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Role Play Challenge: SuperGenius Darius


RPC Supergenius
Oct 6, 2006
New York City
Welcome to my next Role Play Challenge, SuperGenius Darius! These games are meant to be educational and entertaining with an occasional unique or historical twist on our beloved leaders!

Here we Have Darius of Persia, he of the magnificent and overpowered Financial and Organized trait! Too easy for an RPC, too stronge, and that dynamite early UU!

Fear not, I have a way of treating the strongest leader like a half-dead rat!

Darius looked at his ancestor's Cottage mania many RPCs ago and has decided NOT to go down that route. Here Darius plans to run the most simplest of economies while showing the world he can win with his superior intellect! There shall be NO weak cottages in this game, nor whall we fall on the crutch called the SE! NO, our Supergenius leader plans to play it as a farm and hammer economy!


1) Darius' workers can only create farms, mines, workshops, lumbermills, watermills, and of course resources. NO cottages. Captured cottages-towns must be pillaged and destroyed to make room for more food and hammers!

2) Darius is limited in specialists as follows: He can run a GP farm as he sees fit. He cannot adopt representation. He can adopt caste for the workshop hammer bonus but cannot run the extra scientists except in the GP farm. If he "has' to run specialists they have to be engineers and priests. Also merchants may be run to simply keep the econoym afloat. But remember, this is NOT a SE game!

3) All victory condtition and game play is wide open providing we follow rules 1 and 2.


Monarch difficulty and marathon speed.

We are using a Big/Small map with Low sea Level and a Rocky climate.

Our Intellectually endowed leader

And the start

WOW! A Desert tile in the capital BFC with tundra to the east!

As we have agriculture I guess Mining is first on the board!
Hammer economy sounds interesting. Org is pretty decent for this, but why financial?
Ouch, squished between desert and tundra. Still, I think settling inland would be the best idea, lose some of those empty coast tiles. 1E would probably be better. (moving the settler 1SE, 1N of course) Too bad your scout can't reveal anything interesting.

Between tons of hammers and immortals, your victory condition might as well be a 150 BC conquest win. :p
Hammer economy sounds interesting. Org is pretty decent for this, but why financial?

Simply because I wanted to see if a real hammer and food game can be done with the games best "economy leader" (special apologies to Elizabeth fans).

Seriously, I was running out of leaders to play this strat on and Darius needed a story!
I wanted Pollushun Bull but ok I will shadow this though I will change gamespeed to Epic :)

Polluting Bull and NatureBoy Gilgamesh go one after another so I wanted to get my mind a little clear before I tackle them. I needed a more open playing RPC after Peter's game!
Move the scout NE-SE to see what the inland looks like. If there is something good then go 1E with the settler. Otherwise settle in place and get Maoi in capital. This way financial is actually going to help with the sea tiles.
a gold on that there's metal or horsies on the grassland ssw of the settler on the different island :p
I'd imagine currency and Alphabet are priority techs to build research and wealth, or do you just conquer everything? Haven't seen a hammer economy work before. ON rocky I guess you could try to use windmills, if they're allowed?
Unless it's one of those "oops we added a river but forgot to convert to a floodplain" type tiles. But otherwise, it should definitely be a flood plain.

I'm a fan of just settling in place, and making this a Moai bureaucracy capital. Okay, having a capital invest heavily into water tiles takes away from from the pure hammer economy, but ...
Move the scout as Killroyan has said. If there is nothing better to the east, settle 1E-however you may settle on copper/iron/whatever since it is an unforested hill tile. You should move the scout in the second turn and see whether there is a better place to settle other than 1E of your current settler position.
+1 settle in Place, Moai Statues, + hoping for a goodie on the grassland island tile. Working coast tiles may prove a big deal with the RPC rules.
SuperGenius Darius: Part I

Not much dialogue this game as I am just eager to start it off!

To begin I used the scout to scope out the eastern terrain which showed not much more than hills and a goody hut. So...

I moved 1 square to the east and settled!

We also got alot of good luck in goody huts, getting 231 gold, a woodsman II promoted scout, and....

Techpath went: mining/BW/wheel/Mysticism/AH/Mase

Starting Build order went: worker/workboat/scout/workboat (for exploration)/archer/archer/settler/Stonehenge.

And after BW we find copper is a nearby bu somewhat awkward spot

And then we met the first AI

well wouldn't you know it, one of the civilizations that best defends against our Immortals. So be it!

So we dropped city #2 to claim the copper.

I am not too concerned about blocking off Pericles because frankly I do not expect him to be arround that long.

Persian Darius against Athenian Pericles, ahhhh the history!

So we teched off AH, and do we have Immortals???

You bet we do! We got jipped on the Cyrus RPC regarding Immortals, but I plan to leverage those babies here! The question is where exactly to plant city #3? I think on the hill ESE of the horses.

As I mentioned about, I started leveraging the farm/hammer economy right away, popping out

Which saves us alot of hammers on monuments so we can invest them in something even more important. Like military!

And that exploring wrokboat certainly did it's job

And there is alot more to explore! I am not sure what everyone thinks, but the Great Lighthouse looks pretty damned sweet here! Sure no CE or SE, but we certainly can abuse a trade route economy!

And finally, how does tha capital look!

Not bad, not bad!

So our decision. Do we get the horses and copper hooked up ASAP and take out Pericles real fast, or do we make a run at the Great Lighthouse first?
Nah let the tension build first...
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