SCENARIO: Age of Imperialism; 1895-1924, Deluxe Version

El Justo

Mar 5, 2004
Southern NJ
Age of Imperialism; 1895-1924, Deluxe Version
for Conquests and/or Complete only

---version 4.0---

Spoiler :

Cecil Rhode's spanning the "Cape to Cairo Railway"

Spoiler :

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

Version 4.0 19 November 2009

It's 1895 and the colonial powers are entreched all throughout the globe. The major European countries have colonized nearly all of Africa, most of the Caribbean, the Asian Sub-Continent, Indochina, Indonesia, parts of China, and large tracts of the Pacific. The Middle East is controlled by the "Sick Man of Europe" (Ottoman Empire) but is vulnerable and decaying. Mexico and the other Central American nations have weak economies but are definitely growing. La Isla Hispañiola is small but growing as well. The six (6) South American civs are recovering from a bloody century of struggles. However, these positions are entering into a new era of industrializtion and its production and economic advantages. The Boer Republics are bracing for an inevitable showdown with the British in southern Africa. Japan is expanding and looks ready to challenge the Russian Empire in Manchuria. China has been carved up as the world powers have entrenched themselves in several Chinese port cities. The United States seems fully recovered from the disastrous War Between the States. Her industrial capacity is now growing exponentially by the late 19th century. She does not, however, have any overseas possessions to start save for the Hawaiin Islands. France dominates North Africa and her colonial empire also controls Indochina. Great Britain's empire is truly massive. The Commonwealth Nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa are under British control. She also dominates the eastern part of Africa. And India is also a huge production center for the British Empire. The German Empire has colonial possessions in West Africa, Southwest Africa, East Africa, and the South Pacific. Parts of Poland, Alsace, and Prussia are also under their control. The Austro-Hungarians lack colonial holdings but are a sturdy and industrious civ and are alligned with Germany (one of only 2 small locked alliances in v4.0). Russia has a huge population base but a weak infrasturcture. The Lowland Countries of Belgium and Holland have a number of colonial holdings (Indonesia & Congo) but lack the teeth to push back against another European war. Spain's empire is in terrible shape (and thus vulnerable) as several rebellions and armed uprisings have weakened her grip on Cuba and the Philippine Islands. Portugal's colonial locations include a few positions in Africa, Goa, and Timor Island. Italy is looking to expand her East African holdings while developing the industrial base at home. The Balcan Nations are surrounded by enemies and look to boot out the Turks once and for all. Scandinavia was not a part of the Scramble for Africa but poses as a determined foe against any possible invaders. Choose your civ wisely and may you shrewdly run your colonial holdings or crush your neighbors and 'steal' their lone VP locale or simply maintain an isolationist foriegn policy and build your empire from within.

Spoiler :

Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - 1898
Scenario info:

the old version, v3.0:

This version of AoI is vastly different from previous versions. The entire scope has been greatly enhanced. And most importantly, the race for the 'raw materials from the colonies' has been implemented for v3.0 and it introduces a radical departure from the simplistic empire building/land grab tactics associated with most civ3 games. These 'raw materials' are flag units are autproduced by a unique colonial city improvement called 'Colonial Govt Building' (these are all pre-placed for the applicable civs--see below) every thirteen (13) turns. The gist is to ship these units back home, 'secure' them with an existing land unit and send it to your lone Victory Point location (your capital unless you capture another civ's capital). The idea is to maintain a 'merchant fleet' of sorts (transport units) and find ways to ship these flag units from the colonial outposts and back to the mother lands. Gain enough VPs (1 pt for VP occupations and 2 for returning the 'raw materials' units) and you win.

new version, v4.0:

Overall, the primary 'gameplay' additions to v4.0 include a 4th era (1920-1924) and its accompanying units (and buildings/wonders). There are a host of new wonders both small and large throughout all of the eras. And the tech tree got quite an overhaul (additions, more branches, not req'd for advance's). In other words, more choices and/or decisions in terms of gameplay. The original AoI model, the 'raw material' units, and the VP race (stretched out a little more, to get to the 20s) are all essentially the same.

Spoiler :
Take up the White Man's burden--

Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.
Take up the White Man's burden--
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain.
Take up the White Man's burden--
The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.
Take up the White Man's burden--
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper--
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go mark them with your living,
And mark them with your dead.
Take up the White Man's burden--
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard--
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:--
"Why brought he us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?"
Take up the White Man's burden--
Ye dare not stoop to less--
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloke your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your gods and you.
Take up the White Man's burden--
Have done with childish days--
The lightly proferred laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years
Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgment of your peers!

Rudyard Kipling, 1899

A Note & Image from Mr. Kipling

Spoiler :

Civilizations able to operate a colonial empire:
- Great Britain
- France
- Germany
- Lowlands
- Portugal
- Spain
- United States
- Italy
- Japan
- Scandinavia
- Balcan Nations*
- Austria-Hungary*
- Russia*
* do not start with colonial holdings but are afforded many of the overseas builds

Spoiler :

the in-game pop-up indicating the safe return of the 'raw materials' unit

A note should be said about the naval aspects of AoI v4.0. The introduction of the 'raw materials' units in v3.0 produced a very exciting side effect for AoI. And that is the enhanced naval activities by the AI and the urgent and prudent necessity of human players to have to construct a good navy. This is the signature of the scenario in that it is essentially a re-enactment of the first real arms race of the 20th century: the race to build a better battleship. Now this isn't simply for defense of your coasts or projection. Instead, it is more a matter of convoy duty and escorting the fleets of transport units that are floating all over the map. As you will see, you will have a variety of different naval builds that will best enable you to both escort your goods heading back home and to counter the threat of hostile neighbors or aggressors. These builds range from small torpedo boats, submarines, cruisers (light, armored, protected, and battlecruisers), and battleships. All of the main civs have the true-to-life historical classes of naval units and for v4.0, many of the mid level civs received flavor non-capital ships. See if you can research the approriate technologies and unlock the ability to win the great naval race of AoI!

Spoiler :

USN firing on Spanish fleet in Manila Harbor, 1 May 1898

Spoiler :

HMS Dreadnought, launched 1906

Spoiler :

Kaiserliche Marine postcard, 1912

Core Game Concepts:
Sea and Air trade have been disabled for v4.0 (since v3.0). this was done primarily to reduce turn times. the reduction in turn time from v2.1 to 3.0 is substantial. mid-game turn times from the older versions would creep up to 5-7 minutes. this has been chopped back to 2-3 minutes. turn times for v4.0 remain constant w/ those from v3.0.

now, at the same time, it is highly recommended that you adjust your in-game settings as follows:
- shut off 'show enemy moves'
- shut off 'show friendly moves'

one may ask - how can i see anything that's going on around me? well, you will see plenty and it'll depend primarily on your 'line of sight' around the edges of your territory. be advised that you will indeed be able to see all battles within your line of sight. in other words, shutting off those two (2) features speeds up the turns even more. now turbo-civ is a reality!

a side effect of shutting off trade is the ability to 'isolate' build ques. by this i mean that if you play as Great Britain, you'll only be able to build the regular army British Infantry unit in Great Britain (and Ireland). however, in places like Canada, Australia, and India, you can only build the indigenous infantry types. this feature applies to all colonial units as well. so consider this carefully when choosing which civ to play with.

Installation Instructions:

there are three (3) steps needed in order to properly DL the AoI v4.1 files:

1.) move an existing AoI folder (if applicable) to another folder, rename it, OR simply delete it.

2.) DL the large 657MB folder here

once downloaded, extract both files (large folder & biq) to the following directory:
Civilization III/Conquests/Scenarios
*the exact file path differs slightly w/ the Civ3 Complete disc [i think]

Click here to view all of the changes from v4.0 to v4.1 :)

--------Below are the patches for v4.0 and v4.1:--------

for those who have all of them already, you will need the last one, the updated Text folder

DL the replacement image for the Sudwester Military Acad here; your game will crash without it.

DL the fix for the Romfell Armored Car unit - here

here is a sound patch edited by General 666 : unit sounds

get the updated Text folder (fixed Civp links and other stuff) here



For The Full AoI v4.0 Experience...

to have absolutely have No Barbarians, you must follow these quick and painless steps:
start a regular epic game w/ Conquests, select No Barbarians at startup, generate your map, etc, get to that first turn and then bail. yes, quit w/out saving. now, fire up the AoI biq and you're good to go. strange but the game engine will only not generate Barbarians on the AoI map (and every other mod or scen you play!) with this particular sequence. Virote_Considon brought this to our attention in the summer of 2009.

v4.0 has the no-raze patch included w/ a fool-proof and concise readme. it is HIGHLY recommended that it's used for the maximum gameplay experience. the scenario was designed around its use and any deviations from it are or will be highly unpredictable.

it is strongly advised that before you load AoI v4.0 that you go into the 'Preferences' tab on the civ3c title screen and 'Disable Wonder Initiation Pop-ups' (or something to that effect). you see, the first turn is littered w/ these annoying pop-ups if this feature isn't enabled. once you get to your first turn, simply go back into the 'Preferences' tab while in-game and then re-enable the 'wonder pop-ups' so that you can be apprised of any wonder activities from that point forward.

Flip on the Tutorial Mode if you're interested in an official AoI Walkthrough :) it has links to many helpful areas of the Civilopedia and helps explain some things you'll want to pay attention to.

additional recommended settings (for ultra fast turn times!):
shut off 'show enemy moves'
shut off 'show friendly moves'
*be advised that game play is not compromised in the least bit w/ these settings. all visible in-game movement on the map will be determined solely by the line of sight of your units.

be sure to enable your audio to hear the custom soundtrack, diplo music, units sounds and more!

Click on 'Civ-Content' after you've finalized the settings and select the AoI v4.0 biq file


version 1.0 removed after 1282 DLs!!!

version 2.0 removed after 521 DLs

version 2.1 removed after 6689 DLs

version 3.0 removed after 6711 DLs

1st edition of version 4.0 removed after 75 DLs
Production Notes and Credits for v4.0

This version four of AoI would not be were it not for Vuldacon. He single-handedly made almost every single customized file in the v4.0 folders. Thousands in sum :D from splashes and techs (every single one is customized), to city screen buttons and unit action buttons, terrain (all new), interface (modification of original by Balthasar), every single building and wonder file (awesome buildings large & small!), resources on the map and in the CivP, unit pics for the CivP, units_32 sheet (every single unit in the scenario is on it!), advisors, terrain_buildings (mines, trenches), roads and railroads, city gfx (modifications of originals by Gary Childress and Varwnos), fixed some splotchy flc files, added and cleaned up a bunch of unit sounds, ambience sounds, and songs for the soundtrack (set civ3 specs for a few faulty files). There's more, I know :) But the fact is that AoI v4.0 is simply the vehicle for displaying all of this magnificent art work by Vuldacon. The sum of his work is simply outstanding and it imho sets AoI apart from any scenario or mod on this forum in terms of sharpness, quality, and impressive creativity. wait until you see some of the embellishments. i guarantee you'll be impressed!

Klyden again provided a wealth of R&D, feedback, game logs, and stats (dug into Jane's and Conway's). He logged a ton of turns and is most responsible for curtailing the economics in AoI v4.0 (harder to accumulate mass wealth) and especially w/ getting the Russian postion in shape (fine line between Big Red Machine and Historically Weak Tsarist Russia). He also led the way w/ trying to stem huge British AI colonial unit inventories (it was disgusting before). of course, Kly was the architect of the sea unit stat model. his methods were carried over for unit additions for v4.0. Klyden spotted probably the most bugs of all testers :)

Tank_Guy#3 and Moff Jerjerrod did some extensive testing with us and also provided some valuable feedback. Adler17 provided some R&D and was a great sound board for production ideas. jimmygeo logged hundreds and hundreds of hours w/ the beta files. real life has prevented him recently of testing. but he actually finished a few games for us in beta and gave some great early bug reports. Civinator aka Blue Lion was also a great sound board for ideas and lent his super-creative mind to many of our discussions. cubsfan1 gave some great early bug tests too. Al Costa aka Red Door compiled the v4.0 soundtrack and provided good feedback. Brucha gave a few reports also.

v3.0 Details (old)
Spoiler :
----------------------v3.0 details--------------------------------------------------
Variant biq files
below are links to variant AoI v3.0 files:

26 civilizations - MEDIUM & SHORT files

31 civilizations - FULL, MEDIUM & SHORT

Victory Conditions for v3.0

the conditions for victory in AoI v3.0 are relatively simple. amass 4,000 VPs while playing either of the "FULL" versions and you win. well, you ask, how does one obtain the VPs?

VPs are obtained two (2) ways. the first and easiest way is to occupy the VP tiles and you'll recieve one (1) VP per turn for each VP that you occupy. typically speaking, the major and medium powers all start with two (2) VP locales. therefore, obtaining additional VP locales can be accomplished through conquest :)

the second way to obtain VPs is to ship the 'raw materials from the colonies' units back to any of your VP locales (thus making certain enemy VP locations more attractive in terms of your merchant fleet/TR routes from the colonies). Two (2) VPs are awarded for every 'raw material' unit that is safely sent back to a VP. also, 25 gold is awarded for each 'raw material' returned.

be advised however that if you are in a war w/ another colonial civ that you can capture their 'raw material' units! you'll notice that this is quite common in certain areas (Africa fro example) as the AI has the tendency to 'secure' the 'raw materials' units prior to shipping them back (despite the settings which allow for the 'raw material' units to load and ship out w/out the securing by any particular unit). so, knowing this, prepare accordinly to ship back all captured goods should you find yourself at war w/ a colonial civ.

another victory condition is terrain domination. the set figure on this one is 66%. iow, occupy at least 66% of the world's surface and you are victorious!

the last victory condition is popluation percentage; ie 66%. if you obtain this (usually in connection w/ the 66% terrain dominiation) then you are victorious!

Victory Conditions for the "MEDIUM" and "SHORT" files are as follows:
MEDIUM: 2,000
SHORT: 1,000

~~~~~~~house rule victory conditions for non-colonial civs~~~~~~~

Klyden's Player's Guide for v3.0 - this is an excellent synopsis by Klyden and it covers the core concepts of about a dozen different positions. it's a must-read before you start your game!

Italy: this position starts with a small colonial empire, a weak industrial base in the southern part of the peninsula but an industrious northern section. the Italians also have their own line of sea units and can pack some punch if the right circumstances are present. as such, this position would probably fall somewhere in the middle with regard to difficulty.

Balcan Nations: this is a 'merged' position in that it encompasses three (3) nations (Greece-Serbia-Rumania). the industrial base is meager to begin with but its starting navy has more teeth than one would think. she is however surrounded by potential enemies but has the ability to exploit the 'Colonialism' resource. this civ is certainly a challenge but not nearly as difficult as some of the others.

German Empire: this position starts with a beefed up industrial and economic base as well as several colonial holdings in Africa and in the South Pacific. the unit lines for this civ are some of the best in the game in that there's lots of goodies to build. empire managment though may pose to be more difficult for the Germans due to their lack of coastal cities. however, they're definitely one of the most fun top-end positions to play.

Russia: this position starts off in bad shape. Russia's economy is lacking and she is vulnerable on several flanks. she does however possess a humongous population base and if managed properly, the human player can build up the Russian position and potentially wreak havoc in Europe and elsewhere. the primary negative with the Russians is that they do not start with a colonial empire and are therefore behind in the VP race. note though that they are able to capture enemy colonial positions and administer the standard colonial mgmt procedures.

China: The Chinese position is surrounded by potential enemies. she also lacks sufficient firepower to expand but the population base is tremendous. thus the manpower advantages offer something in return. China is definitely one of the harder positions in v4.0

USA: the American civ has perhaps the best industrial capacity in the game. she starts off a little weak though but once the production starts rolling, this civ can become a beast. the US starts with only four (4) colonial outposts but has several nearby targets to decide upon. she also has one of the beefiest naval lines in the whole scenario. the US is one of the top-end civs in the game.

Japan: the Japanese civ is definitely a force in the East. a good economy and a semi-developed industrial base enable the human player to build up in a hurry. the naval line for them is also one of the best in the game. accordingly, this civ has a great chance of exerting dominance in the western Pacific rim and is at the top with regard the best nations in the game.

France: this civ has the second largest colonial base in the game (GB is no. 1) and with that, a great deal of attention needs to be paid to managing the colonial holdings and shipping the goods back home. there's potential enemies all around but as one of the most highly industrialized nations of the world at this time, production and economics are on the high end. France is definitely one of the most fun positions to play and is a nice challenge.

Persia: nestled between the Ottomans to the west, the Russians to the north, and the English to the east, this civ is certainly one of the more challenging positions to play. the population base is good although this position lacks the top-end industrial improvements.

Central America: encompassing the modern day nations of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicarauga, Costa Rica, and Panama, the Central American civ is relatively weak. lacking the industrial and economic infrastructure, the Central Americans are quite a challenging position. they do enjoy a sealed off northern border w/ mexico however.

Boer Republics: this landlocked position starts off relatively weak. however, this civ can be quite a thorn in the side of the colonial powers in southern Africa. a de facto house rule on this position is that if you can 'liberate' all of the British holdings in South Africa, you're a winner. easier said than done.

Brazil: this civ is certainly one of the best in South America. while the industrial and economic base is somewhat undeveloped, the capacity to grow is certainly present. potential enemies surround the Brazilian borders but it's fun kicking the colonial powers out of northern South America. Brazil is a mid-grade difficulty imo.

British Empire: the preeminent civ in the scenario, this position controls roughly 25% of the entire globe at the start of the game. as such, the management of the colonial holdings is task no. 1 and the responsibilty to defend them is also mandatory. potential enemies are all over the map but this civ is one of the best in terms of units and the naval line for the Brits is outstanding. a tough position to play due mainly to the management aspects and having to defend far-flung regions. however, for the 'full experience', the Brits are the best choice and offer multiple fronts and a chance for serious micro-managing.

Spain: this civ starts off the scenario in bad shape. her colonial holdings in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines are in disrepair and with potential enemies waiting to pounce. the Spanish position requires a great deal of investment in improving the colonial infrastructure. with the right touch, a human player could reverse the fortunes of the Spanish Empire and resuscitate the decaying colonial holdings.

Scandinavia: this civ is a combination of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. for v4.0, Scandinavia is the beneficiary of a new colonial location, the Danish Antilles. this civ also has access to a mix of German, French, and British hardware. the industrial base is decent and nice room for improvement. the pop base is just okay but this position can pose a threat if managed properly.

Ottoman Empire: the "Sick Man of Europe" starts the scenario in bad shape. its economy and industrial base is weak and potential enemies are on all fronts. it can, however, operate a colonial empire in v4.0 (unlike in v3.0). unit builds leave something left to be desired but there are some German arty, mg, and aircraft builds.

Hispañiola: this civ comprises La Republica Dominica and Haiti. it starts off the scenario in tough straits. however, the production capacity is there with the right managment. don't forget though that there's potential enemies all over and the Yanks will sniff around also. no doubt this makes this civ one of the most difficult in the entire scenario.

Mexico: the Mexican position starts off in rough shape but like many of the other mid-grade positions, the right management can result in a nice boost in production and gold. the main negative about this position is its neighbor to the north (the US) which poses quite a threat. the Mexicans can actually branch out some to the south or in the Caribbean if they're able to pacify her northern neighbor.

New Granada this civ is the nations of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. like all of the other Central and South American civs, this one has a 'puncher's chance'. production and the economy need work but with the right moves, gains could be had.

Urugauy: one of the tiniest of civs in v4.0, Urugauy is a two-city civ and, no doubt, is one of the most difficult positions. she actually starts with a decent little navy - good enough to stand up to her neighbors in S America. but there is potential enemies all around. but w/ the right management, a human player may be able to make some hay.

Chile: the best part about this civ is the six (6) coastal cities. the Chilean position is like the other Central and South Americans civs in that with the right maneuvering, the human player, in time, can make some conceivable advances. this position has a few flavor sea units.

Austria-Hungary: this civ is stronger that it may appear. while it possesses only one (1) coastal city to start, Austria-Hungary has a decent navy to begin with and some good builds later on. She also has a great industrial base in the western part of the empire. being alligned with Germany also helps. Austria-Hungary doesn't start with any colonial holdings and are therefore a bit behind in terms of VPs. however, she is capable of managing an overseas empire should she capture any of these locations.

Lowland Countries: this civ comprises the nations of Holland and Belgium. the colonial empire is rather large and the routes home are really long so a good convoy system is a must. the industrial base in Europe is good to start. but potential enemies are all around and defensive measures will undoubtedly be a priority.

Portugal: another of the mid-grade colonial civs, Portugal has a decent but unconnected colonial empire in Africa and some other spread out locations. like the other smallish Euro civs, this position needs to pay attention to the homeland defense. in sum, a nice challenge for any human player.

Argentina: this civ is like her neighbors in that the industrial and economic bases need some development. however, the production capacity is good and in time, one can make some nice advances if managed properly. Argentina also has some flavor sea unit builds.

La Plata: aka the nations of Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay, this position is on even ground with her South American neighbors. the primary downfall of this civ though is the lack of coastal cities (only two to start). however, the production ceiling is decent and the human player could make gains if managed properly.

Abyssinia: this position is nestled in between a few different colonial empires in eastern Africa. the lack of a coastal city hurts this civ a little. however, production is decent so long as attention is paid to building it up. keeping colonial enemies out of your territory will be a challenge.

Tibet: this civ is tucked away in the rugged Himalayas. however, potenetially hostile neighbors lie to the north (China) and the south (British India). no doubt one of the hardest positions in v4.0.

Siam: the Siamese position is a buffer state in between French Indochina and British Burma. she has access to the sea, semi-decent production rates, and an uphill battle if this state wishes to butt heads w/ her neighbors.

Cuban Natives: the Cuban Natives start off w/ only one city, low-end production, and almost no gold to start. however, the independence movement on the island has begun and your chief aim is to evict the Spanish from La Isla de Cuba. they've got some pretty sturdy trenchworks though.

Philippine Natives: this position is similar to the one above in that evicting the Spanish from the Philippine Islands is goal no. 1. use caution however as the civ starts w/ almost nothing in its coffers, production is grim, and there's only 1 city among its population base. a nice set of earth works surrounds its sole bastion on Luzon.

the Civilopedia file for this scenario has undergone many transformations over the different versions. safe to say though that this one for v4.0 is a huge improvement over previous editions. not to knock past writers, but the current file absolutely loaded w/ info. more info than any single player needs, really. however, the point is that if there's a question in-game, it can be answered in-game. simple as that :) this was the logic when the final touches were being put onto it. read more below to get an idea how intense the 'pedia work is for this scenario.

4 December 2009 - please submit Civp bugs, busted links, omissions, etc via PM to El-J - thanks :D

Civilopedia Sections
  1. Nationalities
  2. Civilization Advances
  3. Great Wonders
  4. Small Wonders
  5. City Improvements
  6. Governments
  7. Units
  8. Worker Actions
  9. Terrain
  10. Resources
  11. Game Concepts

Civilopedia authors over the different versions:

v1.0 - v2.0+ El Justo
v3.0 7ronin, El Justo, savas_cafe
v4.0 CivAgamemnon, El Justo, Klyden, Vuldacon


this section has been spiced up probably more than any other section of the file (gcon's are absolutely loaded but filled w/ links for this very set of pages). in normal, epic game type mods and scenarios, this section of the Civilopedia file is usually pretty benign. not so w/ this v4.0 -- every single civ has a detailed 'Race' page entry, complete w/ entire unit inventories, strategy tips from Klyden himself (via his superb f/u Player's Guide for v4.0), production notes, and other useful stats. want to know more about your enemies? this is the place to go - one-stop shopping if you will.

Race Page & Unit Inventories
Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

of special note in this section is the integration of Klyden's Players Guide into the game. this means that the Guide is no longer a stand-alone file. the v4.0 write-ups can be seen via the Nationalities page and the Game Concepts page. be sure to review your position w/ Klyden notes. it will no doubt get you kick started!

Civilization Advances

this section of the Civilopedia houses all of the write-ups for the techs. it provides vital info and links on the first page and the accompanying "Description" (shown below) on the second page.

Tech Entries
Spoiler :

Great Wonders

a few dozen new wonders are in v4.0. like all of the other buildings, the entries for this page contain every bit of vital info the civer would want. be sure to check the page 2 "Descriptions" too. note that there are about a dozen wonders throughout the four eras that grant "two free advances" (Great Inventions & Discoveries).

"Great Invention" Wonder
Spoiler :

Small Wonders

a dozen+ new small wonders!

Get Your Gasmask!
Spoiler :

City Improvements

a dozen+ new city improvements!

Radio Broadcasting Company
Spoiler :


like in v3.0, there is no government switching. each type is tailored specifically to each civ that has a unique one. the v4.0 page for govt's has all the info listed in the editor in terms of attributes.

Federal Republic government type
Spoiler :


this section of the Civilopedia has received quite a refurbishment. past versions have had some great stuff in it. but the info and level of detail for v4.0 is unsurpassed anywhere in the Civ Universe. it has it all: stats, upgrade paths, unit bonuses, detailed descriptions and specs, and links to unit inventories.

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Worker Actions

notice the custom AoI terrain in the backgrounds.

Worker Job
Spoiler :


AoI v4.0 has a completely customized Terrain folder. the base for it is the water color terrain pack by warpstorm, many years ago. Vuldacon either created whole new files (several), blended, enhanced, or embellished the existing ones to a point of crystal-clear resoultion. do take notice of it when you browse over the map.

Brand New For v4.0!
Spoiler :


several new resources for v4.0 - they were deleted and replaced entirely. lots of familiars and a handful of new ones, especially bonus (some lux's too).

be well advised that clicking on any of the strategic resource icons will potentially crash your game. take note to the resource icon buttons that have the "Don't Click" printed across the front.

One of the New Resources
Spoiler :

Game Concepts

this is where all of the unit inventories, strategy, bonus links, and piles of other information is stored. other parts of the game actually link up to it but you can open this page and search alphabetically for any specific entry.

Kly's Strategy Guide Tips
Spoiler :
the unit lines in AoI v4.0 have been refurbished a bit. in a nutshell, they were added to slightly between the years 1895 and 1919 (handful of new units). however, there is a whole new era of units now since we added on 1920-1924. note though that era4 is small, w/ only 17 techs total (25+ for eras1-3).

like past versions of AoI, each civ has their own line of units.

for those not familiar w/ AoI, this post here will help shed a little light on the different classes of units and it will hopefully explain how each type and class of unit can be utilized.

each civ will be able to build at least one (1) unique standard infantry or rifleman unit. furthermore, there are two (2) eras of infantry for every civ: a pre-WW1 variant and a WW1 variant. the pre-war one is upgradable to the WW1 variant. in addition to regualr army units, most of the colonial civs can each build their own variant of colonial troops. there are even some that are autoproduced after learning the right tech and building the right wonder.

new for v4.0 is an upgrade (and stat improvement) for the Colonial Garrison unit. it's called a Colonial Rifle Brigade and it's available w/ Ind III. these are the draft units for overseas too.

every civ will also have their own line of cavalry units. there are essentially two (2) cavalry units: a regular army one and a colonial variant (if applicable).

artillery is also an imprortant part of the scenario and the time period. like in v3.0, there are four (4) classes of artillery in v4.0 (light, medium, heavy, and siege). mountain artillery (light) enables your artillery pieces to keep up w/ your fast moving cavalry units and are cheap but pack only a small punch. the field guns (medium) are great for the infantry units as they share the same movement rate (2). the heavy pieces like howitzers are slow (1 movement) but devastating. some of the siege artillery pieces have the lethal land flag (although very low rof).

most of the artillery pieces are historicaly accurate also and most of these unit lines have a neat and orderly upgrade path. civs that don't have access to the historical arty pieces have instead the generic line of arty; ie field guns, mountain guns, howitzers, and siege guns.

chem weapons are unbuildable in v4.0 although they're autopro'd. they also have the lethal land flag.

armored cars got a facelift for v4.0. their stats have been tweaked some to better reflect their historical roles and also their performance records. lower hp's, lower attack value but no more restrictions on where it can travel, the ZoC flag w/ a defensive bombardment rating, and the 'armored recon' flag (aka "Radar").

tanks got a slight tweak too. their attack stats have been boosted slightly. the last era also has some pretty neat post-ww1 tanks. also, very important - all civs will have access to at least a generic line of tanks (post-ww1). this includes civs who don't have flavor tank units. of course, the difficult thing will be for these civs to acquire the requisite resources to build them.

like in v3.0, worker units are unbuildable and are autoproduced by the Capital building every thirteen (13) turns. Colonial Conscript Workers however are able to be built abroad. the Brits pop extra workers in Canada and Australia.

the sea units comprise the 'meat and potatos' of the scenario. it is the 'signature' design aspect of the scenario. like in v3.0, all of the higher end civs have their own lines of units and those who don't have a unique line have access to the generic line. note that a bunch of mid-level civs received a few new sea units into their lines (in place of generics). high end civs also received a few (but not as many as the mid-level civs though).

below is a complete list of the 'flavor sea unit lines' for the top-end civs:

torpedo boats (TB): they serve as the precusrsors to the destroyer units and can pack a punch if assembled in numbers.

destroyers (DD): they're essentially bigger and more effective torpedo boats. these types of ships really develop greatly as the scenario unfolds.

protected cruisers (PC): lightly armed and reletively small, these ships serve well as escort vessels. they also upgrade nicely.

armored cruisers (CA): as the name implies, they're generally better suited for convoy duty b/c of the enhanced armor belt and better defensive numbers. note however that not all armored cruisers are created equally (see CivP file for lots and lots of great info on all the ships).

light cruisers (CL): advances in combustion tecnology allows for the construction of CLs. their main benefit is the added movement rates (8) and they can serve well as scouts or lead escorts.

submarines (SS): these silent and stealthy units can bring an enemy navy to its knees if the ciscumstances are right. they have mimimal A/D values but possess some wicked bombardment numbers as well as being 'invisible'. the advances in torpedo technologies during the era enables for more powerful SS units.

battleships (BB): the battleship forms the backbone of all navies in AoI v4.0. they are the quintessential feature of the scenario and a fleet of them is a must if you wish to keep up in the great naval arms race of the early 20th century. painstaking research (and some debates too) have been put into the efforts determining the stats for these units.

battlecruisers (BC): not really as big as a battleship but definitely larger than even the biggest cruisers, the battlecruiser's main claim is it's swift movement rate (thus a good naval scout) combined w/ a tremendous firing platform. however, in order to maintain these fast movement rates, the armor belt has been greatly compromised and as a result, the defensive stats for BCs are weak. however, they certainly can fill a niche role.

carriers (CV): flavor carriers are avaialble to only a select few civs. however, a "Seaplane Tender" has been introduced for v4.0 and can serve as a floating airport. of course, they have zero ocean-going capabilities (the tenders). these units appear late in the game as naval aviation is in its infancy.

steam transports (TR): available to all and very cheap. it also does not require a resource. these make up the meat of your merchant marine fleet.

convoy: this is a late game transport unit that is supposed to represent a small group of escorts and supply ships (as opposed to single TR units). thus it has a higher hp and defense value. it's more expensive but it could withstand far more damage compared to the regular transports.

the generic line is as follows:
torpedo boat -- upgrades to early destroyer
protected cruiser -- upgrades to armored cruiser
light cruiser
coastal submarine
coastal defense gunboat
coastal battleship
seaplane tender*

*a "Seaplane Tender" has been introduced for v4.0 and can serve as a floating airport. of course, they have zero ocean-going capabilities (the tenders). these units appear late in the game as naval aviation is in its infancy.

just like in v3.0, the development of air units in v4.0 is gradual. the first ones to appear in the build que are scout aircrafts and then later air ships. eventually, fighter aircraft (far better attack values) and bombers can be built.

airships are in v4.0 too. their bombardment no's have been boosted slightly. this, except for the German Zeppelins, is a generic unit.

note that for the top-end civs, the historical order of unlocking the air units is in effect. each of these positions have roughly 5-7 fighter units and 1-5 bomber units. again, refer to the Civilopedia for additional info and the upgrade paths. as a matter of fact, it's highly recommended that reference is made to the Civilopedia b/c it can list entire unit inventories for every single civ (a must see!).

new addition for v4.0 is carrier-based planes. they have the 'Tactical Missile' flag and as such, are the only ones able to load onto carriers and tenders. cv-plane builds include fighters/scouts and torpedo bombers. the high end civs have flavor cv-plane builds while those who do not have the generic line of scout and torpedo bomber.

all air units have the 'lethal sea bombardment' flag but none have the 'lethal land'.

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this post is reserved for links to many different AoI games posted here at cfc. this could be a single player "Story", a succession game (SG), or any other type of 'running' account of an AoI game.



Credits for v4.0

Design work for v4.0 began in December 2008.

A big hand to the testing team for AoI v4.0 :) no way this would be as polished without their keen attention and efforts. Klyden, Vuldacon, Tank_Guy#3, Adler17, Blue Lion/Civinator, Moff Jerjerrod, cubsfan1, jimmygeo, Red Door fka AlCosta, Brucha, and CivAgamemnon all put in time w/ the files. Their bug searching and recommendations helped make this v4.0 super polished :D

map: heavily modified 180x180 by Rhye; El Justo, Klyden, rhodie, savas_cafe
terrain original by warpstorm, enhanced by Vuldacon with a few original terrain types
interface:base original by Balthsar, modified by Vuldacon; includes Diplomacy and Espionage screens as well
resource sheet: created by Vuldacon, designed by El Justo; Hikaro Takayama provided a few civp icons that were modified slightly; againstheflow provided some too that were adjusted
cities: RedAlert for the asian and s american sets, Vuldacon slightly modified them both; American set by Gary Childress and modified by Vuldacon, middle eastern and euro city sets adjusted by Vuldacon, originals by Varwnos
terrain_buildings: mines & trenches, created by Vuldacon, designed by Vuldacon, Tank_Guy#3, El Justo
units: Wyrmshadow created piles and piles of them for v4.0, other contributors include Gary Childress, Sandris, Vuldacon, Hikaro Takayama, and TopGun (please advise if i left anyone out!); Vuldacon cleaned up many (dozens) flc files (tears) and modified many, many original civp images lg&sm
units_32: created by Vuldacon, designed by Vuldacon and El Justo
unit stats & building/wonder stats: Klyden and El Justo collaborated on most of the stat & price settings; Klyden led the sea unit settings and designed a loose formula based on numerous variables; the generational evolutions of the unit and building/wonder lines designed and created by El Justo; Klyden, Vuldacon, Blue Lion aka Civinator, and Adler17 provided additional input and polishing
buildings & wonders: created by Vuldacon & Balthasar, many of the original images found by El Justo; two sets: civp images & the buildings_large and _small files
tech tree: arrows and many adjustments by Vuldacon, designed, assembled, and coordinated by El Justo
tech icons: almost all of them created by Vuldacon, images compiled by El Justo and converted into icons by Vuldacon; a few left over icons from v1.0-3.0 by Ukas and Yoda Power
wonder splashes: created by Vuldacon, original images found by El Justo
advisors: created by Vuldcon, some images provided by Vuldacon and El Justo; special thanks to Greg B and Ryan B for assisting
leaderheads:originals by Rita Poon, refined by Vuldacon; handful of brand new ones by Vuldacon
Civilopedia: designed and written by El Justo; Klyden, Blue Lion aka Civinator, and Adler17 provided some hard-to-find specs; CivAgamemnon assembled the first drafts for v4.0
Script, Labels, Diplomacy, and Tutorial: designed and written by El Justo, polished by Vuldacon
special animations: volcanic eruption, bombardment fx, fireworks, and disorder by Vuldacon; anti-aircraft flak and air unit bombardments flc's by Wyrmshadow
buttons: unit action, advisors, and main screen, all created by Vuldacon; El Justo assisted in the design of the air unit action buttons
soundtrack: designed by El Justo, assembled by Red Door fka AlCosta; see Game Concepts entry for track list with details; Vuldacon cleaned up a few of the files
ambience: a few of them designed and created by Vuldacon, few found by El Justo and refined by Vuldacon
diplo music: designed and assembled by El Justo
unit sounds: default Civ3 sounds, handful found by El Justo and refined by Vuldacon; Wyrmshadow included several lengua-specific infantry sounds, Ares de Borg made some nifty rifle sounds
Extras folders: there's a folder with unused game gfx and another with some text files and xl spread sheets (not updated completely, perhaps 85%); these are essentially non-written design notes (a fraction of the hand-written ones though)

the compilation of v3.0 was a team effort. production on this revision began back in November 2005 and reached the end in September 2006 :eek: anyway - AoI would never have been this polished if it weren't for the cfc users savas_cafe, Klyden, Adler17, jimmygeo, 7ronin, AlCosta, I_batman, Agroschim, and Alex8899. hundreds and hundreds of hours of testing and refining was done by these fine fellows (along w/ myself of course!). we poured over all kinds of info, stats, proposals, and revisions and alot of time was put into this thing. a special thanks to all you guys. i'd have never been able to get the files so smooth if it weren't for you :love:

a special thanks to recon1591 for allowing me to release this version prior to SOE's release :thumbsup:

lastly - another special thanks to Rocoteh who always supported the revision and was generally very positive regarding all things civ3 :)

gfx credits below

past credits
Version 2.0 Credits:
SimPathy for his original scenario, Age of Imperialism - 1903
Units: Kinboat, Bebro, Wyrmshadow, Smoking Mirror, Aluminum, Aaglo, Ripptide, W.i.n.t.e.r., Dark Sheer, LouLong, Hunter, Sims2327, Nemesis Rex and Firaxis
Improvements & Wonders: Rufus T. Firefly, DyP improvements and Ukas
Techs: Yoda Power's Compiled Tech Icons and Ukas
Flagheads: Rita Poon
Map: Rhye's 180x180 world map
Pre-Dreadnought info for placement purposes: Rocoteh
City graphics: varwnos and Ogedei the Mad
Misc: mrtn for drafting the arrows on the science advisor pcx's

There's many CFC'ers to thank here. Where to start? Well, Metacomet for his continued suggestions, Klyden for his expertise regarding city placements and other info, Rocoteh for his unbelievable support, Detlef (were've ya been?) for his thoughtful advice and most importantly, Dreadnaught, who without his help with the revision, it'd be nowhere near as developed as this thing (AoI silly!) now is. Thanks dude, you're relentless and have the patience of, well, a saint. :goodjob:[/B]

Past Credits:
special thanks to jimmygeo for solving the original resource crash problem
metacomet for his south american expertise and
bigmeat for making sure i didn't slack off making the new version ;)
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that's fine. not an iggles fan, eh?

what is AIC?

anyhow, i've been playing a game with Bolivia of all civs and it ain't easy, let me tell ya. i've been trying to be as diplomatically pleasing to my neighbors as i can possibly be and it's been ok. the thing is, i have only 2 cities and am landlocked. i've eyed up the northern most chilean city (on the coast) but it will take a pretty big contingent to knock them out while i have to protect my own borders. south america surely is ripe for war!!!
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oh..duh. stupid me. yeah, they rock.

remember that the lesser civs can't build the goodies.

also, i forgot to add that there are nearly 30 new resources i added in. many are used to build specific improvements & wonders like silver mine, intl jewel trade, etc.
yay its done
bigmeat said:
yay its done's fun to play. load times are really, really fast, too.

i've made 2 small changes to the biq file:

gave correct x/y coordinates to 'Agricultural Refining' tech so that it shows in the tech tree

made 'Coastal Battery' unit a sea unit so that it can only be built by cities on water.

so, if you've DL'ed the original one, you should get the updated one ;)
for some reason, my tech and resource graphics refuse to show up. The units are fine, however.
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Oh well, I enjoyed SimPathy's version too much to pass up this scenario.

I think Rita Poon (are you a girl or a boy??) is completely right.
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But looks very good, except the resources in the map. :p
But looks really good!!!!!! :nuke: :lol:
What are the units that you downloaded and who made them??????
I BEG YOU TO TELL ME!!!!! :worship:
Ok, I've got a problem. When I start the scenario it crash, before you even get to the choosing your civ bit and says:
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Could you fix it please?
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