Rhye's Underworld Terrain Graphics

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Ooh, this could be very interesting. I'm getting some ideas for the an underworld fantasy mod. Great work Rhye! I'm sure you realize I'm a huge fan of your terrains. I used your other terrain as the base to my mod. Arghis made some additions and adjustments using Womak, Sn00py and some of his own work but yours is still the core. ;)
Personally, I need to see more screens before I can form an opinon.
Wow. I just got a good idea for a mod. Thanks Rhye!

It might work better with water instead of lava, but whatever, lava works. Looks great!
Can you do a version with water as well as lava? Or one with just water? That way I can do underground lakes and the like.
This would be great for a mod! :) -Only gets a four because it would only be appropriate for certain scenarios; otherwise great!
Rhye said:
Yes I can do both, but give me some days because I'm very busy now.
Cool thanks. I'm going to have to do a Battle of the Underworld spinoff from my Mystara mod with this terrain. Shadow Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Gnolls and Undead types. Maybe more. :)
u can use the dead hills and grasslands as land for mordor on lotr senarios by putting them as lm terrarian
Very creative terrain. It changes the fell of whole game. Nice job!
at first when i saw the preview on the civfanatics Homescreen i took a quick glance at it and thought that CIV III had gone wild and put everything but the water and units in greyscale. Then i found this thread and it all makes sense to me. :) Great job!!
Awsome! I love the volcanoes the most.
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