Russian Rise

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Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
***CHAPTER 1***
Prelude to Bttle

The English peasants beat on the govorners walls. He heard their screams as he packed his bags.
"Where is the emergency exit?" he asked his assistant. after being shown he quickly rode as far as his horse could take him from the traitorous city of Oxford.
"If they wan't to be Russian let them."he muttered to himself although he knew the Queen would never accept that. Oxford had been a major production center and a vital city in the English Monarchy. It wasn't as if the russians didn't have enough Cities he thought. their Empire stretched from the Island of Saltpeter tio the south to the fertile heart of russia, near England, Far into the northern stretches of the continent and now into former English lands.We shall take it back though he decided before scurrying into the forest from the resistors chasing him.

"Welcome freinds, i am proud to announce that as a reward for you're joining of Russia and as a gift to the proud citiczens here i am proud to announce that Leonardo Da Vinci has decided to build his workshop inside the boundaries of the city of oxford!" Czar William was proud to announce this, none of the other English cities that had joined him could ever have produced anything like this. He had completely taken the island to the south of the main continent with his culture, the english had laughed andd said the cities he had liberated were useless. Then Gunpowder had been discovered on the island, but nowhere else on the planet. Russia had quickly become rich through selling her excess saltpeter to the warring nations of the world, esp[ecially rich since Czar William didn't choose sides and sold to both equally. Russian Technology was the most advanced and wonders were scattered liberally throughout the nation.... he hoped to add one mopre wonder here to show the remaining english towns what they were missing. But now he had a meeting with his dear freind Elizabeth who ruled England, it was said by her ministers with a kind hand but the newly russian citiczens of Oxford and other cities tended to disagree.
"William My dear! it seems i've gotten myself into a spot of trouble. The Iroqois and I have gone to war and i've run out of gunpowder, could you send me some and maybe even join me against these barbarians?"
"Sorry Elizabeth but i refuse to pick sides i'll send you some saltpeter but i need alll my money to finish reaserching Millitary tradition. you understand?"
"No i'm afraid i don't but i hope you understand this."she said as she dropped the declaration of war at his feet.

how is it??
screenshots add a lot to stories : )
assuming this works..... the "isle of saltpeter" is the large one to the east of Moscow. This is a while before the story so i haven't monopolized it yetand i haven't colonized the north completely (i do both i assure you) enjoy the story will continue.


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The musketmen in Warwick were celebrating, they had stopped the russians from entering the center of England. the other units defending had fallen to the russian counter assault but they had survive the cannonballs and had killed russian musketmen.. they felt unstoppable. then they heard the hoofbeats.

"Your Majesty i must recommend that we build more defences for the capitol if the russians ever got here they would crush the spearmen gaurds."
"But they shall never get here i have reports from Warwick of our great victories."said the Queen.
"So you may," replied her advisor,"but i have news from our invasion armies, they were crushed before they saw a single russian city."
"You are so pessimistic," she said before her favorite executioner finished the wise advisor's life.

They were having a great meeting. They were planning the next step of their invasion, the international forces had crushed the English navy, Egypt held a few Formerly English islands. America had landed troops to cthe south. the Iriqois had taken English colonies to the north and russian Cossacks were riding like angels of death through English lands, pilliaging and conquering.
"Excellent William, it seems that you got that technology just in time" said Lincon," What can i trade you for it?"
Although He threw in a few more technologies the price was still exortion... Abe took it happily. part of the reason that Russia, who was experiencing a great golden age with "We love the Czar days throughpout the Empire, was dominating the World was because she kept everyone else poor.the english might have put on a better show in this war if Russia hadn't dictated previously how much money they were allowed. czar William Commanded the planet from his throne... he could have built a palace of gold with his treasury and still have plenty to keep going. legends of his kingdoms greatness made it hard for anyone to build cities near russia or her Colonies and keep them.

the last spearmen in london shivered. it was a cold rainy day, the rain washed away their comrades blood and hid their tears, the cold disguised their shivering. if the Russians took london all that would be left would be dover, and then all was lost. the men prepared their Spears to the rhythm of hoofbeats as quick and regular as those of their hearts.

"Czar, Dover has fallen, we have won," started the defense commisioner
"Very well, plan a series of appearances throughout the formerly English lands," replied the most powerful man in the world.

The World after "The Great War Against English Tyrrany" (Everyone helped)


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And it came to pass that the world discovered nationalism.
Russia found that with a mighty navy it could be unstoppable, but it was now faced with many more problems, different ones than ever before.
America, through war after war, had been reduced from russia's mighty ally to a group of divided cities.
Greece was building an Empire. Many former American Cities belonged to them as the two had warred before during and since the united war. Alexander felt a surge of power every time he looked out upon his Empire. now he looked down the walk at the emisarry from the romans coming down it towards his throne.
"Sir," he began, "i bring finest greetings from Ceasar. He wants to know if your interested in a mutual protection pact."
That began the allied nations. soon Russia joined bringing her most ferverent supporters, the Iriqois along. Egypt had founded her own set of allies, being followed by the aztecs and what remained of america, they formed the alternate powers, detirmined to increase their power. the world was a powder keg. it would take but a spark to light it into war.

Czar William had assured his people that there was no chance that they would go to war. He had signed the papers to keep war at bay, reasoning that Egypt and her underlings would be too afraid to go to war with the mighty Russia. he was right.
"Your majesty," his adjunt reported," We received news today that Rome has formally declared war upon the Aztecs, Egypt has responded by declaring war on them as has America. Greece has declared a state of war between himself and the two afforementioned alternate agressors, causing the aztecs to declare him their enemy as well."
The people of Moscow had evidently heard as well as many of them crowwded below the porch of his palace.
"Freinds, Russians, Countrymen, lend me your ears. The time has come for us to choose a path. We could either stand boldly by our allies as they weather the assaults of our foes. or we could wait, to face those foes in solitude. how do you, the people of russia, choose to be remembered?"

Ivan stood at the helm of the boat looking out at the sea. as commander of his Majesty's Russian Navy ivan was often busy but as he was free now he could enjoy the little things. the cool air washed over him as his nose jutted forward, defying it. His ship, "The Mighty Seal", had destroyed the Aztec fleet and was now ancored outside the Russian Colony named Gretsky, defending it from any Egyptians.
"Sir, the lookouts report masses of Egyptian Caravels and Frigates approaching. What shall we do?"
"Wait untuil they come within range, Bombard them and then react to their attacks." he replied.
"but they outnumber us!"his assistant shouted.
"Shut up and shoot the damn egyptians!"

The Flames were rising from the harbor. he couldn't beleive it but as he looked out he saw the remains of about 4 other ships and while his was near dead they were still floating.
"Pull into port and we'll repair."he began.
"No time for that, their reinforcements are comeing."his assistant said gloomily.
"Of all the good men that died killing those other ships why did god see to it that a bad one couldn't join them?"he wondered aloud, looking at the unscathed assistant,"Never mind though, you'll get your chance."
"But sir...."he was stopped abruptly and put behind a cannon.

"Just to give you a fair chance." the egyptian sailor began. he had been sent over under flag of truce to the Russian vessel."I'm here to accept your surrender."
silence prevailed over the room as Ivan looked at the young sailor.
"Surrender?"he asked using the Egyptian term,"When so many have died to fight you so far you wish for me to soil their names with a surrender? My dear colleague we Russians have no word for surrender, that was for the english and is now for the Aztecs Americans and your people."
"So you won't surrender?"the sailor tried again.
"Go back to your boat and tell the captain that we have not yet begun to fight and that he shall enter the port only with Russian consent."
The battles raged throughout the day and many good men died. Ivan thanked the lord that he wasn't among them and in the end neither was his assistant. They began to repair the boat among the cheers of the citiczens.
"ALL OFF THE SHIP!!" shouted a burley sailor to the Riflemen.
They slowly marched out onto the the coast. Peter didn't like getting ordered around like this but he had no choice, he was in the Army now.
"We will join with the other riflemen here and after the Frigates bombard it we shall take El'Azziz"his commander explained.
"YES SIR."was the corus that replied to him.
i go and read other stories and see demands for their authors to write and yet my stories are for the most part iggnored and sorta shuffled to the back.... is it that bad? should i just give it up?
Cleopatra looked out her window. She saw her empire crumbling as Greeks attacked from the west and russians came with their great navy from the east, she thanked her gods that while war formally existed between Rome and herself the romans sought to expand their boundaries only into American and Aztecan lands. greece was evicting her from the western continent she realized the damned Alexander was pulling it off too, and there wasn't a thing she could do about it, she had drafted most of her citzenry already and the russian bombardments had killed most of the rest. El'azziz and her other coastal towns had taken a great beating from the russian ironclads especially. the thought of ironclads made her smile, the first ironclads had been egyptian and had caught the russians off gaurd it had taught them that their power was waning and other couuntries were coming to power. William hadn't liked this demonstration and now his ironclads numbered twice hers. he had built more wonders and had increased science spending, he was back on top and she hated him more than the rest.
cannonballs initiated the battle. Coming from cannons on the ground and from ships in the sea they wounded the Egyptian defenders. Russians loved their artillery.
"Forward men!"the commander had shouted before taking a bullet. now with bullets flying at them and egyptians dying before them the conscript riflemen had to go on without a leader. Peter was the first to stand, later it would be said that he lead the charge but he didn't see it that way. he knew he would die there and so he decided that he would die a hero rather than a coward, someone his father could say added much to the family honor as he died on a foreign coast. He might have been right but then someone followed him, and then others, the egyptians hadn't expected such boldness and were cut down in their retreat by soldier after soldier crossing over into their trenches.
"Sir the Egyptians request an audience, shall i admit them?" asked the foreign advisor.
"It can only be for one thing,"replied the Czar,"you know that."
"Yes, so the question is really, are we satisfied with what we have won already." the foreign advisor said, referring to half a dozen workers and the city of El'Azziz.
"Let them in."the ruler replied wearily.
Abraham Lincon looked out his window. he saw the ruins of his once mighty nation. he walked through Boston, the capital and last city of America, surveying the damage the Romans had done already, it was significant and probably only going to increase he thought before the roman bullet hit him in the side of the head during the sneak attack that ended up being the last assault ever made on an American city.
"Greece has removed you from their continent, shall we talk peace now?"asked Alexander.
"it's hardly yours, you share it with the Romans and the Aztecs"Cleopatra replied."we shall surrender no cities,"she continued,"we gave Herculaneum to Russia and can't afford to lose much more."
"just peace then, nothing else" The greek offered.
"It is agreed," The Egyptian replied.
After he left she turned to her domestic and foreign advisors.
"We have no chance of rebuilding the army Madame, our best hope is to stay out of all future conflicts."

Sorry it took so long, hope you enjoy
The Cold Wars

Rome was now a minor player. although she had captured many enemy cities in what would later be called "The Great war of Alliances" she couldn't keep up with Greece or Russia, she became to greece what the Iriqois were to Russia, a loyal pet hoping for a spare technology or two. Greece and Russia, having crushed all other competition entered a sort of "Cold War". Egypt went into a self perpetuating Depression, Drafting citiczens to help end riots. Nuclear power made Greece and Rome fearful of war, especially greece who had no cities on the Russian Continent. Grotsky, the small Russian town near Greece was stockpiled with warheads all aimed at nerve centers in Greece, Rega, near the Iriqois had many also. Russian Aircraft Cairriers were common in the Oceans of the world. The Aztecs and Russia had become freindly and traded freely. the World was filled with suspicion.
Then War began anew. not between the major players at first, but between Aztecaland and Rome. Like America in this reality, Cold war Russia didn't want to see the expansion of red borders, especially into it's ally's lands, war was declared between the once allied nations.
"But Alexander,"The Roman said with a whiny, childlike voice,"I need your help, how can i hope to take on russia without your help!"
"Caesar my freind,"replied the greek," I'd love to help you but this is your mess, you were the one who had your tanks invade the Aztecs."
"What if Nuclear weapons are involved you know i don't have any."
"If things go that bad i'll send help, but only in the case of a full nuclear assault."
Being the Russian myself, this makes you feel kinda good! Btw, how did you changed it to William?
The Russian jets swooped down onto Rome, delivering their missles, clearing the air for the Bombers. cruise missles had beed tossed laizilly back and forth, marines and tanks had been deployed into Aztec lands, a right of passage agreement procured to help them bettter defend. the Aztecs had uranium in their mountains but not the tech to use it. Rome had the tech and would have the resource too if Russia didn't stop her. The Roman Air Force(RAF) had been for the most part dismantled by russian jets. Their navy had fared far worse, at the hands of Grand Admiral Ivan aboard the flagship "The Otter", General Peter was leading his troops once more to battle succesfully crushing the Roman Invasion party with his own modern armor and artillery.
"My gold?" Gregory asked impatiently. he had sold out his nation for that gold and Caeser Damn well better not have stiffed him.
Caeser turned away from his generals and to him. he had been mostly ignored since divulging the Russian line's weak point, he had had their attention then though, Caeser, Marcus and Anthony had stared at him as though they were dazzled by his Beauty. he laughed to himself, like these Romans to do such. He hated them, this was a fact, yet the gold had enticed him to their side. not as though he didn't have enough, he lived comfortabally back home. but he supposed he also wanted the war over, so he could return to his family in Kiev. Kiev, he thought, was the finest metropolis in the world, all the judges of such things agreed that it even beat Moscow for superiority in this field, albeit narrowly. his thoughts distracted him, he never saw Caeser pull his gun, the noise startled him and he awoke from his daydream just in time to watch the first bullet plant itself between his eyes.
The Roman armor was on the move. on command of their geberals they were to sacrifice all that the nine groups of modern armor had to take that mountain from the one Russian group. Octavian looked at his world map, that mountain is full of Uranium he thought excitedly, and right next to the Aztecan capitol. if they could take that then rush buy an airport.... they could end this war once and for all. Russia would respct a nuclear power.
he heard cannons boom that wern't his, prompting him to recede into the tank itself. his tanks went up the mountain booming their own cannons in response, it cost him four of his groups and wounded another, but he took the mount..... for his empire.
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