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Dec 18, 2021
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Not a full guide, but some tips (Epic/Monarch game)

The goal of the game: Eliminate all rivals

Stipulation: you’ll have vassals

As Rome will be tech leader for entry game – it’s not tight game, it’s game for fun

The first part it’s normal Rome game for UHV (golden age at least), and your legions it’s your blood and flesh of the empire. Train a lot of them.

The second part – Eastern Roman Empire, barbarians and barbarians kingdoms (Spain, France and etc)

You need to eliminate barbarians kingdoms, not vassalize them. So you keep you cites in YOUR historical area (its Gaul, Iberia, Anatolia, Egypt, the whole Mediterranean area)

With new game mechanics (lates version of the game) you can’t prevent flipping and if you decide to reconquer back your cites – ERE, France, Spain and Cordoba will get additional forces (10 crossbowman, 6-8 swordsman, some Lancer (Spain), a lot of camel archers (Cordoba).

I didn’t declare war to ERE because I didn’t have enough legions for total war. And anyway Arabs soon will spawn and will take Egypt and Kuds. You’ll be busy with barbarians and their kingdoms anyway

Also you need prevent spawn of Czech (Budda), so settle on iron on hills (Historical area) and raze Vienna too. Thus Austria will have no cities when the Germans appear and will collapse fast

You can found Islam in Maghreb, AFTER ERE spawn – not much useful, but gold is still gold (from shrine)

After you deal with barbarians and their kingdoms – you can take back Egypt or ERE or you can wait for Ottomans and Mongols invasion and collapse of ERE and Arbian khalifate.

Vassals – England and Russia and Portugal – is must have thing.

Don’t fight and conquer nation what anyway will collapse in game (Sweden, Mali and etc).

Conquer of the New World – I left only Qusko on my cotrol for gold and silver (and I’ts core area of Incas). Then Aztec collapsed - i leave cites w/o defence - so Independet or barbarians or Natives will take them. Settle in Maye core area, 1S of silver and Carribean for luxery resource - they will not flip to anyone

Tip. You need control only Core area to prevent respawn of civics. And you need balance your expansion for stability reason. Try to control only core cites.

The rest part is easy, grow your core cites and vassalized big nation with expansion ambition (USA, Iran and etc). Let them take part in eating the pie. Liberate their cites, then thing are done. Keep thier tech up to date, but not much. You'll need all this nice wonders for yourself. Do not forget - you are the Metropolis, and they are vassals who serve you. Glory of the Great Roman Empire!

In my game USA didn’t want be vassals for long time “You grow too powerful for us”, they managed to be vassals of Colombia… Japan also prefer to die. Not sure how it’s work, Thailand for example agreed to become vassals as soon as I landed troops near the capital

Tip. Take Core cites of Brazil – they will collapse in few turns and other cites will flip back to Portugal and so on. Then you be strong enough to fight with rest of the world – take and control only core cites and let your vassal take other cites or leave them independent.

P.S. on screenshot I forgot to take Swedish core cites. Don't make my mistake))
P.S.2 Look how big core population Italy can have with Republic


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