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[RoM-AND] Chronicles of an Alternate Earth

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by StormLord-711-, May 4, 2011.

  1. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    I have moved the original first post to the second post so I can explain what Chronicles of an Alternate Earth is about better than I could before I started it:

    Anything here that is part of this story is going to be more oriented towards realism than normal. There will be no immortal leaders, and anything the game does that doesn't fit realism, like units taking several years to move a few hundred miles, will be conveniently ignored :mischief:. I use the Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn mod, which is also oriented more towards realism. Expect a tale of a nation that founds an empire and maybe later collapses from rebellion, or maybe brings much of its continent under its control. There are a lot of different things that could happen, but seeing one empire conquer the entire world, or even a large continent, will be the exception rather than the norm. I don't really try for the normal victory conditions, but I just try to have fun and see how well I can do. I try to use settings in this mod that make political intrigue common, which means that I don't have to work hard to make up events that are going on behind the scenes of the game world because the ones that are happening are very interesting, and I will document them in the story. All I have to do is fill in the details. ;)

    On the other hand, to warn you, not everything here will be part of the "story". A lot of what I'll write is just me musing over the events that are going on that I find interesting and the merits of different strategies I can pursue, and sometimes, for various reasons, it is just too much to try to explain what's going on in the game from in-character, so I'll explain it from my viewpoint as a player. This portion will be a bit like a Let's Play.

    And I ought to mention, the game that follows stayed close to my original vision. I don't want to give too much away for those who like their stories unspoiled, but it is a tale of much political intrigue, with different power blocs and alliances forming, collapsing, forming differently, etc. The relationships between different countries changes over time due to the effects of war, imperialism, diplomacy, rebellion, and more.

    Also, as this thread encompasses more than just a single game, perhaps we are dealing with "Alternate Earths"? Oh well.
  2. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    So for a while now I've wanted to write down a game I play in a fashion that records the history of what's going on in a game. I'd like there to be two main sides to it: the first one will be roleplaying the events of a game world from one civilization's point of view (I want it to be from a much broader point of view than just from the leader, which seems to be what many of the AARs do here on this forum), and the second one will describe from a player's (my) point of view the things that can't be conveyed using the first. This way, I'm not just giving a story without any connection to the real game and the strategy and decisions and interesting events the player sees. During most of my games, I end up imagining what must actually be going on in the game world anyway, so I thought it would be fun to chronicle it for all of you as well as myself. The settings I'll use will be very similar to what I normally do, so this should give everyone a sample of what my games tend to be like.

    Here's a short example of what I'm thinking of based on a game I've played. I will use dark green text to denote the section that is from the civilization's point of view and regular text will be just me talking (i.e. from a player's point of view):

    Here are the settings and rules/constraints I'm going to play with:

    • Mod: Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn
    • Map: RoM_PerfectWorld2
    • Size: Giant
      (one step above BTS's Huge, large enough that there often are landlocked civs that are actually a major power (for some reason it seems the Aztecs keep getting this role in a lot of my games :confused: ), but not so big that too many civs don't care about the oceans. Generates a proportion similar to earth imo.)
    • Era: Ancient
    • Speed: Marathon
    • New World Rules: Start in Old World
    • Pangaea Rules: Break Pangaeas
    • Wrap Option: Cylindrical
    • Options:
      • City Flipping after Conquest
      • Aggressive AI
      • Unrestricted Leaders
      • Random Personalities
      • No Tech Brokering
      • Require Complete Kills
      • Barbarian World
      • Limited Religions
      • Start as minor civs
      • Multiple Production
      • Multiple Research
      • Fixed Cultural Borders
      • Surround and Destroy
      • Advanced Diplomacy
      • Assimilation
      • Advanced Economy
      • Realistic Culture Spread
      • Larger Cities
      • Realistic Corporations
      • Religion Decay
      • United Nations
      • Advanced Espionage
      • Expanded Castles
      • Arctic and City Parks
      • Meteorology
      • Civic Buildings
      • Early Buildings
      • Historical Wonders
      • Guilds
      • Modern Corporations
      • Advanced Nukes
    • Victory: Mastery
      (Essentially, this waits until all turns are up and then uses a combination of all the normal victory conditions to determine the winner. I don't usually play a game out this far but stop when I feel I've been successful enough to have "won", but if needed, or we decide to play this far, it'll be there.
    • Number of Civs: 13 (but the Barbarian World option ensures that there will be 13 barbarian cities on the game's start, so expect to see some of the original civs to get conquered/stagnate while other civs rise up as world powers!)
    • Civilization: Hittites
    • Leader: Dido (charismatic, agrarian)
    • Difficulty: Immortal
      (not as hard as it would normally be due to the settings and the fact that the AI isn't as good at this mod due to the new features)
    • other:
      • There is a component of RoM-AND, RevolutionDCM (which is a mod in it's own right) that makes the game much more dynamic. It causes revolutions in your cities if you don't appease your citizens (which can cause civil wars and new rebel civs), new civs to appear that settle down from barbarian cities, technology to "diffuse" over time between civs that have contact, and more. I play with adjusted settings to this that make your citizens harder to appease, "barbarian civs" more competitive, "native civs" more nerfed (to make colonialism more interesting), other civs more easily recieve diffused tech, as well as some other changes. If anyone has any questions as to what these settings specifically are, or how to adjust them, feel free to ask later in this thread.
      • I have changed some configurations in the mod so that the human can be vassalized and so that defensive pacts are also offensive (they don't break upon declarations of war and you declare war on anyone your pact partner does).
      • There are also some settings that are configurable once the game is started; most of these don't affect too much but I will explain what some of them are as they affect the game or if someone is really curious.
      • I will "try" to not backstab any civilization that is pleased with me by declaring war on them, but I will definitely try not to declare war on a civ that is friendly towards me.
      • I will try to avoid anything that seems exploit-ish to me.

    • I also want to note, that since I'm using "random personalities" and "unrestricted leaders" (I also use them in all of my games), the civilizations in the game won't necessarily act anything like in real life (other than that the game will try to place their starting location something a little similar to what their real counterpart's was); this gives more of the "alternate earth" feel. So don't expect me to pretend that the Zulu Empire's culture is anything like it is in real life, when it's right next to the Aztecs, the Hittites, and the Byzantines in the game. :crazyeye:
    • I normally name the geographical features that are notable on the map, so expect to see them referenced in the Chronicles! I will also try to provide good "maps" showing lots of terrain so that you all can see where these features are.
    • These Chronicles will be a little different than they might if I was just playing a game for myself. Normally if I get a game where I'm wiped out in the early game (stupid barbarian civilizations!) I regenerate, but here, since the focus is on the game world, I think I will just switch to another civilization (yes, that is an option in this mod) and see how I can do with them. Similarly, if I get a start I don't like, I will try and stick with it since it can still make for a great story even if the gameplay is annoyingly difficult.
    • I'm not too experienced with it, but I'll try to put in descriptive screenshots of what's going on, but without having the whole thing focused on them. I don't want to explain every decision using pictures, but they are very useful for showing many things.
    • Feel free to make suggestions in between the updates on what I should do or ask questions about the mod or the settings.

    Any interest? :p
  3. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    Feel free to make comments without reading the entire Chronology. It looks like it may end up being long if it gets finished (and I survive and the game stays interesting). I might go back and edit this post later with links to important parts of the story and major watershed events so if later readers just want to catch up quickly they can.

    Edit: Because of the way this story turned out (which I won't spoil here), there's little reason to put a table of contents and major events here. However, each chapter now has a title that might explain a little of what's going on to help those that want to skim. Probably all the information in each post doesn't really have to be read to get a feel for what's going on anyway.
  4. hoplitejoe

    hoplitejoe Top fun-poster

    Mar 22, 2010
    Still Immortal!?!? our last game that was around that difficulty only lasted about 3 updates :D
  5. Civ'ed

    Civ'ed I ain't gotta explain a thing

    Oct 7, 2010
    Aberdonia et Banffia
    Copaczin lasted for a longer time, hoplite.
    and why didn't you use personalized map? Ok, the names are rubbish but it's good for story purposes.
  6. Yoshiegg737

    Yoshiegg737 Jungo Jungo

    Nov 14, 2010
    I'll be watching this one
  7. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    Actually, I'll be able to do pretty well on Immortal (hopefully without the need to piggyback on some other civ's success *cough*Copaczin*, but if I have to I can always become some other civ's vassal until things are doing better. I've never had to do this yet though.), provided that I don't get a barbarian civ that decides I'm ripe for conquest (which could be dangerous on any difficulty level). I usually get into the top 4-5 in these games by the late classical to medieval ages, and for some reason tend to do a lot better in production than my rivals (not sure why :confused:, maybe it's the Hittites unique building), which means that I can usually overpower my local region using force :trouble: if I need to be doing better.

    I'm not sure what difficulty I would play in vanilla BTS (it's been a while since I've played without mods), but I think it would be emperor (or maybe monarch). The settings I use mean the the AI is less competitive for several reasons:
    1. Civil wars tend to tear apart the successful early empires because they stupidly expand too fast (I've made revolutions a lot easier to happen :mischief:).
    2. Barbarian civs settle down and have original civs for dinner (and they are a lot harder then the default settings so that they actually stand a decent chance of being a major power. Sometimes the top player settled down from a barbarian civ). This is so common that in my games, that about 1/3 or so of the original civs will tend to stagnate as they can't find good land to expand into (barbarian civs will take it), and only end up having 2-3 cities by the middle of the game.
    3. The hardest part about adding new features in mods like this one is teaching the AI (I think many of the decisions that Firaxis makes that seem to "dumb down" the game are made partly to make the AI competitive) For instance, so many buildings are added by this mod that I suspect that the AI doesn't know proper strategy in using them.

    The reason I didn't use a personalized map is because it always felt too artificial to me. I'll try to name the significant features though (something I do in my own personal games anyway), and to point them out. I know the personalized map names like every single darn feature (which is part of what annoyed me), so I will try to name a few more than usual.
  8. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    And here's my first update!

    Dido of the Hittites, 6000BC
    Spoiler :

    Our people have always lived a nomadic life, but with constant warfare with the other tribes, and the discovery of new ways that we call "civilization" we have decided to live in one location. Our travels bring us to an area of our travels known for great bounty, expecting to start a settlement nearby with me as our chieftain.

    Here is my starting location:
    Spoiler :

    We finally end up at Haran River, which we have often traveled to. The tribe is ready to end our travels, but I tell them to move east over the river and towards the hills, knowing that we will be closer to the bountiful area of seafood we have fished in recent years. Our warriors that I have had scouting also report being able to live off of some strange new white grain that grows underground near those same hills. Suspecting this to be a good omen, I decide that this is the place we will live. We decide to name our settlement Hattusas and the hills near us quickly become known as the Hills of Hattusas

    Spoiler :

    I wanted those shrimp in my fat cross, and exploring northeast, I found rice, so this should be a good spot for Hattusas. For some reason, this mod seems to pick a lot of bad starts that are often fixed by moving over one. Part of it may be because of the larger cities option, which extends the city radius to 3, but that won't take affect until I have a LOT more culture (and the required tech and building(s?)), so I need the resources close for now. I'll have access to 3 hills to mine, a river, and the ocean. It also looks like there is a coastline in the north. Am I on a peninsula or on an isthmus? I like either one. Let's see how far I can get with this start! (Surprisingly, I like this start a lot, and it's the first map generation I did this time.)

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition, 5970BC
    Spoiler :

    We have discovered much. I think the Chieftess will be pleased. There are two bodies of water near us. Neither of them are freshwater. In the direction of one there seems to be a lot of activity of other tribes, but we haven't talked to any of them yet.

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition
    We have wandered into the camp of another tribe (who are much smaller than us). We have made trades with them that will probably be worth a lot to our tribe. They tell us that they are not part of the tribes further on down the coast, who may be hostile toward us.

    I think I'm not going to put down the date where it defies the realistic passage of time. That last entry was technically for 5955BC. It shouldn't take 15 years to go meet a friendly village. Actually, I have a better idea: I'll put it in brackets where it's that unrealistic so that we can pretend that it's not there. I also think that I'll leave it out where it's not that important or not applicable. I'll try to keep any entry/paragraph that has a date on it within one turn.

    Also, the scope of the events being described will probably expand as our lands do, but for now, these are extremely important events!

    I am researching fishing to be able to work the shrimp south of me.

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition
    We are moving around the land that is believed to have the hostile tribe. They seem to be well situated, with more of that grain nearby that our other scouting parties noticed earlier, as well as lots of coastline and some hills.

    I finished a fire pit (+1 :culture: to help get pop my borders over to those shrimp and rice) in Hattusas and started a Wheelwright, which I won't finish yet, but it'll give it something to produce until I can make a fishing boat.

    I also met an Arab scout in the northeast. Perhaps it's time to actually defend my territory now? This also means that the landmass in the northeast is not actually a peninsula (unless Arabia is on the tip of it, something that could be potentially both good and dangerous since if I was to block them off it would both cripple them and incite them to go to war.)

    Spoiler :

    Phargus found another goody hut filled with coins and my other warrior is going around the Arabian scout since I don't want to risk the warrior to kill a scout on forest tiles. I also ought to mention here: the start as minor civs option means that all civilizations start at war until writing is discovered, which means that I cannot conduct diplomacy with Cleopatra, who happens to be the Arab leader, until then. I'll risk Hattusas being undefended for a bit longer since all the barbs are still animals and the Arabians don't know where I am yet.

    I'll have to see, but I may tend to do updates out-of-character like this whenever it allows me to explain the situation better.

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition
    We have captured a single man from a nearby scouting party who claims to be of a people who call themselves the Vikings. He says they have a home settlement just like we do, but after he wouldn't say where, we had to kill him, but that is how those things go. He had also mentioned that there might be a barbaric settlement to the south.

    Phargus killed a wolf. Also, the Arab scout is going around Hattusas, which is still undefended. I'm not sure if the AI is smart enough to remember that a city like this is undefended and then attack it, but it doesn't look like the Arabs are close enough to do that anyway. Also, my warrior in the north has discovered land that makes it look like the two strips of land to my north surround an inland sea, but I'll have to see.

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition, 5775BC
    Our travels have taken us to an area that might be directly southwest of Hattusas, and it seems like there are dense jungles in between. There are grapes nearby that I think we've gathered in the ages past, as well as a small village near them, which we will go meet to see if we can trade for some of their grapes...

    Phargus, head of a warrior-scouting expedition
    The villagers, perhaps hearing of our treatment of any Vikings we have found, have tried to kill us! We tried to get away, but we appear to be surrounded. I am sending my fastest man to try and escape and get word back to the tribe.

    Dido of the Hittites, 5730BC
    After hearing news of the demise of scouting parties in the southwest from a runner, I believe that we will have to defend Hattusas better. I send another runner up north to inform my warriors who are scouting that they would be of more use defending.
    We have also learned many new ways of catching the seafood off of our coasts. Perhaps in the future we can sustain more of our people with it.

    The world so far:
    Spoiler :

    Our borders "expanded". In reality, they stayed in place since I have the "realistic culture spread" option on (which I've never used very much before). It makes culture spread at different speeds over different tiles, and since I'm surrounded by forests my culture has stayed put. I'll have to see when I get control over those shrimp, since I should be done with my work boat soon. The Viking scout has also been moving around our borders.

    We finish Hunting and start Ritualism, which will let us build monuments (and I have a charismatic leader) as well as open up the middle part of this tech tree. Hunting reveals pigs, cows, and deer, but only pigs are in the areas I've explored so far. There is one across from the sea that's next to the barbarian city west of me. They're going to have a pretty decent start when they settle down into a civilization with those pigs and rice. Fortunately for me, they'll have to wait a while for their borders to expand just like I will (but I don't think a barbarian city's culture will be as high).

    Darmen, Chieftain of the Hittites, 5385BC
    Now that we have started making javelins, several people have expressed their willingness to use them for defense. Knowing how dangerous the outside world can be, I send some of them to explore the western side of the sea to the northwest...

    Darmenof the Hittites
    ...only to run into barbaric men using a weapon that seems like a strange perversion of our javelins. They must be from some nearby area. They have been killed since we had the knowledge of the nearby woodland area to help in the fighting. I equip some other tribesmen to explore while they recuperate.

    Darmen of the Hittites, 5265BC
    We are still recruiting more to fight with javelins. The elders of the tribe also are asking for a more formal place to meet, where they can have their council. Our herbalists have also discovered a plant that has successfully been used as an illness treatment.

    (That last line was from a random event, but in this mod, I think its results will only last for an era or two.) I have finished Ritualism, which unlocks monuments and elder councils (+1 :science:), and I have progressed on to Naturopathy, which will reveal 5 different fruit-like resources (which I believe is more than any other tech reveals). I probably ought to mention that most resources in this mod don't start out revealed. I was fortunate to start near rice and shrimp, which do.

    Our Javelineer has discovered a stone resource in the northwest. It may be too far away to eventually reach, but it will all depend on what directions my rivals expand in and how successful any barbarian civs are. I am sending another javelineer out to explore those rainforests to the southwest.

    There is another barbarian city nearby:
    Spoiler :

    That makes three barbarian cities that are dangerously close to me (the second one isn't in any of the "maps", but it's west of the grapes). If any of them settle down into full-fledged civs and end up being militaristic, I will be close enough to be on the receiving end of stacks of decent size. Hopefully though, they might take it out on each other while I get to writing and make peace with as many as I can (I've done it that way before). However, if I can't, the Hittites might suffer as a foreign empire makes them a conquered subject (and we'll need to switch civs).

    Darmen of the Hittites, 5205BC
    There have been reports of fires in nearby forests, however, we don't need or care enough about them to do anything about it.

    Darmen of the Hittites, 5190BC
    We have started construction of a monument honoring the patron goddess of Dido, who was our first chieftess and establisher of Hattusas. I have had reports of scouting in the south getting attacked by what we have come to call archers, they have been successful but will need time to recuperate before they move on. Meanwhile in the north, our scouts have reported learning of a new craft from a small tribal village, called weaving.

    Popping the tech weaving revealed sheep and silk. There are 3 silk in the explored lands, and one is north of Hattusas not too far. I don't need the monument for the happiness (the civic chiefdom that all civs start with means no :mad: in the capital) but for the +1 :culture: which will help me have those nearby resources sooner.

    By the way, the sea to the north IS a landlocked sea, which makes two of them next to each other. That's slightly unusual, even for this mapscript (although small freshwater lakes are somewhat common). I like them though. It means that I am at the convergence of 3 isthmuses formed by the intersection of the 2 seas and the ocean.

    Spoiler :

    I've been unable to kill this wounded barbarian archer- it keeps running away from me. But I've found Arabia's borders. We'll probably both end up expanding towards that sea, barring one of us stagnating/being conquered.

    I've finished Naturopathy and started Agriculture so I can build farms. Only a lemon is revealed between me and the pigs to the north. I might also point out that the coastline to the north (the ocean's coast) is blocked by that mountain range. It might or might not drastically affect things (especially war and expansion); we'll have to see.

    I've finished my monument and have resumed building a wheelwright (+1 :yuck:, +1 trade routes, and some other effects). It will be more useful with more cities, but Hattusas is healthy enough now for it to be worth it later on- it will help slow down what extra cities do to your economy. :crazyeye:

    Explorations so far:
    Spoiler :

    Interesting geographical features so far. It will make politics very interesting later, hopefully.
  9. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    This should be great. Will be following closely. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:
  10. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    4890 BC
    I have discovered the Khmer "city state". (A feature of RevolutionDCM is Dynamic Civilization Names, which changes the name of your civ depending on its conditions. This means that the Khmer capital has a population of at least 3 (or maybe it just means that they founded another city). Hattusas is only up to population 2 at this point.) They are a little ways away from the Arabs. Now that I mention it, it looks like the Vikings and Arabs are also no longer tribes, but city states as well. In the northern part of my explorations, I've further extended my knowledge of the mountain range to the north. It looks like the the northern coastline is blocked up by mountains up until tundra starts appearing. This is incredibly important, since it means that it is unlikely that I will face a good navy coming down from the north, unless there are better production sites further up that have ocean access. Also, any lands I settle west of that mountain range will be safe from fear of amphibious assault (and in this mod, many barbarian ships CARRY UNITS, which makes them much more dangerous. You must defend your coastal cities until your navy is trustworthy!)

    Vadflaq, elder of Hatti, 4590BC
    Our people have discovered strange metals in the jungles and forests west of us in numerous locations; we dare not venture too far into the land of the hostile tribe to the west, but we think they have easy access to about half of it. Rumors from foreign tribes say that it is worth much, but that is just their opinion. Why would a gray, shiny, metal be valuable? Fools.

    Meanwhile, we have been producing tools and training men and women to work the surrounding lands. We have plans to farm the lands across Haran River that are directly west and southwest, and we hope to start excavating the hills to the north.

    Also of note is that I have witnessed my people's slow change of attitude towards the mighty mountain range to the north. We have lost many men exploring them. What other mountains extend as far as they do or are as high? Surely the gods roam these mountains and prevent any mere mortals from crossing them. They have become whispered as the Vysharon Mountain Range.

    Here is a good map of the explored parts of the range so far; it looks like it keeps on going further north:
    Spoiler :

    There are a few passes that allow access to the ocean that actually look like good city spots, but I suspect that these mountains might block the northern civs from being too naval (UNLESS the Khmer take all of those spots!).

    Vadflaq, elder of Hatti, 4365BC
    Some armed men who we believe are from the lands to the west, like Yayoi, are stalking around Harrusas, making our javelineers nervous. We think our hills and previous attempts to build earthen defenses will ultimately keep the settlement safe though.

    Also noteworthy is that Shangian, the barbarian city to the south, is sitting right on some ivory. It is the only one I've seen on the map, which means that I might have to contend with elephant armies later in the game if their barbarian civ later goes to war with me.

    In 4440BC, Stonehenge was built by someone, and in 4335BC, Hinduism was founded.

    In 4305BC, I finished researching Archery (and started Mysticism) on the same turn I finished my worker, so I upgraded my 2 javelineers in Hattusas to archers (allowing them the +50% city defense, and +25% hills defense, as well as access to city defender promotions, all of which javelineers don't have. I started production on a new archer since any of those barbarian cities settling down could be a dangerous thing for me.

    My javelineer exploring in the north has discovered that the coastline is now heading west, and that the Vysharon Range has ended. It looks like the Khmer are in the middle of a very fat peninsula that juts out to the east and has some decent land. I now renounce any claims that there might not be a strong naval power up here since there is plenty of good coastline further north (the tundra was a false alarm- the PerfectWorld map script simply generates cold climates at high elevations, and apparently the Vysharaons are pretty high up in some spots).

    By 4275BC there were 5 barbarian units around Hattusas. I'll have to see if they just annoyingly sit there or if they attack it and give me some experience.

    I have discovered the Viking homeland to the west, and also discovered the second Khmer city (northwest of the first one I discovered, which I assume is their capital). It is also having to defend against barbarian archers/javelins next to it. (I'm not the only one!)

    Kandresh, chief of defense, 4245BC
    After a long siege, we are finally under attack! The enemy has brought javelins and bows to the fight, and they outnumber us about 2 to 1. However, our archers are brave, and will fight from the earthen fortifications they have dug on the hilltops in Hattusas.

    After days of fighting, we are victorious and naught but a few javelineers remain of the enemy. I am not sure if they will be foolhardy enough to continue the assault, but they might. I must say that I am glad that we started using the bow rather than the javelin in our defense of the city, even though we weren't the first to use it, since it has proved effective in defense.

    I must also point out that it is proving to be particularly annoying that Hattusas's borders still haven't moved, since I am very limited in what tiles I can work (so that worker and its improvements will be vital).

    In 4230BC, Kemetism was founded. There is a barbarian city, Cherokee, east of the Khmer. I hope it engages them in warfare to prevent them from taking control of that region.

    Any suggestions on how I could document this better? I've never done this before, so I'm without a lot of experience. Personally I think maybe I could pick up the pace more, since I am still in the very early parts of the game and nothing too major is happening (although these events will set the world stage later). You may have noticed that I've been explaining events without roleplaying them more, mostly because it would be much shorter to simply explain what I've found than to detail it from a Hittite's point of view. This will probably change later as politics and war become more of a focus of the game and exploration not so much. Are the size of the pictures okay? I play on a 1080p screen, so they are the easiest size pictures, and I think that they are more descriptive of what's going on anyway, even if you have to scroll to see the whole thing.

    The barbarian city is founded on ivory! With elephants, whatever civ that'll be might be a strong regional power since they give some strong early units if played right. (I guess it'll also depend on where the copper and iron end up being).

    Here's a map of the lands around the Khmer. There is a sea (or an arm of the ocean?) to their east. Unfortunately, my javelineer must continue his explorations on the other side of that sea since it would be too dangerous to try to make it past Cherokee and Hariharalaya and make it out alive.
    Spoiler :

    I've finished researching Mysticism and and starting Slavery, which will hopefully allow me to switch to slavery once it's done. In RoM-AND, slavery doesn't allow :whipped: (apparently because the AI isn't good at it?), but it does mean that all farms will have +1 :food: and all mines +1 :hammers:, as well as having unlimited slave "specialists" (-1 :food:, +3 :hammers:). There are some caveats to this, such as +1 :mad:, +1 :yuck:, and +50% food needed to grow in every city, but at this point in the game it is worth it (especially since I have good food resources nearby). It really is a good civic for those with plenty of food but limited production. I want to convert before I have more cities, since anarchy causes my cities to want to revolt more and I'll have enough problems with that later. My capital should remain relatively stable, even through anarchy, as long as I don't do anything like subjecting it to lots of excess unhappiness or unhealthiness.

    Last turn, my worker finished the farm he was building. I am sending him to build a mine (it is covered in forest, but I can burn them down (no extra :hammers: from chopping) at any point in the game, even without Bronze Working, which lets me chop them. The +2 :hammers: I'll get from it after slavery will be worth it.

    The Illrian Pirates have also declared war on Khmer merchant shipping. This is a (one-time?) random event that drops a stack of war galleys outside your borders that will often blockade you. Many times they will wander into neighboring waters, and they are probably close enough that I might eventually get a visit from one or two of them, so I should be prepared!

    Bradok, head of a javelineer scouting party, 4097BC
    Our explorations have brought us to the lands of the barbaric Hsung-Nu. Near their settlement we spied some farmers building up their farms. They ran after seeing us, but we will move in to destroy their farms and hopefully give them a setback, as well as potentially looting useful materials. We dare not move further in towards the settlement, which is well-defended.

    Bradok, head of a javelineer scouting party
    After pillaging the area, Hsung-Nu sent armed men after us. We are moving away towards safer lands.

    Bradok, head of a javelineer scouting party, 4013BC
    We have discovered a strange shellfish outside the barbaric tribe to our west. The locals call them clams, and they say that the tribe's settlement's name is Yayoi. Should they settle down from their barbaric ways, they will truly be worthy adversaries indeed!

    So that means that Yayoi has rice, clams, pigs, and two silver in his fat cross. That is a lot for a city to start with with the settings I'm using. In fact, don't be surprised if they later wipe out the Hittites. Here is a map of the surrounding area:
    Spoiler :

    There is stone in several locations on the map, but none close enough for me to grab and keep, so it is unlikely that I will have any until later in the game possibly. That means many ancient wonders are beyond my grasp.

    I spied an Illrian Raider in the sea in the far north, west of Khmer. That must mean that it's an arm of the ocean. Since they should have spawned near Khmer coastal waters.

    Akuwana, Chieftain of the Hittites, 3943BC
    Realizing the threat from our neighbors, especially those in Yayoi, our people have thought of a way to subjugate them: namely by capturing any of them and other enemies we find and making them do forced labor. I have decided that we should make this a policy, and the people are calling these workers slaves. Some are resisting this idea though, so it may take a while before we can begin working as much as we were before.

    After my conversion to slavery, my civilization was then known as the Hittite City State. Never had it happen that way happen before- usually I reach population 3 first.

    Here is the state of the world, shown with and without resources:

    Spoiler :

    Notice that the Khmer are on a Penninsula with a narrow isthmus connecting it to the continent. The Arabians are between the ocean to the north and the sea to my north. Hmm...I'll have to name it soon. There are the three barb cities between me and the Vikings. I hope when then settle down they will direct their aggression toward the Vikings, but Yayoi will almost certainly direct its force toward me. The is a long thin peninsula toward the south, with an island (and other lands?) across the ocean. There is rainforest in the north and south of the continent, which makes it difficult to tell the latitude we're at, but we're probably close to the equator in any case, especially with there being some desert near the Vikings. This could be the east coast of a very large continent or it could be the majority of a small one; it is hard to tell at this point.

    A barbarian stack of three units has appeared near my borders, leading me to send a couple archers to defend my mine. I'll have to see what they do. If I train any more units, it will start costing me upkeep (I essentially have free upkeep for 7), but it may be worth doing it so that I don't have to keep rebuilding pillaged improvements.

    Pigs were discovered near Hsung-Nu, since the gems and rice nearby wasn't enough. They may develop into a regional or world power too; we'll have to see. The barbs pillaged my farm and now an extra javelineer is in their stack. I am building another archer.

    Also, fires burned down another forest, which I was planning on eventually mining anyway. No matter.

    My javelineer in the south now has enough experience to be promoted to woodsman II, making exploration in forests twice as fast.

    Our borders have expanded, but alas! The shrimp are still out of reach. I can farm that rice, however, provided it can be defended from barbs. Something will have to be done about that barbarian stack. I have been working on Metal Casting to reveal copper and allow me to build my unique building, the iron forge (+15% :hammers:, and with iron +15% :hammers: and +10% :food:), as well as spearmen (which don't require any resources in this mod).

    My javelineers have scouted out the rest of this continent, apparently. Unless we have a connection to some other landmass by water, what I see here is what I have to work with until Optics, which means any larger landmasses will probably have better technology since they have more trading partners, although TechDiffusion will begin to equalize that as we make more contacts and trade with them. To be a world power (and not just a regional power on this continent), I may have to control large parts of the continent.
    Spoiler :

    Hmm...my ancient age of exploration is over and it will be very crowded in the lands west of me soon as barbarian civs settle down. Here's to the success of Hatti! :beer:
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    Mar 22, 2010
    the Vikings are doing well :eek:
  12. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    They sure are, and they have plenty of room to expand. At this stage, that might actually be a bad thing because if they overextend themselves, they could be torn apart by civil war or a barbarian civ might see them as a good target for conquest. On the other hand, if they survive, I'm glad I'm not next to them!
  13. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    "Word spreads from distant lands: The Celtic City State has emerged in Hsung-Nu!"
    That's our first barbarian civ to emerge. There were 4 barbarian cities on the continent, but more might appear. However, those 4 have a huge head start since they were there in the beginning of the game. So, that means that there should be at least 8 civs on this continent when all is over, unless any are wiped out. Some competitive rebels might appear too, but this is more rare (and usually the civil war gives those regions a setback). While I'm on the topic, here's the basic mechanics of how barbarian civs work (many of you may be familiar with mechanics in the mod, but I will try to explain them for those who aren't too):
    • A barbarian city must have at least 3 population and be doing somewhat well to "emerge" (it's usually 4 in this mod but I changed it to 3). Any population 3 city that isn't in a completely horrible spot will likely emerge at some point.
    • Once they emerge, they form a minor civ (minor civs cannot conduct diplomacy and are at war with everyone) and get some extra defensive units, making them hard to dislodge. If you want to prevent barbarian civs from spawning near you, your best bet is to take them down while the cities still belong to the barbarians, which is very difficult and the cost of your military may really set you back
    • Next they settle down into a full-fledged civ, able to conduct diplomacy. There are many triggers that can eventually help this happen, such as building a wonder, founding new cities, conquest, or simply growing large. Minor civs that aren't doing well sometimes stay minor for a very long time because they hardly do anything notable.

      Once a civ has settled down, they get some bonuses, like extra techs or extra units. For instance, many civs will get extra techs so that they can be competent builders. Others will become militaristic and get a bunch of offensive units. Oftentimes, when they conquer a foreign city, they soon get some extra free units, and they may carve out an empire by repeating this process! (Think of what Persia or Mongolia did- they conquered peoples that in the past had much stronger empires than they did.)

      Although civs that settle down can conduct diplomacy, they don't tend to want to make peace in their current wars for a while. If they have the strength, they will tend to target nearby civs and declare war on them after meeting them.

    In other news, I'm still trying to decide whether to continue researching Metal Casting or to beeline to Writing so that I can maybe settle my disputes with the barbarian civs with the pen rather than the sword. It would take 16 turns to finish Metal Casting and about 50 turns to get Writing (if not more, depending on my tech path).
  14. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    A barbarian stack took out one of my javellineers that was exploring in the east (the one without the woodsman II promotion). At least now all my units are free, but I think I'll construct an extra archer anyway. The worst part is that that stack could have been over there destroying the Vikings (I killed 2 of its units)! I'll try and get my other jav back to my capital for defense since exploration is over.

    Hmm...also if I'm very lucky, maybe after those Celts settle down, they will attack whatever civ emerges at Yayoi before they also settle down. I'd rather have powerful Celts than a powerful civ centered at Yayoi!

    Our spies tell us that the Arabs are researching Writing, which will enable them to conduct diplomacy, tech trades, and rites of passage (basically the same thing as open borders except no troops may go through the other civ's borders). I have decided to finish Metal Casting first.

    The Spanish City State has emerged in Yayoi (this will cause the city to be renamed to Madrid)! Uh-oh. I still don't have contact with the Celts or Spain, so I'm not technically at war yet. If I can get Writing before I meet them (and they have it too), I can try to meet them like a normal civ and have peace right away.

    I have wandered upon an interesting sight:
    Spoiler :

    Since the Arabs are closer to me, go Khmer! (It is very unlikely that they will take the city; I've seen this happen before. But they can at least do some damage.)

    Cleopatra and Theodora (i.e. the Arabs and Vikings) have made peace (apparently neither of them are minor civs any more). Also a Spanish explorer (they are available with Writing) has discovered our borders. Darn. Even if I had Writing, Spain might not want to make peace with me, which makes me somewhat glad that I had chosen to finish Metal Casting. If they don't settle down as a militaristic civ, they may end up being harmless anyway. On the other hand, they might conquer me. Now that I think about it, the Spanish and the Celts are both closer to each other than to me (4 tiles apart). Maybe they'll take their aggression out on each other. We shall see. ;)

    "Word spreads from distant lands:
    Brennus has organized the Celtic and formed the Celtic City State"
    Hmm...they probably got that just from having such a bountiful starting location. Go wipe out the Spanish, Brennus!

    Our spies report a massive loss of military strength for the Arabs. Perhaps they have lost a major battle? (Probably against the Khmer or something.)

    The Spanish have now settled down. Soon, I will know what my chances are of surviving!

    I have finished Metal Casting, showing me two copper locations: one at the very northern tip of the continent and the other just south of that silver to my west. Spain and I will probably have to fight over it. I am beginning the tech "Trade" to allow me to research Writing later.

    I wish I had a settler out by this point but Hattusas really needs to grow more first so that I can produce one faster and so that new cities don't cripple my economy.

    My woodsman II jav is almost home now. I think I'll station him in the forests to the east so I can get an early warning (and get away alive) if an enemy stack is on its way. Actually, I'm going to use him to scout out Spain without getting killed.

    Argenibus, Javelineer scouting leader, 3243BC
    Assigned the task of scouting out Madrid, we move in towards the city and plan to get out right away. Hello worthy foes!:
    Spoiler :

    The Spanish have good lands and certainly good defenses, but we don't seem to sense any sort of preparation for conquest. Also, they are not defending their rice farms and we need food, so we will take some!

    I'm really glad I thought of scouting out Spain this way. Now I can rest assured, knowing that the worst Spain can send at us are a axeman warlord and some spears. If Spain had settled down militaristically, they probably would have gotten more axes and maybe even some mounted units. I hope that the Celts are the same way, but I won't explore their lands until they find me first, since if I get Writing before meeting them I won't have to make peace with them like I will with Spain. Also of note is that the Spanish now have two galleys, which means that there may be some naval warfare (with the Celts) in that inland sea. In fact, if the Celts and Spanish want to keep having warfare, it would be easier to do it by moving troops over the water than wandering all the way around its coastline. Things like that are what make this mapscript exciting in my opinion.

    Argenibus, Javelineer scouting leader [3201BC]
    We have found and enslaved many Spanish workers building routes along the Spanish borders. We then move north, across what has become known as the Sea of Sonreal, to disrupt any Spanish pig farming we can and destroy routes.

    Incredibly, that was 3 Spanish workers captured (three!). This luck may later bring me up from last place in the game, if I can handle the unit upkeep for a while. Meanwhile, someone's founded Judaism.

    Charvon, Chieftain of the Hittites, 3075BC
    My men tell me that some scouts from the Celts, who we have heard about before but never met, are exploring our borders. I will have them killed for their insolence if I am able. We send orders to our roving band of javelineers to attempt to intercept them and then to find their homeland.

    A great work popped up, informing me that the most powerful civs were the Spanish, followed by the Celts. No other civs I knew were on the list. Odd since I think I can probably handle their current army if I have to.

    Okay, here's the defensive stack at Bibracte, the Celtic capital:
    Spoiler :

    Not much different than the Spanish, except for an extra axe and a chariot. Better them than the Spanish. :D

    ...And the next turn another chariot moved into Bibracte. Also, it doesn't seem that the Celts have many improvements that I can pillage with impunity due to their chariots.

    Here's a dotmap that shows a rough idea of where I want to found future cities:
    Spoiler :

    Note that I like some overlap between cities' fat crosses, especially when they share resources, since that gives me added flexibility and most of the land is not worked in the earlier eras anyway. I don't mind a little land that is three tiles away from any city, since the larger cities setting means that it might eventually get worked; however, I try not to let this actually be land that's very useful (like with resources or on rivers). Also notice that I have a couple locations near Spain. I want to see if I can control that copper and at least some of the silver (before they do!), which will help my military and economy, respectively. I also want to head north to found near that silk since it is a good location with access to a river, sea, hills, rice, and the silk.

    I have several expansion options, but I think that my strategy will be this: get Writing and try to make peace with as many civs as I can to get started on tech trading. Try to make peace with Spain, but afterwards settle the locations to my west. They will need to declare war to stop me, and I will be putting my best defenders in those areas. Hopefully by the time they want war, I will have produced some more military units. If they pursue war, try to survive, or better yet, capture Madrid :trouble: and the resources it controls. I do not want them to box me in, but if they do, I have the options of expanding north, or even south (Shangian is still a barbarian city, so maybe I can take control of some southern lands by sea. I'll need to be careful doing that though, since lands that far away tend to want to revolt.
  15. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    A great engineer has been born in Bibracte. I may see a wonder there soon. Speaking of wonders, very few have been founded so far, only the Sphinx and Stonehenge. The Khmer have Stonehenge.

    Okay, that's not funny. He just built the Oracle. :lol: He's now just behind the Vikings in score (2nd place).

    Carvena, Chieftess of the Hittites, 2809BC
    A recent census estimates that Hattusas is now slightly larger than Madrid, which wasn't the case in the past. I would attribute this to our farming of the Haran River, and the laziness of the Spanish to work their land. Our people have put routes on most of our lands, and we have mining and farming work underway. Some of our people are even discussing preparing to settle new lands, something they can do with my blessing (as long as they remain loyal to us!).

    Someone just finished the Colossus.
    I should also note that the paths I am referring to are "cart paths". They link up resources and let units traveling them ignore terrain movement costs, but they don't speed up units like roads do (you need Monarchy for roads).

    Aftontec, Chieftain of the Hittites, 2641BC
    In recent years, we have started to record words on tablets and other surfaces. I have seen great change as many now do not give the elders the respect they deserve for knowing stories of the ancients, thinking that they can just be recorded. In other news, we have made peace treaties with the mighty Viking Empire and the Arabian City State. Perhaps further relations will continue in the future.

    I had to give the Vikings slavery to get peace (might as well trade it to them since all the other civs had it), but Arabia made peace for free. No one else would (or could) make peace. Meanwhile I've started Animal Husbandry to reveal horses and give me a couple good buildings.

    Chcondrek, Chieftain of the Hittites, 2487BC
    Many of our people are clamouring to form colonies in nearby lands. Normally, I would ask them to settle between us and the Spanish, but the lack of a peace treaty with them makes me wary. Instead, I ask them to settle to the north.

    That northern city spot will be much easier to defend than one right on the Spanish borders. It also has silk, which needed Trade (that's a tech :lol:) for its improvement to be built, which I had already gotten. That tile will help my economy some, offsetting the cost of the extra city.

    Toynbee's greatest work reveals that the Vikings have the largest civ in the world and the Khmer have the 5th largest. No one else is on the list.

    Physarlys, Chieftain of the Hittites, 2362BC
    Some Spanish soldiers are moving through our lands. Hattusas and our small settlement of Kanesh should be safe, but they may pillage our lands. Our attempts at diplomacy have broken down since they only will make peace with us giving them Kanesh. On the other hand, we have been able to make peace with the Khmer by showing them how to contact the Spanish and Celts.

    Yes, I can trade contacts. It can be really useful to bring about peace in the early game, like I just did. The Celts and Spanish wouldn't make the trade though.

    Lysaros, Captain of the guard, 2323BC
    Battle among the Hills of Hattusas has been fierce. Both we and the enemy have lost relatively equal forces, but I suspect the enemy are better equipped, with some having spears, so one might be able to say we have done well. However, the threat is not over. and farmers in the rice fields to the northeast feel threatened.

    Lysaros, Captain of the guard, [2284BC]
    The Spanish have been fortifying their position in the rice and don't seem like they want to move anytime soon. Dislodging them would require the deaths of many men.

    Hatarek, Chieftain of the Hittites, 2284BC, Hattusas
    This is horrible! The Spanish slaves, knowing that friendly forces are in the Hills of Hattusas, have revolted! Unfortunately, with all of the warriors off to war there aren't any to control the situation here, so there is little we can do but wait and hope to subdue them since I'd rather not kill them (yet). To make matters worse, some Celtics are here to help their Spanish allies, but they seem to be weak and Lysaros reports sending men to intercept them and stall them.

    Hatarek, Chieftain of the Hittites, Hattusas [2258BC]
    We have finally quelled the slave revolt, but most of the slaves and many civilians are dead. Hattusas will not be the size it was for a while. Meanwhile, the Spanish army has moved northwest, probably knowing that reinforcements from our slaves aren't going to come. I also have heard news of civil war in the Viking Empire.

    I wonder to what extent their civil war will rip them apart? Many rebellions are eventually quelled, but oftentimes some cities will be able to permanently secede. It is even more rare to see a rebel take over the old empire, but I've seen it once. Generally the more violent the conflict is, the more it sets back those civs in later years.

    An unnamed archer, Haran River, 2245BC
    Victory! We have routed the entire Celtic army that was attacking our lands. Although slightly outnumbered and in out in the open, we have defended farms on the Haran River from the enemy. Too bad I know it was only a fraction of the Celts' forces, but they might not send more. Our victory allows more men to go face the Spanish.

    I have finished Animal Husbandry. No horses appear to be on the continent (I'm not going to rule out seeing them on nearby small islands though- I've seen that before). Hattusas has started production of an Apiary for its +1 :food:, +2 :commerce:. I am going to start Mathematics mainly so that I can trade it for techs known by others civs, helping me catch up in the tech race.

    Also the Celts founded their second city a few turns ago. I would try and go find it, but this tiny Spanish army is going to be hard to dislodge and I need my archers there.

    Lets talk about what I think the "world" (i.e. our continent, which I have named Velashna) will look like in later years, such as the late classical age (which is probably when the major tracts of land will all be settled). I'm due for a screenshot anyway. I have drawn a rough idea of where I think the borders are likely to fall (of course, I expect things to go drastically different in some areas, especially as wars and civil wars change the map). Sorry, it's a bit hard to see, mainly because my civ's color is a dull lighter blue that doesn't show up real well (and that is the color Civ makes me draw with). I also had to turn it 45 degrees to get the whole continent in without having to zoom out onto the "globe" level and let it add clouds, obscuring the view. :crazyeye:
    Spoiler :

    There are various signs up, but the ones of interest (which I am taking down after this screenshot) are enclosed in square brackets. Those are the areas that I expect civs to have in their borders later. Here are some notable ones:
    • The Khmer have a unusually-shaped peninsula that they can easily block off. They aren't doing too bad, but if Cherokee emerges as a barbarian civ they may give the Khmer a run for their money. If Basil is smart, the Khmer will try to box them in, although the computer player might not think about that with it still being a barbarian city.
    • I think I've been too generous with Arabia's borders. They are in last place in tech (besides me) and still only have one city, despite starting out at 6000BC.
    • The Celts have two cities and Bibracte is probably the second-largest city in Velashna. I expect these guys to expand FAST (why are they doing so much better than the Spanish? Maybe it's because I pillaged the Spanish pigs), maybe even challenging the Vikings for some of their land. If they choose to settle to the south instead, it will probably change this map a lot since Spain will be more boxed in and probably press against me more.
    • The Vikings are the only civ here with three cities and are supposedly the largest civ in the game (although others on other continents are probably close behind). However, they are undergoing a revolt in Uppsala, which I suspect will be eventually successful (because the city is resisting longer than usual). Once those things get momentum, they are hard to stop. Even with the loss of one city, Nidaros is still probably the largest city on the continent, so I expect them to keep expanding as usual. A successful Uppsalan revolt may see Uppsala claiming some land, but if they fail or are later conquered, what I mapped out for them will probably fall to the Vikings. The Vikings will probably continue to be the largest civ in Velashna.
    • The southern lands are a wild card. If Shangian ever grows to size 3, which is required for them to settle down, they will probably hold many of those lands. They have mostly hills and plains nearby, so they will probably need to do some farming to reach size 3 (and in Rise of Mankind, each population point eats 3:food:, making improvements even more vital). This type of thing means that they might never settle down and Spain or someone might just conquer them while they are still a barbarian city. So those southern lands might be controlled by Spain, the Vikings, or even me if I have trouble expanding elsewhere!

    Some other interesting things:
    • Looking at the map, it's kind of funny that there is rainforest on the northern and the southern coasts (which is near me), but not much inland or anywhere else. This is probably due to increased rainfall by the oceans. Larger continents often have a central area full of desert from lack of rain, but ours is small enough that the only desert is near the Uppsala, and half of it has floodplains (which only give 2:food: in this mod, making them less desirable than grasslands due to the :yuck:, which is an idea that I like). Ok, looking closer, it seems like Cherokee has some desert hills as well, but those can at least be mined, making them much more useful then useless regular deserts. Now is also a good time to point out: I have a setting on that causes deserts, tundra, and ice to do slow damage to units. This means that they actually help defenses a lot, and are useful to have on the edge of your borders. I don't think they'll play a major role in this theatre of the game though (usually they do).
    • I don't expect to see any landlocked civs in this game, unless Spain refuses to expand to the coast or Arabia has an epic fail. I should also mention that while I am in last place on the continent so far, don't worry too much. :p There will be many opportunities for me to catch up: humans tend to be a lot more resourceful than the AI, even when they're being creamed. The AI should give me a run for my money though, which is good. I don't really like games anymore where I just slowly conquer the whole continent and then take over other ones. This is more realistic anyway.
    • Small continents are both a blessing and a curse. Larger continents progress in tech faster if there's more tech trading (there might not be, if wars or religious hatred fractures the continent), but I often like small continents because if I end up controlling most of them, they are often easy to defend. It is also easier to manipulate the political forces when it is smaller. :mischief: It also means that trade routes will be closer-knit and declaring war may limit them a lot since there are fewer civs to trade with. On the other hand, close-knit trade routes are a good thing if you want a religion to spread quickly. (Notice that I haven't really gone for any religions in the early parts of the game, but there will be a few more later. So far, no one's founded any in Valashna, so by the time one is founded, there may be a lot of trade routes and it may spread fast, leading to a unification of the whole continent. I don't like that when it's not my religion. :D
    • The lack of any horses means that when colonialism starts to rear its ugly useful head, someone here may end up with a monopoly on cavalry if they settle in the right places.

    Although the map is small, potentially limiting political intrigue, I like this map. :D

    Obviously this isn't the fastest-paced way to explain a game, but I like taking it nice and slow, especially when the game will probably be as epic as this one will be. I expect there to be a wide variety of historical events that happen during this game, so detail can be important!

    Anyway, any comments?
  16. StormLord-711-

    StormLord-711- Winter is Coming

    Jan 3, 2008
    I ought to mention that I have the [bad?] habit of editing posts after they are made in order to make them better, more descriptive, or to just remove awkward wording (which I seem to make a lot of). Actually, that's probably a good thing since it will make the thread better for future readers. I'll bring up any edits that really drastically change the post if it's not right after I posted them, and I'll try to just make a new post instead if it fits.

    I'm going to keep explaining Rise of Mankind- A New Dawn's new mechanics as they come up (and I'll assume that readers are very familiar with BTS's mechanics). Sorry for those of you who already are very familiar with them, but there might be lurkers here who don't really want to post anything if they don't need to (I know I've been one in the past sometimes). I know that this is a Stories & Tales forum, but I also think that discussion of how these mechanics make the game interesting would go hand-in-hand with these Chronicles too. Perhaps that is atypical for this subforum (I don't frequent it much), but this subforum still seems to be the best place for this thread to me.

    On a different subject, I hope to tell more of the events through the eyes of the peoples in the game, but up until now, the history and intrigue in the game world hasn't really been complex enough to say too much without making up a lot of details (which might take some time for my brain, which seems to be able to output a lot more words about strategy than creativity, slowing down my already slow game).

    Also, I've looked over some of my first and second updates. It's amazing how much is forgotten of the early game once I start progressing, and having it written down is very interesting for me.
  17. hoplitejoe

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    Don't worry about constent edits, its not really one of my posts till i have changed it about 20 times.
  18. StormLord-711-

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    Jan 3, 2008
    I'm not the only one! Good. :D

    There are some other reasons I'm going after Mathematics. For one, all of the ancient religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Kemetism, and Zoroastrianism) have been founded. This mod has 11 religions. There are 5 other classical religions (Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hellenism, and Naghualism), none of which have been founded (that is a good sign that means that no one is drastically further ahead than me). (As you might guess, the other two, Christianity and Islam, are medieval- Theology being one of the very first medieval techs and Education one of the later ones.) In this mod, the classical religions seem to be the slightly more potent and often tend to spread a little better for some reason, unlike vanilla Civ, where the earlier religions always seem to dominate. I still haven't seen the medieval religions do well yet though. Each religion has slightly different effects too. I have brought up religions because after Mathematics comes Calendar, which founds Naghualism. I would go after Confucianism, whose effects I like better and which is cheaper to get to (Monarchy->Code of Laws), but most of the civs here already have Monarchy (I really can't blame them; it is useful because it allows roads and the monarchy civic), meaning I would have nothing to tech trade and I would probably lose the race to Code of Laws. I'm probably going to lose the race to Calendar anyway, but oh well. Math is worth researching because right now, there isn't any tech that I really need all that badly and having it might let me trade to catch up, which is far more important right now than gaining any available tech ASAP. Perhaps I can also use it to get peace with the Spanish and Celts too.

    Math also is a classical age tech. This has an interesting effect that goes beyond what it normally would due to revolutions, if the mechanics work the way I think they do. Part of what can instigate a revolt in a city can be its distance from your capital, or maybe its distance from your empire as a whole (there are probably calculations in there that I don't know about). Obviously, later periods in time have often given rise to larger empires, so advancing to the next era has the effect of making distance slightly less of an issue (perhaps it's more granular than this now, but I think that that was how it used to work at least). This means that ancient empires usually have some instability in any cities that aren't their capital, while classical ones usually can easily hold on to cities that are close to their capital. It is very hard to hold lands far away until the Middle Ages (when it is still hard, but not impossible), but the Renaissance starts allowing distances far enough to give rise to maritime empires the likes of Britain, Spain, France, etc. Lands on other continents still generally resent being colonies though. I currently don't really need to found any far away cities in this game (yet!), like I might in many of my games, but it will help make my empire more stable anyway. I think the Vikings are probably undergoing a revolt right now because they founded Uppsala in the very beginning of the game, when it would gain instability just by virtue of not being the capital. There are advantages to not expanding early!
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    I edit my posts a lot too :goodjob:
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    Well I suppose it's probably a good thing in this subforum, since it ensures a better quality story. The thing is, I tend to do it a lot with normal posts too. Usually it's harmless, like if I was to edit this post right after I submitted it, but I can see cases where it means some readers might miss some information if its not so soon after.

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