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Rod02-Caesar's Confusion


Mar 18, 2008
The ship sets sail for the second time, with new and old crew and passengers :D.

Some more back story continued from Planning and Discussion.

Caesar-Something isn't right here. I guess i will start off in the normal fashion and try to find out what is going on.

Spoiler :
Turn 0- Worker movement on cattle spots nothing too exciting, so Rome is founded on the spot. It starts a warrior for early defense. Barracks is next. Research set to get nice bronze weapons in 30 turns. Like we will use bronze :p

Turn 1-Worker starts roading Cattle. Quickly calculate rough spt potential of rome without too much work. at 6 pop, it can produce 13 spt if all the BGs are mined.

Turn 2- Whoever said that early turns were boring was right. zzzz

Turn 3-Worker finishes roading cattle. Starts mining it.

Turn 4- Rome-Warrior->Barracks . Probably a gamble, but you never know until you try.

Turn 5- Rome Grows. MM a bit and place the new guy on some wheat farming. It grows in 5 turns now. Barracks in 8.

Turn 6- Nothing except Caesar Scratching his head.

Turn 7-Nothing at all.

Turn 8- Nothing

Turn 9- Nothing

Turn 10- Cultural expansion reveals Ivory just outside the borders. SoZ anyone?

Turn 11- Why me for these turns :(

Turn 12-Rome is done on the barracks. A worker now would be useful for getting some Roads and stuff up quickly. Starts Worker. Our treasury is now loosing gold. Worker starts roading wheat.

Turn 13- Caesar marries for the first time.

Turn 14-zzz

Turn 15-Rome-Worker->Archer

Worker2 moves on BG.Worker 1 starts irrigating wheat.

Turn 16-Worker2 starts roading BG.

Turn 17-zzzz

Turn 18-Don't have to tell you what happened this turn.

Turn 19- Worker 1 finishes with the wheat job. moves on a BG. Worker 2 starts mining BG. the bronze thingy due next turn :scan:

Turn 20- Bronze working comes in. start on Iron working. due in 30 turns after adjusting science slider.

That is kind of it. Quite eventful i must say :lol:

Heres a Roster, Don't have time for colours today

1)Rodent- Contentedly nibbling on rat food.
2)TheOverseer714- Up!!!
3)CommandoBob- On Deck
4)DWetzel- *put something appropriate here :p*
5)Kulko- Don't know what he is doing
6)Vmxa- perhaps you could have had a longer Username :p


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I am all for SoZ.

Thats Mathematics isn't it? That would also fit perfectly with the need for Cats.

How much defense do we need before we can build a settler?
It is a reference to a mainframe OS called Virtual Machine eXtended Architecture.
vmxa said:
It is a reference to a mainframe OS called Virtual Machine eXtended Architecture.

You had to have something geeky :rolleyes: . What is your Opinion on SoZ Virtual Machine :p
Yummy SoZ. I'd much rather have that than horses (even if they upgrade to knights).

Obviously, a lot depends on who might show up soon, but is a brief stop-off for Pottery a good idea? I honestly don't know, just asking. Given that we have a great settler factory in place, we might want it. We could put our first settler S-SW of Rome--it would be able to also use the wheat + cow. The river makes any defense that way problematic anyway--having it close by might be handy.

Without knowing what lies beyond, I'd consider doing that, one directly on the ivory, and another city N-N-E of Rome. Those are defensible from Rome. The nearby settler factory isn't, directly, due to the river, but we have to settle that way anyway at some point.
requesting permission to come aboard. I like AW games. They get a little hairy from time to time. I will be at the bar relaxing and having a cold drink.
We will have to see how many friends we have nearby to know about Pottery. I forgot already if we are allowing trades on first contact or not. If yes, then we could get it that way, if not and we have some room and time, it makes sense.

My last game as Rome was AWDG 31 civs, but it was 250x250. Still it took a super start to survive long enough to use granaries. Here we will face slower production from the AI, but they are likely to start quite close.

I would not be surprised to find it will take force to expand after the first 3 towns. In that case Pottery is not so important.

I did expect to see someone in the first 30 turns, but we may be lucky and they may have gone in the other direction. We almost have to have starts in the 8-10 tile range in one direction, if not more than one.

SoZ is very very strong here as they are great at making leaders and are great armies so early. We should be in good shape to get it, giving they have no bonus and will not have a strong capitol for a while.

They are normally slow to go for Math, but will so many contacts they will have the first tier techs in a hurry.
I'd say city number 2 on the Ivory, build a Barracks Walls and 2 Spears and then we start the SoZ prebuild ASAP. ACs are basically a Swordsman on a horse, so we probably won't need Horses until we can build Knights. I'd like to build a Spear and then a Settler in Rome after the Archer finishes. I know most of us avoid Spears, but they are important in AW. I have the save, hopefully can begin play tonight. Would 20 turns be better at this early stage? I can do 10 or 20 and if a question or problem comes up, I can consult with the team.
I'd say play it by ear. If it's been 10 turns like the opening set, keep going; if we have anything resembling contact, then probably stop at 10.

A spear or two would be a decent plan, I think. I think I like your plan in general. I still think getting a second city SSW as I discussed would be a good idea, it would give us the flexibility to run either city on settler/worker duty as needed. Rome can get quite decent shield production with neither of the food bonii, and even better with the cow.

If we only spit one settler out of Rome (and perhaps another worker), it should be able to get a SoZ cranked out pretty quickly, turning over settler production to the second city.
The Ivory is a bit in a dry area, but so is the SW. Maybe after the Archer finishes, the Warrior can climb the mountains and get a better look. SE may be a better choice than either for Settlers. I'll have to see.
Rome has the baracks ready and should be cranking Military as often as possible. So I would prefer the SoZ and the settler Factory somewhere else. First settling the SSW and then from there onwards the Ivory. Ivory should start prebuild asap after he wall, with spears rather coming from somewhere else. If th military situation doesn't allow for this its probably better to delay SoZ in general unti a later time of the game. After all in regent we don't really need to hurry.
I would say go ahead and play 20 for the first 2 or even 3 players, even after contact. No decision will be coming up right away.

Settler factories are probably not going to be needed in AW, maybe much later. You will need settlers, but you are not going be able to spit out 10 settler and plop them down. Well you could, but I doubt you could keep them.

Every town will need a spear and soon some will need several, until we can get Legions. Spears are the back bone in early game as they are cheaper and make great MP's.

If the game is so easy that we can found towns at will in the first 120 turns, we would need to up the level, but we shall see how it turns out.
OK, so granary (and thus Pottery) is a bad idea.

I still (STILL) like the S-SE location for the flexibility to get a settler out of either city as needed.
Pardon me for being lame at being able to visualize the plan for the next towns. What I see of the map suggest that we will have go for a town two tiles off the volcano on the river.

That sort of forces us to place the ivory town on the ivory. This is fine as we do not want lose the grass tile for a site anyway. There seems to be lots of plains in the neighborhood.

We do not have to make the ivory site the second town, if we see a better site for a second town in another direction. All we need is to have the ivory once we have Math or rather in time for the wonder. That is not going to be for some time.

We can start a pre any time, but I would not expect to be able to actually start one prior to Masonry. We have a lot of techs to learn first. We have/had BW, IW then either Pottery or Mason.

This also means putting any shot at being first to Philo to bed. I am fine with that, but we have to know that we will still have Writing, Lit after going for Math to have a shot a the GLB.

Remember techs are more expensive on a huge map and we will soon be eating up our income to pay for troops. IOW we will get sluggish at research and stay that way for a long time.
My quick and dirty dot map. To the southeast, I don't know what works there. CxC is on river, but CxxC probably makes more sense. Either way there is a river and hills in the way, so it's not terribly desirable.

EDIT: On the town to the S-SW, I could also be persuaded to put it 3SW of Rome. That would also get it the ability to work the cow and wheat, and put it CxxC from the ivory town. On the minus side, it wouldn't be on the river.



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The one with double location may be able to go 333 instead. We will need to see more land to tell. There is a river out there as we can see the tail of by the mountain.

If so we stay in our 3 move pattern and get a river. Once a worker go to the BG tile we will know.
The SW plains tile beside the hill IS on a river, it has 1 gold without a road. The hill is also and it is very defensible plus has access to grass tiles.
I'm surprise nobody has notice the... uhm, nevermind. I'm sure you'll see it soon enough.

Anyway, I hope that volcano doesn't cause any trouble for you.
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