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?s on OCP and Veteran Spies..

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by CivsCivsCivs, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. CivsCivsCivs

    CivsCivsCivs Chieftain

    Apr 13, 2004
    I've been reading the article "Facism vs Communism" by Ision and i read the term OCP, and i looked it up and it meant Optimal City Placement... I dont know what it means.. could someone give me the link to the article that describes it or can you just give me a brief summary of what it is...

    I've also read that Communism and Facism has Veteran Spies... What does this mean? Does this only come in PTW and C3C? Or does it come in the original Civ3 game? What does Veteran Spies do? Is it a unit????

    *Thanks to anyone who answers these questions...*
  2. Kingshaggy

    Kingshaggy Royal Highness

    Jul 26, 2003
    Lutz,FL USA
    first you need to plant a spy
    under Communism and Fascism your Spies have a slightly better chance of succeeding at carrying out Espionage activities such as

    Sabotage: units,improvements,or wonders currently being produced in a selected rivals city.

    Propaganda :is to attempt to get a target city to defect to your empire

    Steal plans: Reveals the position of all your opponents military units on the Military Advisor's mini map for the current turn only.

    Steal World map:Reveals all the territory that the rivals has explored.

    Expose Spy :Recall your spy to expose a Enemy spy .
  3. Berrern

    Berrern Prince

    Apr 30, 2003
    Madrid, Spain
    OCP (Optimal City Placement) is a form of city structure/layout.
    Basically it means that you are building your cities so that they will (almost) not share any tiles between eachother at all. By building your cities with 4 tiles between them, you achieve this :)

    There's also something called Infinite City Sprawl (ICS), which is a tactic where you place your cities very close in the beginning (like 1-2 tile(s) between them) to minimize corruption. ICS results in a LOT of shared tiles between cities, but in the early game (where most cities can't grow beyond size 6) it doesn't matter - as the cities wont use more than 6 tiles anyway. Later on in the game, when the cities can't grow anymore due to its tiles being occupied by other cities, it's normal to abandon some cities to make the remaining ones grow.

    Finally there's another abbreviation with regards to city structure; Ring City Placement (RCP). This means building your cities in rings around your capital, where every city in each ring has the same distance to the capital. This reduces corruption in your core, and is sort of an exploit, but a very powerful and widely used one.
    IIRC this was fixed and rendered useless in Conquests though - due to a new (or modified) corruption equation model.
  4. thetrooper

    thetrooper Schweinhund

    May 24, 2004
    Hinter feindlichen Linien!
    Go to: http://www.civfanatics.com/civ3academy.shtml
    That is the War Academy.

    Roll down to "Miscellaneous" and download zip file:
    C3C Bonus Disk Strategy Guides (8 MB) (ZIP) by Chieftess and Friedrich Psitalon.

    Unzip on your computer and you will find one single player guide and one multiplayer guide. Look at page 48 in single player guide;

    "City Build Strategies – There are 4 major types of city build patterns."

    Here you will find anything you need to know! Graphics will tell you what
    the previous post told you with words only.

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