RL1 - Readylander's Training Day Game


Nov 7, 2001
Readyland, MI
Standard SG Rules:
No automation of workers (except for pollution cleaning)
No goto orders that carry into the next leaders turns
No fortification of units far from home
10 turns per player (this isn't necessarily standard but it is what we are playing)
No reload, you have to live with what you do
No autosave (save occasionally, back up to last save if crash)


(1) 4000BC - And we are the Iroquois. We therefore start with a scout in addition to our settler and worker. I send our scout to look for the best site to settle our capital. We have a flood plain with a wheat which will produce 4 food and one gold so I want that within our cities borders. I also want to be on the river so we can grow beyond size six without an aqueduct but to our southeast is a desert which I would like to minimize within our borders. The western area appears to be more promising so our scout heads out in that direction. The lands to our west do appear to be better so I move our settler one tile to the west which appears will reduce our desert tiles by a couple and give us more grassland versus plains. And we are still on the river. Our worker is moved to a river grassland tile with a shield that he can start working next turn, this will maximize his effect as our first citizen will be working this tile until our borders expand and we get the wheat flood plain within our borders.

(2) 3950BC - Salamanca is founded and the history of the Iroquois begins. A scout is ordered to help us explore and find what gifts may be offered by the surrounding tribes. Due to the abundance of settlers that I have found recently in goody huts I am gambling that the scout's quick build (5 turns) and speed (2 movement) will pay off in some settlers. Due to our UU being the Mounted Warrior we begin our science research with The Wheel which will show us where the horses are. I raise our science rate to 90% which results in our breaking even but lowers our research time from 40 turns to 24 turns. Our worker immediately begins mining to bring us more shields so that we may build quicker. Our scout finds a hill from which to view our lands and sees great waters to our west and more deserts to our north.

(3) 3900BC - Our scout sees a hill to his south at the edge of our known lands so he goes there to better view our southern lands. We appear to have more greenlands to our southwest bordering the great waters.

(4) 3850BC - Our scout wants to continue moving south to explore but he avoids the hill immediately to his south as it will use up all of his strength in just one move this turn. So instead he runs around the hill and finds - our first goody hut!! Let us pray, (we are a religious civ), to the great gods that we will be greatly rewarded for our efforts in founding this civilization.

(5) 3800BC - OK, not quite what I was hoping for but the Chehalis tribe teaches us the secrets of Warrior Code. Our scout enters what appears to be a thick jungle, lets hope that it isn't too extensive.

(6) 3750BC - Our scout is slowed by the jungle, he does spy some hills within the jungle. He will head to one of them next turn to better view our lands.

(7) 3700BC - The production of our scout is completed and a settler is ordered up. We need to get another city going soon. Our new scout heads northeast towards the mountain to explore our eastern lands. Our original scout finds more jungle.

(8) 3650BC - Our worker finally finishes his mining and begins to build a road. Our new scout climbs the mountain for a better view and finds plains stretching as far as the eye can see. He also sees two very large animals with large white tusks. These must be the treasured elephants whose ivory is so favored by our peoples. He has a short internal debate with his duty to the Iroquois winning out over his PETA upbringing and he reports back to Hiawatha his findings. Hiawatha instructs him to explore the surrounding territory to find a good site to settle a city which will allow breeding these great beasts. Our original scout is not as lucky and finds only more jungle.

(9) 3600BC - Our new scout has even more luck - he finds not only a river but another one of the great gray beasts. Our original scout finds more jungle, but he thinks he sees in the distant clouds a mountain with a river running down the side of it.

(10) 3550BC - Our new scout is having all the luck, he climbs a mountain and scans the horizon to see more plains with two more big gray beasts. He has found what he thinks is a good spot to found a city and sends back word to Hiawatha to send a settler ASAP. Our original scout thinks he sees an end to the jungle as he approaches the mountain.

(11) 3500BC - Our worker finishes the road on the mine and moves to the wheated flood plain as our borders will expand next turn and that tile will be workable. Our new scout heads to the east and finds a goody hut. He will have to wait to explore it. The luck of our original scout may be turning around, he climbs the mountain and sees that the jungles do end, at least to the southwest and he thinks he can see a goody hut but it will take him some time to get there as it is beyond some hills.

(12) 3450BC - The borders of Salmanca expand due to our high culture and another goody hut is sighted to our north. Our worker starts building a road on the wheated plain to not only increase our research abilities but to also help the travels of our settler in reaching the land of the great beasts. Our new scout enters the Anasazi tribe's home and is taught Mysticism. Salamanca grows to size 2 which increases our income. Our science rate is increased to 100% which keeps us at break even but cuts two turns of research from The Wheel.

(13) 3400BC - Our original scout finally reaches the goody hut, he finds it is the home of the Navajo tribe who teach him of odd scribbles, they call it an alphabet. Our new scout continues exploring to our east and finds another great water.

(14) 3350BC - Our original scout finds another goody hut. Our new scout finds nothing.

(15) 3300BC - After consulting Section II - Workers and terrain improvements of http://realmsbeyond.net/civ/mmguide.html our worker determines that it will be beneficial to irrigate a wheated flood plain under despotism and begins irrigating. What is our worker doing on the net when we just discovered the alphabet you ask? Well this game was never intended to be historically accurate from what I have heard :) Our original scout continues our streak - Bronze Working is learned from the Mayans.

(16) 3250BC - Our scouts continue to explore but find nothing worth reporting.

(17) 3200BC - Our first settler is finally readied to leave our capital and heads out towards the lands of the big beasts. It is decided that it is time to train our first military unit even though we do not yet have the ability to train to the level of a veteran warrior. Hiawatha hears of this and commands that we do not produce military units beyond our original "protection" warriors until barracks are built. Our original scout finds some tasty spices in our southeastern lands.

(18) 3150BC - Our worker heads out to build a road to our new city.

(19) 3100BC - Our original scout finds more of the spices and spies a goody hut in the distance.

(20) 3050BC - After much discussion the city of Munith is founded. This site will have two tiles of overlap with our capital, which I try to avoid, but those two tiles are both flood plains which will allow us to grow one or the other cities at accelerated rates. I wanted to be on the river which is two tiles northeast but that would leave some unused tiles between our cities and would increase the cities' distance from our capital which would result in more corruption in both this city and the cities beyond. Plus building a city here will get it producing shields sooner than if we continued on. Although a settler is desired, a warrior is ordered as it is noted that the city will not grow fast enough to build a settler so soon.

Our people learn of the valiant victory of the Red Wings over those pesky Canucks of the North and huge celebrations ensue. Our leader wanders the streets with beers in hand. The beers are found to be Canadian beers and he is run out of town with shouts of "TRAITOR".

We are two turns from The Wheel which will show us where the horses are. Horses are key for us as the Iroquois because our UU is the Mounted Horseman. We hopefully will be able to settle a horse city soon. We do have to be careful with our UU as our first victory will start our Golden Age and that can be wasted if we don't have sufficient cities settled first. But this may not be a problem as we have not yet found any other civs within our immediate area. We should be able to settle many cities without needing to fight for territory.
I suggest that our next research target be Masonry because it is quick and will give us the ability to build the Pyramids or Horseback Riding because it will give us the ability to build our UU. Since we don't appear to need to war anytime soon I guess Masonry would be my first suggestion.
There are two goody huts that will be explored soon. One by our scout in the south and one by our warrior in our capital.
Our scouts should continue to explore the unknown areas closest to our capital and then work out from there.
After the warrior in Salamanca I would suggest a settler be built for either the area southwest of our capital (there should actually be two city sites down there) or a horse city if one is very close.
I will post a dot map when we have discovered where the horses are and the black areas near are capital are uncovered.

Hopefully Ziggy can get his turns in.

Some general suggestions:
The website I noted in 3300BC is a great site for information on micromanaging in Civ3, it is Charis, a very experienced SG player. If you haven't followed any of his games, you should.
I open notepad and take notes as I play and then just copy and paste it onto the website. I have seen others who take notes during the game and then do their write up when they post the game.
I have found getting emails when there are posts to the game thread to be helpful. At the bottom of the page is an option to "Receive updates to this thread" that will send you an email when there has been a new post to the thread since you last read it.

blast.er nope I wont be able to get to it..the save doesn't want to work.which after some minor banging my fist on the monitor..occurs to me is the fault of me not having gotten the ne wpatch yet
we are using that yes?
anyways.by time the hampsters in my modem get patch d/led..will be too late
so.er.skip me i guess (gee great start)

I'm normally free all during week tho as i said...just this weekend is a long weekend and we are going away

sorry :(

PS As a very displaced VANCOUVER resident..all i have to say is..CANUCKS RULE!

Sorry you couldn't get the game to work, yes we are on patch 1.21. I have only seen benefits from this upgrade so we will be playing with it.

Ziggy, when will you be able to play, your time (you are 13 hours ahead of me). I would like to have some idea of when we can expect you back, if possible. Enjoy your weekend, we will try to hold down the empire while you are gone :)

PS We shall see if the Canucks or the Wings rule :)

Slave, you are up next. Best of luck.
Something I wanted to clarify for the training games:

"I get the impression that ChrTh's idea is to let the rookies muddle their way through without a lot of up-front advice (so the vet doesn't dominate the decision making process) and then simply provide constructive feedback on what choices were made. So, I'm not going to post my own dotmap once we start the game -- I'll let you guys take care of that yourselves. "

Well, I expect some guidance at the end of your turn; for example what we need to concentrate on, where we should be building towards. The one thing I want to avoid is mid-turn discussion; I'd rather let the Rookie make a mistake on turn 4 when he gets a GL (rushes the Colossus instead of forming an army, for example) or suddenly gets a demand from Catherine for some gold. I do want extensive discussion both pre-turn and post-turn. My fear is only that the rookies will get paralyzed in their turn if they keep looking for help (making the game run forever).
Originally posted by Ziggy

PS As a very displaced VANCOUVER resident..all i have to say is..CANUCKS RULE!

As another displaced Vacouverite, I'd say the Canucks definely RULE! :king: They may not win often, but they rule! :D
hey all...i will be able to play starting this monday. (sunday evening in North America) Keep the mighty Iroquois horde on track till then.and watch out for the americans! :D
Slave, Rus_tenisist have you found this thread?

I would like to keep this game moving along and not wait for Ziggy to get back in a couple days. I was hoping that both of you could get in a turn before he returns.
1) 3050 BC

rus_tenisist takes the throne;
i think a good spot for a new town would be on one
of the ivories, i guess on the furthest one, we must
get all the luxuries we got around here

2) 3000 BC

salamanca completes warrior, i order spearman;
we expand our palace; i order warrior to go to
the goody hut; the scout on the north keeps on
exploring; the scout on south-east checks out the
goody hut - nothing in it

3) 2950 BC

we learn The Wheel and I switch to Iron Working;
both scouts keep on exploring, the south scout
found nothing and the north scout got to shore,
next turn warrior is gonna be in the hut

4) 2900 BC

the hut taught us masonry; road to our second city
completed; the scouts keep on exploring , so far
nothing good

5) 2850 BC
i order worker to irrarigate in Munith; the
north scout finds a hut and they teach us horseback
riding; the warrior explores some area north-west
to our capital, the south scout keeps on exploring

6) 2800 BC

my north scout goes north and find a cow square and
we see a red boarder, no contact yet; i lower the
science rate so we could collect some money and then
trade with the outher civ for tech

7) 2750 BC

my north scout sees a red warrior; no contact with
the civ yet; south scout finds nothin; my warrior
is ordered to go back to the capital

8) 2700 BC

my north scout sees a hut and we get 25 gold; south
scout keeps on exploring; since we now got money i
higher the science rate;

9) 2670 BC

spearman done, i order settler, irrarigation done ;
i order worker to build a road in the bushes

10) 2630 BC

warrior in munith is done , i order settleer ( by the
time it will produce the population will be 3), south
scout finds a river with two cow squares; north scout
goes on the red territory , we make contact with
Romans; they got nothin to trade; and i finish my turn

if i u think i am awful, pls tell me what i did wrong,
if i ruined the game for ya, then we can always use the
old safe again; i tried my best
right now i am studying the guide that u told me about
I just got back home. I am doing a writeup on Rus's turn, he did a good job, just some recommendations and then will do a dot map. Slave if you want to go ahead and happen to see this I think our next city should be one tile directly west of the horses, 2 tiles SE of the ivory. This will guarantee us the ability to build the mounted warrior.

You did a fine job. Don't worry too much about making mistakes. The whole idea behind this particular Trainning Game is to learn. If you don't make any mistakes then you aren't learning much. And I think it is impossible to not make some mistake in Civ3. There is just so much to it. Mistakes made will also be a good learning experience. Not only will you get an explanation of why someone thinks it was a mistake but we will also get a chance to see what can be done to overcome the resulting situation. So relax, have fun and take any comments as what they are intended: advice to help both you and others reading enjoy the game of Civ3 more.

So don't be put off by my comments I am just trying to help.

A couple recommendations on your write-up:

When you meet another civ move details are appreciated by those reading. I try to mention who is ahead in tech and by how much. For instance here we have 4 more techs than they do and they have none that we don't. I also sometimes mention specific techs that they have especially if they ones that we are particularly interested in, for instance if there is a particular wonder that we want to get I would mention whether or not they have that tech. I also will mention if they have resources that we don't or we have resources that we might be able to trade to them. I also will mention if they have a significantly different number of cities than we do.

When you get a tech that shows a new resource on the map, in this instance horseback riding shows the horses, mention whether or not we have the resource in our borders or nearby where we can get it with a new city. In this case we have a horse tile that isn't within our current borders but is one that we should be able to get before the Romans do. The horses are especially critical for us in this game because our UU is the Mounted Warrior which require horses.

A couple recommendations on the game play:

When I have a worker improve a tile I almost always first have it build a road. Roads help both with our income and with his and other unit's mobility. If a worker is irrigating a tile and a hostile civ or a barb approaches he can only move one square his first move. If he has first built a road he can move three squares of road in his first move and this can make the difference between capture and escape. If more food or shields are a big priority for a particular reason than I will irrigate or mine first but usually I will build a road first. In this case the irrigation of the flood plain without building a road will result in two turns extra turns for the worker, one when he moved off of the irrigated square and one when he moves back onto it.

After the flood plain I would have sent the worker to the ivory square NE of Munith for two reasons. Both squares are being worked by our citizens but it is quicker to build a road on a plain than in a forest so we would have been earning the extra gold quicker. The other reason is for mobility of our settler towards our next city site. With the road NE out of Munith it would help our settler get to our next city site quicker.

These aren't a big deal, just some things to keep in mind. As you move up in difficulty levels these types of optimization become more important.

Good call on the settler production, we need to expand. I was really hoping that we would get some settlers from goody huts but the tech lead that we have gotten is helpful as well.

I will now work on a dot map and some general recommendations but Slave go ahead if you want, note my suggested city site in my last post.
I just realized that Ziggy should be back shortly. Since both Ziggy and Slave were skipped due to real life commitments, whichever one of you wants to play first go ahead. Just post a message first that you have the game so the other knows not to start. We will then use this new order for all further play. And I will edit my first post to reflect the proper order.

This game kind of got off to a slow start but hopefully we can get some momentum going here.
I am indeed back..finally

Thanks for waiting on me guys..i have the game now and will get started momentarily
In the year 2630BC the mighty Iroquois nation were the master of all they surveyed. Though this mostly consisted of a few square miles of fertile river valley, none-the-less they were content. when the old ruling houses of the tribes died out after an impressive 1370 year span...the elders of the tribes sat down to ponder who would lead them boldly into the -27th century
After much debate and smoking of cerimonial pipes.Running Late was chosen to do this. After a further delay of 1000 odd years...he was actually found and finally installed on the throne..this is his story...

Pre-Turn 2630BC Meet with Rome. Their leader a bloke named Ceasar is Annoyed with us for some reason. His "mighty empire" consists of 2 citys, full mostly of citizens who sit around drinking WINE all day...and a whopping 10 gold. I texplained to him the concept of putting his dead in a hole in the ground to get rid of the stench, and he rewarded me with 10 gold. although he still seemed annoyed.
i then surveyed the Iroquois lands. Brave settlers due out of both citys in 3 and 15 moons respectively...and our wise men told me that in 8 more moons they would finally have this strange metal rock they called "iron" all figgured out.
As i sat down and finally began my realm...a messanger from our southern scout party ran up..Sir!..we were standing on a mountain when suddenly this warrior all decked out in green feathers and stuff came running by..like REALLY fast!
(1) 2590 I speak to these Aztecs. They are pathetic. we know 4 more secrets of the gods than they do, and like Rome they have a mere 10 gold and 2 citys total. i forget about them and order our scout to a mountain to see what he can see...he sees a barb camp.eep
decide to move worker out of the forest and onto our road network..plan to hook up the other ivory on the way to the next city which will get the horses..as well as cut off some roman expansion.loose warrior running around explores a bit as i notice that south of our capital is unexplored

(2) 2550 our scout lived?...the jag warrior followed him to also be next to the camp...and i guess they got confused...run away!

(3) 2510 not much..Mrs Late adds curtains and lace frills to the teepee

(4) 2470 spot the aztec borders far far to the south east...looks like fertile land for them as well

(5) 2430 Salmanaca finishes settler..it grows so fast that i set it to another one...due in the same amount of time as muniths...i look at munith again an see that it grows ridiculouly slow until it gets some irrigation...set it to worker instead (just in time...due next turn with no waste)

(6) 2390 munith finishes worker...set it to temple (due in 30..growth in 3..possible whip?) our lost warrior spots a barb hut just south of salmanaca...new worker starts to irrigate munith...other one continues road to new city

(7) 2350 The chehelias tribe has taught us mathmatics! (wow good luck on techs from huts in this game)
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