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[SCENARIO] Gray against Blue - An upgrade to Trip's WWI scenario


Apr 22, 2003
I had this idea when I planned to play Trip's WWI scenario with some friends of mine. Seeing the huge WWI units production at civfanatics I thought it could be played with those units included, but without altering the sweet game balance.

Then, I started to make/adapt infantry skins, but some new heads need to be modelled to be accurate.
Rabbit, White did four awesome hats for russian and ottoman infantry. After infantry came cavalry, and some reskin to tanks and planes.

New graphics:

Infantry -> Every playable civ has their two kinds of infantry, basic and advanced. Most countries adds some kind of golden ribbon or insignia to diferenciate advanced ones, except for russian and ottomans which change their hats/uniforms :). Austro-Hungarian uses the same skin as Germany. German, French and British infantry skins was made by hunter with just a few touches from my part.

Cavalry -> Colour adapted to each nation. And of course russians get cossacs now.

Air units -> snafusmith's planes rules at the sky. Their DH2 is the generic plane now, SpadVIII to france and Fokker Dr1 to Germany. Sopwith Camel go to the british, with british badges added.

Tanks -> My reskinned snafusmith's Erhard armoured car serves as the standard mechanised unit, MkV belongs now to Great Britain, snafusmith's Renault FT17 to France and A7V to Germany.

I'm using the mad modern Great Scientist with their green cloud as the unit for Poison Gas.

If you start playing please note that the few initial cavalry units remains generic. New cavalry units are right UUs but starting units should be changed with the editor, if somebody wants to do it. I am planning to play a PBEM with this so don't wanna know their numbers and where they start...

If you are just interested in using these units in other mod I have posted them separately HERE (just the new ones, neither planes nor tanks apart from the armoured car)

Some fonts I used as example:

I will try to adapt this mod to Warlords when I get a copy, so it can include great generals generation (represented by a gorgeous Bismark model I saw some days ago)

DOWNLOAD (3ddownloads.com)
As you can see, at this moment this is just a graphic improvement of Trip's WWI scenario. But, with a lot of new UUs, It could be great to gift them with some subtle changes, probably increasing their cost to keep balance of play. If you have some ideas and want to participate these UUs are:

"Tank" (standard is now an armoured car) Str:28 Mov:1 Cost:90
MkV (Great Britain)
Renault FT17 (France)
A7V (Germany)
I think increasing mov couldn't be a good idea in any case.

Biplane (standard): Str:12 Mov:1 Cost:50 Rang:6
Sopwith Camel (Great Britain)
SpadVII (France)
Fokker Dr1 (Germany)

Cavalry (standard): Str:18 Mov:2 Cost:60:
Russian Cossacs

Reducing standard stats could be useful also.
Great mod, but please change the download site to filegone.com. The wait time on 3d downloadsis 12 minutes, and filegone is a much simpler site.
Well, I have tried a little bit and it is not as easy as I supposed previously. right now I haven`t got enough time also. Will see next months, but if somebody could try it please feel free to do it (and send me a PM) ;)
Commonweath uniforms were brown. French were pale blue, german were grey. Well, most part of the western front all uniforms were brown because of the mud
This is exactly what I've been looking for . I've enjoyed playing the mod before but these individual units add so much to the game. Can anyone point me in the direction of utility to create/paint more units as I'd really like to have a go at Austrian Infantry,machine gunners and artillery ,especially the famous French ' 75 '.
Niessuh said:
Commonweath uniforms were brown. French were pale blue, german were grey. Well, most part of the western front all uniforms were brown because of the mud

The French uniforms included red trousers and no helmet (but hats) at the start of WWI. The French high command took very long to order steel helmets because they thought the war would be over in just a few months (as did any nation involved in WWI at the start).
The one thing that bugs me about the WWI mods is the flags of the nations. When turning horizontal strips to a banner, you turn them counter-clockwise, not clockwise. So Germany's banner should be BlackWhiteRed. If the flag is already vertical, like France, you don't change it at all. I'm not sure how you handle flags with cantons, like Russia or the US.
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