Saph's Orbis Terrarum the Roman Map (TSL)

Saph's Orbis Terrarum the Roman Map (TSL) 1.2d

Skylar Saphyr

Jun 24, 2018
Skylar Saphyr submitted a new resource:

Orbis Terrarum, the Roman Map - A Rome-centric map of the old world based on Marcus Agrippa's Orbis Terrarum

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  • This map is based on a reconstruction of the Orbis Terrarum ("the circle of the world") completed by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (Augustus Caesar's son-in-law) in A.D. 20, and may represent how the ancient Romans saw the world. With Asia in the east at the top of the map, the three continents of the known world are in similar proportions. The egocentric emphasis upon Rome is reflected in the expanded form of Italy, and the fact...

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I recently bought Civ 6 Platinum Edition and decided to port a map I made for Civ 5 to Civ 6. I'm new to modding so it took quite a while to learn how to do the conversion and then to update the map for Civ 6 features.

I'm not sure about balance of the map, but I had fun playing it so might as well share it with the world.

There are some issues that I have no idea how to solve; they are not game breaking but if anyone has answers please let me know :)

Hope you have fun playing the map!
Skylar Saphyr updated Saph's Orbis Terrarum the Roman Map (TSL) with a new update entry:


Added TSL for

Added TSL for CIVITAS Great Seljuqs

Added TSL for TCS Kingdom of Jerusalum

Removed redundant lines in config.xml
Added "deep" lowlands option

1. Optimised the set-up
- Resources can now be map generated, which solves the resource on floodplains issue
- Removed some useless options
2. Added some NFP city states

- Change up some tiles so that you can build the Golden Gate Bridge across the...

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