Saladin - Arabia: Last Religion Soft Lock


Dec 11, 2022
Create multiplayer game on standard map, continents and islands, online speed, with Heroes, Monopolies, and Secret Societies enabled.
2v2v2v2: four real players on two teams, 4 AI filling the rest.
Have one player play Vizier Saladin and the other play Norway (Presumably any other civ but Norway in our game) on opposing teams.

Steps to Repeat:
1. Have all but two religions selected by other civs
2. Non-saladin player (Norway here) generates second to last great prophet
3. Saladin generates last great prophet automatically (I would have gotten the great prophet within the next turn anyway, if it's relevant) on the same turn.
4. Both players found their religion on that same turn.
5. Both players took work ethic as one principle, Saladin took Cross-Cultural Dialogue, Norway took Gurdwara
6. Both players selected the Elephant logo for their respective religions.
7. Norway named religion "Phanpy Orthodox", Saladin named religion "BIG MODE."

What happened:
1. Norway founded religion slightly before Saladin; both civilizations were displayed as having Norway's religion, Phanpy Orthodox.
2. Saladin had belief effect from both Norway and Saladin (All three listed above)
3. Norway was able to evangelize belief without issue.
4. When Saladin tried to evangelize a belief, no options were available, causing a soft lock since the choose belief action can't be skipped.
5. Leaving the game and rejoining temporarily allowed the game to continue but eventually the game introduced the choose action belief again.

How to fix:
Make Arabia's great prophet unable to perform actions on the turn that it is spawned.

This issue likely occurred due to actions not immediately transmitting between clients. It may be a multiplayer issue more prevalent than just between these two civs, where any two civs trying to found religions in close time to each other could cause the issue. If this is the case the fix would be forcing a delay after one religion is founded and if another religion is submitted within a time windows, return an error and have the second player rechoose their religion.
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