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Scenario: Nevermind Easy

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by Asjo, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Asjo

    Asjo Warlord

    Jan 23, 2006
    I didn't think this scenario would work for me again and therefore I unfortunately deleted the description I originally made for this scenario. I just found out that it does work with 'play custom scenario' even though it still seems a little buggy (my Civ IV created an error after I quit playing the scenario), but seems to work in every important aspect, apart from the fact that you CANNOT play with the Greeks.

    Catherine's imperial Russian is taking over the world. With all the resources they wish, a crowd of productive and healthy cities and a land armies matching the rest of the world together, the Russians could easily sit back and enjoy, but they will no doubt want to pick off their remaining rivals one by one untill the world is theirs. Deny Catherine one request and you might be going. Meanwile, the rest of the world is busy with their own agendas, some nations still facing consolidation of their empires or vital expansion on new lands.

    All civilizations have all technologies, despite the Aztecs still having a big army of old-day ironclads. I worked a lot on the sea area and the nations involved should have a great time trying to make their armies and up and fend off their enemies. Fighting Russia should be rather wild since their attacks are swift and powerful, but otherwise most wars should have some juice in the beginning.

    I made my own custom huge-sized map for this scenario. It has four big continents. One island is occupied by the dominating Russians. Two of the islands contain sixteen other nations side-by-side. Two of the islands still have room for expanding, so the race is on.


    - Technology: All technologies discovered for every nation
    - State: Cities and armies are
    - Settings: Speed is normal, game style is conquest only, complete kill, random seem on reload.
    - Players: 18
    - Map size: Huge


    The Russians can hardly be stopped. Or can they? The Americans might have the navy to put the Russians a while back and deny them access to the resources at their shore. Unfortunately, the Americans are stuck waging war one the Chinese and tension are building towards multiple other countries, many near neighbors in fact. Others have their own problems. The Romans, while having a strong and well-manifested capital, can not draaw much strength from their other few cities. They might be one of the key nations to stop the Russians as they are the only ones really close to the heart of Russia, having three cities planted on the big island. Another important blow on the Russians could by losing their capital which is isolated among the other nations. The only country bordering the capital with enough means to take control of the city within reasonable time are the Malinese, who will be dealing with the Germans in their expansion race for a good time.

    The Greeks only have a few cities, but one of the greatest armies of all. Instead of worrying about the Russians, they might be tempted to invest their army with interest, finally getting themselves an empire of magnitude. The English are one of the possible superpowers who could grow strong enough to face the Russians. With some expansion and healthy growth, they will have plenty of productive cities. Problem is that seal to Russian territory they have to go through French borders, and the French might not co-operate. Do they force through, invade or lie back?

    UPDATE! Download link removed due to bug in map!
  2. Asjo

    Asjo Warlord

    Jan 23, 2006
    Download link is now removed. I had feared something was still wrong, and my fears were confirmed today. I played a game with the Malinese for about 100-200 turns and everything worked fine. However, after a certian point in time my saved games stopped loading next time I entered the game. It seems that at some point there is no way to avoid having your savegames corrupted when you play this scenario. I felt that this was the scenario I made that had the best gameplay and where all nations had some nice ongoing action. I will, however, return with great vengeance as soon as I find out how to stop civilizations from teching completely so that I can made a lot of midieval tech scenarios.
  3. Emp. Killyouall

    Emp. Killyouall EVIL Emperor

    Aug 13, 2005
    On my computer
    Damn... this was a scenario that looked great. I really wanted to play this one...

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