Role Playing and Narratives in Civ VII

Oct 17, 2017
Henry VI could rule England from Paris (where he was crowned) and Charles VI could rule France from Reims. :shifty: :p
I can't imagine an English leader ruling from a French city in Civ.
A leader who just happened to live in what is today present-day France ruling England from London on the other hand... :mischief:
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Jul 3, 2021
I thought I would take a crack at some peripheral diplomacy elements here.

First, let's be clear, I'm considering Civ V the point of departure for diplomacy. I was about ready to wholesale dismiss Civ VI, but when I really thought about it, there appears at the very least a firm commitment to sovereignty. You can especially see this in the disproportionate effect of 1,000 Diplomatic Favor divided equally or hoarded. The former still offers more by way of diplomatic actions and complexity. Hopefully it will get some attention in the next iteration.

As far as role-playing, I see the possibility of shifting numerous diplomatic functions to a new Green Room-style diplomacy. Before some World Congress meets, there could be a chance to meet with neutrals, friends, and allies to determine not only voting blocs but also alliances, joint wars, reparations, embargoes, relations with city-states, research agreements, etc. The difference here would be diplomacy that included a subset of players but something between bilateral meetings and plenary. Perhaps the different levels would determine inclusion: Allies would invite only mutual allies. Friends would involve all friends/allies (regardless of relations to an individual party). This way diplomacy could be less a matter of menu options and something more akin to inter-personal negotiation.

In short, smaller diplomatic opportunities would pepper the time between plenary World Congress sessions, both influencing the vote but also resolving intermediate diplomatic functions, somewhat following the Concert of Europe.

Additionally, a plus of this would be that the particularly notorious or the warmongers among us could simply boycott the plenary as history has illustrated for us time and again, e.g. Louis XIV and Napoleon.


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Aug 8, 2003
The best roleplay I got from Civ was in Civ2 when I took France, because it's the country I live in, it was available and most importantly there weren't any bonuses I would miss from taking it. After some games, with Culturally Linked Starting Locations, I started to notice that I spawned nearly always near the real neighbour of France. I had a delight to consider England and beat the sh*t out of them, because I don't like Rosbeefs. :D (historically obviously :mad: )

But maybe it's just a french thing. :lol: (or a young man to come thing :mischief: (or both) )


Mar 26, 2011
Random events and some sort of family tree or leveling up important people in your civilization would be great in Civ 7.
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