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(RT) Apollo Domination strategy - "Attila" for BE

Discussion in 'CivBE - Strategy & Tips' started by MaryPoppins, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. MaryPoppins

    MaryPoppins Chieftain

    Dec 9, 2017
    I recently played my first Apollo game, and I found a strategy that carried me to a domination victory in turn 193 (standard everything).

    a) Setup: I chose engineer, Duncan (for a water start) and the additional unit, I had a fungal terra map and had the coast outline revealed to me (for easier navigation and more known pod locations)
    b) First moves: explore to find pods. Build 4 submarines (with a worker in between, or buy the worker with cash gained from the pods), then a second water melee unit.
    c) When the first coast or ocean based group lands, send two submarines and one water melee unit there. Attack and conquer.
    Cities can't see submarines, so you can wear down the city and then use the melee unit to take it. Raze it to minimize unhappiness. Keep capitals (no choice anyway).
    Important: Do not move your subs too close to the city or it will see and attack them and stay out of range with your melee water unit. Avoid workers (or kill them).
    d) As soon as a second capital in or near the sea is revealed, send the other two subs there and another water melee unit.

    City: Once you have 2 water melee units and about six submarines,build what is needed (production, science, trade, health, culture,...)
    Science: After basic techs, focus mostly on one affinity to ensure your units are regularly upgraded (I chose the yellow one).
    Virtues: I mixed might and prosperity mostly, but took the +10% science, too.
    health: I was at -69 tops (mostly after accepting peace deals offering tech and cities to raze). It slowed some things and a few people starved, but it didn't matter much.
    diplo: I negotiated bonuses to military production, science, and health during the game. I agreed with all agreements the AI wanted from me.
    wonders: I built the spy agency (and a few others, which were less important): The spies were useful in procuring money and science.
    character traits: I chose science, spying, military production boni
    aliens: I left them alone in the beginning so I could move faster on the ocean. Later I killed aliens and nests to gain science (for unit upgrades)
    peace terms: I sometimes accepted peace terms, if another target for my ships was nearby, and if the offer was very generous (3 cities or techs). Fully killing a civ gives you most of their tech, so finishing them off is an option (and they are gone forever).

    Of my 7 competitors, 3 had built inland. Two were within a hex of the coast (and therefore within submarine striking range), one was totally inland. In the second half of the game, I built two rovers (or whatever the advanced version is called) to conquer the capitals inland, but close to the sea. I used air units and foot soldiers against the last city.

    I never founded a city. I usually razed all conquered cities except capitals (not possible). I kept a few as beachheads/air base (and annexed/razed them later), but that costs health. I fully annexed the capitals so I could direct their production.

    I could/should have finished like 30 turns earlier, but made some silly mistakes and overestimated my opponents' city strength.

  2. legalizefreedom

    legalizefreedom Inefficiency Expert

    Jan 26, 2013
    What's the rush? I would rather play the game as intended.

    I'm doing a dom game currently which I almost never do. It feels like I'm being robbed of half the game. It's alright for a change up I guess, but it's not my favorite.

    But cool that you worked this out if your into speed runs.

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