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RPC, The Next Generation: King George III and the American Revolution

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by madscientist, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. dalamb

    dalamb Deity

    May 9, 2006
    Kingston, Ontario
    "Dedicate" all your cities to Thor? Every so often some of the Teutonic tribes would go invade somebody solely for the purpose of destroying everything as a religious sacrifice.
    Well, you could have world-built a change to Vicky, Fin/Imp -- seems more appropriate. BTW an old English grad school chum said he was taught in school what a terrible king G3 was -- imposed harsh laws, lost several valuable colonies...
    JoeHollywood recommends 4 on the main island.
    Short term: tell me which AI to remove and I can do it for you tonight after I hand in today's essay. Longer term:
    Spoiler the gory details of the whole process :

    1. Start an Earth 18 game (or whatever scenario you actually want). Decide what civ to "delete" -- you'll actually replace this one with the Khmer. Suppose it's Germany. Open the WB and put a German settler wherever you want the Khmer to start and delete the other German units. Save the WB file.
    2. Edit the WB save file with your favourite text editor as TMIT showed. Search for "LeaderType=LEADER_FREDERICK". Change FREDERICK to your new leader. I'm not 100% sure of the spelling but it's probably just SURYAVARMAN_II
    3. Just below that find "CivType=CIVILIZATION_GERMANY" and change GERMANY to KHMER
    4. Look just a few lines earlier to find the team number, in this case "Team=7"
    5. Search much earlier in the file for "TeamID=7" which is in the midst of a BeginTeam/EndTeam block. Find the "TECH=" lines and change them to the Khmer starting techs. Fortunately for you, it's the same as the German techs, so there's no real work, but I include this step for completeness.
    6. This is the trickiest bit, and I'm not sure it's the easist way, but don't panic.
      • Look for your starting settler: that is, look for a line saying "UnitOwner=7". This will be in the middle of a BeginUnit/EndUnit block that's within a BeginPlot/EndPlot block.
      • Look just after the BeginPlot line to find X=something,Y=something; these are the coordinates of the tile where your settler will start.
      • Go back and find where you have your LeaderType line; this is in a BeginPlayer/EndPlayer block. Find the line with "StartingX=something,StartingY=something" and change the "somethings" to whatever you found in the BeginPlot block.
    7. Save the WB file.
    8. There may be some artifacts in the file from the fact that you ran it as a game, such as AIs before yours in the list having created their cities. Run the WB cleaner with all options checked to get rid of these. This means your starting warrior/scout may be in a different location from when you created the initial game, but getting that detail right usually matters only for "Series" games.
    I daydream about writing an updated WB cleaner that will simplify stuff like this, e.g. change leaders/civs or add new ones. Anybody know if there are ways to mod the WorldBuilder itself?

    Edit: hmm. I wasn't aware that simply moving the settler sufficed for changing the civ's starting location like mad said. Are you sure this works if you change German to Khmer but then run as some other civ? I think that leaves the Khmer back in Berlin. In any case, the WBcleaner has an on-by-default option to clean up TeamReveal.
  2. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    In my test I could successfully move Louis to Australia and start the game. Two glitches I ran into, one Louis still had communication with Liz opening up tech trading at least, the second is I still has the view of the Paris region which is not a big deal in an earth-map. The Liz problem was overcome by editting out Roosevelt. I still had a few issues so I went with the American Revolution RPC. This game is hard (see Joaoa's game) so I wanted Liz's Philosophical trait for this one.

    Perhaps I can private message you regarding another earth-map RPC, and maybe you can modify it correctly????
  3. Fleme

    Fleme Obey the Kitty!

    Oct 15, 2003
    I'm sorry for derailing this thread a bit, but thanks a lot for the help, mad&dalamb

    @dalamb, the map I want to have eventually is:

    Spoiler :

    Civs to have: I dream of an earth with the following civs for my own gaming enjoyment:

    2)Holy Rome (Aachen would be located 1NE of where Paris is)
    5)Russia - Cathy
    6)Ottoman - Mehmed
    13)China - Qin
    16)Native America
    18)Egypt - Hatshepsut

    I also plan to rebalance the map to make it a bit more interesting. That is to say, improve the weaker starting locations and the continents of South America and Africa.

  4. dalamb

    dalamb Deity

    May 9, 2006
    Kingston, Ontario
    There were other threads in the last few months about "fixing" Earth 18; maybe we should move the discussion to one of those, or perhaps start a new one.
  5. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    1. Open up the WB save in civ. Decide where you want sury. Put something obvious like a modern armor or panzer there. Save this file as earth18 sury or something for example.
    2. Open up that wb save in a text/word editor.
    3. Look up the khmer info in an old WB game or the leaderhead XML.
    4. Paste his info into a relevant player slot in the earth WB save.
    5. Scroll down until you get the plot information. The plot with the modern armor or panzer or whatever has the starting x and y you want, so use that for sury.
    6. Clear out all beginunit and endunit lines (no more modern armor on the map, and actually civs get unit counts appropriate for difficulty as a side effect, though on monarch+ they'll still have warriors unless you add archery).
    7. You might also want to clear out revealmap so that you or the AI can't see somewhere it shouldn't.

    It isn't that hard if you get used to the general process of changing things in the WB file using a text editing program.
  6. Jaaboo

    Jaaboo Prince

    Jan 3, 2008
    As for settling the Isle of Brittan, you can indeed fit 4 cities on the Isle, and one on Ireland (I suppose you could fit two but that's tight.) Production might be a bit low but research will be strong with the Financial trait (all those water tiles.)

    Settle London in place.
    Settle York 1S of the iron.
    Settle Nottingham 3W of London.
    Settle Canterbury on the NW-most tip of Scotland.

    (I think those are the first four city names? Either way "Nottingham" would be Bristol and Canterbury Inverness if you're going for realistic names. Then again, if you're going for real locations, London would be Canterbury. Head hurt? At least its not 18 Montezuma clones.)

    That's a good way to squeeze a lot of research out of England. Plus you should have enough food to work 2 scientists in every city with ease.

    Taking Paris is a good plan. You could settle "Nottingham/Bristol" with your first settler which will keep Louis out of Ireland as well and you should out-tech France easily. The biggest question you'll want to ask early on is when to take Paris. Louis will be vulnerable for some time - but you have horses and a chariot invasion early on is not un-doable (but you'll need Sailing of course!) Taking Paris early will allow you a WONDERFUL wonder pump for TGL, Colossus and if you're very fast, The Oracle (likely not). Louis will often build you Stonehenge (awesome, though it belongs in London - maybe after you capture Paris you can WB it over to London and explain that Celtic druids did in fact summon it from afar) and the Great Wall (*roll eyes*). Taking it later gives you time to settle your islands and Scandinavia and its happy resources (fur & silver and later whales since you're beelining Optics.)
  7. Fleme

    Fleme Obey the Kitty!

    Oct 15, 2003
    Again, off-topic but since I started it here, I'll be damned not to finish it here as well.

    Spoiler :

    So, I made a dummy map with the 18 civs I wanted to have and just blatantly copypasted the leader/tech infos to my earth map undergoing modding. It worked splendidly, although the placements were random. I then meticulously located every leader to the spot they're supposed to be in and erased vision from their previous location. So far, so good.

    Then I ran into a problem. Some civs know one more more civilizations right from the start and I can't figure out how to make it so that they won't know each other. For example. starting as Liz, I know Ragnar and Sitting Bull from the get-go but as Joao I don't know anyone.

    Edit: Figured it out. For some reason some players had ContactWithTeam=xx, removing them to see what happens.

    Edit 2: No, didn't work. Liz still knows SB and Ragnar without any visible contact.

    Edit 3: It did in fact work after all. Turns out the changes weren't applied until I restarted the game. The map now works. hurrah.

    Long story short, it now works as I want it to. Thank you so much for showing me the way. And yes, I'll be following this thread :D
  8. CHEESE!

    CHEESE! On a long nostalgia trip

    Aug 11, 2007
    Open the WB save- it will have things like ContactWithTeam=1. Delete those.
  9. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    King George III: Rise of England

    George, yes just plain George, looks across the ocean at the Obnoxious Frenchman.

    "I am better looking than you. My wig fits better. My land is better than your's. You have no neighbors. You have no wine. YOU SIR HAVE NO CLASS!"

    The man called Louis went on forever with tiring retorts, "Will he never shut up!

    One of George's followers spoke up "Sir, where do we settle? We're not staying near that bore across the water are we?"

    George looks at the leader of his small warrior band. "Yes we are, there are many things to do and this land is valuable, we must exploit every part of it."

    So Plain old George has his people settle in place

    And starts his people researching agriculture. Louis continue his taunts "Agriculture, we French already know THAT. FAce is Blimey, you are a loser."

    Obviously Louis was not going away.

    So the english set about a boring but efficient research and build pattern pattern

    Tech went: Agriculture/Animal Husbandry/sailing/hunting/writing/masonry/Bronze Working/Pottery. All the classic worker and early economic techs.

    London built: worker/archer/archer/settler/archer/workboat/settler/settler then progressed rather normally.

    But early on George met who were quite different

    First the Stoic Germans who made even the dreary English seam like the life of the party

    Then there was the Romans

    Who appeared warlaike and demanded cows as soon as we had pastures.

    And then

    A zealotish Spanish Lady who kept insisting we fall on our kness and worship the mighty Buddha.

    Considering the French, they made marvelous neighbors.

    we started settlign our land mass very quickly

    First York

    Then Nottingham

    And finally Hastings

    Four cities on Englands main island, with the Irish isles ready to be habited at the save.

    George then met a much more interesting neighbor

    Too bad she is so far away as she was certainly a much more interesting Lady that the Buddhist Zealot!

    After finishing all the early worker techs, we saved and trying to decide what to research next

    The tech situation is this

    Noone has alphabet!

    A view of the English islands

    And our cities

    We also have our first Great Scientist due out in 10 turns.

    So where do we go from here???

    A few points for discussion

    1) How likely is England to be invaded if we keep minimal defenses?? How fast do we need iron working??

    2) Techpath??? Alphabet next, but what about the monarchy path of mysticism/meditation/priesthood/monarchy??/ As you can see George is not yet called a king.

    3) Do we take out that annoying Frenchman and leave him to rant and rave???

    4) Great Scientist. I say we save him for the Compass which should be available after Iron working (which can usually be traded for).

    After the compass we need the following

    mathematic/calander/metal casting/machinery (get's us crossbows eliminating the need for longbows)/Optics/Astronomy. Also somehow we need to fit in Currency and Code of Laws but perhaps they can be gotten via trade.

    5) Last, how much more to settle. We want to settle Ireland and we cna only get on city there due to Hastings position. Do we really need to settle Scandenavia???

    6) OK, this is really last. I do not think I want any cottages. Farms are enough and by the time the cottages mature we shall be in America.

    God save the King, er I mean God save George.
  10. UWHabs

    UWHabs Deity

    Oct 10, 2008
    French culture is a pain. I'd strongly consider going iron working and then taking them out.

    Otherwise, you still need enough production to build the units to get across to America, so settling Scandinavia won't hurt. Even if you just get 2 cities on there, it'll help.
  11. Calouste

    Calouste Deity

    Mar 17, 2006
    You can get 2 cities there, minimum city distance doesn't affect cities on different landmasses. (And you meant Nottingham, not Hastings.)

    Not sure about settling Scandinavia, as that opens up a second front, but you can settle Iceland.
  12. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    If you stay off the mainland AI war checks have to pass for every continental civ before you're considered, so if you're in at least as good disposition with an AI as another target on its land mass, you're not a favored target.

    This does not grant you full immunity if you refuse demands however, or if you really piss somebody off.

    And no, you do not NEED to settle Scandinavia, though it might help. I'd also suggest a look at possible wonders given limited, largely uncontested land and stone, but that's just me.

    Not sure if the straight astro beeline is best or not. It will be interesting to see and compare with my approach on this one.
  13. nishant1911

    nishant1911 *hugs*

    Oct 17, 2009
    i don't get one thing, why would you want to raze paris?:confused:
    it is one of greatest capital in earth map.
  14. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    Role play flavor. My game dealt with it rather interestingly though X_X.
  15. Infantry#14

    Infantry#14 Emperor

    Dec 26, 2006
    this may be a bit too late and unnecessary, but King George leaderhead from Colonization looks better than the picture frame. I'm sure you can download it from some leaderhead graphic mod.
  16. The Dark One

    The Dark One Settled Priest

    Jun 1, 2009
    Oxford UK
    If I may put my oar in -
    1. On the danger of invasion - very unlikely. In fact, I wouldn't have bothered with the archers, just one warrior in each until iron working... You might have to give away a couple of techs, but with luck you'll catch Buddhism and so will Germany, Spain and Rome, and all will be well.
    3. On Paris - it has to go, one way or the other. The only probably with capturing it is culture pressure on it; I've had it flip to Spain before now, which was most upsetting. If you can bear it, wait till you have drama, which will also give Louis time to build more shiny toys for you, and you should be able to keep it more easily if you run an artist or two.
    5. On Scandinavia - Depends if you're going to play nice with Germany and Russia; they're much more likely to attack there.
    6. Yes, farms for running great scientists - plenty of commerce coming in from the sea. I'm always amazed by how quickly Liz techs.

    Poor King George - he was a lovely old man, really.
  17. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    Farms for running specs outside a GP farm or representation are terrible.

    Use them to get some minimal infrastructure and then build up for colonization. It goes a lot faster when you hit astro ---> upgrade galleys to galleons (trade for gold) and already have some military, workers, and settlers ready.
  18. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    king Goerge III: Taking the Throne

    A rather long segment, but I was going along pretty well and I wanted to get to a key point!

    George continues to stay on his island nation trying to ignore the obnoxious Frenchman across the channel. He decides to research alphabet next

    Leading to hopefully alot of trade opportuniteis in such a large world

    Perhaps teching too damned fast!

    So we made a minor trade

    And proceeded to start research metal casting. Yep, going straight down the Astronomy techpath.

    George next found the Buddhist lovefest from the Spanish Zealot has spread to his lands

    More for a happinessd issue amongst his people than a real theological belief he adopted Buddhism. Of course the Zealot does need to know that.

    We met another leader, a rather dirty and nasty looking leader who smelled of horse dung

    Given the abrupt greating George decides to treat his cautiously.

    The Khan left after that tribute.

    Next on the leader parade arriving in Paris to meet the off-shore English was

    Much more hospitalble that the smeely Horse lord, the Obnoxious Frenchman, or the Spanish Zealot.

    we quickly found the Indian was willing to make trades right away

    At this time we started settling the Irish island

    I left the north spot open for a later city based on the advice that the 2 tiles rule does not apply to off-shore cities.

    George was beginning to feel and little uneasy having only archers, so he decided to shop around for iron working and figured he needed to unload alphabet for it. But that was not the case

    perhaps unkept, but certainly of use. Rumour also was that the Mongols have no coastal cities, so he is not a threat.

    For those of you not familiar with Earth Maps, England has a nice iroource

    Next we met the Persians.

    They neither made demands, requests, threats, or religious pleas. WE LIKE THEM!

    The Zealot felt the need to show the uses of religion to us

    And we adopted Organized Religion

    And finally we finished

    Just as we settled our final city

    Now we had a choice here, but being the RPC name is King George III we have to have a coronation, so we started teching

    Priesthood/Monarchy next

    Next wemet a real Nasty leader

    A different faith and none too popular with our closest neighbors. So we rudely ignore the Greek.


    George has finally earned his coronation

    God save the King......

    To Be Continued
  19. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    Kign George III: Taking the Throne

    To free up our saved Great Scientists to do what we need them to do,

    Mathematics was the next tech.

    And we see our neighbors are keeping themselves busy by dogpiling the Greeks

    After Math we start in Machinery to access Optics and for Crossbows.

    At point we use our first Great Scientist

    To Bulb

    The Frenchman has actuallly given up taunting us and is not pursuing others, probably be cause we simply ignored him. SO we now decided to open borders

    And found some good uses for the French.

    We made a run at two wonders. we missed the Great Lighthouse but nabbed

    In London which helped beat off some of the Culture pressure from paris.

    Once we built the colossus we traded away metal casting

    Our research improves alot with the extra sea tile commerce and the extra trade route.

    We fianlly finished Machinery

    Opening up Optics and Astronomy.

    But first we found more uses for metal casting

    Just stirring the pot a little bit.

    So for diverting to metal casting early we got ourselves Calendar/Currency/Horseback riding/Code of Laws. Quite a haul there.

    We use another Great Scientist is bulb

    and another for half of astronomy.

    We adjusted civics to caste system now to run an extra scientist and researched construction and aesthetics while waiting for the next Great Scientist, which was used to bulb most of Astronomy now

    To review, we got 4 Great Scientists by 200 AD, and they were used for bulbing Compass/Optics/Astronomy. The next will be saved to build an academy in America.

    So by 200 Ad we have Astronomy and are ready to settle the New World (Once we explore it a bit. So where do we go first??? The New York/Williamsburg area or central America and the Aztec region???? We do need some settlers/defenders and we have 3 galleys ready to be upgraded!

    The there is the next tech to research

    As well as our world traveling Caravel

    So I am thinking of going around the South American Cape to try for the circumnaviagtion bonus.

    As far as tech, I think Civil Service (for maces), paper (Maps), education for Liberalism.

    The there is always the annoying French.

    Still one concern is that we do NOT leave England ina position to win the game while we are building America up.

    How is it going???
  20. I-imp

    I-imp Warlord

    Mar 6, 2009
    Wow. You got Astronomy ay faster than I did. (650 AD, but i used Lib. In retrospect, I should have went with what you did.)

    Perhaps the best thing right now would be to settle the east coast New York/Washington area. The production there will be useful for worker spamming.

    As for right now, I would make a beeline for communism. Lib, if you can.

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