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Mar 1, 2003
Hi folks

Even worldmaps, say 170x170 are hard to play in later stages. Simply because of the number of cities consume too much time.
I got a p4 2.2, with 1024mb ram etc...So it's quite strong, but not strong & quick enough for my taste.

Maybe this method is applied already. I don't play very often, so in that point of view, I could be out-dated.

Anyway. I took a Rhye's worldmap 2.14, changed the number of settlers for each civilisation at the start of the game.

ie. America starts with 15 settlers, same as russia
ie. the Netherlands starts with 1
ie. England starts with 6

etc. that for 31 civilisations.

Then, I didn't allow each civ to produce any acient, medieval, or modern settlers.

So, all in all, the max number of cities is set to 150 (150 settlers & spearmen straight at the start :), deleted the babarians and the goodyhuts, so no cities where destroyed because of them.

I locked America & England as 1 team, also Arabia and Babylon.

The results is a world-map, and which is very playable, all the time.
Still there are things which could be improved.


Downloads & info about Rhye's of Civilization - the fastest loading mod v2.14 :

-ps. U need the addons from the page above, move biq-file into the conquest\scenarios folder. Start game using CIV-Content in the menu.


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I think this is a unique idea. I look forward to trying it out this week. I'm more of a builder, so I think in that regard this map will be fun. Conquest might be somewhat simple with the great advantages some civs have over the others in sheer size.
I've begun a game and things are looking good. The AI is going to war and not totally wiping each other out. They are also staying up in the tech race, even if they have 1/10 the number of cities. I'm going to gear up for an invasion of Europe pretty soon (I"m the Americans). We'll see what kind of resistance they put up.
Glad you liked so far. Setting this up with settlers, is an easy way to limit the cities, and keep it playable.
Anyway, this way will be my way to play !


ps. How does your conquest story end Ruiner ?
I haven't had a lot of time to invade yet, I'm a builder in this game :)

So far I am entering the Industrial Age and just invaded Portugal (weak). Its still hard to conquer those cities with Hussars and Flintlock Infantry; I don't like cannons so I'm going to wait until Artillery is available. The AI has built a lot of units since it cannot build more cities. The rest of the map is looking like it should. Rome has conquered parts Austria, France and Spain. I remember (before I had a map of Europe they ganged up on Rome with 6 civs declaring war.)

Should be a piece of cake for me to conquer Iberia.
Netherlands with only 1 city?? Thats really unfair- there is no way possible for them to make a lasting civilization- you might as well delted them all togeather! every civ should get 3 settlers, at least...
In a world map, the Netherlands doesn't have room to expand, anyway. Any Settlers the AI builds become fully corrupt cities in Siberia or the Sahara Desert. They can still expand via conquest.
In the standard RoC version Netherlands usually expand to Denmark, eastern Europe and then colonies in Africa and America. Colonies aren't corrupt because with RoC settings the most important factor is number of cities, not the distance
In fact in my new game as Hebrews, the Dutch not only have Denmark, but built a colony where St. Petersburg now lies, and a 2nd to the east of it, both are good cities, and also provide some nice fur trade. They also have a colony in Africa...
Wrong place for place of origin of korean civ.

It started in Manchuria. Korean kingdoms ruled till about 9th century, then, following collapse of Balhae, it eventually fell to manchurians.
Oh my god do you have to keep going down this road. THey need to be in Korea to get real city placement.
Glad you liked so far. Setting this up with settlers, is an easy way to limit the cities, and keep it playable.

Plus you don't have to worry about building settlers.

Oh my god do you have to keep going down this road. THey need to be in Korea to get real city placement.

Didn't Rhye explain that as well?
hey i downloaded this a while back and its rather awesome- two thoughts/questions though

is it natural for a city when captured with a population of 1 to be destroyed? cause if so, have you considered having the palace or some other building generate a settler for each civevery once in a while to fill in the gaps?

also is there any way at all to generate settlers later in the game? personally i cant think of a way except maybe a new building that generates settlers- i dunno

i ask because i think it would be really interesting if civs were given settlers in different intervals and different amounts. just for an example lets say it was the jump from age to age - so maybe America starts with one settler, gets three more for medieval, gets ten more for industrial and maybe five for the last one. A civ like Greece could get six at the beginning, and maybe only one for each age after that. It certainly doesnt have to be each age, but thats all i can think of-

ive been tryingto make something like that, but im stumped
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