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Room For One More?

Ogie Oglethorpe

Feb 16, 2002
Hey Gang,

Looks like a neat little hangout y'all got here. Since I'm fairly sick and tired of 'Poly server problem thought I might drop in here and see whats cookin.

Got room for one more

Greetings and salutations, sir. Be welcome here, Just be careful about excessive right brain activity (sex excepted of course, we need that pop-booming here)
Yes I just showed up at the SMAC forum, didn't even know we had one. I came for answers (that I still haven't got), but i stay because its much less frantic than the Civ3 forum where threads constantly dissapear except thos edang sticky threads which just get excessively long.
I suppose enjoying the game would be another motivation to stay and discuss the game on the forums?
Once again, I leave a critical piece of info from my post.
Hey! your from calgary too? sweet!

:D :D :D Sometimes stuff just slips your mind.
I'm from Mckenzie in the south east, where do you live?
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