Scenario Challenge 08: Rags to Riches

Jul 3, 2021
New scenario from Amplitude to be found below per Daarkarrow. If you are even vaguely interested in Humankind, I highly recommend following these challenges over on G2G. The competition is quite stiff with impressive results early on and veterans attempting to steal first right at the end. In my experience, players will even share strategic considerations if you ask nicely :)

Last month we challenged you to achieve complete military dominion against two strong opponents, but conquest is not the only way to control the world. The flow of resources and currency can be just as powerful. After all, they do say money makes the world go round...

You will find that this month, the starting situation of the scenario is a little less complex and precarious than last month, because we want to focus on an alternate scoring condition for the leaderboard: Your income.

The Rags to Riches Scenario Challenge

This world is full of riches, and they are yours to take and trade. With an abundance of luxuries on this map, it won’t be hard to make a bit of money, but do you have what it takes to become the greatest economic powerhouse in the world? Will you trade peacefully with your neighbors, or will success require a hostile takeover? Only time (and the turn limit) will tell!

How to play the scenario:
  • Download the save RagsToRichesScenario.ctr
  • Place the save in “/Documents/Humankind/Save Files” (Windows PC) or “/library/application support/humankind/Save Files” (MacOS)
  • Make sure all DLC and mods are disabled
  • Load the save labeled “RagsToRichesScenario” in game
  • (optional) If you want to submit a score to the leaderboard, check this post

Scenario Conditions
  • Victory Condition: Most Fame at game end
  • End Condition: Turn Limit
  • Game Conditions: Nation difficulty, Blitz game speed, no DLC or mods
  • Leaderboard Submission Deadline: April 25th
  • Leaderboard Ranking: Most Money per turn income on the final turn, tiebreaker by Fame

Good luck leading your people (or at least yourself) to a life of wealth and luxuries!

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