[SCENARIO] Feudal Japan - Sengoku-Jidai


Aug 4, 2002

It is Japan, 1485. For many years, the authority of the Emperor has been diminished and rival Daimyos now seek the Shogunate. You must lead your clan to victory in this struggle. To be succesful you must dominate and conquer your rivals, or secure their support in re-establishing the Shogun's Bakufu under your direction. To succeed, you have legions of troops at your command, from Ashigaru conscripts to the noble Samurai: elite soldiers skilled with the sword, spear and bow.

13 February - Version 2.0 Released:

Alright, after a huge delay (spent some time over the summer trying to convert to BtS but lost all of my work at one point and didn't have much enthusiasm to try again for a while) I have finally updated this. The unfortunate news is that it is still only for Warlords, not BtS, but I don't think it suffers for it at all and is still a fine scenario despite being for the older expansion. In the end, I found that I didn't have much use for most of the new features in BtS, though espionage and events would have been nice (but they were beyond my abilities).


New Graphics - I spent a lot of time locating and editing appropriate leaderheads from Wikimedia Commons and I think they add a fair bit of atmosphere to the game. Most are actually portraits of the leaders, and in some cases wearing their family emblems (unfortunately I couldn't find such pictures for everyone). I'm still using the units I made for previous versions, though the samurai units are reskinned and look a little better.

Units, and a rock-paper-scissors unit balance: Mounted units have a bonus against Archery units, who have a bonus against Melee units while Yari Ashigaru and Yari Samurai have a bonus against Mounted units. Into this mix are Cavalry Archers with a bonus against Melee units and some other interesting features.

Great People play an important role. Now all have special buildings that only they can build. For example, only Great Poets (Artist) can build the Heroic and National Epics, the Great Smith (Engineer) can build an improved Forge and the Great Merchant can build a Brewery that provides extra happiness and health from Rice. Great Philosophers (Scientists) still build Academies, the Great Monk (Prophet) can found a Monastery and the Great General can build a Dojo for extra experience.

Religion and contact with Portugese and Dutch traders has been modeled. The Mission Trading Post building increases wealth and allows you to train Arquebusiers, and the Foreign Trade civic generates additional wealth, but both will greate unhappiness as many Japanese were not very keen on outsiders, and their foreign religion, being admitted to the country. Likewise Christianity will also cause unhappiness in cities were it spreads.

Diplomatic Victory - the Shogun's Bakufu, a United Nations-like wonder, can be built in Kyoto, allowing for elections and various resolutions.

Civics have been almost completely overhauled from the older versions and a few new features introduced and some greater historical accuracy and balance added. Now there are three civics (including the default civic) in each category, allowing for different strategies.


Flags - mouselmm and Rhye

Samurai Skin - Expositus

Anyway, I hope this rekindles some interest in this scenario - I've been amazed by the number of downloads and the comments in the thread. This is absolutely complete, having redone pretty much the whole thing - I'm especially proud of having replaced virtually all of the text: all of the units, buildings and technologies have relevant Civilopedia and strategy entries, so take a look and learn a bit more about the history behind the scenario (not to say that the scenario is 100% accurate though, a lot of things had to be adapted for gameplay or greatly abstracted).

I'm really happy to be releasing, after all of this time, a final version of the scenario that more or less meets all of my hopes and expectations. I hope people enjoy this as much as the previous versions!

Older announcements under the spoiler:

Spoiler :
Okay, after quite a while, I've finally gotten down to working on this scenario and converting it to Warlords. If I may say so myself, the results are pretty awesome :D

New version out - 1.5

I've fixed some bugs, and have included some custom unit graphics that I put together. Download is below.

Scenario features include:

- custom Tech-Tree
- custom Units, using graphics from the Chinese Unification scenario that comes with Warlords
- custom Buildings
- custom Civics. It's amazing what ideas you can get from just poking around Wikipedia. There are 12 options (not including the default Civics) spread across "Government", "Military", "Labour", "Economy" and "Religion" - boost happiness with Pure Land Buddhism, increase health with Shinto Precepts or give your military a 2 XP advantage with Rinzai Zen!

There are lots of other little changes too that are hard to mention. I've changed the text for nearly everything to make it authentic to the period - including the "United Nations" victory option (which is now "The Shogun's Bakufu"). The text has been completely re-done, with some interesting Global Civics "Edicts" that can be voted on and issued.

A lot of work has gone into this over the past two weeks or so and I am really happy with the results. I want to thank everyone (some 2,000 people!) who have given the previous versions a try, I hope other fans here at the CivFanatics Forums enjoy this latest - and probably final - one (1.4).

Without further ado, the file:


- - - - - - - - - -


I've put together a scenario that roughly replicates the "Sengoku - Sword of the Shogun" scenario from Civ III, and the game Shogun - Total War.

There's already a pretty good map around here of Japan, but the other day I came across this on the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency's website:

Perfect for turning into a Civ IV map isn't it?! :D So one thing lead to another and I made a complete scenario based on it.

There are seven playable factions (taken from S:TW), and lots of barbarian (Ikko-Ikki) cities to add to your clan.

(version 1.1 removed after 1076 views)
(version 1.2 removed after 31 views)
(version 1.3 removed after 1975 views)
(version 1.4 removed after 677 views)
(version 1.5 removed after 9818 views)
Looks great this was my favorite civ III senario i hope its good playble in cIV to:)
WHOOOOOOOOOOOO IVE BEEN WAITING FOR ONE OF THESE SICE I BOUGHT CIV 4 MANY THX :goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob: :salute: :salute: :hatsoff: :hatsoff: :clap: :clap:
Hmmm you say you wanted Buddhism to be founded in kyoto Id put it Nara where the great Budda resides. and if you upgrade it could you put the Date as for the flags try get someone like BORNaprte or Keal to help you with that
Oh yeah, I know Kyoto probably wouldn't be accurate - but I wanted to do something to distinguish the city, since it was the capital. But I just gave it a Buddhist Cathedral instead, and it's not the holy city now.

But thanks for the info (and who to go for for flags)!
Andrew_Jay said:
Oh yeah, I know Kyoto probably wouldn't be accurate - but I wanted to do something to distinguish the city, since it was the capital. But I just gave it a Buddhist Cathedral instead, and it's not the holy city now.

But thanks for the info (and who to go for for flags)!
As for something to distingush Kyoto why not mod the palce call it the imperal palace and give it some new effects
That is definately one of the things I am considering for further work. Right now I'm prepared to call it a complete scenario, and fully playable, but am thinking about modding it further. Somekind of wonder to give a bonus (XP for troops maybe) to whomever holds Kyoto is certainly at the top of the list of buildings/wonders to consider.
Andrew_Jay said:
That is definately one of the things I am considering for further work. Right now I'm prepared to call it a complete scenario, and fully playable, but am thinking about modding it further. Somekind of wonder to give a bonus (XP for troops maybe) to whomever holds Kyoto is certainly at the top of the list of buildings/wonders to consider.
I didnt mean it wasnt complete or playable just ofering some suggestions
I like it a lot. The only real suggestion is that you should begin and end it at diffrent times. Tokugawa became shogun in 1603 and Toyotomi had united the nation by 1590. Maybe move the start and end date back, otherwise i love it.
Hi, Andrew.
You have wonderful zeal.
I think that there is a bigger possibility in this scenario.
Therefore, I want you to hear some opinions of me.

For geographical features.
Japan is one of the countries have many rivers in the world.
I think rivers are few in your map.
Especially, it is regrettable that there is no river in Kyoto and
The desert doesn't exist basically in Japan.
Most of the land is mountainous in Japan, and the plain is few.

For technology.
The samurai appeared in 900 years.
"Feudalism" has also been established in those days.
When thinking about the historical fact, technologies that should be added are as follows.
Machinery, Guilds, Gunpowder, Engineering, Philosophy, Drama, Feudalism, Civil Service

The following are my knowledge. It possibly might be reference.
After Shogunate Government of Edo appeared in 1603, Japan stoped the research of the science.
And, all national powers were poured into the culture.
The culture became it from aristocrat's to general public's.
The model of Manga have appeared at this time, too.
For the education, the literacy rate was nearly 80% at the latter term of Edo period.

And the same time, in china, Ching was established (1616AD)
Entire East Asia the research of the science stagnated for nearly 300 years from then.
The domination of the science and technology have moved from the Orient to
the West, and the world entered the imperialism age.

And I know that it doesn't necessarily become an interesting work because the scenario was made realistically.
I want you to catch those at the reference level.
Hard (that I definately can't do!):

-More appropriate unit graphics

ask C. Roland about grapics hes made alot of very good skins
Thx for the map. Nice. And nice is pretty good, becouse I only said "great" to Rise and Fall of Roman Empire and Barbarosa scenarios. A little easy if you build the Oracle, becouse you can build samurays a lot earlyer compared to other civ. Usualy I am a builder, but considering the fourious contacts with the other civs and the opportunity revealed to me by the Oracle, I started as an attacker, so with my early samurays and some cats, on a monarch dificulty, I conquerd about 12-15 cyties, including the south big island very early in the game. Kyoto is a great city, everyone should try to conquer it first. I think I played Mori or something like this, in central south aprt of the map, north of Osaka and imediatly east of Kyoto.Afterwards building the empire and with 50 turns to go I won a conquest victory. It took me so much becouse I worked alot on building and resarching after the first wars even if I had the power to push further. I could not stop and I fell to my usual strategy and got far in the tech tree. This is for you to know how your map works and for me to show off.

Oracle should be (re)moved. It is too big boost in early game for the one that builds it and uses it wisely. Maybe you will try to make it an medieval all and not alow me to push my enemies with cannons and riflemans. In late game some musketiers should be nice, as in history occured, but infantry...
You should concentrate on samurays, make one or two upgades to better samurays and/or some specialised ones. Also some oriental cats. Make some unique units for every civ. You should think about a special tech tree for this scenario. Some japanes names for improvements would be nice too. And I am sure that our japanese friends here on the forum can help with more info.
Everyone reading, escuse my english, please.

But all this only if you want to improve further. Otherwise, is very interesting allready. Good job, I am looking forward for updates.
If you need unit graphics, would you be interested in a japanese crossbow unit skin I made? I originally made it for my own Sengoku scenario, but that never really got off the ground.
Map looks AMAZING!!!

Haven't been able to get a closer look yet, so I'm curious, did you make rice somewhat rare for most of the map and then have a ton of it in the eastern region that was extremely fertile and that supplied the majority of "medieval" japan's food? Because I think it could be a cool little addition of realism without unbalancing things, and my apologies if you already did this :D I'm totally psyched to play this map once I get my computer back next week!!
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