Rules for unhappiness have me confused!


Nov 12, 2001
GOTM#4 has brought to light a problem I've always had with Civ3: I can't predict how "happy" a city will be. Does anyone know the rules. It's a particular pain in this scenario since I can't get London above 7 pop. I've got a temple, & collesium, and all sorts of luxeries - at least 5 - but no happy people. So 7 is the max I can go without starving or rioting. Soon I think I'll get monothe thru the GrLib and can start on a cathedral. In previous games I haven't had the problem of getting the capital up to 12 pop. London is not right next to the wine but the wine is in its city limits. On the other hand I've got a couple of cities in the North (ex French ;) ) with 2 happies.
City placement must have something to do with this but the rules aren't obvious to me. Can anyone help?
BTW it seems to me the AI doesn't play much differently with an island game versus a pangea game. I went straight for MapMaking & GrLight (Fortunately went North with the scout along with the warrior from the Goodie hut and was able to block off the French advance until waves of archers took the island) I didn't make iron working until after the island was secure and I was well on the way of making Lighthouse. The LH allows you to make contact with everyone else and even populate off your starting island way faster than everyone else. The lack of contact everyone else has with each other allows you to get away with back stabbing :lol:
Just to make sure here. You do have to connect the wine to your city by a road for it to make a citizen happy. Just having it there doesn't do much.

In the beginning you can create some happiness with having two troops in town making sure people are happy one way or the other.

Then there is the Temple and Coloseum.

If you have been a bad body and whipped them they are going to be mad about that to.
if you double click on an unhappy face in the city window it tells you why the citizens of that city are unhappy...

for example

(50% it is way too crowded, 25% please stop the war against our mother country, 25% we cannot forget the creul oppresion you have born down upon us).

generally it is pretty obvious what they mean, the last one refers to the despotic whip of pain.

p.s. not a lot of people seem to know this tip for some reason... :)
Emperor level certainly does force you to learn the nitty gritty details of keeping your cities happy.

Here are some tips on using luxuries for happiness.

To make your citizens happy with luxuries you need different types of luxuries. Having 4 wine luxuries means you have 1 for citizen happyness and the other 3 can be used for trading. To increase happiness get a second type of luxury.

Marketplaces enhance the effect of luxuries in the city where they are built. The first and second type of luxury count as 1 happy face each, the third and fourth counts as 2 happy faces each, etc. Without a marketplace, each type of luxury counts as one happy face each regardless of how many you have. When you have 5 or more types of luxuries building a marketplace is the cheapest and most effective way to make your citizens happy. With 5 types of luxuries and a marketplace you get 9 happy faces instead of the 5 you get from the luxuries alone.
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