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Sample of Affinity Philosophy

Discussion in 'CivBE - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Azem.Ocram, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    Affinities are a measurement of how the Earthling diaspora react to their new home. They are all open to a lot of interpretation so this just my own interpretation, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

    FYI, I would be 16P/10S/4H.

    True Purists don't want to change themselves. They go to great lengths to preserve their culture and bodies. They terraform the planet turning barren dessert into lush green gardens. They research lev technology and even nanotechnology and dumb AI. They always appreciate a good work ethic, never fearing hard work and always enjoying the fruits of their labours and sweat of their own brow. Strongly prefers Lush or Arid; breathable atmosphere and comfortable climates are ideal.

    Master Purists love technology but they want to keep their bodies and culture pure and use technology to do all the hard labour. Genetic manipulation is limited to DNA of Earth origin though xenomass is rarely used to help things along. Why work by the sweat of your own brow when your construction drones, farmbots, and RoButlers all live to do so and will gladly tell you how much they like their jobs? They use AI with complex simulations that only mimics emotion and humanity. The simulated personalities are more than adequate to really trust your exquisitely-crafted (and often sharply-dressed) RoButler. Interactive Victorian-style China dolls are the toys of choice for little girls. Mini soldiers with holographic weapons are the toys of choice for little boys. Hands-on learning gadgets (like EasyBake, LeapFrog, or GoldieBlox) are the most popular toys for big kids with each skill having multiple products on the market with wide-reaching market appeal for boys and girls alike. Scarcity has been reduced thanks to innovation. This new planet has all the mineral wealth we need. Prefers Arid or Frozen; vast jungles and countless wildlife gets in the way but breathable atmosphere and comfortable climate are important although domes and cities can make-up for short-comings.

    Prime Purists live in their cities exclusively and visit domes like purists would visit terrascapes. They don't care much where they land but Lush and Primordial biomes make things harder while Arid and Fungal biomes make things easier. All work that must be done outside is done exclusively by robotic labour. Every new innovation excites them and they line out the doors of all the shops that sell the "next big thing." They make heavy use of VR like Deep Memory and Isotopic Decay 4 (they researched Isotopic Decay 3, Personal Meditation Helmet, and Toymark Media Cube) and their geniuses are inventing a Virtual Eden. Cybernetic implants are all the rage! There is no loneliness because those who cannot find a human date can get a holographic or robotic one.

    First Purists care even more about the culture of Old Earth than True Purists but where others see the Planet as an inconvenience, they see it as a tool. They splice themselves to live longer than their ancestors ever did. Their life spans are on par with that of the Great Methuselah. They have replaced all flaws from their DNA with the best genes they can find. Genetic manipulation mostly uses DNA of Earth origin and xenomass is often used to help things along. Xenomass is the new panacea and it seems to work better than snake oil. Xenomass spas are all the rage. They strongly prefer Lush biomes but are fine with Arid and tolerate Fungal and Frozen, after a few alterations.

    Evolved Purists love their new planet but want to preserve their own culture. Genetic manipulation often uses DNA of from this planet and xenomass is usually used to help things along. However, they still look mostly like Purists. An Ascendant human is a sight to behold. The average adult height is 7 feet tall though some prefer to go taller to reach higher or go shorter to fit in more with unaltered peers. Their skin is flawless, often choosing to splice to a medium complexion to enjoy the daylight more. When it comes to skin tone Porcelain is so passé; Europeans and Slavs like going Olive the most while Africans prefer going Ebony velvet but everyone is free to choose any appearance. Designer babies are common. For some reason, xenomass-induced genetic manipulation tends to turn the sclera blue (Frank Herbert's Dune), with the psionic manipulations turning the iris green (Joan D. Vinge's Catspaw). They strongly prefer Lush biomes, enjoy Arid, are fine with Fungal (after they make themselves immune to Miasma) and tolerate Frozen (with enough geothermal energy, heating and warm clothing, they might enjoy Hybrid Forests near the poles but mostly stick to the equatorial regions).


    Harmony factions will eventually adapt to whatever habitable environment they land on and become Prometheans, an evolution of humanity that grants immunity to miasma, removes all junk DNA, adds useful new genes, and looks mostly human. They try not to upset the native life and will defend it. If unimpeded, they will construct the Mind Flower and truly become one with the Planet. Their minds will open to all experiences, thoughts, and memories of all living, breathing beings. Promethians all want this more than anything else and they can form local mind webs but they want to connect everyone together as equals.

    Supremacy factions will eventually adapt to whatever environment they land on and become one with technology. They not only have no opposition to sentient AI, brains in jars, virtual reality, in addition to networked cybernetic implants and artificial limbs & organs on biological humans, they consider them all equivalent to humans and eventually no longer support earlier versions of humanity. By Supremacy 18, they find it their duty to "emancipate" all earlier versions of humanity.


    Voracious Rampancy:
    By forsaking their humanity to pursue "progress at all costs," the canon interpretation is that S/H are mad scientists willing to push the limits of possibility and shred (instead of push) the envelope, so that they no longer have codified ethics (except Internal Ethics to ensure research results are factual and accurate) and view all other factions as weak. Whether they are evil, chaotic, lawful or neutral is up to interpretation but I cannot think of any way to make them seem like the good guys.

    Chaotic Evil: "Kill, kill, kill, kill everything with our bare talons!"
    (Domination, Emancipation)

    Lawful Evil (or Neutral): "We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

    Chaotic Neutral: What are we going to do today? Well, maybe... building a rocket launcher, fighting an immortal, climbing up the enemy's tower, ... inventing something that doesn't (and shouldn't) exist, or taking a xenomass shower, ... surfing tidal waves, inventing nanobots, splicing a Frankenstein brain, ... finding those dodo's subs, painting a continent red, or driving the neighbors insane!
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  2. Protagonist

    Protagonist Chieftain

    Mar 10, 2014
    Voracity (Harmony-Supremacy Hybrid), I'd imagine them to be anti-purity. They don't hold the human form sacred whatsoever, and if anything, want to cut all ties with Earth.

    I would say that Chaotic Neutral is probably the best description of Voracity. They aren't necessarily evil, but suffice to say a lot of the things they do are "unnatural".

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