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RFCEurope 1.3 - official release

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by AbsintheRed, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Well, it's not the first 1.3 thread, but I decided this deserves it's own.
    Far from perfect, nevertheless it's released finally :)
    Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rfceurope/files/RFCEurope_1.3.zip/download

    Changes since (the unreleased) RFCE 1.2:
    Spoiler :
    Civilization changes:
    - Norse civ had been split into Denmark and Norway
    - Sweden was reworked to an earlier start
    - New civilizations: Novgorod, Prussia, Scotland, Aragon, Morocco
    - Many things connected to the new civs are based on (or inspired by) RFCE++ changes
    - All 8 new civs have completely revised settler, war, visibility, spawn and respawn maps

    - Start Date: 936
    - Leaders: Harald Bluetooth (935-986), Margaret I (1353-1412), Christian IV (1577-1648)
    - UP: The Power of Sound Dues: You get 2 gold per turn for every foreign coastal city in the Baltic
    - UHV1: North Sea Empire: Control Denmark, Skaneland, Götaland, Svealand, Vestfold, Mercia, London, Northumbria and East Anglia in 1050
    - UHV2: Kalmar Union: Control Denmark, Norway, Vestfold, Skaneland, Götaland, Svealand, Norrland, Gotland, Österland, Estonia and Iceland in 1523
    - UHV3: Ostindisk Kompagni: Build 3 Colonies and complete both Trading Companies
    - UU: Huskarl (replacing Swordsman)
    - UB: Research Institute (replacing Observatory)
    - CNM: Scandinavian base CNM, with small differences
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Denmark, Skaneland
    -- Potential: Gotland, Holstein, Estonia
    -- Border/contested: Gotaland, Svealand, Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, London, Brandenburg, Norway, Vestfold, Normandy
    -- Changes: Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, London, Normandy switches to foreign on the English spawn, Gotaland, Svealand to foreign on the Swedish spawn

    - Start Date: 872
    - Leaders: Harald Hardrada (1015-1066), Haakon IV Haakonson (1204-1263)
    - UP: The Power of the Vikings: All naval units can enter ocean tiles, less stability penalty for razing cities
    - UHV1: Vikings: Gain 50 Viking points by 1066
    - UHV2: Conquerors: Conquer The Isles, Ireland, Mercia, Normandy, Iceland and build Vinland by 1263
    - UHV3: Statesmen: Have higher score than Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Germany and France in 1320
    - UU: Berserker (replacing Axeman)
    - UB: Trading Post (replacing Lighthouse)
    - CNM: Scandinavian base CNM, with small differences
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Norway, Vestfold
    -- Historical: Iceland
    -- Potential: Jamtland, The Isles
    -- Border/contested: Scotland, Northumbria, Ireland, Normandy, Svealand, Norrland
    -- Changes: Northumbria, Normandy switches to foreign on the English spawn, Svealand to foreign on the Swedish spawn

    - Start Date: 1210
    - Leaders: Magnus Ladulas (1240-1290), Gustav Vasa (1496-1560), Gustav Adolph (1594-1632), Karl XII (1682-1718)
    - UP: The Power of Military Formation: All units start with Formation promotion
    - UHV1: The Eastern Lands: Have six cities in Norrland, Finland and Karelia in 1323
    - UHV2: Lion of the North: Raze 5 Catholic cities while being Protestant by 1660
    - UHV3: Dominium Maris Baltici: Control every coastal city on the Baltic in 1750
    - UU: Karolin (replacing Musketman)
    - UB: Soldattorp (replacing Night Watch)
    - CNM: Scandinavian base CNM, with small differences
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Svealand, Norrland
    -- Historical: Gotaland, Gotland
    -- Potential: Jamtland, Osterland, Karelia, Estonia
    -- Border/contested: Skaneland, Vestfold, Pomerania, Livonia, Prussia, Novgorod

    - Start Date: 864
    - Leaders: Rurik (830-879), Alexander Nevsky (1220-1263), Marfa Posadnitsa (1420-1478)
    - UP: The Power of the Lord City: Starts with Bureaucracy, less stability penalty for having too many cities in a bureaucratic government
    - UHV1: Defender of Rus': Control Novgorod, Karelia, Estonia and Livonia in 1250
    - UHV2: The Fur Trade: Control twelve sources of fur by 1397
    - UHV3: The Great Hinterlands: Have seven cities in Karelia and Vologda in 1478
    - UU: Ushkuinik (replacing Maceman)
    - UB: Konets (replacing Guild Hall)
    - CNM: same as the CNM for the Kievan Rus
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Novgorod, Karelia
    -- Historical: Rostov, Vologda
    -- Potential: Estonia, Osterland
    -- Border/contested: Smolensk, Polotsk, Livonia
    -- Changes: Osterland switches to border/contested on the Swedish spawn, Smolensk to foreign, Rostov to border/contested on the Muscovian spawn

    - Start Date: 1224
    - Leaders: Hermann von Salza (1165-1239), Frederick I (1712-1786)
    - UP: The Power of Cameralism: Starts with Theocracy and no stability penalties from anarchy
    - UHV1: The Northern Crusades: Control Prussia, Suvalkija, Lithuania, Livonia, Estonia, and Pomerania in 1410
    - UHV2: Seven Years' War: Conquer two cities from each of Austria, Muscovy, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain between 1650 and 1763, if they are still alive
    - UHV3: Enlightened Despotism: Settle a total of 15 Great People in any combination, including Great Generals, in your capital
    - UU: Death's Head Hussar / Totenkopfhusar (replacing Hussar)
    - UB: Public School (replacing Observatory)
    - CNM: same as the CNM for Germany and Austria
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Prussia
    -- Potential: Pomerania, Livonia
    -- Border/contested: Brandenburg, Estonia, Gotland
    -- Changes: Estonia switches to foreign, Livonia, Greater Poland to border/contested, Silesia to potential, Brandenburg to historical in 1618

    - Start Date: 960
    - Leaders: Robert the Bruce (1274-1329), James IV (1473-1513)
    - UP: The Power of Defiance: When one of your cities is conquered all your other cities get free defenders; lower stability hit from losing a city
    - UHV1: Fortification: Have 10 Forts and 4 Castles by 1296
    - UHV2: The Auld Alliance: Have 2500 Attitude points with France by 1560
    - UHV3: The Celtic Union: Control Scotland, the Isles, Ireland, Wales and Bretagne in 1700
    - UU: Sheltron (replacing Guisarmier)
    - UB: Shieling (replacing Smokehouse)
    - CNM: Scottish CNM by DC123456789 (positions are based on the English one, language is Scottish Gaelic > English)
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Scotland
    -- Natural: The Isles
    -- Potential: Northumbria
    -- Border/contested: Ireland, Wales, Mercia
    -- Changes: Northumbria switches to border/contested, Mercia to foreign on the English spawn

    - Start Date: 1164
    - Leaders: James I (1208-1276), John II (1398-1479)
    - UP: The Power of Confederation: Extra commerce in your capital for every province you have a city in
    - UHV1: The Sicilian Vespers: Control Catalonia, Valencia, Baleares and Sicily in 1282
    - UHV2: Thalassocracy: Have 12 Seaports in 1444
    - UHV3: Realms of the Crown: Control Catalonia, Valencia, Aragon, Baleares, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, Provence and Thessaly in 1474
    - UU: Almogavar (replacing Guisarmier)
    - UB: Seaport (replacing Lighthouse)
    - CNM: Aragonese CNM by DC123456789 (positions are based on the Spanish (Castilian) one, language is Aragonese > Catalan > Spanish)
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Aragon, Catalonia, Balears, Valencia
    -- Potential: Navarre, Andalusia, La Mancha, Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, Calabria, Malta
    -- Border/contested: Castile, Provence, Corsica, Thessaly

    - Start Date: 1040
    - Leaders: Yaqub al-Mansur (1160-1199), Ismail Ibn Sharif (1645-1727)
    - UP: The Power of Saharan Trade: Deserts and particularly oases have improved yield
    - UHV1: The Almohads: Control Morocco, Marrakesh, Fez, Tetouan, Oran, Algiers, Ifriqiya, Tripolitania, Andalusia, and Valencia in 1227
    - UHV2: The Marinids: Have 5000 culture in each of three cities in 1465
    - UHV3: The Saadis: Collapse or vassalize Portugal, Spain, and Aragon by 1578
    - UU: Black Guard (replacing Musketman)
    - UB: Kasbah (replacing Walls)
    - CNM: same as the CNM for Cordoba and Arabia
    - Province setup:
    -- Core: Marrakesh, Morocco, Fez
    -- Historical: Tetouan
    -- Potential: Oran, Algiers
    -- Border/contested: Andalusia, Valencia, Ifriqiya, Tripolitania

    - Support for leader switching with 4 leaders per civ
    - Message for the player when a known civ switches leaders, with the currently used DCN of the given civ
    - Leaders moved: Norse leaders to Denmark and Norway, Yaqub al-Mansur (Cordoba -> Morocco), Frederick I (Germany -> Prussia)
    - New leaders for existing civs: Béla III (Hungary), Mieszko (Poland), Philip August II (France), Harun al-Rashid (Arabia)
    - New leaders for existing civs: Gustav Adolph (Sweden), Margaret I (Denmark), Mstislav (Kiev), Bohdan Khmelnytsky (Kiev)
    - New leaders for existing civs: Basil II (Byzantium), Michael VIII Palaiologos (Byzantium), Mohammed I ibn Nasr (Cordoba)
    - New leaders for existing civs: Magnus Ladulas (Sweden), Harald Bluetooth (Denmark), Otto I (Germany), Johan de Witt (Dutch)
    - New leaders for existing civs: Otto-William (Burgundy), Beatrice II (Burgundy), Fernando III (Spain), Guglielmo Embriaco (Genoa)
    - Redesigned Andrea Dandolo into Andrea Gritti (Venice) - more important doge, we already have a Dandolo, and better for the timeline
    - Redesigned Maria II into Maria I (Portugal) - Maria I is better for the RFCE timeline, also she is the Portuguese leader in Civ V

    - Province setup changes:
    -- England: Scotland, The Isles, Ireland border/contested
    -- Poland: Prussia border/contested, Livonia foreign/unstable, Pomerania potential
    -- Lithuania: Prussia, Pomerania foreign/unstable. Livonia and Estonia border/contested
    -- Cordoba: Tetouan border after the Moroccan spawn. Valencia historical, Aragon, Catalonia and Balears border on Aragonese spawn.
    -- Spain: Aragon, Catalonia, Balears border, Navarre potential
    -- Byzantium: Apulia, Calabria, Sicily, Malta border/contested on the Aragonese spawn
    -- Moscow: Novgorod, Vologda potential, Karelia border/contested
    - English AI gets some defenders and defensive buildings in Normandy a couple turns after their spawn
    - 1 extra Settler and 1 Crossbowman for AI England
    - Lowered almost all leaders' willingness to vassalize voluntarily
    - Venetian AI's favourite civic is Trade Economy (they start in Merchant Republic)
    - Increased Cordoban leaders' religion flavor, they will spread out Islam better
    - Lowered Orthodoxy spread values for Scandinavian civs, increased them in the eastern regions (Bulgaria, Novgorod, Kiev)
    - Muscovy spawn zone reduced in the north, so Novgorod gets a chance to be an early rival for Muscovy
    - Lithuanian spawn zone reduced around Riga and the Prussian core territory, but enlarged on the east, so Minsk flips to them
    - Updated Lithuanian, Swedish, Spanish, English, and Hungarian respawn zones
    - Revised visibility map for all civs
    - Revised the initial contacts between all civs
    - Revised AI war initialization for all players
    - Revised settler map for Byzantium, Cordoba, Venice, Burgundy, Germany, Spain, Poland, England, Portugal, Lithuania, Muscovy
    - Revised war map for Germany, Spain, Poland, England, Lithuania, Muscovy, especially in territories of the new civs
    - All civs start with missionaries and under a religious civic if they have a preset religion, without missionaries and under Paganism if they don't have one
    -- Germany and Venice start with missionaries
    -- Many civs start with one of the religious civics instead of Paganism
    -- Bulgaria starts without missionaries or Orthodoxy as a State Religion
    -- Novgorod starts without missionaries or Orthodoxy as a State Religion, and under the Paganism civic
    -- France starts without Catholicism as a State Religion, but only because doesn't have Theology thus the needed civic, so it still has a missionary (only exception)
    -- Denmark starts under the Paganism civic
    - Burgundy starts with preset civics
    - Cordoba starts with Literature (thus they can use the Religious Law civic on start)
    - Cordoba starts with Arabic Medicine (health is important for 1st UHV, also somewhat historic and in synergy with the UP)
    - Portugal starts with some siege units instead of a couple melee ones

    UHV updates:
    - Small diplo penalty with all leaders after a player accomplished 2 UHVs
    - Enhancements in the events when you accomplish 2 of your UHV goals: maximum 3 of your rivals declare war, new event messages for the player
    - Fixed UHV condition display on the Victory Screen for more complex UHVs
    - Byzantine 2nd UHV also needs Thrace, Thessaloniki, Moesia, Macedonia, Serbia, Arberia, Epirus, Thessaly and Morea provinces
    - Some of the UHVs are coded more efficiently
    - Detailed info for UHV progress for all civs, in the Victory Screen (F8)
    - Removed some redundant info from the UHV texts (details are in the victory screen)
    - New UHV help for the 1st Polish UHV
    - All UHV colony checks are handled on project built (instead of every turn), should make checks much faster (except for the Spanish UHV, which is only checked on a given turn)
    - Trading companies don't count as colonies for the UHV anymore
    - Revised Colony UHVs:
    -- France: Empire of the World: Build 5 Colonies
    -- Spain: The Spanish Armada: Have more Colonies than any other nation in 1588AD (while having at least 3)
    -- Venice: Domination of the World Ocean: Be the first to build a modern Colony (so Vinland doesn't count)
    -- England: Jewel of the Crown: Build 7 Colonies
    -- Portugal: Feitorias all over the world: Build 5 Colonies
    -- Dutch: The India Companies: Build 3 Colonies and complete both Trading Companies
    -- Every UHV should trigger right on the completion of the last project/colony
    - Changed Atlantic Access to appear earlier near Scandinavia, in 1580 - needed for the Danish UHV
    - North Atlantic Access near Vinland disappears in the exact date of Norway's second UHV
    - Disabled UHV checks for the AI (faster turn times)
    - Updated Hungarian territory UHV check, now it's province based and totally accurate
    - Kiev needs 25000 food for the 3rd UHV, but their 2nd UHV also has Moscow province

    Indies and barbs:
    - Added reduce city mechanics (to towns) on a given turn or event - could be useful for many UHVs
    - Indy city in Svealand province: Uppsala, spawns in 800AD
    - Indy city in East Anglia province: Norwich, spawns in 640AD
    - Indy city in Mercia province: Nottingham, spawns in 867AD
    - York (Eboracum) starts in 500AD
    - Uppsala reduced to town on the Swedish spawn, Norwich and Nottingham on the English spawn
    - Revised barb spawns:
    -- Further separated barbs for the human and the AI
    -- AI civs won't get extra barbarians on harder levels. Also somewhat less extra barbs for the human player on harder levels
    -- Slightly tuned down general number of barbs for Byzantium, France, Cordoba
    -- 3 new unit types: Bedouin, Turcoman Horse Archer, Steppe Horse Archer
    -- More variety in the Seljuk units (4 new units, all unique to the Seljuks, most are somewhat more powerful than their regular counterparts)
    -- Lowered Seljuk Lancer's (RFCE's "original" Seljuks) strength from 13 to 11, but Seljuks are still harder to counter because of the new unit types
    -- Livonian Order as barbs (Sword Brethren) in the area before the Prussian spawn
    -- Pre-Lithanian barbs (Baltic Heathens) for human Prussia a couple turns before the Lithuanian spawn
    -- Banu Hilal and Bani Hassan barbs in Morocco and Tunesia (Bedouins)
    -- Danishmend barbarians for Byzantium after the Seljuks (Turcoman Horse Archers)
    -- Barbarian Kipchaks, along with the Cumans (greater Cumania == Cuman-Kipchak confederation)
    -- Separated Pechenegs and Cumans some more
    -- Both Pechenegs and Cumans+Kipchaks are represented with Steppe Horse Archer units
    -- Revised Khazars too, more infantry units instead of light cavalry
    -- Barbarian Serbs in the Balkans before the Byzantine 2nd UHV, especially for the human player
    -- Barbarian Anglo Saxons spawning in Wessex and Mercia to represent the resistance to Danish rule
    -- Barbarian Scottish Highlanders only spawn when Scotland is dead
    -- Barbarian Vikings in the 9-10th century, in small numbers for the AI (and only if the player is not Norway), but a bigger threat to human France
    -- Revised some areas of the Mongol spawn zone, for example no Keshiks directly for Novgorod
    -- Less barbs in the Maghreb, in Arabia, and near Kiev
    - New independent city: Londinium. Starts in 500 AD, size 2, 2 archers, catholic religion, prebuilt walls
    - New independent city: Caen. Starts in 912 AD (establishment of the Duchy of Normandy), size 1, 2 crossbowman, catholic religion
    - Catalonia province won't revolt against Aragon, Scotland province won't revolt against Scotland
    - The city of Novgorod no longer spawn a couple turns before the Novgorodian start, no preplaced Marrakesh either
    - Reduced chance of cultural flips for barbarian cities - especially important in Anatolia for the former Byzantine cities
    - Reduced raze city probability for the AI, bigger reduction for the barbarians, small for the rest

    - Minor changes in the collapse mechanics - should be somewhat more common for the AI to collapse, if they lose a significant part of their territory
    - City secession has much bigger chance to occur for all civs
    - Losing your capital results in a much bigger stability hit (20 for Byzantium, 5 for Scotland, 10 for everyone else)
    - Losing a city in your core or historical territory also means a bigger stability hit
    - Revised initial stability for the different difficulty levels
    - Rewrote most triggers for stability collapses and revolts:
    -- In huge empires, if stability is bad, there is 80% for the city revolt mechanics to start, and only 10% for the collapse mechanics
    -- In medium empires, 40% for the city revolt mechanics, 40% for the collapse mechanics
    -- In small empires, 70% chance for collapse mechanics, no chance for city revolt mechanics
    -- Actual chance for triggering a revolt or collapse inside those mechanics is scaling with stability
    -- Note that bad stability is not the only way to trigger collapses or revolts
    - Having a city in a foreign province means -5 stability, in a border/contested province -2 stability
    - Small boost to Merchant Republic and Bureaucracy stability, but both can be more unstable than before with too many cities
    - Imperialism civic and the French UP works without a hard cap on number of cities
    - Fixed inconsistencies in the city stability calculations - way more deadly for the human player if the cities are managed poorly
    - The AI has less severe stability penalties for not maintaining it's cities (populace) well enough
    - Updated the stability guide. Civilopedia/Concepts/Stability Guide
    - New aspect for the Venetian UP: halves instability for having too many cities in Merchant Republic
    - City razing:
    -- Permanent instability: 0 for very small cities, 1 for 3-5 population, 2 for 6-9, 3 for 10+
    -- Temporary instability: 3
    -- Norwegian UP: -1 permanent stability loss and no temporary instability for razing cities
    - Reduced permanent stability loss from anarchies
    - Stability always updates when entering the stability/finances (F2) screen
    - Minor improvements in the stability code, fixing various python exceptions
    - Fixed bug in the stability handicap levels (+2 base stability on monarch)
    - Tuned down unintentionally harsh stability penalties connected to war weariness (4-7 stab difference for medium sized-empires)
    - Increased culture instability in newly conquered cities (less than 20% own culture)
    - Small stability boost on completed UHVs (currently +3/UHV)
    - Vassalage is stable with Feudal Law, Common Law is unstable with Serfdom, Imperialism is unstable with Merchant Republic
    - Increased stability bonus for "good" civic combinations, also decreased a couple penalties for using "wrong" combinations

    Persecution updates:
    - Loot is significantly increased when you successfully purge a religion
    - -3 swing instability on successful persecution (0 for Spain)
    - Unhappiness because of persecution ("We cannot forget your cruel oppression") only appears in the city on successful persecution
    - Persecution counter/timer reintroduced, with a new approach:
    -- Nationwide variable, goes down by 1 each turn
    -- New counter for it on the main screen (Persecution, only shown if >0, right below the faith point counter)
    -- +8 to the counter on successful persecution (4 for Spain), 4 on unsuccessful (2 for Spain)
    -- Causes religious instability, 1 with 1-3, 2 with 4-6, 3 with 7-9, etc.
    -- The timer (Persecution Instability Cooldown), and the caused instability (Persecution Instability) are also shown in the Religion Screen (F7)
    - Even with the increased instability from religious prosecution, still way better to persecute than to leave untolerated religions in your cities

    - Increased number of units leaving the civs for a crusade, but it's low on the first 10-20 turns after a civ is born
    - Also, more crusader units will leave your army
    - Some of the units will return from all Crusades after a couple turns, not only if Jerusalem is conquered
    - No more free Templars/Teutons/Paladins/Knights for the base crusader army if the crusading civ doesn't know Chivalry yet
    - No longer possible for your GG units to leave you for a crusade
    - Slightly reduced number of units for Defensive Crusades
    - Separated unit randomizing method for Defensive Crusades (no more all Paladin DCs), reduced chance for Paladins
    - Interface message for the player about their DCs

    General changes:
    - Added a small initial food reserve on city foundation, currently 1/5 of the next growth threshold
    - Free walls in the city if it is built on a fort
    - Removed National Wonder limit
    - Improvements in the Crusader city names for England, Denmark, Poland, Genoa, Venice, Portugal, Sweden, Lithuania, and the Dutch by DC123456789
    - Improved the German, Austrian, Prussian city name map around Bohemia, Silesia, Austria and in east Germany
    - Small improvements on the Polish, Muscovian, Portuguese city name maps in Anatolia
    - Fixed/improved most Dynamic Civ Names connected to the Scandinavian civs
    - Updated DCN names for France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Byzantium
    - Dynamic civ names also refresh on start of a new turn, not just on specific events like new city foundation or city ownership change
    - Plague icon on the main interface when plague spreads to a new city
    - Removed outdated xml_light files
    - Reenabled and readded some entries (ie: Keshik, Seljuks) in the civilopedia
    - Cannons also buildable with iron + sulphur
    - New promotion: Cargo Capacity (+1 cargo space in ships)
    - Boost for Workshops and Lumbermills - were worthless before, now they are somewhat on pair with Windmills and Watermills
    -- Apprenticeship civic gives +1 production for Lumbermills too
    -- Steam Engine tech gives +1 production for Lumbermills too
    -- Workshops have +1 base production (so now -1 food, +2 production)
    -- English UP changed to +1 production and +1 commerce for Workshops (was +2 production before)
    - Mercantilism civic gives +1 commerce for Villages too
    - Updated Great Person lists
    - Updated the RFCE Timeline
    - Resource rearrengement near Prussia, Lithuania, Poland, Novgorod (mainly iron and horse)
    - Sulphur for Prussia is now in Brandenburg - UU is tied to Kingdom of Prussia, not to Teutonic Order
    - Made Cornwall a little less fertile on the map
    - Imported more efficient constant handling (in Consts.py and XMLConsts.py) from DoC - credit to Leoreth
    - Speed improvements by replacing various if-statements with elif-statements and added some break statements
    - Improved coding of Krak des Chevaliers, Leaning Tower, Topkapi Palace
    - Disabled autosaves during autoplay - should speed up the initial loading time of the civs
    - New barb-only units: Bedouin, Turcoman Horse Archer (Danishmends and Seljuks in Anatolia), Steppe Horse Archer (Cumans, Kipchaks)
    - New barb-only units: Seljuk Swordsman, Seljuk Heavy Footman, Seljuk Crossbowman, Seljuk Guisarme (all for the Seljuks in Anatolia, surprisingly)
    - New merc-only units: South Slav Vlastela (Serbia, Banat, Slavonia, Bosnia, Dalmatia), Lombard Heavy Footman (Lombardy, Liguria, Tuscany, Verona)
    - New merc-only units: Bohemian War Wagon (Bohemia, Moravia), Mamluk Heavy Cavalry (Egypt), Crimean Tatar Rider (Crimea)
    - Updated Dutch, Swedish and Kievan Dawn of Man texts
    - New DoM text for Scotland, Aragon, Morocco inspired by gilgames' suggestions
    - Minor DoM updates for the Ottomans, Byzantium, France, Arabia, Cordoba, Burgundy, Germany - by DC123456789
    - Minor DoM updates for Hungary, Bulgaria, Genoa, England, Portugal, Lithuania, Austria - by DC123456789
    - Switched to CE instead of AD for non-christian civs
    - Limited Monarchy = Constitutional Monarchy, Free Religion = Religious Tolerance
    - Bigger city attack penalty for most mounted units: -25% for most light cavalry, -20% for most heavy cavalry, -10% for most unique and special mounted units
    - Slightly tuned down Hungarian and Venetian tech progress (both player and AI)
    - Increased various maintenance modifiers for Byzantium (especially for the AI), decreased for Burgundy (was still set to the 500AD start)
    - Changed sea spawns: naval starting units can spawn inside other players' sea territory, as all naval units can enter foreign borders anyway
    - Kiev moved to 882 AD (text only though, so no changes in the gameturn)
    - Added an extra aspect to the Cordoban UP: excess health contributes to city growth, but only if it's not starving (idea from DoC) - perfect for the 1st UHV
    - Less resistance on city conquest: multiple things affecting it, but usually around 1 turn with 1-2 population, 2 turns with 3-5, 3 with 6-9, 4 with 10-14, 5 with 15+

    Art updates:
    - New art for Isabella (Spain), Casimir III (Poland), Ivan IV (Muscovy), Simeon I (Bulgaria), Ivan Asen (Bulgaria)
    - New art for Abu Bakr (Arabia), Abd-ar-Rahman III (Cordoba), Philip the Bold (Burgundy), Yaqub al-Mansur (Cordoba)
    - Added missing button for Mieszko, Michael VIII Palaiologos, Abu Bakr, Abd-ar-Rahman III, Margaret I, James IV
    - Added missing button for Philip the Bold, Guglielmo Embriaco, Alexander Nevsky, Hermann von Salza, John II
    - Updated button for Bela III, Ferdinand III, Harald Hardrada, James I, Magnus Ladulas, Mstislav I, Otto I
    - Updated button for Robert the Bruce, Marfa Posadnitsa, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Philip Augustus, Beatrice II
    - New unit art: Teutonic Knight, Kievan Druzhina, Danish Huskarl, Seljuk Lancer
    - All new Seljuk units have wonderful and perfectly accurate art (made by Bakuel)
    - New background for Robert the Bruce, Simeon, Isabella, Yaqub al-Mansur, Mohammad ibn Nasr
    - New background for Margaret, Alexander Nevsky, Gustav Vasa, George III, Rurik, Otto I
    - New background for Basil II, Michael VIII Palaiologos, Philip Augustus, Ismail ibn Sharif
    - Optimizations in various BG files, removed some unnecessary art files
    - Optimizations in the unit art files, removed some no longer used units
    - More than 15 megabyte less art data from the BG and unit optimizations
    - Revised all unit artstyles, rearranged the unit art file system
    - Fixed art for Pressburg Castle, Dome of the Rock, Westminster Abbey, Cordoban Noria, Bulgarian Stan
    - Played around with the scaling for many buildings, the size should more consistent both in the civilopedia and on the main map
    - Units and buildings that require corporations now have a button instead of some text in the corresponding section in the civilopedia
    - Units which are only available as mercenary/barb have a button indicating that instead of a text
    - All civs have the correct coloured dot on the colonial world map in the Colony Screen
    - New civic screen from History Rewritten + colored civic stability combos like DoC
    - New spawn map for RFCE 1.3 by HolyHandGrenade, located in the Reference folder

    - Fixed bug where all mercs got free medic3 promotion (missing change in one of the files when Pinch was reintroduced)
    - Fixed bug where the Cordoban units got wrong starting promotion
    - The Swedish UB (Night Watch replacement) didn't give any stability on completion
    - Fixed sound inconsistencies with some of the mercenaries
    - Fixed bug connected to the city secession for Byzantium
    - Fixed bug with some obscure values on the Lithuanian war map
    - Fixed some instances of the very old bug where autoplay gets one extra turn sometimes, thus the given civ starts a turn later
    - Fixed major bug where cities with more than 9 cities couldn't collapse because of bad stability
    - Fixed bug where Byzantium could never lose cities to secession/revolt in border or foreign provinces
    - Fixed bug when settling cities in Potential provinces would result in a stability loss
    - Fixed potential bug where your vassal might declare war on you
    - Fixed bug connected to the WB respawn area functions
    - Fixed bug where a civ would send more units to a crusade in their first 20 turns, than they would otherwise
    - Fixed bug where some of the UUs couldn't leave for Crusade
    - Fixed bug connected to the preset crusade dates
    - Fixed bug when settling cities in Potential provinces would result in a stability loss
    - Fixed stability bug connected to the order of some Wonders
    - Fixed bug with stability calculations on city razing
    - Fixed bug when razing cities with wonders connected to stability
    - Fixed bug which made it possible for the Pope to collapse
    - Fixed bug where the Prussian province setup didn't switch for the human player in 1618
    - Fixed bug where the Aragonese starting naval units didn't always spawn
    - Fixed CTD connected to the Portuguese spawn
    - Fixed a couple bugs in the initial contact setup
  2. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Will also post the changes between RFCE 1.1 and RFCE 1.2 here, for completeness' sake:
    Spoiler :
    Stability improvements:
    - Province stability levels:
    -- Core: Your core area; very stable, but huge stability penalty if someone else has a city there
    -- Natural: Your historically stable area; stability bonus for cities there, but also small penalty if it's not yours
    -- Potential: Your potentially stable area; becomes a Natural province when you settle or conquer a city there, but no penalties until this happens
    -- Border: Outer or contested area; small initial stability penalty for expanding there
    -- Foreign: Unstable area; large stability penalty and revolt risk for having cities there
    -- Removed Desired province type altogether
    - Stability Overlay:
    -- Color code for the provinces: Cyan for Core, Green for Natural, Yellow for Potential, Orange for Border, Red for Foreign
    -- The overlay may be toggled with it's button above the minimap, or with the Ctrl+K key combination
    -- It shows all province tiles color-coded on the map, including mainland water tiles (fresh and salt water lakes)
    -- When the overlay is up, there is a civ choosing table above the overlay button, so you can check province stability level for all civs, not just for yourself!!
    -- The overlay dynamically refreshes when a province's stability is changed for any of the civs
    -- Province border functions (ctrl + hover on the map) moved to python from the dll, easier to costumize this way
    -- Province borders got the same color code as they have in the stability overlay (but obviously it always shows the stability level of the civ you play with)
    -- Provinces are only colored and showed inside your visible area (both in the overlay and with ctrl + hovering) intentionally, so they may show up partly
    - Tweaked the existing secession mechanics:
    -- Instead of total collapses, there is way more chance for a single city to declare independence
    -- Only one city can revolt in a turn, if it happens, there is no chance for collapse for the given civ
    -- May happen even with -1 stability, the chance for it starts very low, but exponentially increasing with lower stability
    -- Chance that one of your cities will declare independence is around 2% with -1 stability, around 25% with -6 stability, around 80% with -12 stability
    -- If a city does declare it's independence, one of your cities will be randomly chosen (any city can be chosen if it's not close to your capital)
    -- Cities in Natural or Core provinces may only be chosen if happiness or health is too low, or with some specific anger modifiers (religion, no military presence, etc)
    -- Cities in Border provinces have 4x chance, cities in Foreign provinces have 9x chance to be chosen, than your cities in more stable areas
    - Increased stability penalty for having cities in Foreign provinces
    - Revised all civs' initial province stabilty levels, and all the dynamic province stability level changes. Some highlights:
    -- Expanded and/or increased almost all civs' province stability to some extent, especially for Byzantium, the Ottomans and Kiev
    -- Byzantium keeps many of their previously important provinces as Border provinces (including southern Italy and the African coastline), for the human player
    -- Both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canaries, Balears, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus) are better for many civs
    -- A couple more dynamic stability level changes, especially around the new provinces, in Central Europe and the Balkans, and for Byzantium
    -- France and Burgundy almost totally complete each other with their potential provinces

    General changes:
    - Spawn of Arabia moved back one turn (632AD), Ottoman spawn one turn earlier (1356AD)
    - Venetian and Genoan spawn moved one turn later (it's better for their historical spawn dates of 810AD and 1016AD)
    - Fixed starting date for Spain - 910AD, Germany - 856AD (though both start in the same turn as before)
    - Interface message when a resource appears/disappears within your cultural borders
    - Interface message when wonders are destroyed/captured by you, by a known civilization, or from a known civilization
    - Interface message for the preset religion spreads (same way as it is when religions spread "normally")
    - Judaism got an additional random spread mechanics, with bigger chance for spreading in central european cities
    - Dead civs won't show up on the scoreboard anymore
    - Autoraze changes: if the city has 1 population, 60% chance to autoraze if culture is less than 10, 30% chance to autoraze if culture is at least 10 but less than 50
    - All naval units can cross cultural borders during peace (without open borders), except work boats (to avoid exploration with work boats)
    - Diagonal water tiles are passable for all naval units. The most important straits are represented this way on the map
    - Removed 3Miro's AI regions, seriously hurt AI civs on the border of 2 regions, also every AI civ's units with somewhat automated functions (barbs, workers, missionaries, GPs, etc.)
    - Ottomans spawn in Gallipoli (Dardanelles), so they have a connection between Europe/Anatolia. No second spawn stack needed, and Adrianople/Edirne doesn't flip to them
    - Edirne becomes the Ottoman Capital if they conquer it before Constantinople, Constantinople becomes the Ottoman Capital whenever they conquer it (without stability hit)
    - The Wattasid revolt moved to Fez province, so now Tanja in the Tetouan province (city on the African part of Gibraltar, with AA) is relatively safe
    - Added compatibility for the Latin-1 set for provinces, so we can have all Latin-1 characters in the province names
    - Minimal wait between revolutions is increased to 10 turns - both for civic and religion changes
    - Culture modifiers per province type: all civs get 1/3 culture in unstable, 2x in solid, and 3x in core provinces
    - Introduction of a new, generic city name map, which will be the base for all the other ones
    - Adjusted visibility map for Poland, Hungary, England, Germany, Burgundy, Genoa and Spain
    - Lowered the happiness modifiers (base happiness in your cities) for all difficulty levels: 4 for Viceroy, 3 for Monarch, 2 for Emperor
    - Various small tweaks in many balance aspects of the different difficulty levels (mostly for Viceroy and Emperor). Research, inflation, AI costs, etc.
    - Greatly reduced the barbarian number difference between Monarch and Emperor, and between Monarch and Viceroy
    - Switched bonus of Westminster Abbey (now enables all Religion Civics) and Golden Bull (now enables all Labor Civics)
    - Restored Pinch promotion

    Map and province changes:
    - Huge changes in the SE region: Egypt, Levant and Anatolia totally revised
    - Smaller changes in the northern coast of the Black Sea, and in the south Balkans
    - Revised rivers in Hungary (Danube, Drava, Szava, Koros) and south Poland (added river San), small terrain changes in the borders of the Carpathian-basin
    - Removed the "lakes" (scattered coastline) from Dalmatia, it was strange with the new strait mechanics. Lake Scutari remains on the coast though
    - Damascus is finally moved to a geographically more correct place (3S), obviously the Arabian spawn moved here
    - The new map resulted in moving Jerusalem (1SW) and Constantinople (1S) too, along with almost all the preplaced Byzantine cities
    - Changes in the preplaced Byzantine cities: Amastris instead of Nicaea (too close to Constantinople), Edessa instead of Aleppo (too close to Antioch)
    - The most important remaining Byzantine cities (not preplaced in 500AD) are represented by towns: Nicomedia, Nicaea, Ephesus, Abydos, Ancyra, Attaleia, Aleppo, Trapezus
    - New indy city Ras instead of Belgrad, spawns in 768 with the Serbian Principality (Rascia). Rhodes spawns as indy in 600 AD (Nomos Rhodion Nautikos)
    - Egyptian city sites revised as well - realistic place for Alexandria, Cairo and Damietta, with better terrain and resource placement
    - Balancing early food production near Constantinople, Alexandria and the Cordoban starting area - to be possible to make Cordoba the largest city for their 1st UHV
    - Now that culture is passable on the sea, Orkney is back on the map
    - Added the Dardanelles strait to the map, so the Ottoman spawn doesn't have to be separated into an Anatolian and European part
    - Added the Oresund strait to the map - connecting Denmark and Norway will seriously strengthen the Norse AI
    - New indy cities: Seville (spawns in 500AD as Hispalis, flips to Cordoba), Fez (780 AD), Beloozero (800 AD), Tanais (1392 AD, Timurid conquest)
    - New indy cities: Graz (spawns in 1110AD, flips to Austria), Kalmar (spawns in 1050AD, flips to Sweden), Vologda is removed for now
    - Added salt lakes (mesosaline and hypersaline) to the mod: Dead Sea near Jerusalem, Lake Tuz in Anatolia - same yield as coast
    - Red Sea (the visible parts in RFCE) and Sea of Marmara are now coastal ocean tiles, instead of being fresh water lakes due to their small size
    - The eastern part of the Black Sea got a line of coast tiles, the actual coast is only 1-2 tiles away anyway, and this way early ships can pass there too
    - New provinces: Banat (representing the southern Banates of medieval Hungary), Holstein (buffer province between Denmark and Germany, also helps in the French first UHV)
    - New provinces: Prussia (for the Teutonic Order/Prussia civ), Liguria (better to have a separate province because of the French UHV)
    - Lots of small province adjustments: primarly near the new provinces, in the Austrian territories, in Scandinavia, and in the Polish-Lithuanian-Kievan territories
    - Province Croatia merged into Slavonia, province adjustment in the area - the Dalmatian coast will be better shaped (culturally between Venice and Hungary or Austria)
    - Both Alba Iulia / Gyulafehervar and Lubeck spawns 1 tile north, to follow the province changes
    - Small resource rearrangement in Greece/Southern Balkans, and in the Levant/Arabia

    XML and text updates:
    - Cities built outside the corresponding CityNameMap will get a civ specific name (no Persian names for Bulgaria for example)
    - Portuguese translations by Spirictum
    - Rome renamed to Papal States
    - Spelling mistake fix: Austria is called Ostmark instead of Östmark when vassal of Germany
    - RFCE specific help texts for the handicap levels
    - Translations for the Scottish and Magyar/Hungarian unit sounds
    - Province Oppland renamed to Jämtland, Charsiakon corrected to Charsianon, Gotaland to Götaland, Osterland to Österland
    - Improvements in the crusade texts
    - German text fixes by Simplicissimus
    - New city name map for England and Muscovy by iOnlySignIn
    - German/Austrian city name map updates by 2phunkey4u and DC123456789
    - Portuguese city name map accents by Spirictum
    - Updates in some crusading civs' city name maps in the Levant/Egypt/Anatolia
    - Changed the order of the Polish, Burgundian, Kievan and Hungarian UHVs
    - Minor fixes in the Dawn of Civilization texts
    - Civ-specific and UHV updates in the reference texts
    - Texts connected to Province stability also got the new province color-code
    - Changed the Genoan trade UHV text to be more clear
    - Byzantine, Arabian/Cordoban, Ottoman, French/Burgundian, Venetian, Norse, Hungarian, Spanish city name maps updated by DC123456789
    - Minor updates to the Dutch, Hungarian and Bulgarian city name maps
    - Renamed preset Byzantine cities to their Greek names (Konstantinoupolis, Alexandreia, Hierosolyma, Antiocheia, Tyros, Thessaloniki, Ikonion, etc.)
    - French entries for Harald Hardrada, Maximilian, Abu Bakr, Yaqub al-Mansur, Muscovy

    Art and sound updates:
    - Added theme files for the mod
    - New HUD button for the corporation/company screen
    - Austria has german unit sounds instead of the HRE ones
    - Lithuania has polish unit sounds instead of russian (until we manage to get proper lithuanian sounds)
    - New Scottish voice set by Annomander
    - Irish Brigade got Celtic sounds, Highlander and Highlander Infantry got Scottish sounds
    - New art for Westminster Abbey and Krak des Chevaliers by hrochland
    - Added a second art type for Dense Forests
    - New LH art for Istvan, Yaroslav

    - Moved spawn area of Germanic Barbarians west, now some of them will actually attack France instead of wandering in Germany
    - Minor tweaks to the French and Cordoban barb spawns, further separating it for the human and the AI player, less barbs for AI Arabia
    - Lowered barbarian activity in the North African area (now that barbs can attack targets farther away it could be overpowered on the African coastline)
    - Slightly lowered the base duration of the occupation resistance
    - Removed free wins against barbarians - this means some of the early barbs might have to be rebalanced
    - Increased the maximum XP you can get from barbarians (not from a single battle, the total XP) - was 10, now there is no cap
    - Lowered preset diplomacy modifiers, overkill to have 10+ relations there
    - Now that free wins are removed, early barbs for Byzantium are somewhat reduced for the human player
    - Plague of Constantinople will hit Byzantium earlier than before (late 6th century), thus it won't hit on the very same turns as the Arab spawn
    - The French got some additional starting units (1 settler, 1 archer and 2 axemen)
    - Burdigala and Tolosa (Bordeaux and Toulouse) start with less archers
    - All naval units got one extra move (3: Work Boat; 5: Galley, War Galley, Cog, Hansa, Gun Galley, Galleas; 7: Holk, Carrack, Caravel; 9: Galleon; 11: Frigate, Privateer, Corsair)
    - Unit balance changes: Knights of St. John (+15% city attack, free march and medic_1 promotion), Paladin (no first strike, -15% vs heavy cavalry, +15% vs light cavalry),
    -- Berber Cavalry and Ghazi (no city attack penalty), Boyar (no first strike, but has defensive bonuses), Musketeer (-1 first strike, +10% city attack, -5% city defence),
    -- Templar Kinght (+1 first strike), Janissary (-2 first strike, +50% vs heavy cavalry, free march and cover promotion), Black Guard (can twarth spies, +25% city attack),
    -- Corsair (+20% withdrawal chance), Highlander (free guerilla_1 promotion), Welsh Longbow (+25% vs archer), Huscarl (+5% withdrawal chance, free combat_1 promotion),
    -- Condottiero (free tactics promotion), Varangian Guard (+25% city attack, -25% city defence, free amphibious promotion), Almogavar (free march and amphibious promotion),
    -- Tagmata (free drill_1 promotion), Don Cossack (+10% withdrawal chance, +20% vs gunpowder, -10% vs heavy cavalry, -25% vs light cavalry, free combat_1 promotion),
    -- Doppelsoldner (+25% city attack, +1 combat strength), Irish Brigade (+10% withdrawal chance), Stradiot (changed to be a light cavalry unit type, -1 combat strength),
    -- Naffatun (+1 combat strength, -25% city defence), Nubian Longbow (-1 first strike chance, free drill_1 and drill_2 promotion), Zanji (+1 move, ignores terrain cost),
    -- Zaporozhian Cossack (+1 combat strength, +1 move)
    - Building balance changes: Moscow Kremlin (+1 happiness), Spanish Citadel (+10% trade route yield, -2XP for siege units), Cordoban Noira (+1 health, -1 production),
    -- Ottoman Hammam (available with Arabic Knowledge), Norse Trading Post (+1 merchant slot), Venetian Arsenal (available with Optics, -25% naval unit build rate),
    -- Austrian Opera House (+1 great artist point), Burgundian Winery (-3 culture, +10% culture, +5% commerce, +1 merchant slot), German Rathaus (-10% city maintenace cost),
    -- Lithuanian Voivodija (-1 XP for land units), French Chateau (obsolete with Public Works), Jewish Quarter (-10% commerce, -50 production cost),
    -- La Mezquita (-100 production cost, +1 free specialist, -1 gold from state religion buildings), Magellan's Voyage (-1 trade routes from coastal cities, +2 xp for naval units),
    -- St. Basil's Cathedral (available with Chemistry, -10% GP modifier, -1 free specialist, +1 spy slot, +2 espionage points from state religion buildings), St. Sophia (-1 priest slot),
    -- Cluny Abbey (+1 free priest), Palais des Papes (+2 happiness), San Marco Basilica (+2 trade routes, -30% trade route yield, -1 free merchant), Alhambra (cost increased by 50),
    -- St. Peter's Basilica (no unhappiness in the city), Torre de Belem (-2 gold for water tiles, -1 free merchant)
    - The German first and third UHV requires Holstein too, the Ottoman first UHV requires Banat, and the Hungarian anti-Ottoman UHV requires Banat and Slavonia
    - Holstein and Prussia also count in the Swedish third UHV, Prussia also counts in the Polish first UHV
    - Minor changes in the defensive crusades, also updated them with the new provinces
    - Changes in the Ottoman core and solid areas (only western Anatolia and Thrace are their core), thus making their early collapse less likely
    - Minor nerfs to the Byzantine, French, Burgundian and Venetian production modifiers
    - Various minor changes in the tech modifiers for Cordoba, England, Venice, Poland, Burgundy
    - Revised all civs' settler and war maps, significant improvements in AI city placement
    - Bonus modifier for military units from the Triumphal Arch is reduced to 20% (until we find a better bonus)
    - Cordoba and Arabia are less likely to build christian wonders
    - Updates in the crusading units, bigger chance for more unique units in both "normal" and defensive crusades
    - Caravels start with free Sentry promotion, while Privateers also have military maintenance cost
    - Flanders and Netherlands provinces change to Border/Contested for Austria and Spain upon the Austrian spawn (Habsburgs), changes to Foreign after the Dutch spawn
    - Spain starts with Blast Furnace instead of Aristocracy. Better for early offense, so for starting the Reconquista
    - Bulgaria starts with an Orthodox Missionary, and an additional Archer
    - Somewhat reduced barb pressure for Arabia (both Beduins and Seljuks)
    - Minor changes in the barbarian spawns for Bulgaria, Kiev and France (reducing barb pressure in the first few turns)
    - Moved back the spawn interval of the second Mongol invasion (Timurids), so it won't happen right at the Ottoman spawn

    - A couple fixes how the mercenary screen is called from the main screen mercenary manager button
    - Fixed sound issues for Venice and Genoa
    - Fixed bug where Judaism didn't spread to a second city in Poland
    - Fixed stability calculating issue when some of the stability giving wonders were razed
    - Fixed viewing issues with the GlobeView layers - now everything shows up without any problems
    - Revised the hidden attitude modcomp, now every part of it should work (show up) correctly
    - Fixed issue where AI built large number of settlers but didn't use them, also improvements in the settler move code
    - Fixed critical bug, which caused most early autorun CTDs! - thanks to edead
    - Fixed issue where all islands had the same area ID (which caused serious problems for the AI when to use naval/land movement)
    - Fixed some mistakes with handling the PsychoAI, also reduced the connected bonus which was way too powerful
    - Fixed mistake where you couldn't build protestant missionaries without Seminaries under the Religious Law civic
    - Fixed issue where some of the python scripts couldn't handle Latin-1 characters
    - Fixed "display bug" with the initial Byzantine stability
    - Fixed serious bug in the secession mechanics (lose a single city if stability is too low), which basically prevented it from happening
    - Fixed bug in secession provinces, where outer (ok) provinces had very low chance, while some of the historical (stable) provinces had decent chance
    - Fixed bug where Hanseatic Executives couldn't pass straits, or enter into foreign territory without open borders
    - Fixed victory screen for Burgundy and Poland, improved the way their victory conditions show up
    - Fixed bug with automatic capital changes for the Ottomans (only changes to Edirne if you don't have Istanbul)

    About further development, some things that are definitely planned for 1.4:
    SoI-style companies
    Late start scenario
    Map/province updates
    Various UHV changes
    And probably fixing tons of issues and bugs :p
  3. gilgames

    gilgames Priest-King

    Apr 5, 2012
    Budapest, Hungary
    The fruit of a long long work :D
  4. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    As I found a serious bug connected to stability calculation/refreshment, will upload a small patch in a couple days, as RFCE 1.3.1.
    Until then try not to use the F2 screen too excessively, it can result in some extra stability penalties.
  5. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Check out RFCE 1.3.1, just uploaded it to SourceForge:

    This is meant as a patch for 1.3, so no new features, didn't even include the test version of the 1200AD scenario file.
    That will come in a more developed form in 1.4, along with the new company system and some other announced things.

    For updating your mod to 1.3.1: just copy over the RFCEurope folder in the zip (on your existing RFCEurope folder of RFCE 1.3), and overwrite all files.
    Hopefully I didn't miss any recently changed files, there were quite a few :crazyeye:

  6. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Chieftain

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Sry everyone, should have done this 2 weeks ago... :blush:
    I always forget that not everyone prefers to use the SVN version.

    Anyway, whoever experiences crashes with version 1.3 or 1.3.1, with these new .dll files you can most likely continue your game!
    Didn't bother with adding the updated source files, only included the updated .dll for both versions.
    So there is only one file in the zip, just overwrite the CvGameCoreDLL.dll with it in the folder: ...\Mods\RFCEurope\Assets

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