Roman SG: Rise of Rome partIII

Three more parts to go!

We should be able to launch by 2000!


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We also have 8 ICBMs, and 3 Subs with Tac Nukes.

War with Germany appears to be imminent, they are violating our coast! Bismark called us "Blustering Fools!"... :lol:

If they attack us, well....

:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:

Invasion force assembling. Lots of Mech Inf and Modern Armor, with some artillery.
Just in case we feel like trouncing them. :hammer:
:mwaha: Well, if the Germans attack us first, I won't mind much. Actually I would never mind, it is AI! Though Russia is still a juicy target for 3 certain tactical nukes...

Don't even bother attacking with ground troops, IMO I think youi should just nuke them and let them suffer :nya2:

Rome will destroy the world and leave it! If we won't have it nobody will :nya:
donsig - Youre up!

We are still at peace, and 5 turns from gaining The Laser.

A naval task-force with 3 transports, loaded for bear, sits off the coast of Germany and Russia. If needed.

The 8th and 9th components to the Spaceship are almost finished, all you have to do is build the 10th.

Then launch the focker!

ICMB-ing the rest of the world after that is optional. ;)

Good luck, my friend, your turn will be the final one of this game.
Just in case youre wondering, I left you about a dozen ICBMs.
They are spread out all over, since they cannot be moved from the city where they are built.
However, with unlimited range, who cares?

:mwaha: :mwaha: :mwaha: :mwaha:

:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:


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1984: UN election is inconclusive. Global warming.

1985: We have laser.

1988: Global warming.

1990: Smart weapons are ours!

1992: Iron works completed!

I let our cities grow.

Didn't have the heart to nuke any one. Haven't started the last space ship part - it can be completed in 4 turns. Figured I'd give joespaniel the honor of finishing this one out since he started it! I didn't have the heart to nuke anyone.

Have fun with the weapons joe, you dog.;)
Aw, I wanted you to launch it, donsig. :)

Shall we hold off, and let Ohwell have the honors?

He did play this game from the beginning, and would be here now, if not for his clumsy fumblings about. :lol:

Hurry up and fix that PC, Ohwell. The launch button is blinking... ;)

Just to see what a nuclear explosion looks like, after my last turn was finished, and I saved the game for attachment, I launched 10 ICBMs at the Germans, Russians and Iroquois.

Actually, I was a little disappointed. The animation is not so great. I also miss the air-raid siren from Civ2.
< whhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BOOM! > :lol:

I fired some tactical nukes at Iroquois ships, too. Very effective...

I will remember that for future use.
Originally posted by joespaniel
Shall we hold off, and let Ohwell have the honors?
He did play this game from the beginning, and would be here now, if not for his clumsy fumblings about. :lol:
Hurry up and fix that PC, Ohwell. The launch button is blinking ;)

Aw, no... You can do the honors, Actually I didn'y play this through the beginning, I started when donsig made the new thread. I also often missed my turn, I think. And my PC won'd be fixed till Friday, and you started the game...

Unless you REALLY REALLY want me to... :)

Alright. If you guys want to wait, I will play :D

"Ohwell Shall Return!"
Fire when ready, Ohwell.

The games not going anywhere, play when your PC is fixed.

Just make sure you post a screen shot and the save so we can all see the spaceship go up!

*whew* Good game everone, another victory!

I am focusing my effort on the German SG now. I have to work all day Monday, but will play on Tuesday.

Im going to shelve the Chinese game till Knight-Dragon gets back, unless everyone wants to keep going.

I will probably start a Russian SG tonight though... :D
Hey Ohwell, just make sure there's no enemy archers around when you launch the space ship. We don't want it getting shot down! :lol: :lol:
After a week with no Civ I'd think even launching a space ship would work a s a quick fix.;)
Ptooey! AarGH! ;) I don't mind. I really didn't want to launch the spaceship, just the ICBM's :D

By the way my little "vacation" is over already, I'd rather not discuss it. But I can play civ... whenever I get my PC back! :mad:
Well folks, it's 1996 and we launched the spaceship, thereby achieving a space victory. Screenshots to follow..... ;)

Saved game is the turn immediately after the space victory. For all you nuke-trigger-happy people. :)
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