ROTQM10: Raging Over the Quarreling Mountains


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Feb 24, 2006
[let's face it, i'm out of titles that start with ROTQM ~ it was originally titled "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2 :p ]

Hey now ~ so, pushed by my aussie friend, I have begun a new AW SG.

All i know right now is the settings:
Always War
No Tech Trading
Aggressive AI
Raging Barbs
Pangaea (Normal size, Epic speed)
and just for fun, Permanent Alliances

Not sure on a difficulty yet, as well as a leader. I was going to suggest Random leader on Prince due to the settings but we'll let the players decide as well on both.

DM SG Etiquette Guide:

Spoiler :

Alpha: The quality of your report outweighs the quality of your play. We’re here to have fun, and, of course, winning is fun, but losing in style is preferable to a boring win.

Bravo: Reports should be detailed, with plenty of screen shots and player commentary, explanations, musings, etc; a bare-bones/no commentary, auto-log dump will not suffice. Shots of the F9 screens and overview shots of the empire are nice too, once in a while.

Charlie: Punctuality rocks! “24/48” means post a "got it" within 24 hours of when the last save was posted, and play within 48 hours of that ‘got it.’ Waiting 47 hours to ask for a skip is lame. Punk out two times in a row, and you’ll be dropped from the roster. Skips and swaps are fine, but try to let us know sooner, rather than later.

Delta: Major game decisions (war/peace declarations, religion swaps, city placement, etc) should be arrived at via group consensus.
1. If the team disagrees with you, either argue your case better, or do it their way. Do NOT just blow them off and do it your way because it's your turn.
2. However, if there’s no consensus and you’re up, do it your way and explain why. Conversely, if someone else is up, don't whine when they do it their way.
3. Similarly, overruling techs or city builds is rude and should be done via consensus, barring an emergency.
4. In extraordinary situations, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that the group didn't foresee. If the consequences of it are great, players should stop, and refer the question to the group.

Echo: Be Excellent to Each Other. Being a better player does not give you the right to belittle anyone else or their play. Other people are going to disagree with you on major decisions; get used to the idea, and play nice. If not, take your ball and go home.

Foxtrot: Thread spam is good. We’re here to play in a friendly environment. Trash talking, poking fun, gentle ribbing, virtual noogies, and generally horsing around are all encouraged. However, don’t be jerk.

Golf: Automate sparingly.
1. Workers should almost never be automated, except perhaps late-game or building a trade network. However, if you have to, set your game options to “disallow automated worker forest chopping” and “keep previous improvements.”
2. Use of the “Emphasis” buttons is fine, but let the group know and explain your reasoning (specialization is a major game decision). If you prevent growth in a city, let the group know and remind them to take it off. Do NOT let the governor select build orders.
3. Sending units on go-to routes that last beyond your set is acceptable only if they’re heading for a rally point or if you otherwise inform your teammates.

Hotel: NEVER fortify Great People. Is it so hard to push the spacebar 15 times??

India: Sign spamming is rude. Signs can be helpful reminders, but too many signs makes them easily ignored. Once a sign is no longer valid, delete it. [The only exception to this are city specialization signs.]

Note: I have hereby abolished specified turn length for sets in games I start (i.e., play 10 turns, 15, etc). Turnsets will be determined by in-game events, whereby each person will play until a “significant stopping point.” This could be a tech discovery, end of a GAge, end/beginning of war, birth of a GP, etc. I trust the RNGod will show you the way during your set. However, please play no less than 15, no more than 30 turns per set.

1. pholkhero
2. ozbenno
Put me as a maybe - want to see the final difficulty before deciding. Pangaea is by far the hardest AW, and aggressive AI really means unit SPAM.
agreed...was even thinking of putting Noble as teh difficulty given the settings
If you're short of bad players volunteering for a slot then I'll take the 'challenge'.

edit: if you're "raging over the quarreling mountains" then you really do need a rocky mountain mapscript. Maybe we can play the Bod!

Not a sign-up as I'm slightly overloaded as it is, but should be fun to lurk. Subscribed. :)
agreed...was even thinking of putting Noble as teh difficulty given the settings
With no tech trading + raging barbarians (= Great Wall), maybe Monarch is more a challenge.
I had to dig up an 5 year old SG for the settings of that AW game.
It was civ4 Vanilla, large fractal map, Prince and with tech trading on.
It wasn't easy, but when the 2 front war went into a one front war, the game was won.
Checking in.

Agressive AI = unit spam but also = slower teching so is all right.

Maybe because of the mountains we could play highlands or global highlands map with dense mountains.

Prince is fine, if we have horses, an early chariot rush is pretty effective. Play as Egypt or Persia and it is even better. Happy to play as any leader in any case.
Waiting to hear from Pholk on official level - put me as a tentative signup.
1. pholkhero
2. ozbenno
3. LKendter (maybe)
4. rolo
5. pigswill
6. mystyfly

map: highlands, standard w/thin mountains and seas (the thicker mt densities made it seem like too much of a pain to navigate for an AW game. I rejected global higlands due to the open ocean). I'm going to stick in an extra civ or two b/c of the extra land.
level: Prince
leader: Boudica of the Celts

unless there's an objection to the leader, i'll roll up a start later today, giving all our global fiends a chance to put in their two bits.

finally, i think the GWall would be cheating
In, and start rolling.
so, reading rolo's smilie as an evil grin, i decided on a random leader:

and our start:

i htink scout 1 S, 1 SW, but i think settle in place is okay for us.

BW and warrior first??
Settle in place - don't like 1 from ocean, but HILLS rule in heavy war games.
Argh we start with hunting (thus scout). I'd have preferred someone who has a slightly higher life expectancy. Oh well.

SIP, Scout move, stop, discuss techpath imo. Maybe we pop a warrior, then we can go straight worker, maybe we pop some significant tech (that is possible on prince, no?). Generally techwise I'm not sure. We have few forests so BW is less appealing, agri first looks natural with (unirrigatable) corn and those FPs, then maybe AH as we have both prereqs.
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