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This Rule will drastically change the outline of the Cabinet. And affect the upcoming elections.....but it's has to be polled...and I believe it's a good idea.

Here is the proposal:
- Merging of City Planner and Expansion Minister, to form Secratery of Internal affairs.

- Governors now very inportant, they now completley control city production in their Provinces.

- Merging of Trade and Diplomacy Ministers, to form Foreign Minister.
Only three votes??? C'mon! We seriously need more players, more REGULAR players that is. Not some Civ3 peopelthat just want in for one post.

Good results so far, going in favor of the deal, of course ;)
I'm in favour of the cabinet changes since we're now running short of even regular voters, not to mention office-holders.
Hmm? Ah, all yes and no no. Guess who thought up this ingenious plan...:p ;) :) :D (I do get cocky, don't I)

Seems like everyone likes it, 5 people already! That is our entire player list! :rolleyes:
I voted for it. It sounds like a great idea. It should be implemented immediately!

There are 6 votes now:eek:

Soon, I can start calling myself a regular :D
Hey guys and Gals,
Some regulars live on the other side of the world you know and we do need sleep occasionally;)

Yeah, Great idea and we should get this in place before the next bout of elections
Some people have to wait to get home before they can post...Are we going to just merge the nominations list and then people can change their nominations if they want to?
Not all of us are on these forums 24hrs a day (as much as we would like to be.) There are other things that we have to do like sleep and go to work/school/univercity etc. I try to vote when I can
I'm sorry I missed the vote - from the looks of it, though, the poll's been up for less than 24 hours so far. Is that right.

Anyway, I'm fine with the mergers. I mentioned in an earlier poll that the CP and the Expansion guru seemed like a good merge.

Not too sure about the foreign minister deal - thought this is more or less and all-or-nothing poll as far as what to vote for. I think that this specific merger gives the idea that all trade has to be done with foreign civs. I've always been a huge fan of trading within one's own cities and felt that the Trade Minister was underused rather than not having that much to do. I also thought the Diplomacy Minister will have much more to do once we begin to contact all of the other civs. Matters of war or peace declaration should fall under this realm as well as decisions about demanding tribute or trading techs. I still think that Trade and Diplomacy could still stand by themselves.

However, where trade is concerned, I can understand that with the increased power of the governors, their polls will actually dictate if a caravan is built at all - so from there it's only a matter of who gets the caravan once it's built. I guess folding this duty into another cabinet post makes some sense.

Please then ignore my desire then to be Trade Minister in the nominations sticky. Didn't know this discussion and vote had gone on before I did it.
Y'know, upon further thought, given that the governors (via the polls) would be the ones to decide to build the caravans in the first place, they should also be the ones (again, via polls) to decide as to where the caravan should go and what it carries.

When I think about it, it makes more sense. The trade route will affect the city specifically in terms of commerce generated, and polls by the governors should really decide the destinations. Unfortunately, there would have to be a poll to decide on the caravan and another to decide on the commodity and destination city, but this would be pretty unavoidable anyway.

Unless people feel that this now gives TOO much power to governor-run polls...
However the trade person could suggest to the city planners oto build caravans and then we can give it as a specific option to build next rather than someone having to suggest it in the thread and it going under the catergory of other units...
Actually, the way it works now with the Minister of Interior, it would probably still be better to have caravans as a building option for each specific city. Hopefully, discussions will help our fellow Fanatica citizens to push for some trade for each city.

My thought is then, once the caravan is built, perhaps it may go to the Interior Minister. With a list provided of cities that demand the commodity (both international and national) the Interior Minister could then begin discussions on where to send the caravan.

I guess normally that would have been the Trade Minister's main duty - along with the general promotion of trade in general. With duties being folded together, I would think it makes the most sense to have the Interior Minister run those discussions or, if not, the governors.

Hey, my only hope is to generate AS MUCH TRADE AS POSSIBLE!!!

Perhaps I'll start a coalition similar to ones I've seen like the war church. Maybe I'll call it something like "The Guild"
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