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RoM General Stratergy frame and Tips

Discussion in 'RoM Strategy & Tips' started by IPEX-731BA5DD06, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. IPEX-731BA5DD06

    IPEX-731BA5DD06 Deity

    Dec 15, 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    OK, lets revive this forum with some strategy and tips.

    This isn't a 'Do X, Tech Y, and Build Z strategy guide, but a general frame to build upon.

    Starting as Minors.

    1. Initial government selection:

    Default is -5:mad: "We hate out Government", and who wouldn't, Barbaric.

    Solution Garrison Minimum of 3/4 Troops per city. Grade of Troops doesn't matter, just number, but they still have to DEFEND THE CITY.

    2. Building 2nd city, when and why:

    I like to grow my initial city to Max :health: and :), BEFORE building a settler. Rom is designed for Marathon play and large/huge maps, both I :love:

    Capital will build Settler much Quicker, may be slower to get out 2nd city, but 3rd, 4th, 5th will be much quicker. Production will be Maxed out, food the same and new cities can be left to develop, while capital takes the load.

    3. Defending troops:

    Default starting unit is a warrior, this is only good for making up Garrison numbers, early exploration. Teching to Javelins is ok, but ARCHERS are the supreme unit of the day.

    In unmodded Civ IV BTS, archery is Poo Pooed. "dead end Tech", Axes dominate etc. This isn't BTS.

    4. Workers:

    You need more then 1/city, I usually go for groups of 2 early on, with 2 or 3 groups per 2 cities. Farms are KING, Food economy people, Grow those cities into working all those available IMPROVED TILES.

    Cart paths will link resources, but not transport troops, the Roman legions had Paved roads, not for commerce, but for TROOP MOVEMENTS. Nothing has changed in 2 thousand years of real life.

    5. Early cities:

    Do I settle close, NO. I settle for longterm Mega cities in my core. they have Rivers, Hills and resources ideally. Food and Production are Key, early hammers to build your war Economy.

    6. Taking an AI Capital:

    Starting as Minors is almost a cheat, almost. :D

    Attack with Javelins and Archers, use ranged attack and surround and destroy options. 1 Unit per tile will suffice for surround, the AI's won't attempt to break this as it weakens its own home defence.

    Now you have the advantage, use it, take that capital. Will it revolt, depends on distance and garrison. Most likely yes it will. This is an opportunity to train your troops.

    DON'T garrison with 1 Warrior, as per a back water city. Garrison as a front line city. Most cities will revolt due to Civics available early on. This is UNAVOIDABLE, accept it, build Culture buildings, bribe, change into better civics. But most of all, ELIMINATE TOTALLY ANY TROOPS OF THE OLD CIVILIZATION. Don't just take cities and leave troops out in field.

    7. Growth:

    Now you have a core of 3-7 cities, 1 or 2 Ex AI Capitals, with some settled by yourself.

    Ideally they are all in a ring about your capital, if not MOVE YOUR CAPITAL TO CENTRE. Distance does matter, just check the revolution index, use the Cheat page (3 option on revolution page) Now is the time to Grow your cities to the max, Slavery is the Worst Option to use, only if dire emergency should this be used, Civics do Matter. Take time to Look, think about trade off's and adopt accordingly.

    8. Religion:

    Ideally you've either founded a religion, captured one, or had to Adopt one, with a long term View to Capture that Holy city. This will give your city the Culture, happy and coherence it needs.

    9. Economy:

    "A Civilization cannot aspire to develop with out currency", or something along those lines is a quote in the tips, and its TRUE. Trade will get you out of the minors into the Majors. Once there, Tech trade with other Major leaguers.

    Don't think along the lines, "I need X% science slider", Trade, barter, extort techs.

    10. Conquest:

    This is what its all about people, DOMINATION OF YOUR CULTURE.

    Leave the AI's to their petty little wars, petty little cities and woeful teching. You've grown a core of 10-15 cities by 1 AD. They all should be Double digit population, 10-20 population ideally. What you have NOW. is a MODERN ERA empire for the AI's. Now you can play to your style.

    Conquest - Move forth and conquer your foes, Vassalize is you wish, destroy if you prefer.

    Science - Exponentially expand your empire as you can take on more cities, Conquer, them, settle them, absorb them. Build your building Multipliers, hire specialists, Farm the land till it groans under the weight of your crops.

    Culture - Party time, Wonder about the wonders, 4/ city limit.

    Space - Dream of the Stars, aspire to rise above it all.

    Personally, I like playing Continents, and playing the long game, i.e. space, ascension gate etc.

    I've all-way's conquered my continent by the calendar reversal, or beginning of the AD's. I eliminate totally the AI's, and tech alone till mid 2nd Millennium. Even with Tech trading, the other continent is usually a miss mash of Civ's, Rebels and Petty wars. I've only seen 1 Domination by an AI of the other continent, and I fully expect it to self implode, and lose all its vassals as a result.

    Do I have problems with Rebellions, yes I do.

    Do I have problems with Managing my gold rate/science rate. Not for long.

    Do I suffer in the Tech race. No I don't. My tech base, and with trading, I'll quickly come back, gain all missing techs and amass a huge lead.

    Am I concerned about invasion. Hmm Coastal cities with 2 or 3 troops, maybe, 1 warrior garrisoned cities, in the CENTRE of my empire, Oceans DOMINATED by my Navy, not at all.

    Again a History lesson can be applied, England in the 1500's was a minor nation or Europe, Geographically isolated from mainland, a Continents game of sorts. Naval Power assured a 400 Yr empire that spanned the globe. They only came undone because of Wars on Continental Europe.

    A lesson for Civ, of sorts. Don't let your core empire suffer due to your wars. Keep the Population happy with Civics, buildings and resources.

    Fight a war in your Neighbours lands, let their crops wilt in the fields, their people go hungry, destroy their economy. Be America in the last 2 Centuries, fight and finance wars overseas but keep the Homelands whole, Even at the Cost of A Civil War.

    Finally have I ever failed with this strategy, yes once, I started with a Flat capital, flood plains, few tree's, no production. Another Minor AI nation, came with its Starting Archers, and owned me. I was moved to take over another AI's capital, and Whoooo Boy, what a difference a starting position can make.

    Remember People, The AI's start with Archers at Emperor and above, don't think you can just mow them down with warriors, its fun and a challenge I enjoy.

    I :love: :cry: this mod, and the stand alone A New Dawn Mod, is another flavour to the recipe.
  2. Gatsby

    Gatsby King

    Jun 25, 2004
    Good tips. I also like to build some early military units, level them up to forest-2 and hills-2 if possible, and raid neighbouring civs and barbarian cities for their workers early on. That way I save on building workers myself while simultaneously crippling my rivals during the critical early stages of the game. Even if I don't conquer the AI's cities outright I can still pillage their tile improvements, don't have to pay added city maintenance and revolt supression costs too early on, and it helps me to pay for unit maintenance while setting my rivals back at the same time. I haven't really tried the surround and destroy thing yet, how much of a combat bonus does it give?

    Also, do you know anything about how to manage corporation spread with Realistic Corporations turned on? I am running fairly corporate-friendly civics (Republic, Parliament, Free Market, Pacifism, Liberal, Paradise, Free Church), have a low tax rate (research at 75%, tax at 25%), have a large per-turn income (above 3000 gold), plenty of railways linking my cities, and plenty of corporation resources - and yet I can't seem to get my own corporations to spread to or stay in my cities. Meanwhile, a corporation which is based in the city of another civ (less advanced and much smaller than my own, and located on another continent) is spreading, and usually staying in, a whole lot of my cities. Do you have any ideas on how to get one's own corporations to spread to and stay in one's own cities?
  3. IPEX-731BA5DD06

    IPEX-731BA5DD06 Deity

    Dec 15, 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    On corporations, depends, some civics offer more benefits to corporations than others. A prime example is the Corporation cost of spread or maintenance. One civic (forget which) offers lower costs to spread corporations, and others offer lower costs to Maintain them.

    the opposite to this is Environmentalism, or something similar, which has increased costs for corporations, both in maintenance and running costs.

    Finally, do you have sufficient resources for each corporation. Your tax rate of 25% might seem low to you, but compared to the other civ's it may be HIGH.

    On worker stealing, pillaging etc, that's a 'Do this strategy', which I said, I wouldn't do, but of course I play that way. I just won't say, "People, this is the ONLY WAY"...

    On surround and destroy, its an option in REV_DCM page, you get added bonuses for attacking the more units you have surrounding the tile. In a AI capital city, surround all 8 tiles (the 9th is the capital) you'd get the maximum bonus. Don't need attacking units, just units with offensives capabilities, how ever poor they maybe. One problem I find with Pillaging, is your destroying your own production, once the city comes out of revolt. A level 5 City, out of revolt, can use 5 tiles, if you've destroyed them all, you need to rebuild them, while defending against counter attacks, etc. I find that linking them to city network, if not already done via sea or rivers, will quickly provide commerce and or resources required. OK, commerce is a pitiful 0.2 ;)
  4. Gatsby

    Gatsby King

    Jun 25, 2004
    Thanks for that - I thought my tax rate might be part of the problem. It seems that maintaining a decent treasury and refraining from spending all or most of your gold income every turn might also help. I was not aware that there was a distinction between spreading and maintenance costs for corporations, I will have to look into that - thanks :)

    As for pillaging, I'll generally only do it for empires which are far away because conquering their cities would tank my economy and political stability in the early game. It is usually preferable to conquer nearby rivals outright rather than pillaging their lands; but sometimes maintenance costs, political stability, and the defensive capacity of nearby civs (particularly those which have started as minors) make it easier just to capture their workers and pillage their improvements. At the very least this can help to soften them up for conquest next time.
  5. antoca

    antoca Chieftain

    Nov 15, 2010
    You can't capture enemy cities early on high levels. It's impossible.

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