20% culture, and +1 happiness for Hit Singles only
Interpol requires Radio
Security Bureau requires Civil Rights
Intelligence Agency requires Facism
Mt. Rushmore requires Assembly Line
Kremlin does not obsolete
Cristo Redentor requires Christianity and Steel
Coal Plant requires Electricity and Steam Power, no Factory
Nuclear Plant requires Fission and Refrigeration, no Factory
Hydro Plant requires no Factory
Apollo Program requires Satellites
Space Elevator requires Robotics, Composites and Satellites
Hollywood is a Project instead of a Wonder, requires Electricity and provides free Theatres instead a culture bonus
Rock'n'Roll (project) replaces Graceland (wonder) and provides free Broadcast Towers instead a culture bonus
Football (project) replaces Wembley (wonder), requires Mass Media and provides free Stadiums instead a culture bonus

Axeman cannot be built
Maceman removed
First Strike ability removed
Drill promotions give 15% all-terrain defensive bonuses and are available to Melee, Archery, Gunpowder and Naval units
Commando promotion is available to Recon, Melee and Gunpowder units
Holkan requires Hunting only
Phalanx is a Greek Spearman with +50% vs. Melee Units
Immortal has same cost as Spearman, with March promotion and +50% vs. Archery Units
Swordsman upgrades to Crossbowman
Quechua is an Incan Swordsman, gets +50% v. Melee and Archery, no free promotion
Berserker is a Viking Explorer, requires Machinery and Sailing, has power=8, +50% vs. Melee, no defensive bonuses, upgrades to Musketman, Rifleman or Grenadier
Archer causes collateral damage, upgrades to Longbowman only, starts with Drill
Asharittu Bowman is an Archer with +50% city attack
Skimisher renamed Sofa Warrior, has power=4 with +100% vs. Mounted Units, upgrades to Longbowman or Pikeman
Longbowman cost changed from 65 to 70, causes collateral damage, starts with Drill, has -25% city attack, upgrades to Musketman, Rifleman or Grenadier
Hwacha is an unbuildable Longbowman, requires Gunpowder and Archery, +50% vs. Melee, present in Seoul
Crossbowman cost changed from 70 to 65, upgrades to Musketman
Cho-ko-nu cost changed from 60 to 65, upgrades to Musketman, Rifleman or Grenadier
Musketman upgrades to Rifleman or Grenadier
Grenadier requires Military Science and Chemistry
Chariot has no attack bonus, upgrades to Horseman
Horse Archer renamed Horseman, requires Horseback Riding and Hunting, no attack bonus
Horse Archer is a Mongolian Horseman, requires Horseback Riding and Archery, causes collateral damage instead of flanking, has 30% withdrawal chance, upgrades to Knight or Cuirassier
Camel Archer is an Arabian Horseman, requires Horseback Riding and Archery but no Horse, causes collateral damage instead of flanking, has 30% withdrawal chance, +50% vs. Melee and Mounted, cannot enter Tundra or Snow, upgrades to Knight or Cuirassier
Knight requires Feudalism, Machinery and Horseback Riding
Samurai is a Japanese Knight with a defensive bonus and Drill 1
Conquistador is a mounted Spanish Explorer, requires Printing Press, Gunpowder and Horseback Riding, has power=8, +50% vs. Archer, Spearman and Swordsman, upgrades to Cuirassier
Cuirassier requires Chemistry and Horseback Riding
Cavalry requires Military Tradition and Horseback Riding, gets no attack bonus, upgrades to Tank or Gunship
Catapult requires Mathematics and The Wheel, costs 35 instead of 40, has power=1, +400% city attack, immune to collateral damage from Archery and Siege, upgrades to Trebuchet
Trebuchet costs 65 instead of 80, has power=1, +700% city attack, immune to collateral damage from Archery and Siege
Cannon has power=8, +25% city attack, immune to collateral damage from Archery and Siege
Workboat can never enter Ocean outside borders
Galley and Trireme require Archery; Trireme upgrades to Caravel only
Bireme (graphics credit: Ancient Mediterranean Mod) is a Carthaginian Galley with +25% vs. Galley and Trireme, can enter rival territory
Caravel requires Guilds and Gunpowder, and Compass to enter ocean; upgrades to Galleon or Frigate
Galleon requires Printing Press and Gunpowder, and Compass to enter ocean
Privateer requires Chemistry, Optics and Iron
Frigate requires Chemistry and Optics
Ship of the Line requires Military Science, Chemistry and Optics
Airship requires Assembly Line and Physics
Paratrooper requires Flight, Assembly Line and Military Tradition
Marine requires Industrialism and Military Tradition
Panzer requires Oil and has Mobility instead of Commando
Tactical Nuke and ICBM require Fission, Rocketry and Radio
Fighter requires Flight and Rifling
Aircraft Carrier requires Industrialism
Stealth Bomber requires Advanced Flight and Stealth
Submarine renamed Missile Submarine, requires Rocketry, Radio and Combustion
Attack Submarine renamed Submarine, has power=24, requires Radio and Combustion
Missile Cruiser requires Robotics and Rocketry

I wish to thank Rhye for making such an awesome mod for us to play with, Giger for helping with early testing, and the RFC community for the thought-provoking discussions.

I hope you like this modmod! Please give it a try and let me know your opinions. In particular I would like to know if any UHV's have become too easy or too hard. Many thanks, and have fun! :)


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This ModMod sounds pretty cool, but I'm not sure how to install it, can you edit your post and add a small installation guide?
Wow. Um. That's cool. I would comment, but I don't have broadband as I'm with family. I will download it after Christmas holidays.
This sounds really interesting. I'll definitely give it a try.

Especially like the removal of mercenaries - good call there. Also, the removal of two pointless religions in favour of two very interesting religions :goodjob:. I like how you do still represent Judaism and Confucianism though.

Do the phonecians start in mesopotamia near egypt and babylon or do they spawn in carthage's location? If they start in mesopotamia they would make a very interesting mediteranean colonial civ, especially if they have an early spawn date. EDIT: Looked at the screenshot :lol:

Finally, are you saying that Christianity will always be founded in Jerusalem? What would happen if Jerusalem had been destroyed? It would be interesting if Christianity never formed in that case, after all, no Jerusalem would mean no Judaism (most probably), and if there was no Judaism then there would be no Christianity.

Is it only Christianity that replaces Hellenism, or would other religions such as Zoroa-blah and Islam do so as well?
Can't seem to download it though. I tried extracting it and all I got was an error message saying the archive is corrupt or incomplete. :confused:
Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I have edited the first post with some download & installation instructions, and linked to rapiduser's files in the first post.

To answer Ekolite's questions: Christianity will usually be founded in Jerusalem or a nearby city (as per the original RFC), the difference is that this can happen in Jerusalem even if a major Civ (non-Independent) controls it. If Jerusalem is gone and no suitable independent cities exist, then Christianity will be founded by the first player to research Theology.

As for religion replacement, Islam does not replace Zoroastrianism the way Christianity does to Hellenism. This is because Zoroastrianism does not spread very aggressively in the first place, and still exists in the modern world alongside major religions like Islam and Hinduism.
Ok so I tried out this mod and I am suitably impressed :). I played as the Phoenecians and managed to hold out until the spawn of Turkey, at which point my entire empire flipped to them :lol:. It was a pretty good game though, I didn't want to settle on Cyprus so I could work the copper, which meant I could only build archers and warriors for a long time, however I then settled on the north coast of the Black Sea, hooked up the Iron there, and steamrolled Greece with an army of swordsmen and crossbows.

I must say that I wish crossbows didn't obsolete swordsmen. Crossbows are pretty useless for taking cities because they can't get city raider promotions. It would be great to have both available, using swords for offense and crossbows for defense.

Horse archers are deadly! I had to position a decent sized army of spearmen in my Iron city to prevent them from taking it. I think my next game will be with a civ that can get horsearchers :)

It was really cool to see Hellenism spreading like wildfire across the Med, to Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Phoenicians, and then being gradually replaced by Christianity leaving only a few small enclaves of Hellenism in the isolated barbarian and independent cities.

One thing though was that technology seemed to progress far too fast. I had gunpowder in year 1100, and it seemed that I had hardly any time to build longbows and pikemen before muskets were on the menu.

Also, I think the Arabs should start with Camel Archers, not Knights. It just doesn't look right at the moment. I also think there should be one more dye around the med to give the Phoenicians a little more choice in where to build. At the moment they get one in Sur, then have to conquer Syracuse and settle the far edge of North Africa. How about one on the south/west coast of Spain?
Thanks for the feedback Ekolite, I'm glad you like the mod. I'll look into incorporating some of your suggestions in the next release; good point about the Crossbowmen I hadn't thought of that. For the Dyes, in addition to being historically correct the Morrocan location gives a choice for the player to settle on top of it, or on Gibraltar in Spain. I assumed that a player with a long-term view would not want to settle into Spain's spawn zone if they can avoid it. Speaking of spawn zones, did Tyre itself flip to the Turks? It's not supposed to in my mod.

As for Cyprus, you can access the Copper without a city if you put a Fort and a Road there. Actually I gave that automatically to the AI when their borders reach it, since their workers can't figure it out on their own. If Jerusalem has grown enough you might find it there already when you spawn as the Phoenicians. Of course a Fort won't give you any production bonuses so you may want to replace it with a Mine once you secure another source of metal.

I'll be releasing a patch soon, when I fix a problem I found with siege weapons odds calculations.

Happy New Year everyone! :)
No problem. Glad you agree about the crossbows.

I played a game as the Arabs to see how the Phoenecians would expand on their own and it seems like they get to Spain fairly quickly, but do not settle Carthage. I think this is because by that point the culture of Syracuse is enveloping the Carthago tile. It was really good to see a power-struggle between Carthage and the Romans in Spain, very realistic there. (Although the Romans founded Taoism in Barcelona which... isn't :lol:). Also, the Phoenecians probably should have been more interested in Turkey. There are some very powerful city locations there and it makes no sense to hand them to the Greeks. The Phoenecian UHV expires long before the Turks arrive so flipping isn't a big issue.

It would be good to have a proper settler map for them too if there isn't one already. At the moment Turkey seems to end up with a load of Carthaginian towns and it doesn't really look right :p.
Phoenicia's settler map is designed so that they will indeed settle Carthage about 1/3 of the time; Sardinia is another popular spot to annoy Rome. They do tend to hunt the Barb cities in Anatolia; I've lowered the odds of those cities being razed so that they get to enjoy some of their benefits. But it's not really their historical core zone so it's normal that that the Greeks will go there too and that the Turks will sweep off these towns. I've also tuned the AI research preferences to make it less likely that religions will be founded in the wrong spots.

Version 1.01 is released! Check out the link and the changelog in the first post.
I don't know if it's just me, but I just tried the 600 AD start with the new version 1.01 and every time I try it I get a crash with just one turn left of the auto turn window.
My thoughts:

-Change some resources (ie India gets some silk)
-Allow earlier founding on jungle? (or something concerning jungles)
-Make Marshes drainable (or have some kind of system)
-Change culture system so that Russia can claim Siberia easier; France N. Africa, etc.
-Allow civs to trade food? (and allow distribution/management of food or even hammers/lumber or population?)
-Remove some mountains (Cyprus was a good idea; Hawaii???)
-Allow plots to be requested in Congresses or treaties (ie those with lots of one civ's culture... ex. france wants ruhr valley iron plot)
-Sell cities for money?
-Carolingian empire? (lol)
-Represent nomadic groups?
-"Barbarians" (which should represent nomadic groups) shouldn't raze cities as much, esp. those with wonders or holy cities
-Change some of the gay stuff on the stability maps.
-Cities on rivers should be able to help build ships
-Gold, Silver, and Gems should be worth tons of $
-Represent Silk Road trade/Trans-Saharan trade better...
-Allow civs to trade multiples of the same resource (like a Venice-like middleman)
-Allow trading with Byzantines in 600 AD start? (but just trading I guess)

(sry about my nooby requests)
I don't know if it's just me, but I just tried the 600 AD start with the new version 1.01 and every time I try it I get a crash with just one turn left of the auto turn window.
This doesn't happen to me... anyone else got this problem? Giger, which Civ were you playing?
I've updated the file to fix the bug Giger reported. If anyone has been experiencing crashes, please re-download and let me know if it works now.
Very nice work, but you've just made the 600 AD (if not the 3000 BC) Chinese goal impossible. Education is a whopping 2000 beakers and there's no way to generate a great scientist in time AND to whip universities/Confucian academies before 1000 AD. And Chang'an is terrible as a capital unless you get rid of the mountains east of it.
China needs universities for their UHV? Maybe it was changed in this modmod, I wouldn't know since I can't figure how to make it work :X
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