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RotQM06: Revenge on those Queen Muthaz!

Hey Fox, nice to see you back.

Sorry, but i will not be able to post until this evening my time. Hope this is OK with everyone.
turn 421, 1822 ad
oh great, Hatty gets the super motor oil event.

turn 422, 1824 ad
Uppsala still has an unimproved tile. Sheesh. With a galleon and some luck, i may be able to distribute our workers, each to an island.

turn 423, 1826 ad
Looks like we will eventually lose Tensberg. In an attack on it, we lose Rommel.

turn 424, 1828 ad
Workers abandon Tensburg and set out to the Rostov peninsula in hopes of a rescue that may never come. Tensburg falls to the Bod. We now have only the perilous Avaris iron.

turn 429, 1838 ad
Hatty's fleet continues to pound our southern cities. No landings, TG. We are taking a huge chance building unis and steries, but i see no other way. We have insufficient garrisons in most of our cities to handle even a pissant landing. Some CG2 longbows are needed almost everywhere.

turn 430, 1840ad
Our galleon is on a rescue mission. Hatty has flight. I only beat a theatre out of an Egyptian city, and a bank out of Barcelona. We have slipped to 1/3 the military strength of Hatty. Bod has slipped ahead in score. We are 11 turns from sci method with 600 + GP in the bank in case of an emergency upgrade needed.

I cannot say whether or not these 10 turns did any good or harm. Certainly, an attack of any kind was out of the question, nor was the fortification of Tensburg possible.

We move on.


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Frigate, meet Spitfire. Spitfire, meet frigate.

i concur with Stuge:


will try to salvage anything from teh flotsam and jetsam of this game. And i just hate seeing fox proved right ;) :)

this is number 4 on my list, so bear that in mind please
so, there's but one word to sum up the game right now:


SciMethod and RepParts and we've got one shot at oil.
Spoiler :

we also got a GE ~ what to use him on??

The situation is pretty dire. Our *only* hope is a longshot: tech to combustion for destroyers, settle at teh oil, and only then produce soem destroyers to try and protect any invasion fleet.

but it might be best to knock over our king and resign ~ thoughts??

ozzie >> UP NOW
stuge >> on deck
pholkhero >> just played


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Doesn't look like we've lost any cities. Combustion and city on the oil (dodging the destroyers) and maybe a massive whip round and see what happens.
well, if stuge is around, perhaps a swap is in order ~
I can pick it up for the weekend. Is there anything we'd like to save the engineer for? E.g. the Manhattan project?
We have the oil colony and Oxford. (Courtesy of the GE.)

Hatty has carriers. Say goodbye to our tile improvements. Also, she built the Apollo program.

We'll get combustion in little over 20 turns. I suggest that we don't knock our king over. Hitting it with a large hammer will be much more relieving and satisfying.


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I check out how many turns remaining there are when I load up the save, 287, I play 20 so that leaves 267. Still time for something weird to save us I suppose.

Hatty has a truly impressive amount of destroyers about. There is so much enemy navy about that we'll struggle to spot any invasion fleet that comes.

I decide to throw Moai Statues in at Madrid. It has decent production potential.

Most cities are unhealhy and unhappy and starving at sizes less than 10, due to the naval blockades.

I get us to Combustion. I selected Rifling (Artillery) but Physics (Airships) might also be good.

Time for some whipping.



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Got it.

Let's whip a navy and lose it in the next ten turns.
Getting silly.

Played 5 turns. Whipped 15 destroyers. All our cities are pop 4-5. Sunk 8 destroyers, lost 7. Bod briefly captured barcelona but we got it back.

Oh, someone build the Pentagon.

May play a few more.

May just give up.
Played 5 more.

Bod's now Sec Gen.

Killed 15 destroyers, lost 10, 7 left earning cheap xp vs bod's frigates in spanish waters but we ain't going to win.
OK. This is a got it.

Once Hatty has factories in her coastal cities, we should see swarms of destroyers. :cry:

You know, i hope the players don't mind if i ramble a bit here. I think overdoing early military, and having great success at it (Cathy, Izzy, and Vicky) wherein our econ sucked for so long, may have been our undoing. I guess the science tech thing went all wrong when one of the AI civs was allowed to develop unhindered for so long and have so much land to get big. The map was a killer, it easily raised the difficulty of this game another notch.

So here i go.

"You know, it won't be long before there will be no place in the 'verse for naughty men like us."

Hmm, nice line in a TV show, but...

"Playing an sg with pholkhero is so much fun that you hardly notice that you've lost."

Oh, better, MUCH better.

Wait, never mind, i have to go play 10 turns of huddle-and-get-bombed. You know, Hatty likes the Big Red Button. She loves to push it. A lot. Well, my guess is she probably doesn't actually push it--she gets one of her generals to do it, because she probably just had her nails done.

Hope that cheered everyone up. :mischief:
ha ~ good to see we're well on track here ~

to where i have no idea! :lol:

looking good ~ perhaps the RNGod will be kind to us when my turns come around :mischief:
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