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Rhye's and Fall of Europe: Starting Information

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by AbsintheRed, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Deity

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary

    New opening post under construction!

    Note: The original starting post of the thread by sedna17 can be found a couple posts below.
    It was last updated on February 28, 2012.

    Moderator Action: New Opening Post inserted into thread
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  2. sedna17

    sedna17 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2008

    Welcome to Rhye's and Fall of Europe

    Welcome to Rhye's and Fall of Europe, a mod based on the incredibly popular original Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations (RFC). If you've played RFC before, all the familiar elements are here: stability, plagues, dynamic rises, barbarian uprisings, Unique Powers, Unique Historical Victories, and uniquely customized parameters designed to simulate history while allowing you the freedom to change it. In order to simulate a time period (500 - 1800 AD) and region in greater depth we've created a new huge map of Europe with new resources and new terrain. We've also added new civilizations, a new tech tree, new units, new civics, new corporations, new buildings and wonders. Religion, so critical in this period, has been made much more important. Faith points, a new concept, provide unique benefits for each religion based on how pious your civilization is.

    Latest Version:

    We have released version 1.0 on Feb 27, 2012. The mod can be downloaded from our sourceforge page. Just go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/rfceurope/ and click on the green button.

    The best place to post feedback is the RFCEurope 1.0 feedback thread where you can also see a list of changes.

    An (outdated) copy of the manual is also available at http://rfceurope.sourceforge.net

    Historical Record of Changes:
    Spoiler :

    Changes for Beta 9:
    Spoiler :

    General changes:
    New civic system
    Workshops can now be build on Moorland (makes English UP more powerful)
    Added favourite religion to some of the leaders
    Added new Colony: Vinland
    Colonies become obsolete after some date
    Atlantic Access is revealed by Astroable (see Balance for how this changes the game)
    Changed Norse UHV 1: now you have to build the Vinland colony
    Cathedrals now really need state religion
    Some Hints are added (when you load a game)
    Player number 4 (Cordoba) respawns as Hafsid Caliphate, effectively adding a new player in North Africa (need to work on the spread of Islam in NA)
    Trading over ocean is possible with Astrolable (to help the Norse with their UHV)
    Added Reformation event, after all players hae made a choice on Reformation, the remaining Catholics can choose between free Prosecutros or free Stability boost (diplomacy and faith points adjustments to come later)

    Map and province changes:
    A few small fixes to the map after the updates of Beta 8
    Added salt to Anatolia, removed deers
    Germany get Lorraine as a "Solid" Province
    Spain gets the Canaries as "OK" stability
    Genoa gets Malta
    Wheat added to Dijon
    Changed the map area and the provinces near Cyprus and southern Greece
    Byzantium now gets Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete as solid provinces
    Cordoba gets Oran as OK Province
    Removed sheep from northern Transylvania (Hungary)
    Moved olives near Knossos
    Placed a few walruses in the northern regions (for testing)

    XML updates:
    XML cleanup (unused lines of code are removed, many typos fixed)
    Python cleanup (unused lines of code are removed)
    New XML entries for Units Production boost and Building + Civic combo (with text and AI awareness, text could probably be improved)
    Some objects are translated, a part of the Province names are translated
    Updated the code for city names, now we can ask for the condition "conquers a number of provinces of given type" and "has conquered specific province"
    For the "Empire" condition DCNConditionConqNumOfProvincesOfTypeType should be 2 for None, Desired and Outer, DCNConditionConqNumOfProvincesOfTypeNum should be 1 or 2
    For Austria-Hungary, for Austria, DCNConditionConqASpecificProvince should hold the number for province Hungary (see XMLConsts.py for a list)
    Updated the text for the Expansion civics
    The English UP is now correctly listed as +2 hammer from Workshop
    Added text showing info for the Civic combo Stability boost/penalty
    Added condition for the Dynamic Names for the case when the player has respawned (note XML value of 0 passes regardless whether the player has respawned)
    Many small XML updates regarding religious buildings
    Walrus (ivory) gives 1 food without a camp and an additional 1 food, 1 production and 1 commerce with a camp

    Art updates:
    Byzantine Lancer, Byzantine Knight and Hungarian Pikeman have proper button
    Some wonder "movies" (read pictures) have a much smaller size
    In the Financial Screen, the Foreign Stability section shows the "hidden" fifth stablity cathegory: Swing, that always resets rapidly to zero
    Ethnic unit art for Russian Great Merchant
    Walrus art for Ivory

    Added direct stability bonus for Golden Age, before it was only implicid via the boost of Economy
    Atlantic Access start on the map only in Iceland, then it disapears completely after 1050AD
    Atlantic Access is then added dynamically as different nations discover Astronomy (Gibraltar AA is added when any nation discovers Astronomy)
    Culture output depends on the province type, lower culture for Unstable and higher culture for Solid
    Adjusted Merchant Republic number of cities penalty, it should help the AI
    Serfdom becomes available with Vassalage and Feudal Monarchy with Feudalism
    Apprenticeship becomes available with Education
    Added Literature, Classical Knowledge, Monument Building, Philosophy, Education as Austrian starting techs
    Many of the Indy cities got a religion on start
    Increased the strength of the Seljuks to 13 (they are Heavy Cavalry and many units get bonuses vs Heavy Cavalry)
    Ottomans get 20 faith points on start, this should prevernt the AI from converting away from Islam (still not working)
    Moved Militarism to Farriers (Vassalage was the only early expansion civic and it is not that good)
    Moved Mercantilism to Paper (Banking is too early)
    Increased Free Peasantry cottage growth bonus to 100%, otherwise the Improvements don't have enough time to grow inbetween Plagues
    Portuguese Fetoria now replaces Harbor, gives +1 commerce from water tiles
    Removed Horse Archer barbarians from Iberia, overall the Barbs were a bit OP
    Turkey more likely to start at war with Bulgaria
    On lower then Monarch difficulty, the human gets +8 stability points
    Update Portugal Wars Map to include Cordoba with very low priority, thus they can benefit from a Defensive Crusade
    Defensive Crusades now "cost" less Faith Points, strength is also adjusted for the new buildings/saints giving more faith (this should have been done some time ago)
    Small boost for the defensive Crusade when you have less than 6 cities (i.e. you need a bit more help)
    Added more starting techs to Lithuania
    Judaism now also adds culture like all the other religions
    Added Missionaries for many "historic" nations, sometimes one has to wait way too long for a religion (like England)
    Cities with population 1 have only 40 percent chance to autoraze
    Poland no longer builds Prosecutors
    Islam now spreads through North Africa
    Longbowmans require Chivalry (instead of Military tradition), Tomb of Al Khalid requires Military Tradition (instead of Chivalry), Maceman recieve a bonus vs. Polearm (instead of Heavy Cavalry)
    Adjusted Longbowman and Maceman and the bonuses that they provide
    Small tech boost to Portugal
    Lowered German tech rate, they had it at a level for a later civ
    Moved the Ottoman start date so that they flip Adrianopolis at a historically accurate date
    Spanish agression increased, Isabella is less pious and more violent

    Fixed: Norse no longer lose stability when capturing cities
    Fixed: Players no longer get double-hits from razing cities
    Fixed: Austrian spawn had tiles that were double-counted resulting in crashing when cities had to flip twice
    Fixed: An autorun bug that deviated from Rhye's code, now we do exactly what he does, but I still don't understand everything about it
    Fixed: A Firaxis bug, upon capturing an enemy city, units from the defending player can enter the city after the city has been captured
    added an extra call to CvPlot::verifyUnitValidPlot() at the end of CvUnit::setXY(), the new code is marked by //3MiroBugfix
    Fixed: Jerusalem was missing from 2nd Arab UHV
    Fixed: Crusade gets canceled if a Catholic captures Jerusalem during the voting
    Fixed: Crusaders "return" properly from a canceled Crusade (you can change religion again)
    Fixed: Jerusalem is added to the Arabian UHV territory
    Fixed: French UP now works
    Fixed: Third Dutch UHV works now
    Fixed: Seljuks were broken, they were not spread out geographically (there were some issues with the code)
    Fixed: the starting techs for Portugal skipped Lateen Sails and went to Carthography directly, now there is no break
    Fixed: Portugal settlers map did not include West Africa and the Atlantic Islands
    Fixed: The Defensive Crusades were totally broken, they should work now (needed to add Defensive Provinces for the traditionally non-Catholic Players)
    Fixed: Spanish 3d UHV should work now
    Fixed: if Protestantism has not been founded by the time the Dutch spawn, then the Dutch properly found Protestantism
    Fixed: Portugal UP now applies to both Trading Companies as opposed to one company and the Encyclopedia project
    Switched hungarian order and select sounds

    Changes for earlier versions:
    Spoiler :

    Beta 8

    General changes:
    revised map of Balkans, Greece, Carpathian-basin, Lithuania

    XML updates:
    Updated unique UHV names
    "Build Vineyard" instead of "Build Winery" when you build the Vineyard improvement
    German territory UHV has proper description
    Proper date for Cordoban 2nd UHV in the pedia

    Art updates:
    Gold icon instead of text in the pedia of Manor House
    "Remove Mud" worker action shows proper button
    New LHs: Ivan Asen II for Bulgaria, Karl XII for Sweden
    LH update: Barbarossa, Mindaugas, Vytautas
    Return of the UHV Counters, they should be working again
    Upgrade to the Victory screen, now players can see won/lost provinces

    Nerfed Byzantine Stability
    Germany UHV no longer requires conquest of Bohemia (we should probably redo the entire thing)
    Cities in outer and none provinces are more likely to declare independence (whether a city declares independence has the same odds, the change is in which city)
    Independent players now have no state religion, making the AI hate them more and losing the "fighting brothers in faith" penalty
    Islamic Madrassa has equal features to the Christian Monasteries
    Boost of stability for small Empires (they canno build many buildings)
    Norse no longer get stability penalty for razing cities
    Norse get 2 more Galleys at the start (go explore early)
    Norse now need to raze only 6 cities (10 is a lot, since Independents don't count)
    Merged provinces in England, otherwise they have to build too many cities to cover them all
    Moved Horses around Preslav, the AI sees that the plot is close to Byzantine territory and doesn't connect them
    Added a roads around the Russian rivers to let units move faster (better River Trade)
    Buffed Portugal and Dutch colony production speed
    Portugal UP now covers Trading Companies as well as colonies
    Increased the cost for Guisarmier, it is very cheap and the AI makes tons of them. Also, since the mounted units got nerfed, we don't need so many of those.
    Tech cannot be traded for 20 turns after its historic date
    Tech cost would be lowered less after the histroic date
    Lithuanian AI is now aware of the Pagan UP and will not instantly flip to a religion
    Added more starting techs and units to Austria to balance their leter start
    Adjusted Poland War and Settler maps

    TEXT_KEY_AGE_MEDIEVAL bug in the religion and corporation infoscreen
    Fixed the Venetian UHV (no longer requires conquest of Morea)
    Fixed a Venetian Stability Bug, they no longer start with Feudal Law (which is incompatible with Merchant Republic)
    Fixed a bug allowing Crusaders to spawn for dead players
    Fixed a bug preventing the Human from getting production/research benefits/penalties
    Fixed a bug allowing Venetian units to enter Venice even when it is conquered by other players
    Fixed a bug pushing Crusades outside of spawn location due to slip of the target city, Crusaders now declare war to the new owner of the city
    Fixed techs turns left would often be one turn off

    Beta 7

    The map is now divided into Provinces. Those play major factor for both Stability and UHV conditions. Remember to hold Ctr when hovering over a Province to see all the tiles that belong to it.

    New Stability Scheme
    Stability now works different than before. Every point counts (big time). Most things that you would normally do, lower your stability. The main source of positive Stability would be the four buildings: Manor House, Courthouse, Castle and Night Watch. Here is some stability advice:

    - Expand slowly, make sure you have positive Stability and wait to build Stability boost buildings before you expand. Don't go spamming cities into Unstable (or even Stable) territory right away.
    - Purge foreign religion from your cities (doesn't count for Poland).
    - Keep your cities happy and healthy, protected and don't warmonger too much.
    - Your citizens should work tiles with improvements prioritizing resources. Don't let your cities grow without commerce and production boosting buildings.
    - Don't over-expand too quickly and don't let enemy cities in your core territory.

    New Tech Rate
    It is now very hard to get too far ahead in technology. Tech cost adjusts dynamically, depending on the historic time of each tech. You cannot get too far ahead and it is also harder to fall behind (although you can fall behind). Overall, you will not see any Knight in the 11th century and colonies do not get founded before the 16th century.

    New Victory Interface
    Now we can actually read what the victory conditions are. The entire Victory module was rewritten so that the interface can become even better in the future. Eventually, we will be showing counters for each UHV as well as dynamically the progress of each province Conquered or Lost.

    Timeline of Europe
    We are moving closer and closer to a historically accurate Timeline of Europe. Most of the UHV conditions and techs are already tied to one major event or another. Overall the mod should be more historical than before.

    New Civilization: Lithuania
    In the view of all the other changes, this looks like a small one. There a lot more to be done in terms of balancing Lithuania, but we do have a playable civilization now.

    New Bugs for Your Enjoyment
    Thanks to Opera and other testers, we have cleaned a ton of bugs already, but there are more lurking around. Overall this Beta will be somewhat unstable, but we hope to have everything fixed by next week when we want to release Beta 8.

    Beta 6

    - merijn_v1 updates some text on the new Manor House/Civic
    - art and text changes by merijn_v1
    - fixed Hungarian spawn units (2 Axes, 3 Horse Archers)
    - fixed Hungarian UU, now it accurately replaces the Heavy Lancer
    - removed the Congress.py file, it wasn't used at all
    - removed the first strikes from the Konnik
    - moved the Heavy Lancer Icon to Blast Furnace
    - Blast Furnace now requires Feudalism
    - The Pope no longer collapses due to bad stability
    - Changes Burgundian UB to Winery (extra culture, extra health from Wine), art has not been changed
    - Various Religious wonders now give Faith points
    - Increaded the FP bonus form Cathedrals to 3
    - Increased the requirement for Bulgarian UHV to 60 points
    - Faith points are capped at 60, can be adjusted for every individual religion
    - Pope AI now avoids the Printing Press
    - Added AI cheat code, now some players get bonus for AI to AI battles. We can use that to boost some Ai players and get more historic game (like Ottomans vs Byzantium and Bulgaria)
    - Dutch gets a "hidden" buff on the Faith Points, with only couple of cities, they can never accumulate enough
    - lots of leaderhead and XML text changes from AbsintheRed
    - merijn_v1 updates pedia (and Barb leader no longer shows)
    - merijn_v1 updates art for Burgundian Winery
    - Free Religion now allows construction of Cathedrals and Wonders from all religions
    - The Brothers at War property only affects Orthodox players (or playes associated with the Round Church's State Religion tag)
    - FP capped at 100, bonuses reduces, saints give 10FP, wonders and cathedrals give 4 and 6 FP respectively
    - Changed Kiev UHV, Religious buildings have to be build by 1250AD and instead of the Grain, one has to produce 20,000 food by 1300AD
    - Changes France second UHV, instead of wonders, they have to conquer Jerusalem. Otherwise, you get the same 2nd and 3d UHV, just build like crazy.
    - Changes Burgundy UHV, they have to produce 10,000 culture, culture-bombs don't count (probably needs balancing)
    - Added feedback on the UHV progress for Arabia, Burgundy, Norse and Kiev (will add more later)
    - Merged some code in the C++ to speed things up (thanks to Sephi and Edead)
    - Bugfix - Manor House used to not give Stability
    - Bugfix - Spanish UP now gives Espionage points
    - Bugfix - Genoa Bank and Corp UHV
    - Bugfix - Human now gets only +1 Faith from prosecuting (the AI gets +1, Human used to get +2)
    - Bugfix - Norse get Manorialism as a starting tech
    - Bugfix - French leaders now follow correctly Charlemagne, Joan, Jouis
    - Bugfix - Updated the starting years on the autorun Popup screen (Bulgaria, Hungary, Kiev and Cordoba were off)
    - Bugfix - it was that Burgundy loses an UHV if they lose a city to France or Germany, this was leftover from an older UHV
    - Bugfix - Norse city razing UHV works now

    Beta 5

    - added merijn_v1 XML modifications, some unit abilities and removing old and unused XML entries
    - Fixed the Papal Culture Bug
    - Fixed Venetian UHV
    - Moved Hungarian and Kievan starting turns, with no conflict with Cordoba, we can use more historical dates (note on the bug of one extra autoturn)
    - Added info for Stability, Faith, GP and GG
    - Removed the exile mechanics
    - Nerf to the Barbarians around Frankia, to many to allow you to grow
    - Changed the Bulgarian Konnik to more appropriate early Lancer, Bulgaria now gets fewer Konniks on spawn (looks balanced)
    - Cordoba and Turkey now start Muslim, the Dutch start Protestant
    - Moved the Autorun constants to Python (now we don't have to worry about strange bugs like fighting barbs or meeting other nations before you spawn, if we change the unit XML files, just keep Python in sync)
    - Updated small region on the map in the middle of the desert, has to do with the Autorun so "don't touch"
    - Get a speedup the hack on the semi-random bugfix from Beta 4 (look below)
    - Move University to Philosophy, Education gives a free GS
    - National University goes to Paper
    - Brewery: +1 Happy, Happyness with berley, (removed one person scientist, I didn't realize we had that with the Monasteries), lowered cost
    - Change the Smokeshouse to give health from meat, changed the cost of building it
    - Guild hall gives an engineer, an engeneer slot and a merchant slot
    - Removed Stability bonus from the Dungeon
    - Cordoba, Turkey and the Dutch start with their religions already set
    - Updated main menu music (much better quality)
    - Market gives only one Merchant slot
    - Inn gives +2 esp, 10% gold with wine, -10 war worry and 1 spy slot
    - Many wonders now require a specific state religion (as opposed to a religion being in the city)
    - Changed the Manor House to give money early on
    - Manor house gives +2 gold only with Manorialism (the AI is "aware" of that)
    - Early Lancers and Heavy Lancers are somewhat OP, rased the cost of tech and construction
    - Mounted Sergeants and Horse Archers come with Stirrup
    - Lancers reuire Farriers, Heavy Lancers require Blast Furnace
    - The cost of early mounted units has increased
    - Hungarian Huszars are not lighter version of Heavy Cavalry, they don't require Iron, they are a bit cheaper, strength reduced to 9 (very few units have bonus vs light-cavalry)
    - Hungary starts with 3 Horse Archers (in place of a Swordsman and an Axeman)
    - Ghazi are the same as before (didn't want to mess up Arabia)
    - Druzjina and Cataphrac also require Blast Furnace and have their cost increased
    - The strength of Pistoler increased to 12
    - Chateau moved as Frankia's UB, Salon moved to Burgundy (we probably need something completely different for Burgundy, I think Brewery -> Winery for Burgundian wine)
    - Chateau bonus changed to +2 hammers (Frankia can really use the boost early on)
    - Brothers in Faith bonus (i.e. Round Church) gives you penalty to diplomacy with people form the same faith (keep Orthodox fighting each other, as they were historically)
    - Civs without state religion (i.e. Pagans) suffee diplomatic penalty from players with State Religion
    - Turkey should finally be getting Constantinople
    - Changed the AI flags for the Mediterranean pirates to act more like the Vikings

    The big things are:
    - the Ottoman AI that should capture Constantinople (even if you play another civ, please use the WorldBuilder to keep an eye on whether or not this is working).
    - Early Frank Empire, the synergy between Manorialism and Manor House/Chateau
    - Changes to buildings and early cavalry units

    Changes for Beta 4:
    Spoiler :

    many bugs have been fixed (including Reformation)
    many Civilopedia entries have been edited
    Changed the timing of the Bulgarian UHV
    Changes the Norse UHV, now we don't count razing independent cities
    Reduced the Barbarians near Hungary
    Added Protestant Missionary to the Dutch start
    Theodosian walls now disappear with the invention of the Gunpowder
    England now takes Dublin around 1300AD

    Changes for Beta 3:
    Spoiler :

    Major XML cleanup
    More Germanification
    Many typo fixes
    More translations
    Heavy update of the Balkan city name maps
    Spanish colony UHV is edited
    Cordoban UHV's are changed
    Flanking attacks now activated for light cavalry
    Indies split in 2 groups (more cultured - more warlike)
    New UHV's for Venice
    Changes to buildings (1) Reducing the number of individual buildings (2) Increasing the number of buildings that require other buildings. Some highlights -- castles, not courthouses, now give stability and are required for dungeons and archery ranges. Scriptorium is merged into Monastery. Toll house, grocer, herbalist are cut. Market becomes more about trade than money, the point is to make it more useful/common on its own.
    Improved Barb spawning, needs testing, might be a bit over tuned
    Bug in Frankia UHV fixed and Frankia UHV area increased
    Crusade text now has additional information about which empires is the leader and which empire is the target.
    Added one AI mode for maceman
    New diplo texts for some leaders
    New texts for some leaders
    Moved map to PrivateMaps
    Turned on aggressive AI (not sure if this will do much)


    New Screenshots illustrating some of the big changes in Beta 7/8/9

    Stability, Spawns and UHVs are now controlled by provinces. Simply press control and hover over the map to see the province definitions.

    The victory screen now shows lots of useful information about your UHVs.

    A new civilization, Lithuania, has been added.
    Spoiler :

    The starting screen. Chose your civ and the game will auto-play until the appropriate time for your civ to rise. Each civ has unique victory goals and a unique power.
    Spoiler :

    Here is just the first screen of the redesigned tech tree, which blends familiar techs with new ones.
    Spoiler :

    The mod also has a mix of familiar and new units.
    Spoiler :

    Faith points, a new concept, makes each religion distinct. Faith points are (mainly) produced by building religious buildings and generating Great Prophets.
    Spoiler :

    Stability, the crown jewel of Rhye's and Fall, has been brought over. Keep your empire happy, or face rebellion.
    Spoiler :

    A random screenshot from a game as Genoa, trying to take over all the Mediterranean islands.
    Spoiler :

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  3. KaiserBenjamin

    KaiserBenjamin Warlord

    Feb 18, 2006
    Awesome. What are the changes between the Alpha 12 and the Beta?

    *EDIT* Okay nevermind. I'm looking at the sourceforge change log. I'm guessing from what I see there that the Germany stillborn bug is still in the Beta?
  4. sedna17

    sedna17 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2008
    The generic problem -- that the AI moves their starting units out of their capitol on the first turn still exists. There are a couple different ways to fix it, I just haven't settled on the best one yet.
  5. KaiserBenjamin

    KaiserBenjamin Warlord

    Feb 18, 2006
    Hmm, what do you think is the easiest way? I would think that taking out a couple military units from the initial spawn and then making them appear on the subsequent turn would be the best way. What are the other options you've been playing around with (in your head)?
  6. micbic

    micbic Optimistic Pessimist

    Nov 9, 2008
    A bit N of 2 tiles W of Athenai
    Anyone else thinking this should be a sticky?
  7. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    That is exactly what I was thinking about.:D
  8. corovanrobber

    corovanrobber King

    Feb 13, 2009
    Just wondering, why is 'Civilizations' written in American spelling? Is this irony?
  9. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    Maybe because the game is American. But I could be wrong.;)
  10. FakeShady

    FakeShady Prince

    Sep 9, 2009
    Well i'm not american, but i've got absolutely no problem with that. Way too insignificant for a text fix i would say
  11. homeempire

    homeempire Chieftain

    May 12, 2010
    Are you able to play rfce in marathon or epic?
  12. sedna17

    sedna17 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2008
    Unfortunately not.
  13. GodRaimundo

    GodRaimundo Chieftain

    May 16, 2010
    Hi. Sorry if I'm being thick or anything, but I downloaded this and have no idea how to install it. Can someopne please tell me how to install this?
  14. 3Miro

    3Miro Deity

    Apr 23, 2008
    Knoxville USA
    Inside the .zip file there is a folder RFCEurope. Extract that into:
    Program Files\Firaxis\CivIV\Beyond the Sword\Mods (this will depend on where you have installed the game, usually it is in Program Files\Something). Then double-click on the RFCEurope file in Beyond the Sword\Mods\Public Maps.
  15. GodRaimundo

    GodRaimundo Chieftain

    May 16, 2010
    I have done this, but whenever I try to load the mod, it just CTDs.
  16. micbic

    micbic Optimistic Pessimist

    Nov 9, 2008
    A bit N of 2 tiles W of Athenai
    Have you updated your BTS to 3.19?
  17. NedimNapoleon

    NedimNapoleon Weird Little Human

    May 31, 2010
    The game crashes
  18. melfice420

    melfice420 Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2008
    it crashes when i try to start a game. i have official 3.19.
  19. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    Did you install it the right way?
  20. sedna17

    sedna17 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2008
    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to say sorry that I've been MIA again. I haven't been able to keep up with the forum threads let alone had time to mod -- so I don't think I'm going to make the "end-of-June" date I suggested for Beta 2. Unless I invent a time machine...

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