Russian principalities and the Mongol Yoke: A suggestion for RFCE 2.0


Jul 4, 2014
Dear developers and other people,
I have a suggestion for developers of RFC 2.0. It is about Russian principalities and Mongol Yoke.
First, I think more Russian principalities should be added in RFC 2.0. List of important Russian civs:
Turov and Pinsk
The Union of Galicia-Volhynia can be concluded between Halych and Volhynia.
And Golden Horde should be added as non-playable civilization.

About Yoke.
In 1237 Golden Horde spawns. At start Horde is at war with all Russian states (maybe exception for Novgorod). Golden Horde have a lot of Keshiks and other units, and, for saving cities, Russian civs can become a vassal of Horde.
About Yarlig.
Yarlig is a document on the right to be a leader of Principality of Vladimir. Leader of Horde gives Yarlig to Russian vassal leader with the best relations with Horde. Civ what has Yarlig can:
1)Collect a tribute from other Horde's vassals. The size of the tribute depends on number of people in the cities (1 population=? money). 15% of tribute is for "collector", and 85% is for Horde.
2)If Vladimir province belongs to Horde or its vassals all cities in Vladimir province joins civ with Yarlig. Else Horde and its vassals declare war on Vladimir's owner.
3)Civ with Yarlig can demand cities of civs who are not Horde's vassals. If civ refuses to give cities Horde gives some units for conquest.
If civ who has Yarlig declares war on another Horde's vassal Horde gives Yarlig to last civ.

In XIV century a civil war begins in Golden Horde. Some Mongol cities join Independents. Russian states can become independent but if they do it Horde declares war on this Russian civ.
That's all. Add suggestions about it, ask and criticize.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English!
I think having that many civs in addition to the large map and the German civs under consideration might slow the game down too much. IIRC Morholt didn't even want to divide the German civ for that reason. I do agree though that the current representation of Russia as Novgorod, Kievan Rus', and Muscovy is rather lacking however, so maybe some of those principalities could become playable, while the rest are represented by independents or NPCs.
In my humble opinion number of civs will be reduced during game (civil wars, conquests, Union of Galicia-Volhynia). But what about Yoke and Yarlig mechanic, is it good?
Vote for add Principality of Galicia–Volhynia, Novgorod Republic and Crimean Khanate in RFCE, other independents as independents
Yarlig mechanics make Vladimir-Suzdal's game more difficult because Vladimir-Suzlal should hold Yarlig throughout all game; otherwise Vladimir-Suzdal loses its capital Vladimir (it joins the owner of Yarlig). Is it balanced? What do you think about it?
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