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Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire


Feb 18, 2004
pinktilapia submitted a new resource:

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire - Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Version: 1.323
Released: 09-02-05 (v1.323: 21-05-07)
Requirements: Civilization 3: Conquests updated to 1.22, and over 400 MB free disk space

It is the year 275BC, nearly 500 years have passed since Rome was founded by Romulus on the Palatine hill. Over the centuries, Rome has grown and your people have become the dominant power in Italy, defeating the Etruscans in the north, and the Greeks in the south....

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Yes! Beta finally available for download! Won't be able to play it for a week or so since I really want to submit the current GotM (I need to hurry, I haven't started yet!) After that, I will eagerly be beta-testing. Thankyou pink for all the effort you invested!
Been a pretty good game so far. :D Some problems I've run in to, tho:

- Romans don't have any Fine Timber at the start. In fact, the only Fine Timber resources that are visible from the start are all the way over by Thessalonica, on Crete, and by Carthage. The reason this is significant is because the Small wonder Imperium Scipionus requires that as one of the resources, and that wonder goes obsolete with a technology that can be researched pretty early (from the start, actually). Is this intended so that it can only be built after Carthago has been captured? If so, I'm not so sure about that! ;) I'm a fairly decent player and I was barely able to hang on to Sicily and Sardinia during the first Punic War.

- the starting Republic's war weariness seems a bit high. It's near impossible to carry on a war for even close to as long as the real First Punic War lasted; I'd say about 75% of my population was unhappy because of the war by 240 BC.

- because of Carthage's large amount of wealth and power in the early part of the game, if you go to war with it (which, unless you're a wuss :p you will), you'll soon find yourself at war with pretty much all known civilization through military alliances and MPPs. Maybe move military alliances and MPPs to a later tech or something? It's hard enough fighting Carthage and their amphibious Mercenariis; fighting off the rest of the world's armies at the same time is near impossible! :(

Otherwise, excellent work (so far ;)). I like all the new concepts you implemented in this scenario! :D
wootywootwoot! d/ling
What difficulty level is this reccommended for? i thought the date of the end to a tech era may depend on the difficulty level
downloading now pink. im so happy its here!
i will continue to faithfully test every aspect of this game and see how accurate we can make it. sorry i have been away for a while (as usual lol) but my computer was trashed so i had to reformat it and that took FAR too long. anyway, im back AGAIN lol.
Thanks all for your encouragements and glad to see the pack went online without getting corrupted :) I won't be able to systematically follow-up the thread this month, for work reasons, so King Coltrane and others, please feel free to animate/help ;)

As a general remark, nearly nothing has been left to hazard. Fine timber and wheat are necessary for getting Scipio? Yes, you will need to get Sicilia and Illyria quick enough. The tech that make Scipio obsolete is not to be *historically* researched at start, although if you want to rush to Marius' Reform rather than getting the early game bonus (Imperium Scipio and Mare Nostrum), it is up to you! War weariness is high, yes; you shouldn't stay at war for 30 years consecutively! Make a peace, build some granary so that you get more manpower for your legions, and get back to it. There is no rush needed (not just yet). Later governments are more warlike, but the Republic wasn't waging war aggressively, it was defending itself most of the time! You vs. the world is a known issue, but it is very easy to avoid. Just be sure you get into some alliance at start (you are generally proposed to join one if you don't form one by yourself). You also don't need to show yourself to the world as the badboy so early on (it will come in due time) - Carthage will attack you soon enough ;) Use the first turns of peace to organize the Republic to your taste and likely move some legions to the south.
I hav not yet downloaded this, but surely will... :)

Is it really so that Carthage's mercenariis are AMPHIBIOUS in this mod?
In my mod-version (Rhye's for standard map - CLASHING OF EMPIRES)
I independently got to the same conclusion,
mercenariis should be able to attack from ships!
Yes they are :). And incredibly good at it! Carthage continuously lands mercenaries (usually by pack of four) in Sicily. Potentially, they can take any coastal city lightly defended before you realize it. Another good reason to dominate the sea!
very nice my friend

I havent gotten to play yet, i need to get a new original civ 3 to reinstall it is seems. but anyway, based on the screenies i like that you gave some civ's more starting units. tres bien! ill give you a REAL, useful reply as soon as i have my old vanilla civ3 back from my friend.
Well, I just won a game at 62 AD.

- Either the VPL value needs to be lowered or the required VP to win needs to be raised (IMO), since I won the game when I was barely in the second era.

- It's pretty hard to keep up with the "plan" for Rome's expansion in this scenario due to low production and, more importantly, low military unit support, esp. early on. Maybe checking on Accelerated Production, or just lowering the costs (esp. of some high-cost buildings) of buildings and units would be nice so that you can at least try and keep up with the "real" Rome.

- Carthage's mainland in Africa is pretty much impossible to invade. I dropped off an invasion force of 8 "Legio Consularis" and some Ballista some time in the double digit B.C., and they were all butchered by the next turn.

- I entered the 2nd Age at 31 AD. Pretty sure that's off. ;) I researched ALL the techs I could before advancing.

In all, I just think a general increase in production or lowering the costs of some things and possibly allowing Rome to support more military units would correct the problems I ran in to. I probably could've advanced to the next age a little quicker if I could have a large enough army (even of just auxiliary units) to actually conquer enemies on 2 or more fronts. ;)

Hopefully this info. will be more useful this time. :D
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