Right Of Passage - One Advantage


Oogala Boogala
Feb 7, 2002
When I signed the right of passage with another civ, they started moving workers and settlers through my territory to get me surrounded with their cities. I waited a couple of turns and declared war on them. This gave me 20 workers which came from 10 settlers, and 25 more workers. More, I destroyed huge number of enemy war units when they were separated from others. One problem - what should I do with all those workers - plant and chop forests?

TG Cid

Holy Swordsman
Feb 9, 2002
Massachusetts, USA
Yeah, I would automate them for sure, but that's just me, I can't stand controlling 50 workers/turn. I would definitely try and keep them though, especially if you are running a Democracy/Republic where you pay for your military. They are essentially free labor, as you pay no maintainence for them :D . The only downside is they work at 1/2 speed, but they're free aren't they? In the worst case, you can "sacrifice" them to the Civ you got them from, the AI usually prefers capturing a worker then it would attacking your cities :lol: .
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