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Rivers, Economics & Happiness - Some thoughts on changes

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Cyon, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Cyon

    Cyon Cosmonaut

    Mar 7, 2011
    Sweden, Stockholm
    I really love the game, but some things just feels strange and a bit static, I know that some of the changes I will suggest already is covered in mods and info about that is welcome, but some of the would be quite hard to mod and requires a new patch.

    1. Rivers

    a.) Rivers should connect cities! Yes rivers gives some extra gold which some would argue is enough but the main function of rivers in history have always been to connect cities (and making the soil fertile). Maybe it should require some kind of "river dock"?

    b.) The rivers should not have a ugly blue color!
    I have seen some mod that actually fixed this some where, but it should be included in a path, why does the river have a blue shade that doesn't blend with the oceans turquoise?

    c.) Rivers should allow fore easier travel!
    It actually exist a unused trait: <FasterAlongRiver>true</FasterAlongRiver> that probably was intended for Askia, I have used it in my Kingdom of Kongo mod (can be downloaded here), which gives a ignore terrain cost feature along rivers and takes away the 'all moves consumed by crossing a river' aspect.
    But what I want is something else.

    It would be really cool if rivers had a direction (from its thin pointy origin to it's end into a ocean) which allowed all units to travell along them as roads down-streams, and then you discover steam power you could also travel them as roads up-streams. That would give a interesting tactical dimension to landscapes. Maybe you could have a bulding: Barge port that requires two horses to enable faster up-stream travel before steam power.

    2. Economics

    a.) Wealth comes from trading, not from endless fields of tents!
    Income from trading routes have to be higher, it doesn't have to be so far between cities for trading routes gold to be consumed by the road maintenance.
    It is good that the latest patch reduced the gold yield by one until Economics, it's still not enough. Maybe it should be some limitations on there trading posts could be built, like only along rivers, roads or railroads, and not adjacent to each other.

    b.) Trading routes between non capital cites should be counted!
    To connect you non capital cities with each other should give some thing to, but not as much as connection to the capital. To connect friendly city states should give gold to.

    c.) Trade agreements with other civs
    It is a bit strange that you could trade huge amount of stuff with a civ on the other side of the globe that you just met a scout from, but not get a more general economic bonus from building roads to your neighbor. If you build a road to a other civ's you should have the option of a trade agreement. Maybe you have to be conected by a road or a undisturbed sea route to trade resources? maybe you could use other civ's connections if you pay for it?

    It could be connected to a purchase of a trade station in an other players city, which would mean that if you have a surplus of money you could make more money, and give a incentive to keep the peace. that kind of trade agreements could also provide a small amount of science and culture.

    3. Happiness

    a.) War should make people unhappy, victory should make them cheer
    War, at least if you have declared them should cause some unhappiness. Peace agreements could include a "Recognize Victory" option, which would give a temporary happiness boost to the victor. Each casualty outside friendly territory could cause a small temporary (2-5 turns) unhappiness. Razing a city should still cause a small amount of permanent unhappiness.

    b.) Other things should affect happiness
    Culture should have more effect on happiness, maybe with new social polices, buildings and additions to technology. some ideas: Mass media could give a happiness bonus of 5% of your culture, New Building - Train station could give a happiness and economic bonus to railroad connected cities and so on.

    Crowded cities is of course not so nice but then does the unhappiness from pop start counting? as I have understood it from every citizen, which is a bit strange, maybe the first three citizens in a city shouldn't count?

    c.) A lot of happiness should lead to better thing than just an golden age
    I like the happines-migration mod there people left a random city then happiness reached zero to another civ with higher happiness, but it went a bit fast, a slower version of that would rule! Maybe cites (especially annexed cites) could revolt then your unhappiness is below 20 or something (wasn't it like that in civ4?)

    This is just some thougts, what are yours?
  2. chazzycat

    chazzycat Deity

    Oct 13, 2010
    I like a lot of your ideas, in particular:

    - rivers connecting cities. How about just requiring sailing instead of a building?
    - river travel & steampower allowing both directions. very cool.
    - international trade really needs to be worked into this game somehow.

    The main argument will be that rivers are already pretty awesome and this could make them overpowered. I'm still in favor though.

    THE ONLY Chieftain

    Nov 24, 2010
    The rivers should all look like the one that splits in half the WEST vs EAST MAP on the advance setup Screen. Have those in Huge maps and we have a real game going. I shamefully admit that my world builder cannot open in my computer.
  4. Camikaze

    Camikaze Administrator Administrator

    Dec 27, 2008
    I largely agree with your suggestions.

    I'm not sure about movement along rivers, but the idea of trade connections along rivers seems a good one.

    As for increased happiness having increased benefits, what should be implemented is a linear scale of benefits. So each change in happiness has *some* effect, even if it's minimal. That way your game isn't based around thresholds, and the penalties and bonuses are more dynamic.
  5. naruto 101

    naruto 101 Chieftain

    Nov 6, 2010
    that s hould be a mod the river thig
  6. Save_Ferris

    Save_Ferris Admiring Myself

    Feb 26, 2011
    Straight Outa Ponyville
    Same here. I don't even bother with mods too much, it can be confusing.

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