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    Jul 31, 2017

    A collection of mods I've published or had a significant hand in.

    Alchemist Unit: Adds the Alchemist unit. Steam

    [NF]Alchemist Unit: Steam
    Atelier Civilization: Adds the Atelier civilization. Steam
    Ilmeria (Atelier): Steam
    Ilmeria Alt Art Ver. (Atelier) Steam
    Ayesha (Atelier): Steam
    Linca (Atelier): Steam
    Rorona (Atelier): Steam
    Sophie (Atelier): Steam
    CIVITAS Darius I: Adds Darius I to the Persia civilization. Steam
    CIVITAS Gajah Mada: Adds Gajah Mada to the Indonesia civilization. Steam
    CIVITAS Oda Nobunaga: Adds Oda Nobunaga to the Japan civilization. Steam

    CIVITAS Tin Hinan: Adds Tin Hinan to the Berber civilization. Steam

    CIVITAS Sassanid: Adds the Sassanid civilization. Steam

    CIVITAS Kawad I (Sassanid): Steam
    CIVITAS Shapur I (Sassanid): Steam
    CIVITAS Boran (Sassanid): Steam

    Canada Maple Start Bias: Added Canadian bias for the maple resource. Steam
    Configurable Goody Huts: Lots of Goody toggle options. Steam
    Desert Woods: The woods feature will spawn on desert. Steam
    Desert Woods and Marshes: The woods and marsh features will spawn on desert. Steam
    Earlier Mountain Tunnels: Mountain Tunnels unlocked with Engineering. Steam
    First to Circumnavigate: Rewards the first to circumnavigate the map. Steam
    Floodplains Don't Lower Appeal: Floodplains now have an appeal modifier of 0. Steam

    Future Civics and Techs Revealed: No longer hidden. Steam
    Guaranteed Oasis: Ensures at least one oasis per map, provided there's a desert tile available. Steam

    Incan Mountain StartBias Boost: Changed the Incan mountain bias to tier 1. Steam
    Just Deserts - Map & Desert Revision: An all-desert map. Steam
    Meteors Spawn Metals: Meteor strikes will spawn iron or aluminum. Steam
    Natural Wonder Explorer: Rewards the first to find all natural wonders. Steam
    Orange Desert: Adds an orange tint to desert tiles. Steam
    Persia Kawad I: Adds Kawad I to the Persia civilization. Steam
    Persuade Defectors Project: Adds a new Diplomatic Quarter project. Steam
    Prurient and Frigid Agendas: Adds same-sex Flirtatious counterparts. Steam
    Ranger Cats: Changes the Ranger's dog to cats. Steam

    Removable Feitorias: Enables the removal of the Feitoria improvement. Steam
    Roads Don't Use Charges: What it says on the box. Steam
    Resourceful 2 New Frontier Fix: What it says on the box. Steam
    Restore Flirtatious and Curmudgeon: What it says on the box. Steam
    Terrace Farms Boost Feudalism: Feudalism now boosted by 6 farms or terrace farms. Steam
    Tide Mill Building: Adds a coastal counterpart to the water mill. Steam
    Upgrades Keep Unique Abilities: Upgrading a unique unit will pass on its unique abilities. Steam

    Watchtower Improvement: Adds a new improvement that can be built by recon units, and which increases sight. Steam

    Military Engineers Build Watchtowers: I will never use this. Steam
    Watchtowers on Resources: What it says on the box. Steam
    Watchtower Sight Enhanced: Can now see through features. Steam
    Barbarian Outposts to Watchtowers: Converts Barbarian Outposts to Watchtowers on capture. Steam
    Wondrous Goody Huts: Adds eight new tribal village rewards. Steam
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  2. Sailor Cat

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    Jul 31, 2017
    Did some sprint cleaning, and made the post format considerably simpler so that it'll be easier for me to update in the future.
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    Apr 5, 2018
    Thanks! Civs look well balanced definitely gonna try them.
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    Jul 21, 2021
    There was no reason to rush you know. You could have done that without sprinting and we would all have been appreciative nonetheless ;)
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    Yeh! Nyaranger! I like that meowwwww
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