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    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    *** Over 8,000 Downloads ***
    Thank You All !!!

    NOTE: If you like Road to War - Historical, be sure to check out my new scenario based on Modern Earth as it is today. It has the same level of detail, but on a modern and global scale.

    After highlighting my concerns with Dales Mod here and here I decided I would try to improve it. Dales Mod is designed for Playability where any nation can try to win. My mod is aimed more at realism. i.e. Germany having better Techs and Training than most, Russia having many more men, USA having much more production and England having the wonderful "Battle of Britain" pilots. I have attached the changes I have made to Dale's Road to War. As alluded to in the original thread this version will build on the "flavor" by;

    * Enhanced the planes and ships, by providing more unique units.
    * Additional unit class refinements, thereby providing more control to the amount of the units each nation can build
    * More wonders to the game and place them in their respective capitals.
    * Single install file :D
    * Extensive Alpha testing prior to BETA release (see post 2 below) - thanks to FNP, Supermarine2000, pemery87

    1936 - Road to War - Historical
    I have been working on Dales' 1936 - RTW - European Scenario for nearly a year. I initially looked at the unit graphics in version 1.01 (0.10), but that was not where I was looking for my enthusiasm. I wanted there to be some realism in the mod. So starting in version 1.02, I changed my focus to Divisions, Corps and Armies. This was the best thing I did and will continue with later releases. Version 1.03 was a complete re-write for patch 3.19.

    This scenario goes for 20 years (480 turns) - 1956 :D

    NOTE: Select Historical Play only as this is a "Realism" mod :)
    But you can still play "random" (don't expect all events to occur) or even try your luck in "Open-Play"

    1.03.x - Earlier Versions for 3.17
    1.03.9.xx-1.04.xx - Development complete for 3.19 - (Now a single install file - approximately 300 MB)
    1.04.A1 - Alpha 1 Released - 11 May 2010 - closed testing
    1.04.A2 - Alpha 2 Released - 22 May 2010 - closed testing
    1.04.B1 - Beta 1 Released - 17 June 2010 - public testing
    1.04.B2 - Beta 2 Released - 11 July 2010 - public testing
    1.04.RC - Release Candidate - 4 August 2010 - public testing
    1.04 - Initial Release - 12 September 2010
    1.04.a - Scenario update released - 02 January 2011 - requiring 1.04
    1.04.a - get it here (includes updated scenario) - 17 August 2015
    1.04.SP1-Alpha closed testing - 16 April 2011
    1.04.SP1-Alpha open testing - 15 July 2011
    1.04.SP1-Beta - to be released when Alpha Testing is completed
    1.04.SP1 - When public Beta Testing is completed.
    1.05 - Pacific Scenario - Development not yet started - maybe canceled
    1.06 - Global Scenario - Unlikely
    see - The Road to War - Historical Edition 2.0 for future developments
    - cancelled
    1.04b - Small map update released 30 January 2019
    1.05 - Significant bug fix version - released 25 March 2019
    1.06 -
    1.07 - Released - added Operation Overload and Operation Husky landing zones for the Allies
    1.10 - The Road to War Ultimate Edition for 3.17 and updated for 3.19 by deanj
    1.20 - The Road to War Ultimate Historical Edition - the Final Project planned

    System Requirements
    1: Civilization IV
    2: Beyond the Sword Expansion
    3: Patch 3.19
    4: Due to the increased graphics, a good fast processor and graphics card is required
    5: Windows 7 64 is recommended as is 6 GB of RAM or more.

    This "Rise of Mankind tip" may help lesser machines (e.g. WinXP 32bit.)
    (I am currently developing/playing on a Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, Core i7 920 , 6 GB of RAM with HD 4870 512 Graphics Card)

    NOTE: Not compatible with the Road to War 1.1 UE, but can be installed in it's own folder.


    Installation Notes
    Simply extract the file into your \Beyond the Sword\Mods\ folder and load the new scenario.

    The way I start it is to simply click on the "C:\GAMES\CIV4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\The Road to War - Historical\PublicMaps\1936 - Europe (Historical - 1.07).CivBeyondSwordWBSave" file. It will then automatically load the mod.

    NOTE: Where I have installed CIV4 on my Windows 7 PC.

    Recommended way to play "Hot Seat Mode" as this allows better control of your allies. To Set Human player for

    Germany, Hungary, Romania, Austria and Czechoslovakia (Build up troops for Germany when they are annexed), Italy - (Activity in Afrika and Albania), Finland (Early battle with Russia)

    UK, USA, Poland, France, Lowlands, Scandinavia (Norway/Denmark), Greece, Canada,

    Soviet Russia, Albania, Yugoslavia,

    Baltic, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Iran, Arabia, Arabian Rebels (Barbarians)
    Set all other players to AI. i.e. If you select AXIS set all ALLIES and NEUTRAL to AI, If you select ALLIES, set AXIS and NEUTRAL to AI, If you select NEUTRAL, set AXIS and ALLIES to AI.
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    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Development Fixes
    Spoiler :
    Pre-Final Version Fixes

    Version 1.04.A1 - Alpha 1 Release - Errata and Enhancements
    Opening Credits to be editted - Fixed in Civ4GameText_DCM.xml
    Initial Submarines are torpedo boats - Fixed in Map 0.40.01
    Generic Improved Submarines can cross ocean - Fixed in Civ4Unitinfos0.40.01
    Initial Italian Tank Divs are Italian Tank Bdes - Fixed in Map 0.40.02 and Civ4Unitinfos0.40.02
    Towns allow shipping through - Fixed in Civ4ImprovementInfos0.40.01
    Leceister and Leeds have starvation - Fixed in Map 0.40.02
    Leeds transport in landlocked city - Fixed in Map 0.40.02
    Coal Plant no longer produces oil - Fixed in Civ4BuildingInfos0.40.01
    German,British,French,Italian,Polish Armies and Corps added and techs removed - Fixed in Map 0.40.03-09 and CivUnitInfos0.40.03-06
    Hungary initial Tank Div is only a Tank battalion and scaled incorrectly - Fixed in Map 0.40.10
    Minor Nations Aircraft not correct on the initial map - Fixed in Map 0.40.10
    German Generals can not lead Armies and Army Groups - Fixed in Civ4Unitinfos0.40.07
    - Will check other units now - Fixed in Civ4Unitinfos0.40.10
    Graf spee using wrong model - Fixed in Map 0.40.11
    A large number of unit graphics not showing in Civilopedia - Fixed in CIV4ArtDefines_Unit0.40.02
    Avia B534 has pink propeller -
    Switzerland has succumbed to Italian Culture - Fixed in Map 0.40.13
    Crash to Desktop always at Fortnight 2, Jul 1936 - suspect Spanish Civil war script - Fixed in Map 0.40.12
    Nations have the correct coloured flags - Fixed in Map 0.40.12
    Additional "II German Korps" in Berlin - Fixed in Map 0.40.14
    Innsbruck needs slightly higher culture level - left as is
    Lowlands Culture intrudes too much into France between Metz and Sedan - Fixed in Map 0.40.16
    Culture defense bonus accumulates too quickly - Fixed in Map 0.40.16, CIV4CultureLevelInfo0.40.01 and CIV4SpecialistInfos0.40.01
    Some PanzerGrenadier Div just infantry divs - Fixed in Map 0.40.14
    Ireland successfully takes over a number of barbarian Islands - Fixed in Civ4Unit0.40.14 and Map 0.40.15
    Naval Mines defeated too easily - Fixed in Civ4Unit0.40.14

    NOTE: "Crash to desktop"s - Save frequently every 1-2 turns - Fixed in 1.04.BETA 2 - !!!!!!

    Version 1.04.A2 - Alpha 2 Release - Errata and Enhancements
    City Specialists need further tweaking - Fixed in CIV4SpecialistInfos0.40.02
    Czechoslovakia builds Fighter I sqn -
    Experimenting with adding walls for extra defense - Added in CIV4BuildingClassInfos0.40.01, CIV4BuildingInfos0.40.03 and CIV4UnitInfos0.40.15
    Andorra succumbs to Spanish culture - Fixed in Maps 0.40.20
    Barbarian Islands returned to Original Owners - Fixed in Maps 0.40.17-20
    U.S.A. Invades Portugal - Fixed in Maps 0.40.21
    Finnish Forts succumb to Russian Culture, Capitals need Goods Factory, Innsbruck infantry is Reserve Div, French Cavalry in Touggart, Aquaba is Portugal - Fixed in Map 0.40.22
    Captured Cities culture reduced from 1,000 to 10 - Fixed in
    Dutch Corps are Dutch Armies - Fixed in Map 0.40.23
    sdkfz251 scaled to large - Fixed in CIV4ArtDefines_Unit0.40.03

    Alpha Tester Feedback:
    FNP: Naval Mines and Frigates not correctly shown - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.16
    FNP: Fortifications not Described correctly - Fixed in text files
    FNP: Infantry IV makes Tank Division - Fixed in text files
    FNP: Unit Symbols - New Symbols supplied by FNP - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.18 and CIV4ArtDefines_Unit0.40.04
    FNP: Polish and Japanese Heavy Bombers - Aircraft unit stats changed - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.17
    FNP: Fire-control Systems for Cruisers and Battleships - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.21

    XP for unit kills more varied - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.20

    Alpha Tester Feedback:
    Supermarine2000: Generals should be pre-assigned to units, that already exist on map - Fixed in Map 0.40.27

    Canadian Units have incorrectly assigned models -Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.22

    Alpha Tester Feedback:
    pemery87: Units to require multiple resources - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.23

    Tech development still too fast - Fixed by removing Science output from Great Merchant
    Armoured Car Scale to big - Fixed in CIV4UnitInfos0.40.40
    Italian Rhodes Division not named - Fixed in Map 0.40.40
    All wonders now added to their correct cities - Fixed in Map 0.4.40

    Version 1.04.B1 - Beta 1 release - Errata and Enhancements
    civ_king: Pz11 Greek still has Pink Propellors. - Fixed
    civ_king: Espionage points required too high for Allies - Fixed
    civ_king: Tech Development still too fast - Fixed
    civ_king: Germany still too strong - Fixed

    Italian Tank Regt moves too fast - Fixed
    Hungarian Tank Regt too large in scale - Fixed
    Italian Tank Div too large in scale - Fixed
    Fascism is too attractive as many countries convert to Fascism - Fixed
    Work boats too large is scale and too slow - Fixed
    Italian Tank Bde not armor - Fixed
    Bunker should use Machine Gun animations - Fixed
    Not sufficient naval mines - Fixed
    Russian Commissar graphics not correct - Fixed
    Game lock-up when attacking multi-men units - ????

    Version 1.04.B2 - Beta 2 release - Errata and Enhancements
    FNP: New interface Buttons - Fixed
    FNP: Baltic States D.510 not displayed correctly - Fixed
    civ_king: Avia B.534 still has Pink Propellors. - Fixed

    German Generals still not correctly assigned to units - Fixed

    Version 1.04 - Release Candidate - Errata and Enhancements
    Wonders and buildings give additional happiness - Fixed
    Fortnightly news bulletins to add flavour - Fixed
    Russian forces increased signficantly - Fixed
    All starting Generals pre-assigned to their respective units - Fixed
    Aircraft limited to 10 per city or fort/airbase - Fixed
    Aircraft Ground to Air stats changed to refect the minimal impact they made to units. i.e. they should only be able to damage a unit not destroy it - Fixed
    New interface buttons for Generals and Artillery applied - thanks FNP - Fixed
    Roads and Railroads can now be built again, but require a certain tech level to be achieved - Fixed

    More Aluminum needs to be added to the map
    Air Factory to Require Copper not Aluminium
    Stuttgart's River to be longer.

    1.04 Pre-Release Fixes

    City - Augsburg - to have additional buildings and Fascism - Done
    Afrika Korps - Greek "lock" town to have Pillbox to hold of Barbarians - Done
    Albania - More Italian Units to be added to initial Albania Army Group - Done
    Artillery Support Range to be increased by 1 to 2. - Done
    GILLE - 5th SS "Viking" Panzer Division to have leader changed to Muhlenkamp - Done
    German Town to be placed in Norway to facilitate invasion - Done
    Ironworks to have Free Good Factory in all Cities removed - Done
    Many of these following proposed changes will now be incorporated into The Road to War - Historical Edition 2.0 - now actively developed
    Spoiler :
    1.04 Service Pack 1 - Fixes - discontinued

    These changes will be added when Service Pack 1 is released

    Many changes have been incorporated from other WWII scenarios, but still keeping with the format of Divisions, Corps and Armies, etc. This is to give the game a bit more flavour and feel that I felt was lacking.

    U.S.A. to have the tech required to build transports (this fix is available now)
    Romanian Rivers corrected.
    Bitter Winter to have more negative impacts
    Many changes made to yields, in particular towns are very important.
    Locate a US base in Western Africa with Operation Torch Forces
    Locate a US base in the south England with 1944 D-Day forces
    Marsh has been added to replace the forests for the Pripet Marshes

    Italian SM.79 Bomber do not use air-capacity limits
    Many units ignore building defences ... will check all units
    German Combat Values reduced in strength significantly to reflect the fact that some units may operate independently
    Comprehensive review of all units from armoured division and up and their starting locations
    Russia has gained a couple hundred more Rifle Divs (all with two lives - ouch !!!)
    Some units graphics and sizes have been changed to better distinguish forces and strength
    Alled forces have changed.
    - US units lowest is now a Infantry Regiments
    - British units also changed with Armoured regiments now replaced with Brigades.
    - British also have infantry brigades

    Many new buildings have been added
    - Religious buildings (requires Neutrality in the city to build)
    - Many additional types of factories can now be built (Auto, Synthetic, Plastics, etc.)
    - Additional educational buildings like Observatories, Salons, etc.

    Attached Files:

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    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    As noted below, new cities have been added. There have also been changes made to the map as well. e.g. Bremen is now a coastal city. A number of rivers have been added and a lot or railroads and roads have been removed, most significantly from the Russian Front. More resources have been added as well.

    New for this version
    * Convoy routes across the Atlantic
    * New minor nations to replace some of the barbarians in the middle-east
    * Switzerland
    * Arabia
    * Persia
    * Portugal
    * Govt-in-Exiles

    A significant amount of work has gone into adding more cities and also making sure the city size is appropriate. The initial "culture" for each city is now based on how many 1,000's of citizens were living there in or around 1940 (depending on what data was available). I have also added "Rebel" towns and cities, especially in the Middle East, which will keep the British, Italians and French occupied for a while. I have also added more cities closer together. e.g. Holland and the Ruhr Area

    I have now also added wonders to the map and appropriate bonuses given. Most are located in the appropriate cities, but there are also some held by rebels, etc. So it is worth exploring to get these cities as well. These wonders also give bonus buildings. (see civilopedia for details)

    Each city now has a number of initial buildings equal to it's city size minus one. i.e. a city size of 3 has 2 initial buildings. Construction of buildings must now follow a set order, which will ensure that the city has the appropriate infrastructure support for it's size. Each Buildings gives differing bonuses for experience, science, culture, food and money (see civilopedia for details). Goods Factory produce "Food" to help the denser cities.

    Cities have seen the re-introduction of "culture", which equals initially the population size in thousands. While culture was essentially removed from the original RtW, except an arbitrary one thousand, when a city was taken. Cities defensive bonus have been increased based on size of the city population.

    New for this version
    * Single "Govts-in-Exile" towns in far away places
    * Single Significant Cities added in other places of conflict (Albania, Norway, Afrika, Monte Cassino)

    Military Building will have increased -negative health
    Coal Plant no longer produces oil - making oil more critical again :D

    Many additional wonders have been added, which act mostly as tourist attractions. However, some modern buildings have been added which give additional bonuses. e.g. Westpoint, Sandhurst, KGB, OSS, Bletchley Park, etc.
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    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Initial Units
    The 1936 Scenario includes all units the existed in September 1939 for most nations, except Russia which has all units that exists in June1941. Nations can build some units already, based on their initial tech level, e.g. England can build some type ships and fighters, Germany can build Panzer Divisions and Corps and Russia can already build new Armies.

    Most significant Generals have been included for both major and minor nations, and some have already being pre-assigned to units. If the General had achieved sufficient rank or fame, he has been included. All of them have been placed on the map, within the borders of the relevant countries. Leaders have also been added as Prophets and can also be used to settle in the game. They don't play a major part, but added them for more favour.

    Initial Battleships, Carriers and Cruisers now have unique names. They also have unique promotions, based on their speed, range, and armament. This will be further enhanced in version 1.0.4 and later versions. I have also changed the combat values of the fighters and bombers, but this is still a “work in progress” and hope to refine it in time for 1.0.4 release.

    Unit Details
    I have now created unit stats for all significant formations for the major powers involved in WWII , i.e. Germany, Russia, France, England, Italy, USA, China, Japan.

    The combat values and bonuses are based on the actual formation make-up, i.e. number of tanks, infantry, artillery and anti-tank strengths and combined into various values and bonuses. The amount of units a nation can build is now also limited to approximately historical limits. I have therefore limited the amount of artillery available as most were inherent in these higher level units. (see civilopedia for details)

    Each unique unit now has a unit name, so while you are playing you can follow your favourite division, corps or army or even army group. Some Units also have a Generals name in brackets next to the unit. This will help if you want to add a General to lead the unit directly.

    I have included new graphics for major nation units and included the models for the "King Tiger", "Centurion", "JS-II", "T-34/76" and restored the "Panther" to the game. Even Minor Nations have now Unique Units.

    See Civilopedia for details
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    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    RE: A 1939 Scenario
    Alpha-Testers: Supermarine2000, fireclaw722, FNP
    Beta-Testers: (see posts later in this thread)

    Dale - Original Author of "The Road to War"
    Snafusmith - Major Producer of WWII units
    AsioAsioAsio, FNP, Capun, Gramps, Charles, Kesselbrut, UrbanTiger, GeneralMatt, Nuvoloblu, Sharick, KrugerPritz, slaxton, Dutchking, Xenomorph, nudden, and many others.

    Special mention to Maeriaek and The J for War Prizes and ReSpawn MOD Comp
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    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Development Milestones
    24 Oct 2009 - Conversion from "The Road to War - KiwiTT" to "The Road to War - Historical" Completed
    03 Jan 2010 - Version 1.03.9xx development started
    27 Jan 2010 - Bugs fixed from 1.03.3x
    12 Feb 2010 - Initial Aircraft,Battleships,Cruisers Graphics added
    21 Feb 2010 - 400 individual ship specifications researched
    28 Feb 2010 - 200 aircraft types researched so far
    08 Mar 2010 - Added, Switzerland, Persia, Arabia and Portugal - A birthday present for me - LOL
    20 Mar 2010 - Sorting through downloaded model graphics to determine best quality
    30 Mar 2010 - Completed Selection of Unit Artwork
    04 Apr 2010 - Generals, Cavalry, Infantry Added
    07 Apr 2010 - Major Nations Tanks Added and scaled appropriately
    14 Apr 2010 - Minor Nations Divisions, Corps, Armies now represented by the number of actual men
    20 Apr 2010 - Infantry completed
    23 Apr 2010 - Tanks completed
    04 May 2010 - Aircraft completed
    08 May 2010 - Ships Completed
    11 May 2010 - 1.04 Alpha 1 Version completed :D
    16 May 2010 - Playtesting revealed serious error
    22 May 2010 - 1.04 Alpha 2 Version released
    17 Jun 2010 - 1.04 Beta 1 Version released
    11 Jul 2010 - 1.04 Beta 2 Version Released
    03 Aug 2010 - 1.04 Release Candidate 1 Released
    05 Aug 2010 - 1.04 Release Candidate 2 Released
    22 Aug 2010 - 1.04 Preview Released
    12 Sep 2010 - 1.04 Historical Released
    15 Sep 2010 - !!!!!!!!!!!! Last Day for any Major Fixes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    25 Sep 2010 - Target Date for last application of fixes
    26 Sep 2010 - 1.04 Historical Final Version released
    02 Jan 2011 - Updated European Scenario released
    16 Apr 2011 - 1.04 SP1 Alpha Released to closed group
    15 Jul 2011 - 1.04 SP1 Alpha Released to public
    16 Sep 2011 - 1.04 SP1 Alpha now no longer being worked on
    18 Sep 2011 - 2.0 is now the future path - less is more.
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    Nov 2, 2009
    Additional unit comments:
    If you intend to get as detailed with the Naval units as you have with land forces, here are the ship classes that might be representative of British/US/Soviet/French/German/Italian navies:

    British / US / Soviet / French / German / Italian
    BB King George V / Iowa / Sevastopol / Richelieu / Bismarck / Littorio
    CA Kent / Baltimore / Maxim Gorkiy / Suffren / Blucher / Trento
    CV Illustrious / Essex / [none] / [Joffre] / [Graf Zeppelin] / Aquila
    DD Tribal / Fletcher / Project 7 / L'Adroit / Z 23 / Navigatore
    PF River / [none] / [none] / River / SG 1 / Pegaso
    SS U / Balao / SC / Redoutable / Type VII / Adua

    All navies had a wide mix of ship types of varying ages, especially BB and CA types. The above ship classes represent either the class being produced circa 1940 (eg King George BB) or the class with the most numbers of ships in WWII (eg. Z 23 DD / Fletcher DD/ Tribal DD).
  8. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Excellent feeback. I will incorporate these classes into the game.

    From a Message
    I can probably do this one unit XML file, but with different Civ files and different unique units. e.g. Spitfire_EU, Spitfire_PAC, Spitfire
  9. fireclaw722

    fireclaw722 Imperial Guard

    Feb 27, 2009
    The Americas
    I have Suggestion regarding Units:


    Strength: 3
    Movement: 3
    Starts With: Drill I, II, III(due to excesive amounts of training)
    City Defence I
    Gets +2 First Strike Chances


    Strength: 10
    Movement: 1
    Starts With: Geurilla I,II,III
    Is hidden(Completly) while in a forest or jungle

    Replace Submarine/Attack Submarine
    Unique to Germany

    Strength: ??
    Movement: 7
    Targets Merchant Ships first
    100% against Merchant Ships
    100% against Destroyers
    100% against Cruisers

    Resistance Units:

    When Poland and France are captured and fall they should be able to get some Troops
    every once in a while to show the Resistance to German occupation.
  10. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Snipers are probably too small to make an impact against a division. Resistance Fighters really only affected "Civil order" requiring a division to station in a city, to reduce it's rebelion time. While they definitely made an impact they could not destroy a "division". Guerillas Units are a possibility, Just not sure how yet.

    RE: U boats. I have currently in 0.39x made Attack Submarine class for German able to use ocean squares and normal sunbmarines a limited to coastal areas and convoy routes.
  11. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    I may remove the "Blitz" promotion from ships. Giving ships massive movement distances, like proposed, would make them quite different to land units, but they would then also play quite a significant role.
  12. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    RTW type	Suggested Type
    Bf 109	Bf 109
    FW 190	FW 190
    ME 262	ME P1101
    CR 42	CR 42
    G 55	G 55
    Caproni	Re 2007
    Hurricane	Hurricane
    Spitfire	Spitfire
    Meteor	Meteor
    MS 406	MS 406
    D 520	D 520
    Brege 693	Mystere MD 454
    P 40	P 40
    P 51	P 51
    FR 1 	F 86
    I 153	I 16
    IL 2	YAK 9
    MiG 15	MIG 15
    KI 27	KI 27
    A6M	A6M
    KI 84	KI 201
    Hawk 75	I 16
    I 16	P 40
    Vultee	P 51
    JU 87	JU 87
    JU 88	JU 88
    Ar 234	JU 390  / HO XVIIB
    BA 88	BA 88
    SM 79	SM 79
    AR 234	AR 234
    Wellington	Wellington
    Lancaster	Lancaster
    Mosquito	Canberra / Vulcan
    Amiot 143	Amiot 143
    Amiot 340	Amiot 354
    Amiot 354	B17
    B 18	B 18
    B 17	B 17
    B 29	B 29
    TB 4	TB 4
    IL 4	IL 4
    TU 4	TU 4
    KI 32	KI 32
    G4M	G4M
    Kikka	G8N1
    TB 4	TB 4
    IL 4	IL 4
    B 17	B 17
    I give this quite a bit of thought. They are excellent ideas and having the input of a "Former Naval Pilot - FNP" makes it all the more so.

    As to the Mosquito. I actually like it as I see it as the Allies, seeing the importance of the ground-attack role, so well demonstrated by the Germans, with the Stuka in the early part of the war and then the latter part, in it's main role in giving the Allies "significant" air support in causing disruption to the Germans.

    I'll review your supplied spreadsheet in more detail over the next few weeks. I want to make 0.4 as good as possible.

    As to ranges on the Europe Map. Each square is more like 100kms as opposed to your 36 miles.
  13. FNP

    FNP Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2009
    Woops, so much for counting squares and using an atlas. need a scalar. Multiply Europe ranges by 0.58

    If you want ground attack/ close air support aircraft instead of long range bombers, consider Typhoon, P-47, Mosquito, Il-2, A-20, and B-26. Or, give your 3rd generation fighters significant capability in the collateral damage, bomb, and bomb rate columns.
  14. FNP

    FNP Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2009
    Makes one appreciate why navies are important. Ships win the ton-mile/hour race every time. No ships, no Pacific war. No convoys, no British in the conflict after 1942, no US participation, no allied invasions, just a European land war.
  15. Kleudde

    Kleudde Chieftain

    Mar 18, 2009
    wow it is nice to see that even up to this month some people tries to tweak and improve the best ever game/mod of the history!
    I'm curious to give it a try. I've played so many games of Road to war and yes it's the best game ever but still have bugs and inconsistancy.
    Is there a place where we can download the latest of your modifications? and a little "how to" to install it?
  16. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    0.33 is the latest release and all the info can be found in my signature.

    0.4x is due early next year.
  17. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Expect to re-start development soon.
  18. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    0.39.xx is now under development.

    My first focus is to correct any major errors from 0.3x. e.g. Tech Development costs.
  19. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    A more indepth study into German forces will have me reduce the number of "armoured" units. This will also reduce the number on all others as well. As the maximums for German classes also apply for others, e.g. if German can had only 25 armoured divs, Russia can only have 25 as well, etc.
  20. Supermarine2000

    Supermarine2000 Warlord

    Sep 29, 2009
    Concepción, Chile
    kiwitt...the russians have 23.000 tanks in 1941, they have the largest armored forces in the entire world, but also the most of those units was T-26 tanks and many of them they used as artillery, because those tanks have a poor maintenance.

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