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SBHM's National Identity bigger, better, project!

Discussion in 'CivBE - Mod Development' started by BevHeartMuncher, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. BevHeartMuncher

    BevHeartMuncher Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2015
    I have put up a post in Released Mods for the currently finished version of this, which is, essentially, just a bunch of buildings. What I'm currently working on should eventually turn out to be a decent mod that introduces something new and interesting to the game.

    So here it is- The better National Identity Project! Now with National Identities!

    This does incorporate the buildings in the other mod, I'm sure it's not hard to find. (At the time of writing this, it's still on the first page of Released Mods - Swaglord Beverly Heart-Muncher's National Identity Project, wow that is way too many syllables)

    In short, the long version of this mod will add a new yield which acts similarly to Faith in Civ V and is kind of the crossing point between Culture and Affinity, and will likely end up interacting with both.

    National Identity

    The new yield, called Identity, represents the image by which your people see themselves and their daily lives. Where Culture I find to be more of a wide social progress measure in terms of issues (expressed and resolved through arts and policy reforms (virtues), and Affinity being your government's ideology, and wider colonial approach to tackling life, technology, and the big things like "where should our species go now?", I want Identity to be on a more personal level.

    How it works.

    In order to grow an Identity which is different to everyone else on the planet, the people need some part of their culture and ideology which they can make 'theirs'. Identity can't be achieved without people, in fact it's entirely dependent on your people. 1 citizen generates a small amount of Identity per turn. More people, faster Identity growth. Since Identity is also intrinsically linked with Affinity and Culture, this rate will start off really low in the early game. Once you start to accumulate Virtues and Affinity levels, the rate increases. I haven't really done a whole bunch of maths yet, so these numbers are for demonstrative purposes only and are very, very likely to be atrociously wrong.

    Numbers and stuff

    Starts around 0.05 per population. (20 people for 1 Identity). Virtue Tier Synergy bonuses will increase this by 0.05 - 9 tier synergy bonuses, maximum of .5 Identity per pop (2 citizens for 1 Identity).

    Affinity levels provide a flat bonus, at 0.5 per level - +9 Identity at max level.

    If you've gotten yourself a whole load of virtues, that's still around 5 Identity per city (assuming 10 population, I can't think of an 'average' mark for city size. with 5-8 cities, that's around 25 to 40 ID per turn, +9 for max affinity, so 34-49.

    If you're in early-to-mid game, you've expanded and got some affinity but still need to develop some more, then we'll probably aim at about 5 cities. Big capital, smaller new colonies, just say like 40 total pop? With three or so synergy bonuses, and level 5 affinity, that's 12 per turn. You would definitely have some stockpiled by now, and you're only going to grow more.

    Costing of buildings would be about:

    Cheap, less powerful Tier 1 buildings would cost 1 identity per turn, around 40-80 to purchase.
    For a decent Tier 2 building with decent effects, 2 identity per turn, and 100-150 purchase.
    If you wanna go for one of the bigger buildings, a Tier 3, you guessed it, 3 identity per turn, and 200+ on the purchase price.

    The big Wonders, depending on what they are and how powerful, would be minimum 700 to purchase, and 10-15 per turn cost (enough to negate the contributions of a big city like the capital, or most of your Affinity bonus).

    Ideally, toward the end of the game, when you're close to victory, you would want to negate your Identity growth to stretch as many benefits from the buildings and wonders as you can.

    Again, I have given very little thought to the balancing and numbers games just yet, since this is basically my first BIG programming project (I've done a little bit of logic before, but nothing like this), so it might take a while, but I'm determined and I learn fast. Any assistance is much appreciated, currently I'm just stealing bits and pieces from base code and similar mods, applying what I've gleaned from 80 trillion mod tutorials and figuring things out as I go, running the game and seeing what breaks.

    I hope you all enjoy the mod! (If and when I finish it)

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