Couch-potato (fortified)
Jan 3, 2002
Scarchers are the best units ever!

But think about this: You have a hurt scout sitting somewere on a hilltop, let that galley hit you until you upgrade - twice!

3 movement scarchers are the new Longbowman, but even better. I've got 2 of them for the first time as Askia, and do they kill and bring the money home..

I even attack barbcamps with scouts now, only to get the chance for two promotions, so one day they will be crossbows with extra movement.
All of this is very true. However, if you're going to attack barbs (and heal) or sit on top of a hill and take damage from barbs galley, by the time you get two promotions, there will be no ruins and no scarcher for you. Maybe it can work on low difficulties where AI doesn't scout much at all. And still I'd prefer logistics crossbow than 3 movements crossbow. With two wasted promotions he'll never get to logistics.
Yes, having a scout upgrade to an archer is probably the most useful goody hut there is. Sometimes I will avoid popping a hut with my warrior, in hopes that I can get a scout there.

And your point about taking barbs down with the scout is valid, especially as china. Extra move, extra shot cho-ku-nu = nearly invincible.
I know the opening poster doesn't have Polynesia, but they are the best for these free upgrades. Polynesia can travel oceans from the start, so ruins on stray islands are for them.
Then I try to pop them not with a scout, but with an archer or chariot. You can get a seriously punchy unit for its time with that! If you pop with a scout-archer, try to be up Archery, otherwise you will never find weapons - you can't find weapons two upgrades away from where you are.
yes, polynesia is best suited for this. American scouts with 1 promotion is runner up (scouting 1 plus their free promo = +2 vision early, for scout-archer)
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