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Rhye's of Civilization for PtW!


The filidh that cam frae Skye
Sep 24, 2007
Trotland the Brave
Greetings, everyone! I have recently finished converting the famous Conquests mod, Rhye's of Civilization, to PtW! I also removed most of the Pedia entries for the Conquests stuff, and made a few tweaks to make this mod PtW friendly. Here is the original description for Rhye's of Civilization:

- A 170x170 world map (A separate biq for the random map is included)
- Special rules for speed improvement:loading times are reduced up to 95%
- New terrain graphics and new team colours
- A new resource system that makes the game develop like real history (Earth map only)
- Three new civilizations : Austria, Ethiopia and Israel
- A revised rule system, that corrects any inaccuracy of the original game
- Religions*
- 158 new units (including cultural-based animations and a 2nd unique unit for each civ)*
- 25 new wonders*
- A totally redesigned tech tree*
- Complete civilopedia entries*

*These things are in the Rhye's of Civilization Expansion pack, which I have not yet converted. :(


-The Austrian ruler is Maria Theresa (I used the German spelling for her in-game: Maria Theresia).
-The Holy War wonder is changed to the Inquisition, which lowers corruption but makes people unhappy.
-Fanatics (which Holy War generated every several turns) can now be built by anyone who has Incense.
-The Hussar graphics (the Hussar is the Austrian UU) are from Steph's Cossacks Conversion.
-The Incas have been added. They are lead by Huyana Capac, using Sween32's Atahualpa leaderhead. UU is the Incan Maceman (replaces Medieval Infantry).
-5 Secret Civilizations have been added. Here they are in case you want to know what they are:

Spoiler :

1. Sweden
Leader:King Gustavus Adolphus
Traits:Scientific and Commercial
Aggression: 3
UU: Wheellock Musketman (replaces Musketman and has 2 more offensive points)
Starting Tech: Pottery
Capital: Stockholm

2. Siam
Leader: Queen Suriyothai
Traits: Religious and Commercial
Aggression: 1
UU: Thai Royal Guard (replaces Pikeman, has 1 more defensive point, does not need Iron and costs 10 shields less.)
Starting Tech: Ceremonial Burial
Capital: Bangkok

3. Mali
Leader:Mansa Musa
Traits: Religious and Commercial
Aggression: 1
UU: None at the moment
Starting Tech: Ceremonial Burial
Capital: Timbuktu

4. Turkestan
Leader: Khan Tamerlane
Traits: Militaristic and Religious
Aggression: 5
UU: Horse Archer (replaces Knight, has 1 more movement, does not need Iron and costs 10 shields less).
Starting Tech: The Wheel (ignore the Pedia entry, it was from Test of Time)
Capital: Samarkand

5. Polynesia
Leader: King Te Wherowhero
Traits: Religous and Expansionist
Aggression: 2
UU: Voyaging Canoe (replaces Galley, has 1 more movement and does not sink in Sea or Ocean)
Starting Tech: Pottery
Capital: Haraiki

- 1 more Ultra Secret civ that dosen't have a Pedia Entry. What is it? I'm not telling you!

Download: REJOYCE! Rhye's of Civilization for Play the World can be found in the post below!

Credits (for the changes):
Spoiler :
-Sween32 for the Incan leaderhead
-Dom Pedro II for the Moche Warrior (renamed Incan Maceman)
-unknown for the units32 file, found in Steph's Mod.
-Grandaem for Gustavus Adolphus (his Scandinavian Leaderhead)
-ShiroKobbure for Mansa Musa, Suriyothai, Tamerlane (Bumin Khan) and Te Wherowhero
-CivArmy1994 for the Ultra Secret Leaderhead
-Imperator for the Swedish UU
-ShiroKobbure for the Thai Royal Guard (Chaa Saaen)
-Kryten for the Horse Archer
-embryodead for the Voyaging Canoe
-Steph for the Ultra Secret UU
-Timerover51 for the Swedish UU idea
-Imperator for the Swedish Musketman
-Shiro Kobbure for the Thai UU
As this is my 200th Post, I shall post this mod here!
You know, one would think that a conversion of one of the most famous mods in Conquests to Play the World would have much more responses, but no...
Thank you! :) And as we speak, I am busy working on Rhye's of Civilization Expanded for Play the World!
You know, one would think that a conversion of one of the most famous mods in Conquests to Play the World would have much more responses, but no...

I will download it and see how it runs on the Mac. As for your Wheellock Musketman, I posted that to you. Did Imperator also do so?

I have been trying to download the file, and I am not getting anything.
Had a try, like I remember. Anyways some error message came up with a,b,c... fixed it but later found some hueristic "malware" called civilapedia something when i alvira scaned (after I had deleted Ryhe's for PTW.) Oh whatda!
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