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    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. - Buddha

    With these enlightening words, I would like to introduce you to my mod:

    Rhye's and Fall of Asia

    Where should I start? I began with this mod one day in November 2009, since I always thought that Asian history is a little bit underrepresented in RFC. So I started modding adn here is what turned out. Please keep in mind, that this is an alpha version.

    About the mod: The mod plays in in the eastern part of Asia, i. e. from the Indus valley to the west to Japan and Papua in the east, from Mongolian steppes in the north, to Indonesia in the south. The time frame should be like this: 3000BC - ca. 1500AD.

    What is possible so far:
    - play with 27 civs
    - a new map with new resources and improvements
    - new tech tree
    - of course rise and fall
    - some independents and barbs, automatic city founding and religion founding, barbarian waves
    - new unit tree
    - UU for every civ
    - minor religions
    - Silk road mechanic (see readme)
    - new civics
    - Mandate of Heaven mechanic (see readme)

    If you are interested to experience history of Asia, read the important updtae below!

    It is a .rar file, so it can be opened easily with WinRar, for example. Just unpack it in your /Sid Meier's Civilization4/Beyond The Sword/Mods directory and enjoy!
    The source code is included for those, who are interested!

    I am no experienced modder, this is my first mod. I had no idea about python or c++ before, so please be gentle ;).
    Sometimes, I just don't have the time to post, or answer your questions, but I will consider them all, eventually.
    Before reporting bugs, please read the changelog for the next release AND the Known Issues!
    If you propse changes, please keep in mind, that the dimensions of the map are set in stone. The rest can still be changed during the development of this mod. Also, proposals should be serious, or at least with a solid foundation. (For example I won't include flying Soviet tanks, which conquer all of Asia ;). Russia isn't part of the map you know? :p)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: (06 September 2011)
    I am no longer the head of this modmod! Instead, civ-addicted took the quest of creating a better modmod from the mess I left ;). So please read the last posts for further information. Most information here will be outdated soon. However, I will try to post the new versions in this post!

    >>>>>VERSION 0.8 DOWNLOAD HERE<<<<< (Game Front)

    I would like to thank several modders here, whom I shamelessly have stolen ideas mods or art. I will credit all of you, just let me know if you are missing here :).
    Rhye for his RFC mod, obviously.
    YodaPower for his East Asia mod for Civ3.
    GeoModder for his Ethnic Citystyles mod.
    Cybrxkhan for his civ of the week... many potential there :D.
    hrochland and his beautiful wonders, as well as
    Walter Hawkwood for his converted buildings.
    danrell for his units
    civ-addicted, Ki Chjang, merijn_v1, veBear, The Turk, embryodead for their input and art
    I am sure I forgot someone...

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  2. Black Whole

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    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams

    Spoiler :

    Known Issues:
    Unresolved for now/Working on it.

    1. Map needs improvement, need more info on that.

    Changelog for next release:

    Version 0.8



    Version 0.7

    Spoiler :

    1. Adjusted the Tibetan UB.
    2. Gave the Orang Laut one more first strike.
    3. Changed some modifiers, which made late game units expensive.
    4. Made the Spread religion goals to by XYZ AD goals.
    5. Reduced the costs for the resource buildings.
    6. Reduced inflation.
    7. Elephant Rider and Intoxicated Elephant can upgrade to War elephants.
    8. The Kywan worker starts with Mobility promotion.
    9. Barbs shouldn8217;t be able to train certain units/build certain wonders ´(thanks to merijn_v1!).
    10. Decreased the cargo capacity for galleons and transports.
    11. Minor Religions will spread to a certain amount of cities, defined in Religions.py.
    12. Redid the complete values for settler maps, AI war maps, core areas, normal areas, broader areas8230; (took at least a week :p8230; I hope this was the last time).
    13. Early wonders do obsolete.
    14. Moved Chengdu two tiles west.
    15. Aceh starts with Islam.
    16. Moved starting dates: Qin to 849 BC / Khmer to 802 AD / Chola to 270 BC / Jurchen o 1000 AD / Ghorids to 1148 AD.
    17. Changed third Jurchen UHV.
    18. Moved Qin starting location to Tianshui.
    19. Changed the timeline to 3000 BC to 1500 AD. (Adjusted some UHV dates)
    20. Removed the Literature requirement for Sun Tzu8217;s Art of War.
    21. Moved Temple of Heaven to Divine Right and increased tech costs.
    22. Moved Vijay Stambha to Military Tradition.
    23. Moved Borobudur to Organized Religion.
    24. Moved Cheomseongdae to Seafaring.
    25. Buddhist buildings spread Buddhism.
    26. Some civs should favor spreading their state religion more.
    27. Islam will be founded in Mansura if existant.
    28. Reduced culture from Emperors residence.
    29. Changed spread values of religions: Islam and Buddhism spread more often, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism spread less often.
    30. Caravan station spreads Buddhism. (reduced food bonus instead)
    31. Minor religions should favour some regions more
    32. When entering the Conquest Era, Buddhism spreads less likely to your cities.
    33. Harappa&#8217;s third goal ends in 10AD.
    34. Reduced culture from holy city.
    35. Removed free missionary from Taoism/Confucianism and added one for Buddhism.

    1. Fixed missing texts for Harappa and Majapahit.
    2. Fixed third Tibetan UHV.
    3. Fixed the second Korean UHV.
    4. Fixed the Korean UP.
    5. Fixed the Mandate of Heaven mechanic, which refused to choose a new civ when no fitting one was around.
    6. Corrected a crash because of XML entries in the Building art defines.
    7. Arg-e Bam gives now Great Spies instead of Spies.
    8. Fixed a UHV interference between Chola and Chalukya.
    9. Fixed the wrongly revealed tiles for Nanzhao and Gokturks.
    10. Fixed third Nanzhao UHV.
    11. Fixed Maurya first goal.

    1. Buddhist missionaries can cross borders without an agreement.
    2. New indies: Shenyang, Datong, Linhuang, Xingqing, Sunda Kelapa, Wucheng, Ternate, Bandar Brunei, Indraprastha, Mansura, Xian.
    3. Added the Songtsen personality by veBear.
    4. Added raze values for certain tiles, which saves cities like Samarkand or Beijing from being razed (mostly) and increases the razing of Harappan cities.
    5. Removed the 8216;hire mercenary8217; component (will be replaced by unit events).
    6. Added the deriveTechs method for some civs (so the Qin get their techs from the Zhou and some additional ones).
    7. Added new civs: Song, Han, Butuan, Seleukids (or Indo-Greeks in general, not playable)
    8. Added new UBs: Gold Smith, Pound Lock, Legalist School (Seleukids hav two UUs instead).
    9. Removed the Immortals (Parthian Horse Arcers will come instead).
    10. New UUs: Shenwu guard, Balangay, Zhuge Nu, Companion Cavalry, Phalanx.
    11. New LHs: Deng Sui, Sri Bata Shaja, Seleukos, Gaozong (no LH for him though).
    12. Removed Alexandria and Oraea barb cities.
    13. Added UP for the Song.
    14. Added Han UHV, Butuan UHV, Song UHV.
    15. Removed Red Fort and Taj Mahal (were too late).
    16. Added Changdeokgung wonder.
    17. Added Tumen Amugulang wonder.
    18. Added Grand Channel wonder.
    19. Added Prambanan wonder.
    20. Added Helpers (GP, GG and stability), provided by hangman.
    21. Added leader personality for Piluoge by veBear.
    22. Added wonder preferences for each civ.
    23. Potala palace allows UUs and UBs from your vassals. (imported from RFCE)
    24. Added the 8216;city acts as fresh water source8217; effect by RFCE (used by Grand Channel).
    25. Added units: Quanrong Warrior, Yue Warrior, Xiongnu Horseman, Persian Horse Archer, Aryan Nomad. (Only for barbs)

    1. Renamed Pixian to Chengdu.
    2. The Caitra should be seen in the civilopedia now.
    3. Added Jurchen city map by civ-addicted.
    4. Added Korea to the Zhou states city map.
    5. Updated Zhou city map.
    6. Adjusted city lists for Korea and Jurchen.
    7. Added text for the pavillion.
    8. Greatly updated the Vietnam city map by civ-addcted.
    9. No more city names, that don8217;t fit. (part of civ-addicted Christmas present to us!)
    10. Added the missing plague art.
    11. New/updated art for Dharmasetu, Hayam, Songtsen.
    12. Fixed some wrong texts.
    13. Added the Shinto sound by civ-addicted.
    14. Dynamic names: Added a name if a civ holds the Mandate of Heaven. (not for everone, since I have no idea how to name all those civs...)
    15. Redid the dynamic names.
    16. Expanded Gokturk, Ghaznavid and Ghorid city map.
    17. Renamed the Masjid al-Haram to Jamia Masjid.
    18. New building models: Geisha House, Tea House, Emperors Residence, Pleasure District, Dzekshim Sculpture, Contest Ground, Trade Guild, Confectioner.
    19. Added a bunch of buttons provided by merijn_v1.
    20. The score table displays the Mandate Holder with a little Golden Age Sun.
    21. The map tiles will show whether they are core area, normal area (stable), or Unstable areas.2
    22. Added custom music. (Could use some more though)
    23. Added/Updated unit artstyles. Very good work by civ-addicted, compiling the art! (artist were bakuel, The Capo)


    Version 0.6B
    Spoiler :

    Changelog version 0.6B

    1. Added a new button for Elephant unit type by merijn_v1.
    2. Fixed a python exception in the religions code.
    3. Fixed the first Tang UHV.
    4. Included merijn_v1´s buttons, which are smaller in size.
    5. Added a new Khmer UP.
    6. New UHV for Sultanate of Delhi.
    7. New models for Izumo Shrine and Mosque of Xian by civ-addicted.
    8. New unit and building buttons by merijn_v1.
    9. Fixed the Ming flag.
    10. Changed some modifiers, which made techs very expensive.
    11. Added some pedia entries by merin_v1.
    12. Renamed Pendopo to Caitra.
    13. New art for Caitra.
    14. Added shadow for Gol Gumbaz by embryodead.
    15. Added a reduced model for Gol Gumbaz by civ-addicted.
    16. Added text and leaderhead behavior for Dharmasetu by veBear.
    17. Changed colours for Vietnam and Sri Vijaya.
    18. Reduced tech costs.
    19. Added Nanzhao UHV by civ-addicted.
    20. Added city names for Nanzhao by civ-addicted.
    21. Added UP for Nanzhao by civ-addicted.
    22. New UHV for Korea.
    23. New resource distribution.
    24. Added dynamic resource spawns.
    25. Added some things by civ-addicted ( UHV for Birma, city names, civic balance8230;)
    26. Added new art for kywan worker by Walter Hawkwood.
    27. Removed Tibet8217;s benefit in the stability code.
    28. Started a new effort on the Chola UP.
    29. Added new UHV for Chalukya.
    30. Timber resource gives now happiness and hurries Ships/Siege weapons.
    31. Triremes are blocked from entering ocean tiles.
    32. Added goody huts.
    33. Increased the output of Timber.
    34. Removed the Lumbermill.
    35. Added a new button for the Shaman Warrior.
    36. Fixed a bug, which made the Mandate sound play every turn.
    37. Changed the effects of the Red Fortress.
    38. Added bonus production modifiers to some wonders.
    39. Fixed wrong UP/UHV texts.
    40. Added specialist names by civ-addicted.
    41. Added score names by civ-addicted.
    42. Added Harappa text by merijn_v1.
    43. Removed one food from Terrace when near a river.
    44. Flood plains don8217;t give additional food anymore.
    45. Added salt lakes.
    46. Fixed a python exception upon plundering the Silk Road caravan.
    47. Fixed the Ghaznavid UP.
    48. Moved the Aryans more to the north.
    49. Added soil erosion and tile degradation in the Indus Valley.
    50. Added Ups and UHVs for each civ except Mongols.


    Version 0.6A
    Spoiler :

    1. Fixed two python errors in the victory checks.
    2. New models for the Yabghu Archer and the Bowman by Bakuel.
    3. Corrected UHV ext for Zhou (for real now).
    4. New art for the Arg E Bam wonder by civ-addicted.
    5. Added some buttons by merijn_v1.
    6. Fixed a bug with indefinite amount of trade routes from wonders.
    7. Added new buttons by merijn_v1.
    8. Added a bunch of text and quotes by merijn_v1.
    9. New sulphur model/button by merijn_v1.
    10. Added a new model for the Qutb Minar by civ-addicted.
    11. Stable gives XP for missile cavalry units.
    12. Hid the mystery tech.
    13. Adjusted the third UHV for Yuezhi and Sri Vijaya.
    14. New UHV for Ming (by AOS9001).
    15. New personality for Hayam Wuruk by The Almighty dF.
    16. Added Min Yue and Keshik barb spawns.
    17. Removed Muzirirs indy and added Baruch instead.
    18. New UP for Mongols.
    19. Added Qin to the kill barbs code (so they won8217;t get destroyed immediately)
    20. Renamed the Mosque to House of Prayer and the Great Mosque to Mosque.
    21. Added new UP for the Ghaznavids.
    22. Removed the Diplo vote from Potala palace.
    23. Fixed the second UHV for Yuezhi.
    24. Increased the OB for Chola UHV.
    25. Elephant units gain bonus against missile cavalry.
    26. Spearmen/Pikemen gain bonus against elephant units.
    27. Elephant units can acquire the Amphibious promotion.
    28. Changed some civics.
    29. Changed the first Japanese UHV.
    30. New model for Gol Gumbaz by civ-addicted.
    31. Expanded dynamic civ-names.
    32. Renamed Indravarman to Dharmasetu.
    33. New LH for Bilge and gave the old one to Hongwu.
    34. New UU for Jurchen: Mangudai.
    35. Expanded the dynamic names system (m curious what you will say ;), currently only affected by government civcs)
    36. New third goal for Japan.
    37. Added vanilla UP for Japan.
    38. Japan starts with only one settler.
    39. Added the Hakata indy and Utou barb cities.
    40. Only missile cavalry units have flanking attack.
    41. Increased building/unit costs for Tibet.
    42. Removed Shinto/Nestorian missionary.
    43. Updated Japan8217;s city map with civ-addicted8217;s map.


    Version 0.6
    Spoiler :

    1. Increased the tolerance fort the Zhou settling UHV.
    2. Made the Emperors residence less effective.
    3. Corrected a typo in the UHV.
    4. New art for the Family Altar from Warlords.
    5. New art for the Ming Greandier from Varietas Delectat.
    6. Adde Chinese Chariot art.
    7. Camel and Silk Road Access are now Rush resources so they are valued more.
    8. Removed following techs: Hunting, Mysticism, Shamanism, Fishing, Merchantry, Currency, Invention.
    9. Reduced the culture/money threshold for the UHV of Zhou/Sri Vijaya.
    10. Added the following techs: Coinage, Ship Building, Mechanical Engineering, Matchlock, Paper Money, Stern Rudder, Commercial Plantation, Public Works, Fireworks, Horse Breeding, Blast Furnace, Crop Rotation, Inoculation.
    11. Fixed two python errors.
    12. Fixed the gamefont TGA. Thanks a lot embryodead!!
    13. Added some buttons from Sword of Islam mod.
    14. Fixed the third Maurya UHV.
    15: Reduced health to the default value for each civ (that is 1).
    16. Corrected a misleading third UHV text for Sri Vijaya.
    17. Added buttons for the religious techs by merijn_v1.
    18. Fixed a bug, which prevented the new Mandate Holder to be chosen. (RiseandFall.py excluded)
    19. Nanzhao starts with Bai Tribesman instead of Infantries.
    20. Reduced the amount of units for civs which spawn.
    21. Adjusted the Government civics.
    22. The correct texts should appear when a 8216;we love8217; is celebrated.
    23. Changed UP for Vietnam.
    24. Removed the attack bonus against archers fro Immortals (they are strong enough).
    25. Fixed missing sound files, thanks to civ-addicted.
    26. Temple Economy decreases stability if era is bigger than three.
    27. Elective Monarchy reduces stability hit from number of cities.
    28. Changed the Power civics.
    29. Indrapura starts with Hinduism and two spearmen.
    30. Changed Society civics.
    31. Changed Economy civics.
    32. Changed Religion civics.
    33. New main interface by merijn_v1.
    34. New loading screen by civ-addicted.
    35. New eras: Archaic->First Empires->Buddhism->Conquest->Modern->Future
    36. New UP for Qin.
    37. Fixed a possible C++ exception, when the AI decides which Silk Road option it should choose and researches nothing at the moment.
    38. New flag for Sri Vijaya, Ming (original by cybrxkhan) Tibet, Jurchen and Nanzhao by civ-addicted.
    39. Added the Elephant and Missile Cavalry unit combat types.
    40. Removed unnecessary promotions an unit combat types.
    41. New UHV for Ghaznavids.
    42. New UHV for Gokturks.
    43. Changed the abilities for the Orang Laut.
    44. UP for Zhou is that they start with the Mandate of Heaven (they were too powerful otherwise)
    45. Jungles give a hammer.
    46. New UP for Chola (idea by civ-addicted).
    47. Japan has now white color to match the flag.
    48. New UP for Delhi (idea by civ-addicted)
    49. Isolationism blocks from participating in the Silk Road trade. It allows you to plunder the Caravan for a diplomatic penalty.
    50. City maps for Chola and Chalukya by civ-addicted.
    51. Added the Pax Mongolica project (increases the amount of legations).
    52. Removd the UN.
    53. Added the Manichaeist Monastery.
    54. Added some buttons by sn!perrabit and fk2006.
    55. Adjusted some values in the GameCore, which should allow some civs to settle more appropiate (they built cities much too close to each other)
    56. New diplomacy music for Songtsen Gampo, Indravarman, Taizong by cybrxkhan.
    57. Removed some diplo music because it isn't used at all (early soundtracks for late civs).
    58. Weakened the bigger religious buildings.
    59. Removed Corporation executives.
    60. Adjusted tech costs.
    61. New unit tree.
    62. Removed Marble resource and added sulphur.
    63. I hope that I finally have fixed the multiple era splashes.
    64. Adjusted the starting techs for each civ.


    Patch A for version 0.5

    Spoiler :

    1. Corrected some typos.
    2. Scaled up the size of War Ship and Orang Laut.
    3. Fixed some missing art.
    4. Gave the Grenadier of the Ming a more grenadier-ish look ;).
    5. The Silk route event should appear less often. (was set every two turns).
    6. The Korean Hwacha replaces the Trebuchet now with stats too.
    7. Increased the food from Baray.
    8. Reduced the culture from the Bath House.
    9. Toned down the courthouse/pendopo.
    10. Reduced the effects of the Family altar.
    11. Reduced the effects of the Fire Temple.
    12. Changed the Geisha House.
    13. Increased the effects of the hospital.
    14. Rediuced the forge/mint, manufactory production.
    15. Reduced science from the printer8217;s shop.
    16. Reduced the resource building output.
    17. Changed some improvements.
    18. Fixed the Batik Mkaer, which gave additional commerce for Sugar instead of Cotton.
    19. Removed a scientist slot from the school.
    20. Added two merchant slots for exchange.
    21. Changed the Pleasure District to culture instead of science.
    22. The Qin embassy buttonis correct now.
    23. Reduced experience from Imperial Stable.
    24. Reduced bombard defense of walls, arg-e-bam to 25%.
    25. Changed effect of red fortress.
    26. Changed the effect of Sun Tzu.
    27. Correted the Zhou city map.
    28. The wheat resource near Chengzhou will be there from the start.
    29. Fixed the first Japanese goal.
    30. Corrected the button for the Chola embassy (was too big).
    31. New button for Shinto missionary.
    32. Espionage process should now correctly convert 50% of the hammers.
    33. Toned down the contest ground.
    34. Added civ-addicted8217;s Tocharian city map.
    35. Changed UP of Tocharian.
    36. Changed UHV of Tocharian.
    37. New art for Bamiyan Buddhas and Red Fortress.
    38. Increased the tolerance for owning cities in Korea (Japan UHV).
    39. Fixed second UHV for Harappa.
    40. Decreased the UP for Harappa.


    Version 0.5 (removed after est. 160 downloads)

    Spoiler :

    Changelog version 0.5

    1. Corrected a bug which prevented founding a capital if near a cultured city upon spawn. (especially Maurya had to experience this)
    2. Correcte Japan8217;s UHV text.
    3. Moved Qomul a tile to the north.
    4. Reduced food from Shinto to 0.5 per resource consumed.
    5. Increased core area of the Sultanate of Delhi.
    6. Reduced tech costs by 10%. (Should be more balanced now)
    7. New UU models for: Shaman Warrior, Qin Infantry, Bugis Warrior, Au Lac Crosbowman by Bakuel.
    8. Added new flags for Vietnam and Burma by civ-addicted.
    9. Added a new leaderhead for Sapadbizes by (the olg one goes to Nanzhao)
    10. Corrected a cosmetic glitch in the English pedia text of Sapadbizes.
    11: Revised the wonders to balance them more.
    12. Increased cost of Pharmacist and Hospital.
    13. Removed the Apostolic Palace wonder.
    14. Added the Potala palace wonder (art stolen from RoM)
    15. Added the Great Mosque of Xian wonder.
    16. Added the Budha Statues of Bamiyan wonder.
    17. Added the Vijay Stambha wonder (art offered by embryodead).
    18. New UHV for Chola.
    19. New UHV for Maurya (by civ-addicted, veBear).
    20. Adjusted Khmer UHV.
    21. New city map for Sri Vijaya.
    22. Updated some city maps.
    23. New city map for Delhi.
    24. Some map corrections (Desert of Thar, Tarim Basin)
    25. New leaderhead for Abaoji by veBear.
    26. New flag for Japan by civ-addicted.
    27. New UU for Sultanate by embryodead. (the old one didn8217;t fit)
    28. New UU for Nanzhao by Bakuel.
    29. New UU for Sri Vijaya.
    30. New UHV for Sri Vijaya.
    31. moved Khotan city to a better location.
    32. Added new UBs for: Sri Vijaya, Vietnam, Majapahit, Tibet.
    33. Added the Arg é Bam wonder.
    34. Fixed a display bug, which prevented Zhou and Yuezhi civs from being shown in the pedia.
    35. New Flag and colour for Zhou. (That light green was ugly!)
    36. Fixed a missing button for Zhou civ.
    37 Moved Angkor Wat to Music.
    38. Taoism doesn8217;t found automatically anymore.
    39. New UHV for Zhou.
    40. Confucianism is founded with Calendar.
    41. Bamiyan Sculptures require Sculpture tech now.
    42. Zhou and Qin tend to research more towards Taoism and Confucianism.
    43. Korea shouldn8217;t beeline Printing and Education that much anymore (led to a crippled Korea).
    44. New city map for Zhou. Map provided ba corovanrobber
    45. Added the Emperors Residence building.
    46. Added the Mandate of Heaven mechanic (further info inside Readme) (modified: Stability, RiseandFall, RFCEventHandler, RFCEventManager, Events.xml)
    47. Swapped color of Qin and Tang.
    48. New flag for Qin dynasty.
    49. Added some buttons by merijn_v1
    50. New UHV for Qin.
    51: Increased the culture threshold for Zhou cultural victory.
    52. Removed a soundtrack in the year 300BC when two tracks play.
    53. Islam will be founded between 650 AD and 800AD in Persia if nobody founds it earlier.
    54. Added the Silo UB for Nanzhao (idea by civ-addicted, art from esnaz8217; mod)
    55. Added the Contest Ground UB for Jurchen.
    56. New flag for Tang by civ-addicted
    57. New UP for Sri Vijaya.
    58: Added a new bunch of buttons and buildings by merijn_v1
    59. Added an oasis for Ürümqi.
    60. Minor Religion spread should be shown with an arrow now.
    61. Removed trading projects.
    62. Added the Silk Road mechanic (modified files: SilkRoad.py, StoredData.py, CvRFCEventManager.py, CvRFCEventHandler.py, Events.xml)
    63. Adjusted settler maps for Zhou ad Qin to match their new spawn zones.
    64. Swapped and adjusted spawn zones of Qin and Zhou.
    65. Zhou is correctly in war-on-spawn-list for Qin.
    66. Corrected a wrong broader area coordinate for Harappa.
    67. Included Ki Chjang8217;s preliminary Chinese city map for chinese dynasties except Zhou.
    68. New model for the Assassin by danrell.
    69. Added Nanzhao city map by civ-addicted.
    70. Updated the Tocharian flag by civ-addicted.
    71. Added the Tosali barb city.


    Version 0.45
    Spoiler :

    1. Renamed the Hindu and Buddhist Missionary.
    2. Redone religious buildings and adjusted related files..
    3. ISLAM: Mosque, Great Mosque, Madrassa.
    4. BUDDHISM: Wat, Stupa, Buddha.
    5. HINDUISM: Mandir, Bannab, Matha.
    6. TAOISM: Pagoda, Temple, Dongtian, Alchemist.
    7. CONFUCIANISM: Temple, Academy.
    8. Updated Mahabodhi model.
    9. If Islam is State Religion, it spreads to conquered cities.
    10. If Hinduism is State Religion, it improves stability for city category if Hinduism is in that city (so star rating is also affected by this).
    11. Taoism reduces number of city mainetnance by 40% if it is State religion.
    12. If Confucianism is State Religion, it halfes civic upkeep.
    13. Fixed the strange AI settling behaviour.
    14. Fixed an out of range coordinate, which could have contributed to the AI behaviour.


    Version 0.4 (removed after 229 downloads)
    Spoiler :

    Changelog v0.4

    1. Added the Guilds tech.
    2. Added the Secret Societies tech.
    3. Added the Martial Arts tech.
    4. Added the Military Strategy tech.
    5. Added the Diplomacy tech.
    6. Added the Steel Working tech (with Button).
    7. Added the Agricultural Tools tech.
    8. Rearranged the tech tree.
    9. Renamed Civil Service to Administration.
    10. Building and unit changes.
    11. Nestorian Missionary should be buildable now.
    12. Borobudur requires Buddhism instead of Hinduism.
    13. Added missing TXT_KEYS.
    14. Jungle is only choppable if you have Exploration (exception Plantations, Quarries)!
    15. Watermills and Pastures don8217;t remove Jungles and (Forests).
    16. Mine and Cottages don8217;t remove Jungles.
    17. Farm increases by 1 food from Agricultural Tools.
    18. Changed Fishing Boat output. +1 food from Seafaring
    19. Whaling boats give +1 commerce from Seafaring
    20. Lumbermill gives +1 production from Water Power
    21. Windmills and Watermills give +1 commerce and +1 production from Engineering.
    22. Plantations give +1 commerce from Exploration.
    23. Quarries give +1 commerce and +1 production from Machinery.
    24. Camps give +1 commerce and +1 food from Cartography.
    25. Cottages require Irrigation.
    26. Added the Terrace improvement and worker actions (small chance of discovering Rice, can only be built in Jungles).
    27. Reduced unhealthiness from Jungle to 0.2.
    28. Removed one Silver in Korea, moved the northern Silk one tile north.
    29. Gokturks start with Turkish Warriors instead of Horse Archers.
    30. ImmortalS have 50% against mounted units instead of 100%.
    31. Reduced Inflation for later civs.
    32. Made Gokturks spawn zone bigger.
    33. Added four plagues, immunity achieved by researching Exploration.
    34. Updated Cultural CityStyles to v.0.98.
    35. Made correct star ratings for all civs.
    36. Added Korean city map.
    37. Adjusted tech costs.
    38. Changed Zhou8217;s UHV.
    39. Reduced upgrade time for cottages, hamlets and villages.
    40. Reduced growth rate for jungles to counter the late chopping possibilities.
    41. Removed Hormuz, Mombasa, Adulis, Edessa, Aden, Ctesiphon, Neyshabur, Constantinopolis.
    42. Added the Pleasure District national wonder..
    43. Added the Imperial Stable national wonder.
    44. Added the Printer8217;s Shop building.
    45. Added tech preferences for each civ.
    46. Histography is the correct Historiography now.
    47. Removed SDI project.
    48. Added the Radhanites project. (Imported some functions from RFCEurope)
    49. Added the Khazaria project.
    50. Added the Russian Principalities project.
    51. Added the Axum project.
    52. Added the Swahili ports project.
    53. Added the Yemen project.
    54. Added the Roman Empire project.
    55. Added the Byzantine Empire project.
    56. Added the Italian City States project (Free Great Merchant).
    57. Renamed Guangzhou indy to Panyu.
    58. Updated Vietnam8217;s city names.
    59. Added Jinyi Wei Department as Ming UB (idea by Ki Chjang).
    60. Reduced health from forests to 0.25.
    61. Added help text concerning stability from buildings and corrected some not working buildings.
    62. Every tech adds/reduces stability.
    63. Maritime Empire AI as well as land empire AI get additional stability bonus from certain techs to make them colonize correctly.
    64. New model for Ghulam Cavalry by embryodead.
    65. Started a new city map for Ghaznavids.
    66. Updated war map of the ghaznavids. It includes now the Ganges river.
    67. Added the Assassin Unit.
    68. Added the Warrior Monk unit.
    69. Added the Espionage process by Jon Deane.
    70. Added the Quanrong barb invasion.
    71. Adjusted some barb waves to be centered around China.
    72. Moved Bukhara to its correct location.
    73. Japan uses the Asian worker now (art change)
    74. New worker, spearman, archer, warrior, swordsman model for the Steppe civs by Bakuel.
    75. Steppe civs use the Chinese Chariot model now.
    76. Fixed the first Khmer UHV.
    77. Added new diplo music for Sapadbizes by cybrxkhan.
    78. Fixed a potential python error on creating garrisons during resurrections.
    79. Created a new map 70x67.
    80. Renamed Yu to Wu.
    81. Manichaeism now correctly gives beakers instead of hammers.
    82. Fixed a python exception on switching leaders during game.
    83. Removed Global Warming (hopefully).
    84. Cities can be founded within a range of one tile.
    85. Adjusted starting techs for each civ.
    86: Removed Timber requirements from Units.
    87. Adjusted setller maps for each civ.
    88. Added new models for Horse Archers / Armored Horse Archers by embryodead.
    89- Adjusted war maps for each civ.
    90. Silk spreads to Southern Asia.
    91. Reduced the unhealthiness from flood plains.
    92. Upon a civ spawn, only the tiles surrounding the spawn tile will destroy existing cities.
    93. Fixed a python error which prevented changing of leaders.
    94. New UHV for the Tocharians by civ-addicted.
    95. Updated to Rhye8217;s latest version (including workboat scout fix and mercenary exploit).
    96. New UP for the Tocharians.
    97. Akbar is replaced with Balban and Mughal Empire is correctly the Sultanate of Delhi.
    98. Swapped colors of Harappa and Ghaznavids, Tang and Delhi.
    99. New civ buttons and flags for Majapahit, Delhi and Ghaznavids by embryodead.
    100. New model and button for the Batik Maker by embryodead.
    101. New looks and button for the Qutb Minar by embryodead.
    102. A bunch of new buttons by embryodead.
    103. New fort model.
    104. New Great Harbor model and button.
    105. New Pagoda model.
    106. It is impossible to hire UU as mercenaries.
    107. Went through Total Realsim mod and stole some art ;).
    108. Included Shqype8217;s city vicinty mod. The resource buildings (Silk Weaver, etc.)requirements work correctly now. Yay!
    109. New UP for the Jurchen. Idea by AnotherPacifist
    110. Renamed Zhou8217;s UP.
    111. New flags and buttons for Tocharistan and Chalukya by civ-addicted.
    112. Updated all city maps.
    113. New buttons by merjin_v1
    114. New leaderhead for Anawratha by Amra.


    Version 0.3 (removed after 169 downloads)

    Version 0.2 (removed after 48 downloads)

    Version 0.1 (removed after 28 downloads)

    Version 0.05 (removed after 23 downloads)

    initial version
  3. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Spoiler :

    Here I will post my ideas and your ideas for the next release(s). Beside that, I will post my to-do list for the next release..

    Things planned for the next version (v0.7):
    • adding some Silk Road features (not complete yet)
      [*] new mechanic for minor religions
    • Buddhist council)
    • dynamic respawns
    • mongol invasions
    • change Resources
    • finalise civ list

    Things that will be included now and then:
    • custom leader behaviour (so far only the vanilla civ leaders, Trung, Sapadbizes, Bilge Khan, Vatavelli, Hayam Wuruk and Rajendra have custom behaviour... I appreciate any help here)
    • Unique Powers
    • Unique Historical victories
    • map things
    • Art and music

    For those who are interested to do city name maps, download the file attached below. It is an excel sheet, where every tile of the map is filled with "-1", . Just replace the -1 with the city names, as explained in this post (post number 49). I appreciate any help!

    Which UP and UHV we have so far:
    Spoiler :

    • Power of Sanitation
    • Cities only suffer one half of the population unhealthiness.
    • Be the first to research City Planning.
    • Build the Great Bath, Great Granary and Great Harbor wonders.
    • Don't lose a city until 600AD (turn 224).

    • Power of Mandate of Heaven
    • The Zhou start with the Mandate of Heaven.
    • Build and own at least two coastal cities at the Chinese coast by the year 221 BC (turn 122)
    • Accumulate at least 3500 culture in your empire by 221 BC (turn 122)
    • Found Taoism and Confucianism

    • Power of Silk Road
    • Cotton and Gems can be traded via Silk Route
    • Build a route to China before 100 AD
    • Own at least 3 Camel resources before 400 AD
    • Spread Buddhism to all of your cities by 450 AD

    • The Power of Buddhism:
    • Buddhist Wats are constructed on the spread of Buddhism.
    • Spread Buddhism to 3 cities you don't own until 200 AD
    • Own two religious shrines in 400 AD
    • Ensure that there are no other cities in Persia and India by 500 AD

    • Power of Guerilla Warfare
    • All Recon, Archer and Melee units have an attack bonus when in Forests, Jungles and Hills.
    • Own 6 sea-based resources in 600 AD
    • Allow no Chinese cities in Guangdong and Zheijang (Southern China) in 800 AD
    • Have the highest score in 1000 AD

    • The Power of the Myriad Army:
    • You start with the Autocracy and Military civics.
    • Claim the Mandate of Heaven until 220 AD
    • Construct the Great Wall, Sun Tzu's Art of War and the Terracotta Army by 220 AD
    • Own 70 units in the year 220 AD

    • The Power of Naval Warfare:
    • Naval units start with the Drill 1 and Drill 2 promotions.
    • Research Seafaring and Fireworks before 1000AD
    • Sink 20 ships before 1100 AD
    • Control Korea and the Yellow Sea in 1100 AD

    • The Power of the Cultural Dominance:
    • Newly conquered or settled territory will fall under your control.
    • Construct 3 Hindu wonders by 1100 AD
    • Have 10 Open Borders agreements in the year 1100 AD
    • Conquer or vassalize all of Myanmar and Sri Vijaya by 1300 AD

    • The Power of Ancestral Worship:
    • Japanese cities start with Shinto.
    • Own two cities in Korea and the Philippines by 980 AD
    • Have at least 6 Jinja, 6 Torii and 6 Buddhist Wat by 1160 AD
    • Get 3 Great Generals by 1200 AD

    • The Power of Deccan Arts:
    • Upon city conquest, your capital gains a free Artist.
    • Settle three Great Artists in your capital by 1000 AD
    • Construct at least 7 buildings of minor religions in 1120 AD
    • Be the most cultured empire in 1200 AD

    • The Power of Otuken:
    • Cities start with the first cultural expansion.
    • Have the biggest empire in 750 AD
    • Have the most revealed land map in 750 AD
    • Be the most productive civ in 1200 AD

    • Power of Tibetan Plateau
    • Pastures and Camps generate an additional food.
    • Control all Himalayan hill tiles in 960 AD
    • Allow no non-buddhist states in Southeast Asia in 1000 AD
    • Spread Buddhism to 7 cities you do not own by 1200 AD

    • The Power of Monsoon:
    • Wenn an improvement is build on a jungle tile, the tile gets +1 food.
    • Make Angkor the largest city in Asia by 1200 AD
    • Own 2 Hindu and 2 Buddhist wonders by 1200 AD
    • Be the most populous empire in 1300 AD

    • The Power of Technology:
    • Techs, that aren't known by anyone, cost 25 percent less to research
    • Spread Buddhism in all of China until 960 AD
    • Be the most technologically advanced empire in 960 AD
    • Unite China under your rule until 1200 AD

    Sri Vijaya
    • The Power of Tributary States:
    • All coastal cities have an additional trade route.
    • Accumluate 9000 gold in the year 1100 AD
    • Offer the biggest resource diversity in the year 1200 AD
    • Own two cities in the following regions: Siam, Java, Kambodja

    • The Power of Multiethnic Society:
    • New founded cities start with a religion and less instability from non-state religion.
    • Make Dali the biggest city in Asia in 1000AD
    • Settle all religions in Dali in 1100 AD
    • Conquer or vassalize either Birma and Vietnam or Tibet by 1200 AD

    • The Power of Monk Kings:
    • State Religion buildings cost 50 percent less hammers.
    • Have 4 Wats, Buddha Sculptures and Stupas in 1060 AD
    • Don't lose a city before 1300 AD
    • Live at least 30 turns of Golden Age

    • The Power of Persian Literature:
    • Libraries, Schools and Universities add additional culture to the city.
    • Control Persia and Punjab in 1200 AD
    • Have a total culture of 15000 in 1200 AD
    • Make sure that every city has at least 2000 culture in 1300 AD

    • Power of Horsemanship
    • Mounted units receive defensive bonus.
    • Have at least 20 mounted units in 1130 AD
    • Control Northern China in 1200 AD
    • Claim the Mandate of Heaven

    • The Power of the Horde:
    • Keshiks spawn in the Mongolian steppe.

    Sultanate of Delhi
    • The Power of Prey:
    • All non-state religions are removed and gold will be gained on city conquest.
    • Spread Islam to 30%
    • Own 5 world wonders in 1500 AD
    • Unite India under your rule in the year 1500 AD

    • The power of Thalassocracy:
    • Costs for city distance maintenance are halved.
    • Control 6 spice and incense resources by the year 1450
    • Colonize the following areas by 1450: Java, Sunda isles, Sumatra, Borneo, Guinea, Sulawesi, Philippines, Malakka
    • Allow no other Indo-Chinese cities in Indonesia by 1500

    • The Power of Agriculture:
    • Farms with a bonus generate +2 commerce.
    • Be the most agricultural empire in 1580 AD
    • Be the first to complete the tech tree
    • Destroy or vassalize the steppe empires

    Attached Files:

  4. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Spoiler :

    Civ list beginning with the earliest:

    - Harappa
    - Zhou
    - Tocharians
    - Maurya
    - Vietnam
    - Qin
    - Korea
    - Chola
    - Japan
    - Chalukya
    - Göktürks
    - Tibet
    - Khmer
    - Tang
    - Sri Vijaya
    - Nanzhao
    - Burma
    - Jurchen
    - Ghaznavids
    - Mongolia
    - Sultanate of Delhi
    - Majapahit
    - Ming

    Included Religions:
    - Hinduism
    - Confucianism
    - Buddhism
    - Islam
    - Taoism

    Minor Religions: representing influential religions in Asia, which don't belong to the major religions
    - Shinto
    - Zoroastrianism
    - Manichaeism
    - Nestorianism
    - Judaism

    New improvements:
    - Trading Post
    - Caravan
    - Terrace

    New resources:
    - Lemons
    - Cotton
    - Timber
    - Tea
    - Salt
    - Camel
    - Silk Road Access
    - Pearls

    Complete new set of buildings, units and wonders
  5. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    you should make the download link more apparent
    i spent several minutes finding it
  6. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    started a game as zhou... seemingly city name maps aren't yet done
    i would say the map is arguable, korean peninsula looks too thin, and taiwan looks deformed, good job nevertheless
    i also noticed that mountains in desert stand on snow terrain, is this intentional?
  7. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Well, city name maps, are a HUGE task and I made this mod alone... I won't do this now, since a) it's too complicated for now b) a more stable version is more important c) time consuming.

    I made the map by using a 80x84 grid on this part of Asia. Every square, which hadn't at least 50% land became water, although such minor changes as adding tiles to korea are no problem, but Taiwan and deformed... in which way?

    Snow is always on top of mountains, didn't you know that? ;) Just kidding, I needed that to mark where mountains should be placed... I didn't notice that after finishing the map... Kudos to you :).

    Thanks for the tip concerning the link...Should be easier to find now.
  8. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Bug reports:
    • Many civ adjective txt key missing
    • Akbar's button missing
    • As Zhou, I was unstable (-26) while my individual ratings were -1, -3, +2, +6, -2. It was after Qin's spawn; why?
    • Qin's adjective is 'Chinese'
    • Qin spawns with Swordsmen, not with their UU

    • Do you intend to rename the Great Granary and the Great Harbor?
    • Is Taoism automatically founded? I was playing as Zhou and I got it founded in Beijing without doing anything.
    • What's the point of the Kywan Worker? Is it jungle chopping?

    • Zhou has a UU requiring horses but there's no horses near them but in the desert
    • Qin's spawn seemed really hard, like they got too many techs, compared to Zhou, or maybe I was badly playing :p

    • Change Birma's color, it's really hard to spot on jungle and grass
    • Add Shintoism? Someone will eventually ask for it, might as well be me :p

    Python exceptions:
    Spoiler :



    Attached Files:

  9. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    That's a lot! Very good!

    Good points here, I'll take care of them. Concerning your stability, the ratings don't add up to the end stability. There are many other factors, which influence it: Qin's spawn causes instability. Were you at war with them? -> if yes more instability. Did you switch civics? I need a little more info on that, besides it is an alpha! Be glad, that you don't start with -40 instability! ;) Just kidding. I can really control it, when I have finally the civics, civs, etc.

    If you come up with better names, I'll gladly rename them. The problem is that, they were built by the Indus culture and therefore we have no name, as their writing hasn't been decoded yet (does my sentence make sense?).
    Taoism is automatically founded for now, because otherwise, Harappa goes for it and always gets it. But yeah, not a really good solution.
    The Kywan worker works faster than other workers. (50% faster)

    I'll look for the horses.

    How do others feel about the starting techs of spawning civs? Is it possible to be first in tech race?

    Color will be changed.
    The problem I have with Shintoism is, that only Japan would benefit from it, although the Japanese will be the only ones adopting it, isolating them even more than they are anyway. If someone has an idea how it could be implemented, I#ll be consiedring it. But as a real religion wouldn't do much good, I think.

    Well, this is nothing serious just annoying. These python thingies are needed later and I think, that I will forget about them if I just comment them out... Maybe I'll take them out.
  10. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Funny thing is, I thought not so long ago that an RFC:Asia would be very interesting and what? I show up on the forums and I see one! I'll be happy to help you out with playtesting ;) I'm not knowledgeable about east asia though, so I'll try to help as much as I can.

    First, about Qin and techs: they built the Cheomseongdae, that's may be why they seemed so far away tech-wise.

    Yes, they just spawned and I was at war with them. Not sure about the civics though.

    What will you do for the civics? Something inspired by the History of the Three Kingdoms mod? I really like RFC:Europe's civics too.

    One thing I'd suggest is to keep notes somewhere about civics stability dynamics so that you can communicate them to the players. It's frustrating to have to dig in the code to understand why our civic's stability is so low ;)

    Oh, I see. I'll try to think of something, or to find something.

    Perhaps move it to another tech?

    Oh, okay. It isn't displayed in the unit help or in the pedia though, that's annoying; you should write a small txt_key for its strategy, saying that it does work faster. So that when, like me, the player will check the pedia to see what is different between it and the regular one, he will be informed ;)

    I don't know how that sounds but you could put one near Beijing, so that it will be disputed by both Zhou and Qin.

    Maybe just as a UB or as their Power? As a UB, I'd say something like +2 :) would be interesting...

    Speaking of UBs, I have to say some are a bit disappointing. Some, like Archives or Bazaar, are really good; others aren't so useful.
    • Family Altar: to counterbalance Zhou's low teching against Qin and to match the "family"/"ancestor" thing, I'd say give it +2:culture: (like currently) and +2:science:, ditching the culture modifier.
    • Pagoda: although it's interesting, the effect is quite limited, since golden ages aren't common. I'm not sure about Birma's history though so I won't give an idea.
    • Seowon: it's good in itself but I'd think, seeing as the pedia mentions the great extent of Korea's education system, a small production discount, like 180 (instead of 200) could be interesting

    Also, here's a list of buildings that don't get any replacement, just giving it because I made it myself for thinking about the UBs:
    Spoiler :

    • Artisan's Workshop
    • Bank
    • Barracks
    • Courthouse
    • Customs House
    • Dike
    • Fishery
    • Granary
    • Harbor
    • Observatory
    • Shipyard
    • Tavern
    • Theatre
    • Walls
    • Well
    Some more thoughts on buildings generally:

    I think Jail should be renamed and, eventually, get a new icon. Currently, it sounds and looks too modern to my taste.

    Well is redundant with Pharmacist, I think. Health is frankly never an issue anyway; I suggest two approach: either remove Well or remove the health bonus from forests. RFC:Europe did the latter and I must say it works well (no pun intended).

    You have a lot of missing txt_keys, buttons and red blobs (models) in your wonders, mostly embassies.


    You might want to borrow the specialists' icons of the History of the Three Kingdoms mod since they would fit perfectly.

    I didn't look much into units for now. Although I noticed that Horse Archers are maybe a bit too strong; the feel of overwhelming cavalry is good but Spearmen are merely useful against them, even with their bonus. But that's perhaps because I was too slow behind tech-wise and that I didn't have pikemen yet.


    Unique Powers.

    Do you have some ideas about them already? I'm trying to thinking of some but that's mostly pointless since I don't know much about the civs.

    But maybe they all have one and you just miss the txt_keys?

    Same question for the UHVs.

    That's not a problem for most players since python exceptions are usually hidden anyway.
  11. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Same goes for me, I thought that Asian history was underrepresentated in RFC. So I tried my best. :)

    No, I felt that something wasn't right and it turned out to be the calendar. The actual calendar is as follows:
    • -3000 to -400: 65 turns
    • -400 to 300: 50 turns
    • 300 to 600: 30 turns
    • 600 to 1000: 100 turns
    • 1000 to 1300: 100 turns
    • 1300 to 1600: 150 turns
    I'll add more turns in the early game and reduce the turns in middle/late game.

    Strategy tags aren't on my priority list for now, but they will come eventually.

    Horses were important for the Chinese dynasties, yet they had to import them from the steppes or colonize those areas. I would like to stick to history here. The Beijing area is core area of the Ming dynasty... Not very tempting to colonize there ;). Maybe dynamic spawning resources? Or no horses for Zhou UU?.

    I thought to use it as a corporation... and add Judaism, Nestorianism, etc. But that will come later.

    I'll take a look at them. I am no artist and frankly I have no idea how to create buttons... Red blobs? I'll look at it.

    They are good, but maybe a little bit sinocentric? I always fear, that Chinese elements take over, although India and Southeast Asia are als important...

    Horse Archers are mainly used for harrasment and yeah, by that time you should have pikemen... ;)

    Thanks again! That helps a lot!
  12. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Please have a look at post nr. 4. What do you think about my civics? Feel free to coment. If you have ideas or suggestions for UPs and UHVs, they are welcome too.
  13. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    How come Korea on such large map scale is thinner than on rhye's map?! besides it's just too small
    it definitely is to be made thicker to 4-5 tiles, me thinks

    i was talking about taiwan because see this - definitely looks different from your map (including mountain placement)

    i also cannot understand japan - it should have at least these clearly as islands: honshu, kyusyu, shikoku, hokkaido - but i only can see hokkaido and honshu; kyusyu and sikoku are a mess.
  14. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Well you have to look at the whole map and take into account that it could be shifted like in my base map I uesd. If you compare my map with the 'original', then you'll see why it looks awkward. Civ4 maps just can't create shores, which remind of Japanese islands, beacuse the tiles link together ina coded way. I agree that it is strange, but to make it more detailed, I would need to enlarge Japan... And concering Korea and Taiwan just look at the map and you'll see.
    If you have some wishes then just say what you would change. (Like add a tile north, or so)

    BTW, I finally got the saves working!![party]:trophy:

    Attached Files:

  15. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    this is one strange map... look at nasa satellite photos, korea appears to be shorter and thicker, and borneo doesn't have that elongated shape

    so, here's my suggestion involving korea, japan, taiwan, and also southern tip of sakhalin.
    drawbacks are that korea now is oversized, but at least more like korea and suitable for a civ; and still no apparent shikoku island.
    i experimented only with tiles so resources etc shouldn't be taken into consideration, i accidentally removed some when switching tiles. i moved cheju island (i suggest it be made a hill) so that it's accessible from korean mainland and not japanese as it was before.
    Spoiler :

    a suggestion: make a mountain in northeastern korea a hill, so that there can be found a city! because there are cities.
  16. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    also, would be nice if map featured iwo jima
  17. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Your suggestions sound good, I'll incorporate most of them, maybe one or two tiles less than in your shot. Also, Iwo Jima was settled by 1889... I can add it, but wouldn't be as important as Ryukyu for example...
  18. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    New version 0.1 is out! Grab it >>>>>>>here<<<<<<< (not available any more).
    Spoiler :

    Version 0.1

    1. The Qin start with Qin Swordsman instead of normal Swordsman.
    2. Fixed the adjectives (only English version readable so far!).
    3. Python exceptions shouldn't appear anymore.
    4. Changed Birmese and Japanese colour.
    5. Cleaned up some TXT_KEYS.
    6. Fixed missing building graphics.
    7. Reduced Seowon cost and increased Citadel cost.
    8. Saves don't crash anymore! (yay!)
    9. Adjusted the map as corovanrobber proposed it.
    10. New timeline, so that the early civs have more time to develop.
    11. Made changes to Pagoda, Family Altar; renamed Jail to Dungeon. (as Opera pointed out)
    12. New Tibetan UP: Power of the Tibetan Plateau/Himalaya.
    13. New model for Borobudur wonder by Den9510.
    14. New model for Indravarman by IgorS
    15. Custom behaviour for Sapadbizes.
    16. UHV for Harappa.
    17. New buttons throughout all areas.
    18. New specialist icons (Thanks to the History of the three Kingdoms mod! and Opera, of course ).
    19. Revamped Civic system.
    20. UHV for Majapahit.
  19. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    I'm having trouble downloading via rapidshare but it should eventually finish. I'm eager to see what you changed, especially the civics :goodjob:
  20. fdgsgds

    fdgsgds Mustard Enthusiast

    Feb 16, 2009
    The Empire State
    I'd like to help in any way I can, although I do not possess any knowledge whatsoever of Python.

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