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    Per-player city graphics is a feature of ToTPP; you can add colour masks to units through static sprites, but as far as I know there's no way to code 'flavour graphics' outside of discrete units (although if TNO added support for this, it would be mind-blowing).
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    Does anyone know the answer to this?

    When you use a "goTo" command, will a unit keep moving there without stopping under all circumstances? Or will they change paths/stop/etc. if they come across an enemy unit?

    I ask because in a scenario I'm testing, I've noticed the AI stacks their ships in certain tiles and I want to move them on their merry way, but I'm hoping if they bump into a player-controlled unit, they'll attack.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you.
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    From what I remember, the unit will stop the goto order and re-evaluate when it comes near another unit. I believe my tests were in the context of trying to force them to attack by giving a goto order for an enemy square, and that didn't work.
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