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RPC, The Next Generation: King George III and the American Revolution

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by madscientist, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. JoeHollywood

    JoeHollywood Warlord

    Apr 23, 2006
    thanks for the props/link

    it's fun reading 3 year old strats and how they either work, or have worked around in todays civ world
  2. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    Things are looking grim for American Independence friends! Starting playing the next segment and absolutely major dogpile forcing a faster Independence than I anticipated!
  3. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    President George: The Premature Birth of America

    Ah, sometimes Independence is a mutually accepted thing, sometimes it's born from the barrel of a gun or point of a sword, and sometimes it's born at a most pragamatic time! The latter is what befell America, at the urging of King George III.

    We start my researching replaceable Parts for access to the extra hammers from watermills and towards our UU, the redcoats. Things progressed well at the beginning starting with a trade with

    With nationhood we can draft muskets! BUT, that was as far as the good news went because soon after

    Who also brought alot of Europe (France, Germany, Rome) as vassals as well as eventually Spain and Mongolian. Yes friends, a a good old AI dogpile.

    The wrath of the fiery redhead fell on the English homelands right away

    We drafted a few muskets but too little to defend against the next wave of Russians that landed.

    To add insult to injury, Louis has followed us to the New World

    And immediately starts taunting and insulting the Americans!

    King George III goes to the streets of Williamsberg, stirring up feeling of independence and declaring that the old world's foolishness has led to war on our very doorsteps. "But your the King", WACK!!!!!

    The English home islands are in bad defense, so we draft a few muskets and make a hard choice

    Yes people, it is time to break political ties with the British Islands although they are still a vassal. The America's have a representative government without slavery and Free Religion and have elected George as President! No more King George III, America is led by President George! Meanwhile, the English islands have elected their new King

    King Washington of England!

    The problem of the Irish were solved by gifting both cities to Washington.

    Now a few things happened with independence. Washington got 2 free muskets in each city whish is better defense than I could have established, and we had a chance to take all out remaining troops and take off.

    Poor Washington took the brunt of the war while the America's were allowed to develope in relative peace. HOWEVER, research was atrocious even with representative scientists and three academies as the slider was lowered to 0% beakers!

    Eventually CAtherine turned out too str9ong for Washington as the key city of York fell to the Russians.

    And yet we still have no inklings of peace and Cyrus and Hatshepsut are staying out!

    Right now our cities are still in the infrastructure mode.

    So we wait and do the best we can.

    A glimmer of hope opens up as the AP seeks a new Holy See.

    And even though we voted for Hatshepsut, Catherine won the seat and of course no "Stop the war with George III" arises. NUTS!

    To give you an idea of the dismal diplomatic situation.

    Hell, we are not even getting much of an intercontinental trade route yield right now!

    We managed a small victory in we razed the French City at the Mouth of the St. Laurence river

    If anything we got a little peace and quiet.

    And stubbornly we still attempt to settle South America only to find

    The Mali already there! Still we managed to build the city "the Source" at the mouth of the Amazon.

    Things went worse for Washington as the northen British city

    Fell to the Russians cutting off iron from Washington

    We managed to start turning things around with this trade.

    Seams like acquiring chemistry and access to frigates has caught Catherine's attention.

    As well as Qin's

    Leaving Mongolia as our only foe which the AP soon took care of.

    But what kind of situation does that leave America, with no help from a crippled homeland?????

    To Be continued.......
  4. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    President George: The Premature Birth of America

    It leaves America in BAD shape, but with the potential resources to rebuild IF we can manage our own affaris without interferance from the Old World leaders.

    We managed to start upping the slider as our cities developed and run scientists in the academy cities. Eventually we limped to get

    Which opens things up a little bit.

    And we adjust civics adopting American Capitalism

    The extra trade route and a few turns of peace have given America a big boost in commerce from trade routes! We try as best as we can to get harbors in each city.

    Alexander has been completely ignored but he had this semi-decent trade

    Getting us a little cash and a tradeable tech.

    One good thing is America has low population cities and ALOT of happiness so we can continue to grow rapidly. We also managed some decent trades for gold in order to boost up the slider

    And as you can see Catherins is geering up for war as shown by the red hand next to her name

    And of course we get this demand

    I would love to tell her to stick it, but we humbly agree. The next turn the horns of war sound and we see.

    That we avoided another disasterous war. We are closing in on rifling and Qin seams backwards in tech so perhaps we can escape this mess to live yet.

    Yet more difficluties emerge as we now find the Japanese (vassals of Qin) encroaching on American lands.

    THAT needs to be changed soon. For now we ignore the neighbors, but we are building the Heroic epic in The Bayou for a strong military pump. I also plan to build the Globe Theater there to draft alot of soldiers in the future. For now we simply have

    Redcoats and a little more peace of mind. We drafted a fast army of Redcoats to start taking down some of those Barbarian cities around, especially the legindary city of Jute in the midwest of North America.

    But for now a view of the tech situation

    Some trade opportunites here but requires a little work. We research Corporation next as the extra trade route is useful and it's a cheaper bonus tech totrade away as needed.

    But first, the first real glorious American war, the battle for Jute from teh Barbarians

    And quickly victory is ours.

    Next came some REALLY hard choices.


    No choice here folks, we gotta move in tech and our offerings are small. Still, we have several sources of oil

    Washington was researching democracy allowing to make this trade

    As you can see that earlier Greek trade for Divine Right payed off.

    I saved here after researching corporation as America has some hard choices to make to see if it will survive.

    I have Washington researching steel for a future trade. What do we research??? Steam Power for levees and opening up Assembly line? Communism for state Property even though we lose one of the valued trade routes. Biology could be big with our farm based America (The Source is the only city to be cottaging) and it's always a big trade value tech.

    Also, do we swap to emancipation? Happiness is not an issue at the moment and I like the option now of caste system.


    Noone is willing to trade communism for rifling right now, so I would need to research a few turns.

    The Glance Screen

    Unfortunately Catherine is putting the smackdown on Hatty, so a Russian runaway here is very possible.

    A view of the America's

    And lastly, our cities

    Our research base has made a big improvement since the early days of forced independence.

    SO right now I need alot of advice here!
  5. UWHabs

    UWHabs Deity

    Oct 10, 2008
    I'd go bio. You need growth right now, and nothing will get you that faster. After that, I'd go steam power for faster worker turns while settling the Amazon and chopping all that jungle into whatever (watermills, workshops, farms, cottages, whatever).
  6. Nares

    Nares Emperor

    May 2, 2006
    Ouch. How did you end up the target of the dogpile?
  7. Shoot the Moon

    Shoot the Moon Playing World in Conflict

    Dec 24, 2005
    I'd say bio also. Would really kick start that SE.
  8. Sian

    Sian Emperor

    Jan 21, 2008
    how does your army look? ... strong enough to join Cathy, and helping with Liberating South American Mali?
  9. I-imp

    I-imp Warlord

    Mar 6, 2009
    I wish that you went workshop/watermill economy, but i digress. Biology would be your best bet right now, followed by steam.
  10. dalamb

    dalamb Deity

    May 9, 2006
    Kingston, Ontario
    How utterly ironic that Washington gets England while George III gets America.

    I think Frederick is willing to trade Communism for Rifling if I read the tech chart properly.
  11. Ignorant Teacher

    Ignorant Teacher Emperor

    Apr 8, 2009
    You shouldn't have taken your forces away, you'd have kept a useful vassal.
  12. Loki Strikes

    Loki Strikes Prince

    Dec 15, 2008
    Yeah tbh I would have just gifted my forces on the island to Washington
  13. Kikka

    Kikka Chieftain

    Jul 13, 2009
    You can help Hatty by trading her rifling to prevent cathy getting to big.
    Sell off Lib for cash. Comunism state property workshops nationhood theo biology civic thingy.:blush:
  14. Don Carnage

    Don Carnage Chieftain

    Mar 17, 2009
    Remember the historic american revolution, the country was in a sad state. But play your cards right, and in a couple of centuries you'll be the leader of a mad world. Build up your friends to maintain if possible a power balance in the old World, play nice with Cathy while you gather intelligence on her key cities.

    Build, build, build, then war civics to build your small, modern army with lot's of older units to upgrade, and wait for Cathy to attack one of your friends. You'll be ready to stab Cathy while the bulk of her forces are busy elsewhere, take out and raze her most powerful cities, then retreat and fight a war of terror or go for the space ship.

    Even if a win seems impossible, you should go pay back Russia for it's grievous actions.
  15. IPEX-731BA5DD06

    IPEX-731BA5DD06 Deity

    Dec 15, 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Interesting reading... I'd go for Biology, Farms and POPULATION. Next would have to be Electricity, then state property? or keep the caste system work shops/Specialists.

    America really developed through Immigration and great lands to settle/farm. I say there is some historical relevance here, Maybe the North could be the industrial base and the South could be agricultural.

    Statue of Liberty, or have you given up on that, Caste system can survive very well in the face of Emancipation demands, just build those wonders, Theaters, and run a 20% Culture if worse comes to worse.

    Don't forget those Astronomies, as well as Universities 75% boost as opposed to a flat 50%.

    Victory I assume is going to be space, so running down the Research labs line, early is a must. (100% boost) that's 18 per scientist with an academy per city x No specialists=:science:
  16. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    President George: American Growth

    President George sit's back and reflects on what has occurred. American Independence at a price, and lot's of valuable land at his disposal. Yes, he played the revolutionary spirit, but time now for some serious rebuilding if he is to get this country on it's feet. Complex choices await, and he begins bu researching Biology and sending a few redcoats towards the Barbarric Incan region

    Another valuable Pacific coast city with us providing the only easy access between the oceans with control of the Canal!

    Nothing too interesting occurred as we built infrastructure in order to compete with the world. A daunting and long task with only Moderate help from the homeland.

    Eventually we manage to research

    Which feed America weel, allowing their people to reflect on other matters. The number of scientists across the land increases while city growth continues! In addition America now has some value for trade in the world

    Leading to

    The ability to nab Steam Power is a pleasent surprize and open up the ability to construct levees along our mighty river systems. Communism allows us more production via the state property civics, yet we hold off a little for the proper moment.

    Ah, the first purely American Great person has emerged. We start a Golden Age here and adopt State Property while staying in caste system for the moment.

    We also find someone willing to trade Physics

    Also starting a strong friendship here. Saladin stays ar pleased the rest of the segment, something perhaps very important later on. For now, important matters are our country while we idlely sit back and watch Catherine slowly destroy Egypt.

    In fact we continue to help Sal

    America does not have horses, but the Arab friendship is more important here. America adopting State Property and forming a strong bond the Arab people, it certainly is a MAD world we live in.

    We begin to settle more cities such as MArtha Vinyard on the outlet of the St. Lawrence river and the city of Boulder

    As you see America is flooded with alot of coal reserves.

    As America continues to rise, the homeland fairs rather poorly as you see here

    London has culture flipped to Louis.

    An example of American production can be seen here

    Witht eh Heroic epic we have a strong military production site!

    One last time we are forced to dodge the Russian Queen's rath.

    THAT was the last time.

    After Biology the next tech we went after was Assembly line to further improve our production base, as well as provide better defense.

    We could not find any buyers for AL, and taking military science is not a good trade. So next we research electricity.

    A view of our cities at this point

    Shows we are doing very well in both science and production, but there is still much work to do.

    Soon we have

    providing a 3 commerce boost to each watermill. we actually start watermilling over any remaining cottages we can.

    Washington has finally researched Steel that we instructed him to earlier

    And he is instructed to research medicine next, hopefully he can manage that before an easier trade offers itself. Meanwhile we start research Industrialism hoping perhaps we can nab railroad in a later trade.

    At this point Saladin has become a vassal of Cyrus, forming a pretty solid block between Russia and the captured Egyptian lands. I would think this is unlikely to become a big target of Catherine as Persia and Arabia are fairly strong in tech and military, and to add icing on the cake

    Let the Redheaded Russian Queen now think twice about attacking us and firing of a massive world war. We are still weak but increasing everyturn and will soon be a military force to reconned with. But for now we are content to mind our business and allow Catherine to look eslwhere to satisfy her bloodlust.

    We finish off a few more cities building the city called "The Hill" in the resource right Rocky Mountains while taking the last strong Barbarian city giving us most of California

    The horns of war are sounded and CAtherine indeed has gone elsewhere for satisfaction.

    Qin is in vert band shape using muskets to defend against infantry. We despise the Chinese but in order to keep Russia down

    We finish the last tech of the segment

    And saved here. I think Railroad/Combustion are next for a serious American Navy plus access to tanks. A Gentleman in the American Congress named James Monroe offered a suggested proclaimation stating this hemisphere is exclusively American. President George is strongly considering this matter.

    The tech situation

    Considerable work to be done and Sal's tech offerings have dried up. Still I think we are catching up and hopefully will have a superior navy to repulse the landlocked Russian army.

    The map of the Americas show our growth and there are still some northern and Amazon regions to settle once we have time

    Our cities

    The next Great Person should give us a golden Age (we have a saved Great Spy). We have also built up our national wonders

    The Bayou = Heroic Epic
    MArtha Vineyard = building the Moari
    Jamestown = National epic
    Jute = National Park (with several forrests for preserves).

    IronWorks/Oxford/Wall Street still await. Oh, byt the way we still do not have a single Stock Exchange which is our UB by the way.

    Finally, demographics

    Which is not bad but still a big dose of reality. We definitely need a bigger army.

    So how is America going???
  17. cripp7

    cripp7 Playin' Bored

    Aug 16, 2007
    With your next GA maybe switch to US or Slavery and get those Stock Exchanges and any other infrastructure those cities need!
  18. Loki Strikes

    Loki Strikes Prince

    Dec 15, 2008
    don't really need stock exchanges except if you're rush buying which I wouldn't recommend because these cities are relatively new and cottages would take awhile vs immediate reward of workshops + SP, I would seriously consider spamming cities all across the Americas now that you are under SP as they won't cost you much short term and will have great long term return given the great land.

    Seriously I would run SP + Caste as long as possible for production, Rep, HR, or PS, I see no particular reason for US. However a brief sojourn into slavery in a golden age may be justifiable but I am not sure and I have no time to look at save to analyze :p
  19. apenpaap

    apenpaap Tsar of all the Internets

    Apr 7, 2008
    :):):):), how could I have missed these until now? YAY, the RPCs are back! I'm as happy as a penguin sliding on his belly.
  20. madscientist

    madscientist RPC Supergenius

    Oct 6, 2006
    New York City
    Too bad you were not around for "It's a MAD, MAD MAD, MAD World" I would have been delighted to kill you and burn your lands down!

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