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Rhye's and Fall of Civilization - Next War

no, mercenaries are python-only

Figured so... Not sure if there was a mention of all the units or some reference that I should have added for the new units that are included. It is just weird that doing no changes at all on the mercenary files, it works without the new stuff and it breaks when I change other unrelated (to the mercenaries) files.
Alright, here's my first "successful" shot at merging the latest RFC and JKP1187's "clean" Next War. :nuke:

It is "successful" because it doesn't register any errors in load, nor has any game-stopping bugs - but please keep in mind that it still has a few things needing to be ironed.

Available for download here.

Errors I've detected so far:

1- Random creatures under the player's control spawn in Antartica (WTF?) every few turns. Temporary work-around: Just delete them when they spawn.

2- In the Tech Tree, Fiber technology is kinda overlapping other stuff. Just aesthetic but still annoying.

Bear in mind that I have only played one game since I finish merging the mods, so there may be more issues. If you spot any, please let me know - if you fix, or know how to fix any errors I have overlooked or I'm working on how to fix, please let me know as well.

For last, be gentle - First time ever I try to mod Civ4, and I could have probably done better if I hadn't started messing with probably one of the most complex mods out there!

EDIT: I just noticed I didn't change the name of the folders and it is still using the original RFC, I reckon I'll have to change a couple of other things if I change the folder name - Will do it when I'm back home :) For now I recommend to just copy your RFC to another folder temporarily.
help can u pls reupload them or something? The old download link doesn't work anymore
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