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RFCE++ Beta

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by Morholt, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    RFC:Europe++: the modmodmod
    (Previously known as RFCE: Extra Civs)

    RFC++ is a modmodmod that brings fourteen new civs, historical scenarios, a Holy Roman Empire system and a union system to RFC:Europe.

    This is the fourth Beta version and is feature complete. From now on all work will go into tweaking and polishing the modmodmod. New in this version is the inclusion of K-mod, which means stronger AI and faster loading times. It is still a bit rough around the edges though, so be sure to report any unexpected behaviour!

    Moderator Action: Attention: Development for this modmod is on hiatus, and the current version is not stable! If you encounter too many bugs, please play the latest RFCE, and keep an eye on the release of RFCE 2.0 (a merge of the original mod and the best features of ++ on a slightly bigger map)

    Downloading and installing (Now much easier!):
    1. Choose a mirror:
    Game Front
    Atomic Gamer

    2. Extract the archive into the Mods folder of Beyond the Sword.
    3. Either load the mod using Advanced->Load a mod->RFCEPlusPlus and choose a scenario, or navigate to the mod's folder and double-click one of the scenarios in the PrivateMaps folder.

    What's next?:
    1.0 of RFCE is out and the focus is moving onto 2.0, meaning that it's time to finish this up. Next release will be a RC.

    To the CivFanatics modding community, this mod is now using leaderheads and other graphics from more people than I can count.
    To everyone who is helping playtesting and tweaking this mod.
    Special thanks to 3Miro for valuable coding help.
  2. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    Version History:
    Beta 4:
    -Updated to RFCE 1.0. City maps should now be somewhat accurate.
    -Merged the mod with K-mod. The game should now be faster and the AI more agressive!
    -Removed K-mod's new religion spread.
    -Fixed several problems with the 1260AD start.
    -Faith points can now be assigned in the WBS.
    -Changed Bohemia's UHV3.
    -Tweaked Sweden's UHV1.

    Ancient history:
    Spoiler :
    Beta 3:
    -Added support for "late starts" or historical scenarios.
    -New Scenario: 1260 AD.
    -It is now possible to see other civs' UHV progress in the civilopedia.
    -Map updated to the latest from RFCE. This means most of the map/province changes have been rolled back.
    Changes that are still in:
    -Levant remake.
    -Capital areas of new civs improved slightly.
    -Liguria, Holstein, Prussia, Vojvodina, Trondelag, Sahara provinces added, Suvalkija and Oppland removed.
    -New wonder: Jasna Góra.
    -Lots of new music.
    -Added some early mercs for Franks and Lombards.
    -Relations boost from voting for someone in the HRE lasts longer.
    -Made the Italian leaders more tolerant of close borders.
    -Extended the Bohemian flip zone slightly and added a preplaced city in Moravia.
    -Tweaked Novgorod UHV. Counter in UHV #2 is now correct. Oldest bug in the mod?
    -Fixed a bug in the Swedish UHV2.
    -Fixed a bug related to the Army HRE Decision.

    Beta 2:
    -The Levant reworked, Damascus moved 5 squares south.
    -Dead civs can no longer be elected Holy Roman Emperor.
    -Changed Denmark's UHV.
    -Fixed a bug in Lombardy's UHV #2, for real this time.
    -Fixed (or is it !?) a bug in Bohemia's UHV #3.
    -Updated Genoan and Ventian warmaps to account for Lombardy.
    -Sahara province added to avoid barbs getting confused.
    -Spanish Union now affects the entire civ.

    Beta 1:
    -Updated to RFCE Beta 13.
    -Attacking an HRE civ while in the HRE will no longer make EVERY civ in the HRE declare war on each other.
    -Fixed a bug that made some civs immune to collapse when played by a human.
    -Some of the HRE code moved into c++, the mod should be noticeably faster now.
    -Open Borders from the HRE decision cannot be canceled.
    -Voting for or against someone in the HRE will affect their attitude towards you.
    -Fixed a bug in Lombardy's UHV #2.
    -Fixed a bug that would instantly break some unions.
    -Fixed a bug that caused crashes late game.
    -Lombardy is now immune to the first plague for balance reasons.
    -Austria's spawn will no longer flip Bohemia's core.
    -Added the beginnings of civilopedia documentation.
    -New UHV's for Austria and Germany that involve the HRE.
    -Adjusted Carinthia province and added Ljubljana indy to strengthen Austria and make Bohemia's UHV1 more interesting.
    -Genoan UHV1 adjusted.

    Alpha 5:
    -Two more civs: Lombardy and Bohemia. These are the last civs planned.
    -HRE System: the HRE is an elective, mutual defense organization, the emperor gets some special bonuses.
    -Civs are now immune to collapse for 15 turns after they become the leading partner of a union.
    -New Title and Loading screen.
    -Collapse Dates: AI civs get a stability penalty after their historical collapse dates.
    -Hussite event. Bohemia beware!
    -New province: Holstein.
    -Cordoban and Kievan respawns fixed. Added Hungarian respawn as Transsylvania.
    -Kiev will now be force-collapsed if human plays Crimea.
    -Muscovy has a new UHV.
    -Prussian UHV fixed. Prussian UU comes earlier.
    -The new units are no longer immune to plague.
    -Tunisia slightly nerfed overall but AI is more likely to build Corsairs.

    Alpha 4:
    -One new civ: Denmark. Also Norse reworked into Norway, and Sweden moved to an earlier spawn. Swedish and Norwegian UHV's reworked.
    -New Provinces: Gotland, Liguria, Arkhangelsk. Oppland renamed Jamtland and Karelia moved to its correct position.
    -Swedish Soldier Tennant renamed Soldattorp and now replaces Night Watch instead of barracks as: A. Having them in 1210 is silly. B. Sweden, like most civs, get prebuilt barracks and having an UB that you never build is boring.
    -When you enact a union all of the minor civ's Solid areas become OK for you.
    -If a civ that has enacted a union is about to collapse, the union is first broken instead.
    -New UHV 2&3 for Prussia, the old ones were just too boring.
    -Terrain in Scandinavia slightly reworked.
    -Fixed a bug that gave the Serbians 7 commerce per city.
    -Fixed a bug that made some civs not show up in the Civilopedia.
    -Fixed a gazillion small bugs in the union system.
    -Novgorod's first diplomusic is no longer a recording from the Black Mass.

    Alpha 3:
    -Two more civs: Egypt and Serbia.
    -Union System: at semi-random dates, some countries will have an opportunity to form a partial or complete union.
    -Tetouan province enlarged and renamed to Fez.
    -Added minor nations: Ziyyanids in Oran and Wattasids in Fez.
    -More barbs in Maghreb and Tartary.
    -Norse UHV changed to conquer the Isles instead of Scotland, should be more doable.
    -Arab UHV postponed to be more doable.
    -Stone in Scotland, Azov improved.
    -Diplomusic for Tunisia and Morocco

    Alpha 2:
    -For RFC:E beta 12.
    -Four more civs: Morocco, Tunisia, Scotland and Rum.
    -New provinces: Courland, Prussia, Navarre. Suvalkija merged with Lithuania, Isle of Man changed to the Isles. UHVs and stability maps changed accordingly.
    -The new civs' UHV's are now intelligently displayed with progress meters, like the original civs.
    -Prussian UP should now actually work.
    -Fixed an evil, evil bug that caused crashes during late game.
    -England given a major boost since they have to deal with Scotland. The AI gets a special cheat to be able to hold onto Normandy.
    -Mongol invasion of Middle East is made enormously more dangerous. AI Rum should nearly always collapse, Player Rum should be difficult to survive with past the 13th century.
    -Crimean AI now always razes cities instead of keeping them. This seems to weaken them, perhaps the AI should be given an extra settler to compensate?
    -Other civs slightly rebalanced.

    Alpha 1:
    -Modmodmod released, for RFC:E beta 11.
    -Four new civs: Novgorod, Prussia, Aragon and Crimea.
    -Map slightly changed to make their capitals not crap.
  3. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire

    Base scenario:
    -Starting in 500 AD, this is the main "meat" of the game. Featuring all the civs, as well as the largest freedom to shape history your way.

    1260 AD:
    -Europe has recently been shocked up by the Mongol invasions and Eastern Europe is changed forever. The HRE is at the peak of its power, having reached an uneasy compromise with the Lombard League. The crusader states are fighting their last stand in the east while the Reconquista is nearly complete in the west. The Byzantine Empire has just managed to recapture Constantinople and is slowly recovering from the Fourth Crusade, of course the Bulgarians and Serbs might have a say in this. Finally the Northern Crusades has elevated Sweden and Prussia into regional powers while Novgorod is beset on all sides.

    This scenario starts after the majority of all civs are born, but before most UHV deadlines, for getting directly to the action or cutting down on the loading time of later civs.

    Meet the civs:

    The Lombard Kingdom - start in 568 AD
    Leader: Rothari
    The Power of Commercial Centers: Trade routes also give some food.
    UU: Urban Militia - the core of the Lombard League's armies, that formed the Company of Death and defeated the Emperor at Legnano.
    UB: Studio - Representing the patronage of the Italian Renaissance, an early theatre with a free Artist.
    The Lombard Kingdom: Control Lombardy, Tuscany, Liguria, Verona, Calabria and Apulia in 774.
    The Lombard League: Destroy 25 units from the Holy Roman Emperor by 1250, or be the only nation in the HRE at that date.
    The Italic League: Ensure that each of Lombardy, Venice, and Genoa are more powerful than each of Austria and Spain in 1494.

    The Republic of Novgorod - start in 864 AD
    Leaders: Rurik, Alexander Nevsky, Marfa Posadnitsa
    The Power of the Lord City: Start with Bureaucracy
    UU: Ushkuinik - the "Russian Vikings", amphibious Maceman with extra city attack.
    UB: Konets - the first guilds of Europe, a supercharged Guild Hall with extra unhealth.
    Defender of Rus': Control Novgorod, Finland and Estonia in 1250.
    The Fur Trade: Gain access to ten sources of fur by 1397.
    The Great Hinterlands: Have five cities in Karelia, Rostov, and Vologda in 1478.

    The Kingdom of Norway - start in 872 AD
    Leaders: Harald Hardraada, Hakon iV
    The Power of the Whale-Road: All naval units can enter ocean tiles.
    UU: Berserker - Sacred pagan warriors, the terror of the early middle ages.
    UB: Trading Post - Improves trade and ship speed, useful for maintaining a wide-flung kingdom.
    Vikings: Gain 50 Viking points by 1066AD. You gain points from conquering cities (+1pt per population), pillaging improvements (+1pt) and sinking ships (+2pt).
    Conquerors: Conquer the Isles, Ireland, Mercia, Normandy, Iceland and build Vinland by 1263AD.
    Statesmen: Have higher score than Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Germany and France in 1320AD.

    The Kingdom of Denmark - start in 936 AD
    Leaders: Harald Bluetooth, Christian IV
    The Power of Sound Dues: You get 3 gold per turn for every foreign coastal city in the Baltic.
    UU: Huskarl - the elite guard and standing army of Canute the great, they can destroy any contemporary infantry.
    UB: Research Institute - Denmark created the first research institutes of Europe in the 16th century, gathering enormous volumes of research data.
    North Sea Empire: Control Denmark, Skaneland, Svealand, Vestfold and Mercia in 1050.
    Valdemar the Victorious: Have two cities in each of Brandenburg, Estonia and Pomerania by 1223.
    Kalmar Union: Control Denmark, Norway, Vestfold, Jamtland, Skaneland, Gotaland, Svealand, Norrland, Gotland, Finland, Estonia and Iceland in 1523.

    The Kingdom of Scotland - start in 960 AD
    Leader: Robert the Bruce
    The Power of Defiance: Lower stability penalty for losing cities and whenever you do, your other cities get free defenders.
    UU: Sheltron - the ultimate anti-cavalry formation, but it's inflexibility makes it somewhat weak against everything else.
    UB: Shieling - a system of transferring livestock with the seasons to keep them on good grazing grounds. A smokehouse replacement with extra bonuses for Sheep.
    Fortification: Have 10 Forts and 3 Castles in 1296.
    The Auld Alliance: Have 1000 Attitude points with France by 1560. You get points for good relations, open borders, exports, imports, and common wars.
    The Celtic Union: Control Scotland, the Isles, Ireland, Wales and Bretagne in 1700.

    The Egyptians - start in 972 AD
    Leaders: Saladin, Baibars
    The Power of the Nile: River tiles have +1 food.
    UU: Mamluk - "Slave-noble" cavalry, the first force to ever defeat the Mongols in an open battle.
    UB: Souk - an open seasonal market, improves health and commerce with the right goods.
    Crusaders come, Crusaders go: Control Egypt, Arabia, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, Antiochia and Cyprus in 1291.
    Mongols come, Mongols go: Kill 50 Keshiks by 1450.
    Egypt is eternal: Control 15 world wonders by 1700.

    The Moroccans - start in 1040 AD
    Leaders: Yaqub al-Mansur, Ismail Ibn Sharif
    The Power of Saharan Trade: Deserts are 1h1c, oases have triple value
    UU: Black Guard - Brutally efficient sub-Saharan elite troops, with no loyalties but to the King himself.
    UB: Kasbah - A city wall replacement that adds some food to the city, promoting growth in the difficult environment.
    The Almohads: Control Morocco, Marrakesh, Tetouan, Sijilmasa, Aoudaghost, Oran, Algiers, Ifriqiya, Tripolitania, Andalusia, and Valencia in 1212AD.
    The Marinids: Have 5000 culture in each of three cities in 1465AD.
    The Saadis: Collapse or vassalize Portugal, Spain, and Aragon by 1578AD.

    The Sultanate of Rûm - start in 1077 AD
    Leader: Kayqubad I
    UU: Turcoman Horse Archer - flexible and skillful horse archers, they are able to use the terrain to their advantage.
    UB: Han - a safe stopping area for caravans, it is an Inn replacement with an extra trade route that does not require a brewery.
    The Pride of Islam: Control Anatolikon, Armeniakon, Charsiadon, Cilicia, Paphlagonia and Crimea in 1225.
    Caravanserai:Build eight Hans by 1328.
    Pax Anatolica: Control Anatolikon, Armeniakon, Charsiadon, Colonea, Cilicia, Paphlagonia, Thrakesion, Antiochia, Opsikion and Constantinople in 1453.

    The Kingdom of Bohemia - start in 1085 AD
    Leader: Ottokar II
    The Power of Kingdom: You have more votes in the HRE and other Emperors' decisions affect you less.
    UU: War Wagon - the famed Wagenburg or vozová hradba of the Hussites, it is supremely strong out in the open.
    UB: Orloj - Bohemia is home to some of the world's oldest astronomical clocks. These mechanical wonders give you an extra production boost.
    The Iron and Golden King - Control Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Austria and Carinthia in 1271.
    The Iron and Golden Crown - Become Holy Roman Emperor by 1400.
    The Bohemian Revolt - Have a larger population than any HRE state in 1648.

    The Crown of Aragon - start in 1164 AD
    Leader: James I
    The Power of Confederation: Extra commerce in your capital for every province you have a city in.
    UU: Almogavar - Legionary-style conquerors, a stronger Guisarmier with first strikes.
    UB: Seaport - A massive increase in shipping capabilities, a lighthouse that increases the transport capabilities of every ship built.
    The Sicilian Vespers: Control Catalonia, Valencia, Baleares and Sicily in 1282AD.
    Thalassocracy: Have 25 ships in 1444AD.
    Realms of the Crown: Control Catalonia, Valencia, Aragon, Baleares, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, Provence and Thessaly in 1474AD.

    The Kingdom of Serbia - start in 1180 AD
    Leaders: Stefan Dusan
    The Power of Law: Your culture dominates other's within your cities' radius.
    UU: Vlastela - noble "imitation cataphract", especially strong at taking cities.
    UB: Orthodox Hram - a temple of the independent Serbian Church, giving extra faith points as well as a free priest.
    Zakonopravilo: Get 20 stability by 1354.
    Emperor of Serbs and Greeks: Control Serbia, Macedonia, Arberia, Thessaloniki, Epirus and Thessaly in 1371.
    Triumph in Kosovo: Have more military units than the Ottomans in 1540.

    The Kingdom of Sweden - start in 1210 AD
    Leaders: Magnus Ladulås, Gustav I, Karl XII
    The Power of Military Formation: All units start with Formation promotion.
    UU: Karolin - the most formidable force in Europe at the time, highly drilled and fanatically religious.
    UB: Soldattorp - part of the national military allotment system, this allowed Sweden to raise enormous forces very quickly.
    The Eastern Lands: Have six cities in Norrland, Finland and Karelia in 1323.
    Lion of the North: Raze 5 Catholic cities while being Protestant by 1660.
    Dominium Maris Baltici: Control every coastal city on the Baltic in 1750.

    The Teutonic Order/Duchy of Prussia - start in 1224 AD
    Leaders: Hermann von Salza and Frederick the Great
    The Power of Cameralism: Start in Theocracy and no instability from anarchy.
    UU: Death's Head Hussar - the feared elite light cavalry of Frederick the Great, a stronger Hussar.
    UB: Public School - The first modern school system, it brings both stability and enlightenment among the population.
    The Northern Crusades: Control Lithuania, Livonia, Estonia, and Pomerania in 1410AD.
    Seven Years' War: Collapse or conquer two cities from each of Austria, Muscovy, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain between 1650AD and 1763AD.
    Enlightened Despotism: Settle a total of 15 Great People in any combination, including Great Generals, in your capital.

    The Tunisians - start in 1229 AD
    Leader: Uthman
    The Power of Barbary Corsairs: Piracy (blockading ports that you are at peace with) gives triple gold.
    UU: Corsair - a slightly weaker, but much earlier and cheaper version of the Privateer.
    UB: Bagnio - the "slave prisons", where those who were abducted would be held in wait for ransom or selling. A dungeon replacement that gives free citizen specialists.
    The Barbary Coast: Have 12 coastal cities in Oran, Algiers, Ifriqiya, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica in 1492AD.
    The Abductions: Control Malta, Iceland, Ireland, Sicily and Sardinia in 1650AD.
    Terror of the Mediterranean: Get 10000 gold from piracy by 1750AD.

    The Crimean Khanate - start in 1441 AD
    Leader: Devlet I Giray
    The Power of Iasyri: Razing cities gives less instability and a free citizen in your capital.
    UU: Chambul - the basic unit of Crimean raiding parties, an early, gunpowderless Pistolier with extra mobility.
    UB: Subject Horde - the sedentary Crimeans held several nomadic hordes in vassalage that provided them with soldiers. A Guild Hall with raw production instead of free engineer, and no unhealth.
    Seizer of the Throne: Capture or Raze Moscow by 1571AD.
    Harvesting the Steppe: Raze 20 cities.
    The Last of the Hordes: Have no more than 5 cities until 1699AD.
  4. Sian

    Sian Chieftain

    Jan 21, 2008
    could you please add a list of protential Unions either here in the thread or in civipedia?
  5. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    Added to first post.
  6. Barratt_87

    Barratt_87 Chieftain

    Feb 26, 2009
    Calgary, Canada
    Hey, I followed your instructions on installing your mod and in the scenario selection screen your mod does not come up. Regular RFC europe comes up but selecting it tells me i need to load that mod so obviously the actual scenario for your version is not there. If it helps I have one of those lame computers where you have to unzip to a different location and cut and paste for any mods to work.. What do you recomend?
  7. The Flame8

    The Flame8 Chieftain

    Dec 17, 2009
    United States
    Looks cool, ill have to try it out.
  8. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    I'm not sure what you mean by "one of those lame computers"? Are you using WinZip, WinRar or something similar? Some files are supposed to be overwritten, that's needed for the changes to work.

    Try either first going Advanced->Load a Mod->RFCEuropePlusPlus and then going into the scenario menu, or open the mod folder in explorer, go to the PrivateMaps folder and double-clicking on the RFCEuropePlusPlus.Civ4BeyondTheSwordWBS file.

    If that does not work, did you follow the instructions exactly? If you do not rename the folder to the exact name it will not work.
  9. Buddhafish

    Buddhafish Abbey Road

    Mar 24, 2010
    A Castle on the Sunset
    Congratulations on the Beta. This is a very well-done mod. Or modmodmod, I should say.
  10. Crossphazer

    Crossphazer Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2008
    Lombardy's 2nd UHV still doesn't work for me. I've killed some of the Emperor (Germany)'s units (to the point of razing all of central Germany), and the count is still 0.
  11. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    Whoops, fixed it for real now.
  12. Sian

    Sian Chieftain

    Jan 21, 2008
    Copenhagen is crap to settle ... its so much better simply to ignore it and settle in Jutland and Skåne ... any ways to fix this?

    and with Holstein there Denmark have to go unhistorically deep into Brandenburg to have a chance of 2 cities there, whereas previously they could get away with just Lübeck and Jomsburg

    prehaps remake it into

    Have two cities in each of Holstein, Estonia and Pomerania, and one city in Brandenburg
  13. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    Yeah, Denmarks UHV will get changed, one of the complaints in the last thread was that it was too samey, with nothing but conquest. I might change that UHV entirely to something late game science based or such.
  14. Tigranes

    Tigranes Armenian

    Sep 11, 2008
    Doesn't this call for some colonial UHV? The tea part was especially crazy for me to read about, I thought Brits got all the tea. Perhaps -- get 2 tea resources? What do the Scandinavians drink more nowadays, Morholt, tee or coffee :)?
  15. Morholt

    Morholt Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2006
    Swedish Empire
    Definitely coffee, at least Sweden is one of the top coffee drinking nations per capita. Drinking coffee in the afternoon is common and even in the evening on occasion. I like tea a lot, but the shops mostly have stuff like Yellow Label or fruit teas, which is terrible.

    A colonial UHV makes perfect sense, I'll do that.
  16. Crossphazer

    Crossphazer Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2008
    A strange HRE bug: HRE states had the option to vote for Germany as HRE leader, despite the fact that Germany had collapsed a few turns before that. The collapsed Germany won the election!
  17. The Flame8

    The Flame8 Chieftain

    Dec 17, 2009
    United States
    Great modmod, but balance is very off. I started as Burgandy and France had already collapsed and came back. Genoa gets way too strong, and why can't you vote for yourself in the HRE? With some tweaks to the new Civs this will be an amazing modmod!
  18. Sian

    Sian Chieftain

    Jan 21, 2008
    on Coffee ... Scandinaiva as such have traditionally been the top coffee drinkers since coffee arrived here and was payable for the common population

    But yeah ... a "get 3(?) Colonial projects" (Historically, Ghana, Indian trading post and Carribian) ... and place a true AA at Island so they have a way of getting it (other than vassaling England Bullying them into trading you their spare)
  19. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Actually, spawning a normal AA near Iceland a few centuries after the North America Access is removed is a good idea
    I might even do that for the main mod too
  20. 3Miro

    3Miro Chieftain

    Apr 23, 2008
    Knoxville USA
    I disagree. This would make UHV conditions like the Russian and Venetian ones way too trivial (i.e. no need to fight the Swedes or take control over Gibraltar). This would also give ANY player (in the hands of the human) the ability to build a huge colonial Empire even if they are close to land-locked (i.e. like Poland or Kiev), Just getting a ship and sailing to Iceland to build a single is way too easy for the reward of having colonial access.

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