Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm need to be offered on the Nintendo Switch


Aug 17, 2016
If you have not heard yet, Firaxis and 2K announced today the release of a 2nd expansion pack for Civilization VI. This one is centered on adding natural disasters as well as 8 new civilizations, 1 new leader, 9 new wonders, 9 new natural wonders and an onslaught of new districts and other enhancements.

With that being said, I just bought the Nintendo Switch version of the game after spending much time playing Rise & Fall on the Mac. I really like the Nintendo Switch version of Civilization VI. It enables me to play it on my TV with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It also enables me to play on the go. But I do miss some features from Rise & Fall. Nope, it's not the eras (golden, normal or dark), but the city loyalty features that I miss the most. Seeing AI civs found a city on the 1 free square of my territory is just aggravating. A thing that the loyalty system (mostly) corrected in Rise & Fall. I also miss Wilhelmina :)

I just want to make sure Aspyr and Firaxis know very well that Nintendo Switch owners want the two expansion packs that Windows, macOS and Linux players are getting.
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I second the desire for all the expansions and DLC for the Switch version. For now all we can do is vote with our wallets, obviously, which is why I snapped up the Nubia and Khmer/Indonesia DLC immediately after getting the main game. Hopefully secondary purchases like that will convince Firaxis/2K/Aspyr that fans on the Switch are serious about double-dipping.
here's hoping it all comes. i don't have it on PC so i don't exactly know what i'm missing, but the consensus seems to be it's a much better game with rise and fall.

i'll buy any DLC they put up day 1. i bought those extra civs they are offering even though i don't really care about that kind of thing.
Sure the expansions would be great, I would get them and give more support that way. I am not so excited for the extra civs, I find the price pretty harsh for what you get as the scenarios are not a thing I enjoy.

I agree that buying the game is the best way to vote for extra stuff, I am not sure how big of an player database this game will have on Switch.
Releasing just before Smash and black friday might force some people to skip the game or wait it to go on sale, hopefully it wont hurt the release too much.
Oh damn, I wasn't even aware the DLC had been released! I must say, I do think it's a bit scummy to sell them seperately right after release like that... This is a 2 year old game at this point, it wouldn't have hurt to just include all the DLC with the game.

Anyway, I bought those packs too, just to support the game. Let's hope the expansions will find their way to Switch soon.
As I said earlier, while some may consider it "scummy", I honestly can't think of any other way Firaxis/2K could have tested the waters regarding Switch users' interest in paid DLC than, well, offering those extra packs as paid DLC at launch. This game (specifically the Switch version) has a TINY window to garner attention amid all the hype for the "AAA" offerings on every side, and given a week or so it will permanently be "below the fold"...and out of Switch owners' sight and minds...on the eShop, and frankly the retail version is facing similar difficulty with regard to exposure. Anything Firaxis/2K were going to do to determine whether folks would plunk down additional coin for paid DLC had to happen NOW.

Offering the two packs for free would have been pointless for such a purpose; downloads of free content would never reflect the far more important long-term interest from users that is needed for the publisher to continue supporting the Switch version beyond launch. Believe me, there's a bigger picture here; the fact that those packs were available at all speaks volumes. If the base game ends up with enough "attachments" (retail/marketing lingo for user purchases of the DLC), it sure won't hurt the chances of seeing full-on expansions like Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm further down the line.

At any rate, it's good to see so many people here saying they purchased the DLC packs. That's what it takes-voting with our wallets. Now all we can do is wait and hope it will be enough.
Civ VI is 6th on the top-sellers list in eshop. So that's promising.
Great news! In what country is Civ6 ranking in that high?

In Canada it’s actually ranking in at 11, right behind Rocket League who’s marked off 40% for the Black friday sale. Not too shabby I guess.
Finland but i don't think it is only Finland. It is probably either Scandinavia or EU.
Civ VI was tenth place on its release week in US, counting digital sales. Not too bad, as Pokemon was dominating.
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