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Jan 31, 2005
I am basically done with the main scenario. You want to play "Pyrrhic Era" scenario. I intend to make more scenarios utilizing this Mod based on different eras of Roman History as stated in my update thread.

I plan to add Description and Civilopedia text sometime in the future but I would like for everyone to test the Mod right now and give me feedback.

Special Thanks to the following:

Walter Hawkwood
NiRv4n4 (for map)

Ok the full file is here but I had to break out all of the Leaderheads intentionally. Please take all of the Leaderhead zip files in the four messages labeled 1-4 below and put them in the following folder: Rise of Rome\Assets\Art\LeaderHead. The typo is correct, I entered all of the XML files with the typo so it will not work if you label it "LeaderHeads" unless you edit the XML files. Sorry I could not attached all files in this first post.

UPDATE: I have updated the Mod to correct an error with the "Pagan Temple" city improvement. I had to select an alternative structure to replace it but it works now. The attached zip file includes all of the mods. I also created a Pyrrhic Era - Version 2 file that includes the Kingdom of Cappadocia. I did this for two reasons:

1. Kingdom of Cappadocia came into existence after Third Diadochi war so it was in existence in this time frame
2. It helps balance out the Seleucid Empire which is very large and can become unstoppable given time.

Version 2 also saw two additional units added to Pyrrhus' force.


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Mod details:

I am mostly done with the modding. I plan to mess with buildings and religion but military and civs are likely set.

I plan to run 4-5 scenarios based on different times in Roman History.

1. Pyrrhic Era - This will be the start scenario and the default one. Set during Pyrrhic's invasion of Italy.
2. Second Punic War - Carthage & Macedonia vs. Rome.
3. Considering third scenario set around destruction of Carthage and Corinth or Roman-Syrian War (last grasp effort for the Greek world to stop Rome).
4. Caesar vs. Pompey - Setup during the major Civil War with Caesar entering Italy while Pompey is situated in Greece raising an army
5. Second Triumvirate - Augustus, Mark Antony, and Lepidus

Rule Changes: I tried to keep to the major civ game but there are notable changes other than the massive number of special units (especially for the Hellenic Civs).

1. Spearman do not require bronze or iron to make.
2. Greek Civs have Hoplites instead of Spearman and Hypapists instead of Axeman. Both types of units fight well against melee and horseman units. Similar situation with the Roman Legions.
3. Knights are available in Iron Working era but are renamed Heavy Cavalry and re-skinned. Horse Archers are also are available as a "Light Cavalry" variant. Many Civilizations also have special units replacing their cavalry equivalents. Chariots also don't go obsolete.
4. Elephants are more expensive but more powerful.
5. City defense has weakened and land units usually have bonuses against cities. This is to push for more open conflicts to fit with time instead of city sieges.
6. Rome has a unique unit called Ballista which will replace Axeman.
7. Civic Governments updated to allow purchase of units.
8. Religions based on the time including buildings. (Only Buddhism, Hindism, and Judaism kept as default since all three are present on the map historically). I have also blended Zoroastrianism with Judaism so you will see more Jewish cities. I didn't have enough space for Zoroastrianism or for a Roman Religion (Rome currently follows Greek Religion).

1. Rome - Has unique Legion, Equites, and Ballista unit.
2. Carthage - Utilized Iberian and Numidian units
3. Macedonia - Utilized Greek Heavy Infantry and has the famed Companion Cavalry unit for Heavy Cavalry equivalent
4. Seleucia - Has wide variety of units with some Eastern (Persia) units as well as Greek Heavy Infantry Hoplites and Companion Cavalry. Also has access to Ivory (Elephants).
5. Ptolemiac Egypt - Has some minor Greek units plus War Chariots (which I may rename as Scythe Chariots)
6. Parthian Empire - Has Immortals, special Heavy Cavalry called Grivpanvar, and Hillmen infantry units
7. Pontus - Mostly eastern units but has access to Hoplites instead of spearman
8. Armenia - Shares units with Pontus and Parthia
9. Epirus - Greek Civilization that starts with mercenary units including famed Cretan Archers (but can't build most of them. Has similar build que to the other Greek Civs #10-14 below)
10. Achaean League - Greek Civilization focused on Hoplites
11. Aetolian League - Similar to Achaean League
12. Sparta - Greek Civ with unique Spartan Hoplite unit.
13. Athens - Greek Civ with unique Athenian Hoplite unit.
14. Pergamum - Greek Civ
15. Indo-Greek - Probably has greatest variety of special units. Heavy blend of Parthia and Greek units.
16. India - (Mauryan Empire or later equivalents) - Not many special units now. Really not intended to be played.
17. Numidia - Has Camel Archers and Numidian Cavalry
18. Numantia - Has two specialized Iberian Infantry units, one unique to this civ. The other is only available to Carthage.
19. Celt (Gaul and Dacia) - Similar to default Celt Civs but has Vercinteroix for Gaul.
20. Britons - Similar to Celts but has unique Celtic War Chariot Unit
21. Illyria - Only has one unique unit (Lemba Galleys) but only civ with unique naval unit
22. Thrace - Blends Celtic and Greek units to create interesting variety
23. Scythia - Has Royal Scythe Cavalry
24. Greece - I kept generic Greek Civ to represent minor states (Rhodes, Massilia, etc.)

Civs not in default Pyrrhic start scenario but plan to include them in future scenarios.
25. Kingdom of Cappadocia
26. Kingdom of Judea - Unique Zealot units and Judaism as religion
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Actually having trouble. File size is very large.

Update: Interesting. It is uploading but not attaching to the thread. Any advice?
How large is the mod? Try adding it to the database instead and then providing a link. Click add resource at the top right of the page.
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I am in testing phase for the next setup... Second Punic War. The map has some major changes but the Civ setup is not drastically different.

Key differences:

Leader Names have mostly been changed to fit the time.
Rome has naval dominance, controls Corsica, Sardinia, Epirus, half of Illyria, and shares Sicily.
Carthage starts out with a large army in Northern Italy represented by Hannibal's invasion. They also control more of Spain as well as well as some of Gaul. Rome starts with an army in Spain led by Scipio.
Epirus, Illyria, Thrace, and Athens are gone and have been replaced with Kingdom of Cappadocia, Kingdom of Bithynia, Syracuse, and another Numidian Tribe - (Numidia was split between Massylii and Masaesyli - East vs. West). The Masaesyli start out at war with Carthage.
Macedonia is larger (controlling Athens and Byzantium) but starts at war with Rome and most of her Greek allies.
Seleucid Empire has shrunk (especially in Anatollia) and starts out at war with Egypt, Rhodes, Parthia, and the Indo-Greeks.
Ptolemiac Egypt is about the same except they no longer control Byzantium but start with Side (in Anatolia).
Barbarian Tribes stayed the same for now (won't be the case for future setups). The exception being Numantia who have lost Numantia to Carthage and are renamed the Lusitani.
Massilia starts as a vassal state of Rome.
I am attaching Second Punic War. I haven't tried to play it yet. It is basically same Mod with slightly different setup as described in previous post.

I am planning at least two more scenarios: One set during the First Mithridiac War and one set during Second Triumvirate. I also thought about doing one of the Civil War between Julius Caesar and Pompey as well.


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